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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor drops in on Steffy who is watching the video of that moment just before Hope and Liam's wedding. She tells her mother she only wants Liam to be happy. She hoped it would be with her, but now it is with Hope. Ridge returns from seeing Liam. Brooke explains that Liam did not tell Hope before the preview but he is alone with her now and he better be telling her as Brooke is not going to back down on this. They join Taylor and Steffy in the office until Steffy asks them all to leave; she’d like to be alone. She goes right back to watching the video.

Slowly but surely Liam tells Hope what happened on their wedding day. She didn’t show up, he found the note in their hotel room and then Steffy showed up. Hope realizes that Steffy made him feel better and demands to know exactly what happened. He stammers that there was some kissing going on. She is so hurt and shocked that he would do that on their wedding day. She expresses her concern that it happened so soon….yet again he quickly turns to Steffy. This seems to be the pattern of their marriage…any time he feels abandoned, he has to turn to Steffy. She recalls when she saw him just before the wedding, his shirt was pretty disheveled. She wants to be sure he is telling her everything. He gulps and says yes, it was a pretty bizarre day with a lot of crazy things happening. But it’s over. They are married now and he’d like to stay married. She claims that he robbed her. Every time she thinks of her perfect wedding day, she will remember that he kissed that woman. He says he loves her; he will never stop loving her and he needs her to forgive him. She reminds him that he had a moment of weakness, but they are married and she loves him also, but he will have to earn her forgiveness by showing her every single day.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Chad and Hope found Gabi and they helped her up.  Gabi continued to act as if something was wrong by not saying anything.  Rafe arrived at Andrewís place and wanted to know if Gabi was okay.  He wanted to know what happened.  Chad noticed Melanieís name carved into the wall.  Bo realized that the same person who kidnapped Melanie took Gabi.  Bo questioned Gabi about what happened to her.  She said she didnít know and that everything happened so fast.  Rafe wanted to know why she was at the place.  Gabi lied and said she was there to look for Melanie and someone grabbed her.  Melanie woke up and realized she was in a tunnel.  She called out for help.  Daniel and Nicole arrived in the basement and wanted to know if Melanie was there.  Daniel was worried, but Bo assured him that they would find Melanie.  Bo wanted everyone to leave the room so the lab could investigate the room.  Nicole suggested that they go to the TV station and tell them about Melanie.  Daniel thought it was a great idea and they left the room.  Hope found a note in the room.  Melanie tried to walk, but she had trouble standing.  She asked Andrew why she was chained to a pipe.  She thought that the police were closing in on him.  She also thought he had to come up with another game plan.  She said he could let her go since she never saw his face.  He didnít like that idea.  Daniel and Nicole were at the town square talking when Rafe arrived.  Daniel wanted to call Carly so he left them alone.  Rafe and Nicole talked about Trent as well as her pregnancy.  Nicole felt her baby kick so Rafe put his hand on her stomach.  Carrie walked by and saw them together.  Hope saw a phone number on the note.  She asked Chad if the number was Melanieís number, but he said it might be Gabiís number.

Carrie went to Marlena and they talked about her marriage.  Carrie talked about how she wanted to do the right thing by staying with Austin, but she still has strong feelings for Rafe.  Carrie mentioned how she ruined Samiís marriage by falling for Rafe.  Marlena assured her that she was not responsible for Samiís marriage being destroyed.  Carrie said that she didnít have the right to hurt a good man like Austin.  Carrie and Marlena also talked about Marlenaís decision to choose John over Roman.  While they were talking, Carrie said that the baby was Godís way of letting her know that her place was with her husband.  Daniel was finished his phone call and saw Rafe and Nicole bonding.  He didnít like what he saw.  Chad said that the number looked like Gabiís.  Gabi didnít understand how her phone number could be on the note.  Bo wanted to know if there was something Gabi wasnít telling them.  Chad said that it may be the same person that was stalking Gabi. Melanie told Andrew that she smelled gas and that they have to leave in case of a gas leak.  Andrew let her know that they were leaving Salem if they did leave the tunnel.  Marlena continued to give advice to Carrie.  Marlena assured her that she would be there for her regardless of the decision she made.  Hope thought that the stalker took Melanie by mistake.  Bo wanted to know everything about the guy.  He realized that stalkers donít usually write down the peopleís numbers that they are stalking.  Carrie was packing when Austin arrived back at home.  She told him that she wanted to go back to Switzerland.  Bo wanted to test the note for fingerprints.  Gabi remembered touching the note. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Trey finds Joe Jr.ís medallion in Sonnyís warehouse. He is about to ask Sonny about it when his father calls. Joe tells him not to mention him or his medallion to Sonny. Trey says he has to leave and tells the crew to wrap it up. Sonny tells Kristina that Trey is so eager to air their dirty laundry, but he runs when something happens in his life. He says Trey is hiding something. He asks her if she thinks her reality TV show is going to repair her reputation. He suggests that she talk to Kate about working at Crimson. She tells him that Todd Manning took over the magazine and that she says she cares about ďMob Princes.Ē He concludes that she cares about Trey. He asks her if she knows anything about Trey. Sonny says Trey knew who they were before he sought her out to pitch his reality show idea. He says Trey knows a lot about them, but she doesnít know anything about him. She tells him to leave Trey alone or she will leave for good. Kate visits Joe Jr. in jail. She tells him that he canít hurt her anymore. He tells her that he knows what she did to their son; she left him like a sack of garbage. She tells him that she blocked out him, the child, and the rape. She says she will have to live with that decision, but she gets satisfaction from knowing that he is in prison and canít hurt anyone else the way he hurt her. Trey visits Joe and asks why his medallion was in Sonnyís warehouse and why he is in jail. Joe says he is there for trumped up murder charges and that Sonny Corinthos was the real killer. He says that he was kidnapped in New Orleans, put in the trunk of a car, and taken to Port Charles where Sonny would have killed him if the cops hadnít arrived. Trey concludes that Joe knew who Kristina and her father were before the reality show. Joe says he didnít say anything because he didnít want to reveal the business that his father, Joe Sr. was in. Calling him, ďJoey,Ē Joe Jr. says that now he is glad that Trey decided to go by ďTrey MitchellĒ instead of Joseph Mitchell Scully III, because Sonny wonít be able to connect them. Kate goes to the warehouse and tells Sonny that she went to see Joe Jr.

Lulu tells Johnny that Dante likes him for Anthonyís murder even though Luke is still the prime suspect. She tells him that Dante got angry about her spending time with Johnny and that he thinks Johnny will take her down a dangerous path. Olivia tells Dante that Steve is having trouble finding a lawyer to represent Heather, but she doesnít care because she thinks Heather should be locked up. Dante tells her that he isnít there on police business; he just wanted to visit his mother. She doesnít buy it and asks what is wrong. He reveals that he and Lulu are having problems. He tells her that Lulu is working two jobs, one if which is Johnny, who is a suspect in Anthonyís murder investigation, as is Luluís father. Olivia tells him to go to the Haunted Star and stake his claim on his wife. Dante arrives at the Haunted Star just after Lulu has fallen off a barstool while installing a light bulb and Johnny has caught her in his arms. Dante demands that Johnny get his hands off her. Dante asks her to go home with him because he has dinner waiting for her. She says she canít because they have to finish setting up for tomorrowís opening. Dante says he thinks he understands and leaves alone.

Heather continues to deny transporting and burying Anthonyís body. She asks Anna why she would do something like that. Anna says Heather would do anything for Luke. Heatherís fake alibi, Andy Smith, enters the interview room and says he was with her that night. Anna says she will arrange for Heatherís release, but that she is going to look into this alibi. Steve and Heather return to the apartment where Heather pours a glass of the champagne that Olivia brought for dinner with Steve and gloats to Olivia that she was wrong to doubt her. Steve cancels his call to the lawyer, concluding that Heather wonít need one now. Olivia tells Steve to enjoy the cacciatore with his mom and heads out the door. Steve says he wishes Olivia could ease up on his mother. Todd takes food to Luke disguised as Jason from the "Friday the Thirteenth" movies. Luke asks him to untie his hands so he can feed himself. Todd refuses. Luke concludes that the masked man is there because Heather is blackmailing him. He says that he can help him. Luke tells him that he will be next to be tied up and left for dead. Luke says that he has a daughter who needs him. Todd is just about to untie Luke when Heather calls him and tells him that if he does anything to get in the way of her plans, she will tell everyone what he did with Samís baby. Todd re-gags Luke. Anna tells an officer that they need to focus on finding their murder suspect, Luke Spencer.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack is thrilled when he moves his leg again with Sarge watching. Sarge calls Jackís doctor who schedules an MRI. Jack tells Sarge not to tell Nikki because he wants to surprise her when he can stand beside her at their wedding. Victor asks Nikki if she loves Jack and when Nikki tells him she does, he gets angry and yells that she should leave and never return to the ranch. Nikki has lunch with Jack and tells him she wants to start planning their wedding. Nick confronts Phyllis about the hit and run. When he asks her for the last time if she did it, she remains silent so he knows it is true. Phyllis cries and tells Nick she didn’t tell him because she was scared he would leave her. She claims she isn’t the same person she was back then, and Nick says he doesn’t know how he feels, so he packs his bags and moves back to his place.

Ronan arrests Paul at Ricky’s graveside and then he is arraigned and Christine is unable to get bail for Paul. Michael agrees to place Paul in protective custody while he is in jail. Paul is charged with first-degree murder for killing Ricky. Michael and Ronan decide to work together to prove that Paul didn’t intend to kill Ricky. Eden continues to feel guilty because she can’t remember what happened the night Ricky died. Heather tells her to relax and stop putting so much pressure on herself and hopefully her memory will return. Paul thinks he deserves to be in jail no matter how it happened, and he tells Christine he is ready to accept his punishment, but she refuses to give up and promises Paul that she will prove that he killed Ricky to save Eden. Ronan tells Michael that his team has searched the entire Athletic Club and the street where Ricky fell, but they still have not found the knife.

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