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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Despite being so upset before, Hope tells Liam that she forgives him. She sees it was just a terrible misunderstanding and why he felt that way. She wishes he had not kissed Steffy on their wedding day, but it’s over now and she really doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Pam interrupts to apprise her that Jarrett is waiting outside and she promised him a short exclusive with Hope. Jarrett playfully asks Hope if the wedding was a perfect as she made it out to be….since she did mention some unexpected twists and turns. Suddenly he gets a phone call saying his car is being towed away so he has to bolt. Brooke knew he was with Hope so obviously made this happen to save her any more embarrassment. She tells her mother that Liam just told her everything. Brooke sees her hurt and gives her a big hug. At Dayzee’s, she informs Anthony and her other friends that she is getting married tomorrow and wants to be sure they will be there as her family. Justin and Donna walk in to hear the good news, soon followed by Thomas and Caroline and Eric and Stephanie. Steffy keeps looking at the video of her and Liam before the wedding. He walks in and she wants to know if he is okay and did he tell Hope. He says it is the hardest thing he has ever had to do. Steffy reminds him that while Hope is upset and hurt, she does love him and she will forgive him, just give her some time. She’s relieved to hear him say that Hope already has already forgiven him.

Hope tells her mom that she knew her marriage would be tested. She just didn’t know it would happen this soon. But it was only a couple of kisses, nothing came of it so it does not change what she and Liam have now. She knows he loves her and wants this marriage so that is what she is going to focus on. Dayzee can’t say thanks enough to Stephanie for doing all of his for her. She tells Stephanie that she is more than a friend, more than a mentor, more like a mother and she would like her to be her matron of honor. Of course, Stephanie is delighted. She calls to order Dayzee’s favorite flower, the gardenia, for her bouquet. Liam says Hope forgave him for the kiss. She does not know about the accidental video; that would hurt her too much. He’s glad Steffy deleted it. She admits she e-mailed herself a copy as it was the last happy time they had together. She gets her cell then deletes that copy. Liam grins that he did everything Brooke asked and it almost cost him his marriage, but Hope has forgiven him so perhaps they can all forget about it. Steffy says yes they can now pretend that the video never existed. Hope knows they kissed but she will never know the words he said in that hotel room that he loved Steffy and wanted them to leave and have a life together. Hope doesn’t know that but Steffy does and she will always remember that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Rafe and Spencer were waiting for the DNA test results on the gloves they found at EJís apartment.  They were convinced that they could put EJ away when the results were back.  Will was at the pub looking at Aliceís letter.  He didnít know that Lucas was watching him reading the letter.  Sami was wearing a nightie when there was a knock on the door.  She thought it was Lucas, but it turned out to be EJ.  Abe visited John and Marlena.  John was happy that he was able to get in touch with DiMera Enterprises largest investor.  Abe was confused.  John explained to Abe that he planned on taking over DiMera Enterprises.  John also talked to Abe about how Brady hasnít been in touch with him.  John received a call while they were talking.  Will wanted to know how long Lucas was standing there watching him.  Lucas wanted to talk to him about EJ.  Will was tired of talking about EJ because he thinks nothing bad will happen to him.  Lucas warned Will that EJís going down and he didnít want him going down with him.  Sami was upset that he saw her in her nightie, but EJ said heís seen her in less.  She demanded to know what he wanted.  He was there to see the kids.  Sami thought he was there to say goodbye, but that wasnít the case.  Sami reminded him that the police are investigating him.  EJ said he wasnít going anywhere.  Lucas continued to talk to Will about staying away from EJ.  Lucas warned Will that he had to stay away from EJ or he will get in trouble with him.  EJ spent time with the kids and then they left the room.  EJ and Sami talked about the investigation.  Sami let EJ know that she was worried about him.  Abe hoped that John would be able to get the company.  He thought it would be justice for Lexie.  Abe and Marlena talked about John and Lexie being good DiMeras.  Marlena promised Abe that she and John would be there for Theo.  Rafe told Daniel, Bo, and Hope, and Maggie that they are going to keep investigating what happened to Melanie.  Maggie was upset that she wasnít in town when Melanie needed her.  EJ thought that Sami might actually care about whatís happening to him.  She said she was worried for the kids and didnít want them to have to visit him in prison.  Sami recapped all of the evidence that the police have against him.  While Lucas and Will were talking, Will received a phone call.  Will dropped Aliceís letter and Lucas saw it.  Lucas read the letter.  Will talked to EJ on the phone and wanted to know why EJ didnít let him know what happened to him.  EJ claimed to have everything under control.  EJ had to leave Samiís apartment because he had something to do.  Will went back into the pub, but didnít notice that Lucas was holding Aliceís letter.  Lucas wanted to talk about it, but Will had to leave.  John found out that the investor wasnít willing to work with him after all.  John, Marlena, and Abe were upset about it.  John was determined to find a way to take over the company. 

While everyone was waiting for news on Melanie, Rafe and Nicole talked about her growing relationship with Daniel as well as what was going on with EJ.  They hugged each other and Daniel saw them together.  John received a call that Brady was in rehab.  Abe had no idea Brady was using drugs again.  John didnít know Brady was on drugs again either.  John said that Madison and Brady thought Ian was slipping Brady drugs.  Abe wanted to know why he would do that.  Marlena informed Abe that Ian didnít want Brady and Madison to be together.  John said that if thatís true, he will make Ian pay for what he did to Brady.  Lucas called Rafe and wanted to meet him to show him something.  Sami arrived at the pub and saw Lucas.  She wanted to know what happened to him because they had a lot to talk about.  She wanted to talk to him about EJ.  Lucas wanted to talk about EJ too.  Lucas said that EJ is going to get some bad news soon and that he did kill Stefano after all.  Sami wasnít so sure, but Lucas was sure.  Lucas said everyone would know soon enough and left the pub.  Will met with EJ and wanted to know more about the gloves the police found.  EJ told him that heís being set up.  Will didnít know if he believed that or not.  Will warned EJ that he will go to jail if he isnít careful.  There was a man at the pub putting a security camera inside.  Sami wondered what the man was doing.  He said he was updating security and that she should be careful because heís watching her.  While Daniel and Nicole were going to look for Melanie, Daniel thought that he and Nicole should be friends.  Daniel didnít really like seeing her with Rafe.  Daniel said that it was because his daughter was missing.  If he had been there for Melanie, she would be okay.  Nicole thought he wanted to end things because of Rafe.  He wanted to find his daughter and walked off.  Spencer said that the results were back and that EJís DNA was all over the gloves.  He and Rafe were ready to arrest EJ.  EJ tried to convince Will that he was not going to go to jail. Will thought they needed to get their stories straight.  Will looked in his bag and couldnít find what he had in it.  EJ wanted to know what he was doing.  Lucas arrived at the townhouse and gave Aliceís letter to John.  John wanted to know what it was and Lucas told him that it was what they needed for John to get control of DiMera Enterprises.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly appears in Toddís room unannounced and asks him to explain his hockey mask. He is annoyed that she let herself in without knocking. He tells her that the hockey mask is a gift for his son, Jack, who is going to summer hockey camp. He says Jack hates him because he killed Victor, whom Jack had thought was his father. He tells her that he is good at doing reprehensible things. He reveals that he usually doesnít mean to do them, but he panics and even with good intentions, he always does the wrong thing and then everything gets worse. Carly says she hopes it has nothing to do with Johnny because that would be a good way to get his invitation to Starrís debut revoked. She reveals that Starrís mother will be there. Todd wonders why Blair didnít tell him that she was coming. Carly perceives that Todd is uncomfortable with Blair because he is still in love with her. He doesnít deny it. she tells him that she will do what she can about Blairís stay at the Metro Court if he promises to leave Johnny alone. She tells him that he needs to get a grip on his feeling for Blair because he is lousy at hiding them.

Dante goes home and angrily begins throwing away the romantic meal that he had set up for Lulu. Olivia drops by with a box of cannoli intended for Steve, but wonít be seeing him because Heather returned home. She explains that Heatherís alleged alibi emerged so Anna had to let her go. She tells him that she isnít going to stay and interrupt his plans with Lulu. He reveals that Lulu isnít there; she is at the Haunted Star. Johnny tells Lulu to that he can take care of the rest of the work and says she should go home and make up with Dante. She says she has had to cancel plans because Dante had to work late so he can do the same. Johnny says he doesnít want to be the cause of a rift between her and Dante. Lulu worries about Luke because the last time she saw him he was at the Haunted Star arranging to go to Tracyís but never got there. She recalls seeing Heather Webber at the Haunted Star that night. Lulu says that Heather might know where Luke is and that she should mention it to Anna. Lulu goes home and apologizes to Dante for not being home for dinner. They make up. He goes to the kitchen, puts some cannoli on a plate, lights a candle in the middle and brings them to Lulu only to find that she has fallen asleep on the couch. At Steveís apartment, he asks Heather not to discuss Olivia. Heather continues to ramble on about Olivia. He yells at her to stop and tells her she doesnít get to trash Olivia to him. Heather turns on the computer to see what her hidden camera can reveal in Johnnyís office and sees Johnny and Lulu talking about her. Heather calls the forger who wrote Maggie Worthís suicide note and asks him to write a farewell note in Lukeís hand using the letter she made Luke write as a sample. Olivia passes the forger in the hallway when she goes to Steveís house. She tells Heather that she wants to apologize for the way she left things earlier. Heather tells her that Steve isnít there. Olivia asks Heather who the man was that just left. Heather says she doesnít know anything about a man.

Joe Scully Jr. tells his son, Joseph Mitchell Scully III that at first he was disappointed when he chose to use the name Trey Mitchell, but now he is glad because Sonny must never know that they are father and son. He says he knows Sonny is furious that he didnít get the chance to kill him. He assures Trey that he will get out of jail and that when he does, he will ensure that Sonny wonít be a problem for either of them. Trey asks why Sonny hateís Joe Jr. so much. Joe tells him that since they were kids, Sonny always wanted what Joe had, including a girl that liked Joe. He said Sonny wanted a place in Joe Sr.ís business and wanted him out. Trey wants to back out of the reality show, but Joe tells him that it is better to continue because dropping it would cause suspicion. Joe vows to get back at Sonny. Sonny tells Kate that he wishes she hadnít gone to see her rapist in prison. He asks her what Joe said to her. She tells him that Joe her son as a weapon against her and that he kept throwing in her face the fact that she abandoned her child. Sonny tells her that no one will blame her for panicking in an impossible situation after having given birth to her rapistís child. She suddenly has a memory of John Zacchara coming to see her in the police station interrogation room. Sonny and Kate visit Johnny. Kate asks him if he remembers coming to see her at the police station. He says he went to tell her about his conversation with Sonny to try to smooth things over after the Connie incident. She asks him if Connie came out that day, because she canít remember what happened after that. He says Connie wanted to intervene because she didnít want him to help Kate and Sonny get back together. He says Connie grabbed him and kissed him. Kate remembers that. Johnny says nothing else happened after that. Johnny invites them to tomorrowís Grand opening, but they decline.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby brings Carmine to the ranch to talk to Victor who tells Carmine to leave. Victor warns Abby to stay away from Carmine because he is a bad person. Abby later finds Carmine on the basketball court and they argue because he is upset that she took him to the ranch so that Victor would yell at him instead of her. Carmine calls Abby a spoiled brat who has no passion. Abby kisses Carmine and they make love twice because Abby wants to prove she is a passionate woman. Kevin is upset that Chloe would even think about taking money from Adam for their Internet company. Kevin agrees to met with Adam and hear his offer. Adam offers his expertise, a lot of money in business and start up Internet companies in exchange for fifty percent of the company. Kevin and Chloe discuss it and they decide to take the deal because they don’t want to wait on more investors to start their company; they want to have a business now.

Adam asks Chelsea if she will elope with him to Kansas because he doesn’t want to wait any longer for her to be his wife. Chelsea agrees because where he grew up sounds like a Norman Rockwell painting, and she has always wanted that kind of life. Adam buys champagne for everyone in the Athletic Club dining room. Sharon goes over to congratulate the happy couple, but she isn’t happy about the news and heads back to the ranch. Nick goes back to his place at the ranch and tells Victor about the hit and run accident that Phyllis caused years ago. Victor thinks Nick should make sure Summer stays away from Phyllis, but Nick wants to handle the situation in his own way. Avery decides to take Phyllis’s case because she isn’t going to make the same mistake twice and judge Phyllis hastily like she did when she thought that she was lying about their father’s embezzlement. Victor pours Sharon a drink and then he asks her to move in with him.

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