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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Marcus promises Dayzee that he will be text-free on their wedding day. It’s been noticeable and driving everyone crazy. Liam drops back by Brooke’s and says he felt he owed her a visit. He told Hope everything. Brooke says only partly. He did not tell her that he and Steffy jumped onto the bed and he was prepared to run off with her until Hope showed up. She warns him that he is married now to Hope…..just stay completely away from Steffy. He tells her that she doesn’t have to worry about Steffy; he’s talked to her and she only wants him and Hope to be happy. Brooke is glad but she also can’t believe that all that passion just suddenly disappeared in one minute. Hope drops by to see Steffy and they go over the huge misunderstanding. Hope says she forgave Liam for that and she forgives Steffy too. Hope tells her that almost every lesson she has learned had something to do with Steffy. Donna tells Katie that she and Justin are good together right now, but nothing serious again, it’s better off this way. She’s going on a cruise soon. Anthony tells Dayzee that she is an inspiration. Not only does she talk the talk, but she walks the walk.

The girls give Dayzee a bridal shower with Pam even throwing in her infamous lemons bars plus recipe…….mums the word. Stephanie gives Dayzee an all expense paid trip to Hawaii from her and Eric. Steffy tells Hope not to brush her off. They have been on this merry-go-round too long and instead of being a gracious winner, she threw it in her face. She’s getting better and what happened in Italy wasn’t trying to hurt Hope or winning out over her. Liam tells Brooke that he was there when Steffy destroyed the video, so he doesn’t want to torture Hope any more by telling her that too. It won’t surface. As usual, Marcus is in the car and texting at same time and he hits someone. It turns out that it is Anthony and he is lying unresponsive on the ground.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

John read Aliceís letter and found out that EJ is not Stefanoís son.  John wanted to know where Lucas found the letter and he said that Will had it.  Will continued to search his backpack for something and EJ wanted to know what it was.  Will didnít say and ran out of the DiMera mansion.  Sami arrived at the mansion to see EJ.  She told him about something Roman told her about security guys being all over Salem.  She was excited because there could be proof that he threw his gloves away.  John couldnít believe that EJ wasnít Stefanoís son.  Lucas said that EJ was going around saying that he couldnít kill his father when Stefano wasnít his father.  John wondered if EJ knew about the letter.  Lucas thought EJ knew about the letter.  Marlena realized that Will had to know about the letter, but didnít say anything about it.  Carrie arrived at the police station and told Rafe that sheís moving back to Switzerland.  Rafe didnít understand why she was moving so far away.  Carrie told him that she and Austin need a fresh start.  Will went back to the pub to look for the letter.  Sonny was there too and offered to help him look for the letter.  Later, John, Marlena, and Lucas were at the town square.  Marlena wondered if they should wait before going to the police with the letter.  Lucas was ready to give it to them.  Marlena wanted to talk to Will about it first since he was the one who found the letter in the first place.  EJ was so excited by Samiís theory that he almost kissed her.  Sami stopped him and he decided to make some calls about the surveillance cameras.  Sami was about to leave, but EJ wanted to properly thank her.  He moved in closer to her, but she reminded him that sheís with Lucas.  He thought she was being a little too presumptuous.  She let him know that he knew what she was talking about.  He didnít need to be reminded that sheís with Lucas.  EJ wondered why she was with him when Lucas wanted her to stay away from him.  Carrie told Rafe that she and Austin were happy in Switzerland and they could be happy again.  Rafe said he would miss her.  Ian showed up at the town square and overheard John talking about taking over DiMera Enterprises.  John didnít see how it had anything to do with Ian.  Ian was looking out for Kateís best interest.  John didnít want to talk to him after what he did to Brady.  Ian said it wasnít his fault that Brady failed the drug test.  John warned him to stay away from his family.  Will and Sonny were looking in the garbage for the letter.  Sonny wondered what could happen if Will didnít find the letter.  Will said that EJ would go to jail and he will kill him. 

EJ and Sami continued to get too close for comfort.  Sami wanted to push him away, but it didnít work.  They talked about her feelings for Lucas.  Sami didnít want to talk about it with EJ, but he continued to push her about it.  She was determined to make her relationship with Lucas work.  EJ reminded her that she wanted her relationship with Rafe to work too.  Ian implied that the police could be going after the wrong person.  He thought that John might have something to gain from Stefanoís death too.  Marlena wanted them to stop fighting.  John wanted to know what Lucas knew about Ian. Lucas let John know that Ian and Kate knew each other a long time ago.  John wanted Lucas and Marlena to take the letter to the police while he checked out Ian.  Marlena wanted to go with John and wanted Lucas to talk to Will first before going to the police.  Willís search turned up empty.  Will remembered that Lucas was there when he had the letter and Sonny thought he might have found it.  EJ told Sami that she couldnít deny that there was something between them.  As they were talking, they kept getting closer to each other.  John and Marlena went to the townhouse and talked about Brady and Will.  Marlena wished she were there for Brady and Will.  She mentioned how Will used to confide in her, but now heís not doing it anymore.  John hoped that Will didnít think that EJ was more important than his family.  Sonny told Will that he should just ask Lucas if he had the letter.  Will thought Lucas would go to the police and he left Sonny.  Lucas was waiting for Rafe with the letter.  EJ and Sami continued to talk about the attraction between them.  Sami insisted that they are toxic together, but EJ said they couldnít fight what was growing between them.  EJ moved in to kiss her and Sami was ready for it.  EJ pulled away from her and didnít kiss her.  Sami seemed upset that EJ didnít kiss her.  Lucas met with Rafe and gave him the letter.  Lucas told Rafe that he had EJís motive for killing Stefano.  Rafe read the letter and read aloud that EJ wasnít Stefanoís son.  Will walked in the room just as Rafe read that EJ wasnít Stefanoís son. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Heather tells Todd that she needs a favor and then she will go cover the Haunted Starís opening. He forbids her to go and tells her that if she defies him, he will fire her. Carly gives Johnny a ten dollar bill and pre-orders a martini so she can be his first customer. He says he is going to frame it. She tells him that she made a deal with Todd that in exchange for Todd leaving Johnny alone, she will keep his ex-wife from staying at the Metro Court. Todd opens his door and finds Blair standing on the other side of it. Olivia has rebooked Blairís reservation that Carly had cancelled. Todd calls Carly and tells her that Blair has checked into a room on his floor so their deal is off and he is coming after Johnny. Carly rushes back to the Metro Court to put out the fire. Todd calls Heather and tells him that he has changes his mind; he does want her at the party covering Johnny. Blair comes to Toddís room. They agree to get along tonight for Starrís sake. She says there have been a lot of changes since they last talked and that she would like to tell him about it after Starrís show. Carly comes bursting into Toddís room saying they need to talk. She and Blair exchange niceties and Blair leaves. Carly asks Todd not to take the mistake out on Johnny. Still starting at Blair as she walks away, Todd says he doesnít care about Johnny anymore. He is overjoyed that Tomas didnít come with Blair and that Blair made a point of coming to his room to tell him. He concludes that Blair still loves him. Carly agrees to help him knock Blairís socks off tonight.

Dante goes to the Haunted Star looking for Lulu and finds her half dressed on top on Johnny on his desk, kissing him. He abruptly wakes up from the dream and finds that Lulu isnít there. Moments later, she comes in with a bouquet of roses, thinking that they are from Dante. She reads the card and discovers they are a good luck token from Johnny. Dante loves the dress that Lulu bought for the opening but is concerned that it cost more than two months rent and she bought it on credit when her club isnít making any money. Dante goes to the Haunted Star and tells Johnny not to send things to his wife. Johnny tells him that if he keeps acting like a jerk, he may have something to worry about, but not from him. Dante warns Johnny to stay away from Lulu.

Patrick tells Anna that Maxie is staying with him and helping with Emma. Spinelli turns on his heels when he enters Kellyís and sees Maxie there. Maxie stops him and asks him if he hates her that much. He says he doesnít hate her, but being around her is difficult. Olivia comes in to meet with Spinelli. He offers him a refund because Heather was cleared. Olivia refuses the refund and says she hasnít cleared Heather. She tells him about the creepy guy she saw outside of Steveís apartment. She asks Spinelli if he can run a trace on the manís license plate number. Maxie loudly makes plans with Patrick just to rattle Spinelli. Spinelli gets a hit on the license plate and reveals that it belongs to Archibald Boles, the forger that wrote First Mate Briggís suicide note that claimed responsibility for Lisa Niles murder. Olivia wonders what business Heather has with a forger. Heather goes to the garden shed where she is holding Luke. She tells him that the police are off her scent now. Luke tells her not to bet on that because when Anna has a hunch, she follows it to the end. Heather reads him copies of the goodbye letters that she sent to Anna and Lulu in his handwriting. Luluís letter advises her to leave Dante. Annaís letter says he left her. Lulu takes her letter from Luke to Anna. Anna tells her that she got a letter too. Lulu says that before she got the letter she had been worried about Luke because she remembered that Heather Webber was at the Haunted Star the night Luke went missing. Anna asks to keep Luluís letter. Spinelli tells Anna about the forger. Olivia tells Dante about the forger.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor sets up a trust fund for baby John and tells Avery to make sure Billy doesn’t have any access to it. Avery also promises Victor that she will continue to be on top of his business and personal legal matters while she also handles Phyllis’s case. Christine requests Heather’s help with Phyllis’s case. Since she requested her, Heather doesn’t have to worry about a possible conflict of interest, since Paul was one of the victims of the hit and run accident. Heather admits to Daniel that Christine seems very focused on prosecuting Phyllis. Heather worries that she isn’t so focused on defending Paul. Ronan thinks Christine took advantage of a loophole in the law just to make sue Phyllis pays for a crime whose statute of limitations has run out. Ronan thinks Christine is enjoying watching Phyllis suffer. Daniel encourages Phyllis to fight and not to give up so easily, because her family needs her. Once the judge has issued the warrant for Phyllis' arrest, Christine has Ronan arrest Phyllis at Crimson Lights in front of Summer and the rest of her family before Phyllis can talk to Summer about why she is being arrested.

Adam closes the deal to buy Genevieve’s mansion and tells Gloria he wants to surprise Chelsea with the house. Adam gives Gloria the number of the bed and breakfast where he and Chelsea will be staying in case she needs to contact him regarding the house. Sharon tells Gloria she didn’t get a chance to give Adam and Chelsea a wedding present before they left, so Gloria gives her the phone number of the bed and breakfast so that she can get the address and send them the present. Once at the bed and breakfast, Adam surprises Chelsea with a selection of wedding dresses and the rest of the something old, new, borrowed, and blue. Sharon tells Victor that she needs to go to New York to see Noah before she can decide if she should agree to move in with him at the main house. Victor agrees to wait for Sharon to talk to Noah. Sharon makes plane reservations to go to Kansas instead of New York as she told Victor.

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