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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam stammers that he did something on their wedding day and Hope deserves to know what and it should be heard from him. She keeps interrupting and says what he says now will not change anything. Eric interrupts and says the parking lot is filling up with press, so Hope tells Liam she is sorry but she has to go. Brooke continues to harangue Steffy that she should have left Liam’s hotel room that day but she didn’t, so now Liam has to tell Hope. Steffy frantically calls Liam and asks if he has told Hope yet. He says he tried. She says she is still at Brooke’s so she can delete the video so no one else will ever see it. He says that is a good idea as what happened belonged only to them. Both Liam and Brooke swallow hard when Hope gushes that she is about to share her perfect wedding with the world.

The preview is a success. Liam and Brooke keep throwing glances at each other from across the room. In the end, Hope calls Liam on stage after Jarrett asks a question if her own wedding was that perfect. She says there were twists and turns and they will keep that to themselves, but she has something to say to Liam. There before the world and the press she declares how much she loves him and how perfect their wedding day was to her as in the end they were husband and wife. Brooke sourly glares at them. Steffy meets Ridge at the office and begs him to talk to Brooke and get her to change her mind. What happened was a mistake and Hope and Liam should not have to pay for it now. Later Brooke tells Hope that all went well and she and Hope hug. Liam basically dismisses the press and clears the room. Hope gushes that she is the happiest, luckiest girl in the world to have him as a husband. He tells her that he loves her and he wants her to remember that. He tries to ease back into what he wanted to tell her ~ her perfect wedding wasn’t that perfect. When he was in the hotel room and Hope was gone and he saw the note ~ Steffy was there too. Hope seems to be connecting the dots and gulps. She asks what is he trying to tell her; what did he do?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Kate and Ian were at the office.  She placed the envelope that she received in her pocketbook.  She left the room and Ian looked in her bag and found the envelope.  He opened it and looked inside the folder.  Gabi was at Andrewís place and found his note.  The note said that he took Melanie somewhere and no one would ever find her.  Lucas and Sami talked about EJ.  She apologized for what Lucas walked in on when he showed up.  Lucas told Sami that she belonged to him and wanted her to stay away from EJ.  Sami was upset and said that she didnít belong to anyone.  EJ walked into his apartment and saw Rafe, Roman, and Agent Spencer there.  EJ demanded to know what was going on and wondered why they had his gloves.  Gabi noticed Chad outside of Andrewís place and had to hide.  Chad looked through the window and saw Melanieís bracelet on the floor so he broke down the door and went inside.  EJ demanded to know where the gloves came from.  Rafe told EJ that they should look familiar since they found them in his apartment.  EJ flashed back to throwing the gloves in the garbage.  EJ thought it was impossible for the gloves to be his.  Chad called Bo (he and Hope were investigating Melanieís kidnapping) and told him about Andrewís place.  Bo told him to leave because it could be a crime scene. Bo, Hope, Daniel, Nicole (she met him at the town square) rushed to the house.  Lucas and Sami started arguing because Lucas said she belonged to him.  They went back and forth about EJ as well.  Lucas tried to apologize for the way he said that she belonged to him, but it didnít do any good.  They still ended up fighting again.  Sami mentioned how she is the mother of EJís children too.  Lucas wondered if EJ mattered to her as much as he does.  Agent Spencer told EJ that Rafe found the gloves in his apartment so it was possible to find them.  EJ was upset that they were in his apartment searching through his things.  EJ thought they were trying to plant evidence in his house.  Sami said that she wanted to try to get along with EJ for the kids.  Lucas wondered if that was why she was in EJís arms.  Sami explained that EJ was upset about the kids and he thanked her for taking care of them.  Lucas didnít believe that at all.  Sami told Lucas that EJ might go to prison for killing Stefano.  Sami wasnít sure if EJ was being railroaded.  Lucas reminded her that Rafe and Roman were the ones investigating the case and that she trusts them.  Lucas said that sheís dealing with a lot of exes (Rafe, EJ, and him). He told Sami that he wanted the relationship to work this time. 

EJ was still convinced that the police were trying to frame him for Stefanoís murder.  Roman reminded EJ that he failed the polygraph test and Agent Spencer reminded him that he had a motive.  EJ asked where they found the gloves.  Roman told him that they ask the questions and not him.  Rafe told EJ that most of the evidence is circumstantial, but the look on his face when he saw the gloves told them everything they needed to know.  Kate walked back in the office and caught Ian looking at her file.  He saw that it was Stefanoís will and estate papers.  Ian wanted to know why she didnít say something sooner.  Bo, Hope, and company met Chad at Andrewís house.  Bo wanted to know if Chad searched the entire house.  Chad checked the first floor so far.  They headed down to the basement.  Gabi was locked in the room Melanie was in while Chad tried to open the door.  Kate let Ian know that she didnít get anything from Stefanoís will.  Ian didnít like the fact that she was keeping secrets from him.  He wanted to know what else she was keeping form him.  Chad couldnít get the door open.  Bo looked through the peephole and saw a bed and ropes.  Sami and Lucas continued to talk about EJ and their relationship.  Lucas had a funny feeling that she was going to be the one to mess up their relationship.  He reminded her that sheís her own worst enemy and she said that he had to save her from herself.  They ended up kissing.  Sami and Lucas overheard EJ and Roman yelling and rushed to EJís apartment.  EJ, Roman and company were still arguing about the evidence in his apartment.  EJís convinced that he was being set up.  Lucas was happy that EJ was getting caught.  Lucas gloated that EJ was about to be arrested.  Lucas also mentioned that he wished that EJ died when he was shot.  EJ asked Lucas if he really wanted to talk about the last time he was shot.  Sami warned Lucas to stop talking to EJ about that.  Lucas lunged at EJ, but Roman stopped him.  Roman told Sami and Lucas to leave the apartment.  Bo wanted to get a search warrant to check Andrewís place and left to get one.  Roman and Lucas went back to Samiís place.  Roman warned Lucas to leave EJ alone.  Roman wanted Lucas and Sami to go to the police station and cool off.  Sami said she had to work, but she snuck to EJís place.  Sami wanted to know if the gloves the police found were the ones he wore the night Stefano was killed.  He thought that she didnít believe him anymore.  He said if the police could prove that the gloves are his and have residue on them they will have more evidence against him.  Sami asked if they could prove that and he said they could.  She was shocked.  Bo finally opened the door to the basement and found Gabi pretending to be asleep on the floor.  EJ told Sami he wore the gloves and shot a gun, but he didnít kill his father.  Rafe had the gloves tested and they tested positive for gun residue.  EJ continued to talk to Sami about the gloves.  He was convinced that someone was setting him up.  Ian was at his desk and thought about EJ throwing out his gloves and how he took them out of the trash.  Ian also thought about putting bullets in EJís drawer and hiding the gloves behind the painting. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kristina is annoyed that Michael is going on a date with Starr. She tells him not to rub his good fortune in her face when she isnít quite as lucky. He concludes that she isnít making progress with Trey. Trey worries about his father when his calls go unanswered. He snaps at Starr and then apologizes, revealing that he is edgy because his father is missing. Starr offers to enlist the help of her father and a detective that is a family friend. Michael. Joe Scully, Jr. is in lockup. He antagonizes John about causing his sisterís death by showing up in Atlantic City. John doesnít buy Joeís reason for killing Theresa. He says he didnít have a badge when he went there and no one knew he was a Fed. Joe says the charges against him will be dropped. John says that either way, Joe will pay for his sins. Joe says he is gong to sue John and Sonny when he gets out. John wishes him luck with that and suggests that he sue the entire police department. Joe says he should because they were rough and he lost his medallion. Joe wonders why John is so intent on avenging a sister that he didnít know. John says that is what family does, something that Joe would no nothing about. Sonny tells Kate that he found Joe, Jr. He assures her that he didnít kill Joe. He tells her that McBain took him to Atlantic City to stand trial for murder. She says she wants to see him and confront him about the rape. Sonny says Joe Jr. claims that Kate threw herself at him. He reveals to her that Joe knows about her baby. She says nobody knew about the baby and concludes that Joe must have followed her. Kristina, Trey, and crew go to Sonnyís warehouse for a tour. Kate recognizes Trey and says she recalls his reminding her that she killed Starrís family.  Sonny asks Trey what his problem is and orders the cameras out. He says he canít deal with Trey anymore. Kate tells Sonny that the harder he is on Trey, the more attractive Trey becomes to Kristina. She tells him he should go ahead with the tour, but she isnít staying. Trey tells Kristina that the day Kate was talking about, Kate got on his case about the show and called him a cheap hustler. He says he isnít going to let a kid killer judge him. Kristina tells him not to say that and that Kate has been through enough. Sonny says they can go ahead with the tour, but that he is only allowing it because of Kristina. He warns Trey that if he disrespects him or anyone close to him, they are done. Kristina says Trey meant it when he apologized. Sonny asks her when she is going to realize that Trey is just an opportunist who is trying to make it big. Kristina says Sonny did the same thing. Sonny tells her not to compare him to Trey. Kristina says the two are nothing alike; Trey is honest whereas Sonny is just a front. When Trey is setting up for the shoot, he finds his fatherís medallion tangled in a pallet of sacks of coffee near where Sonny had had Joe Jr. tied up.

Anna calls Tracy to the station and informs her that they have found Anthonyís body and that she has Heather Webber in custody. She says they will probably have to let her go because they donít have any physical evidence. Tracy still thinks Luke did it. Meanwhile, in an interrogation room, Todd wants to cut all ties with Heather and let her go back to Fern Cliff, but she continues to blackmail him. He says he will help her with her alibi, but then they are done. She says he has one more thing to do for her Ė feed Luke. He canít believe she is holding someone prisoner. She says he isnít a prisoner; she is just letting his solitude make him realize his feelings for her. He tells her that Stockholm syndrome doesnít always work. Todd wonders how he is going to go feed a shackled man without being identified. He suddenly remembers that it is Friday the thirteenth. Luke wonders how many days Heather has left him tied up alone in the garden shed out in the woods. He hopes Anna will come back and find him before he dies. Luke is overjoyed when Lulu arrives at the garden shed. Lulu wonít let him go. He then sees Anna and Tracy standing at the door. He says he is sorry that he left them both hanging. He tells Tracy that he loves her but he has fallen for Anna. He says somebody has to untie him. Tracy and Lulu leave. He tells Anna to get her licks in. She says she will when she sees him in person but she canít find him. She tells him to send her a clue. Anna disappears and Luke realizes he imagined the whole thing. Luke sees the door open and Jason Voorhees, the villain of the Friday the Thirteenth movies, standing in the doorway wielding a large knife.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Paul, Heather, Nina, and Christine attend Ricky’s funeral. Afterwards Paul asks the ladies to leave him alone and he apologizes to Ricky for not visiting him more often when he was living with his grandparents. Paul thinks he could have stopped Ricky from killing all those people if he'd known Ricky well enough to see the signs of his illness. Ronan tells Michael that he has confirmation that Paul went to see Isabella and that isn’t the worst news. He still can’t find the knife that Ricky allegedly pointed at Eden’s neck. Michael tells Rona to go arrest Paul and then tells Christine he is pressing charges against Paul for murder. Christine tells Michael he will also have to arrest Phyllis for attempting to kill a federal agent, a crime that has no statute of limitations. Nick refuses to believe that Phyllis could attempt to kill Paul and Christine but Michael says that Nick didn’t know what Phyllis was like before and advises Nick to accept that Phyllis committed this crime.

Avery confronts Phyllis who insists she's innocent, but Avery knows when people are not being honest and pleads with her sister to tell her the truth so that she can help her fight the charges. Phyllis refuses and continues to deny everything using the same words her father did when Phyllis and Avery confronted him about his embezzlement. Nick talks to Avery about helping him stop Michael from pursing charges against Phyllis, but Avery tells Nick she thinks Phyllis is guilty. Adam wants Victor to into into business with him, but Victor will only do that if Adam breaks up with Chelsea. Adam refuses and warns Victor to leave Chelsea alone or he will be a very sorry man. Chelsea gets her ring sized and when she returns Adam proposes to her again and puts the ring back on her finger. Nikki goes to the ranch and tells Victor that Sharon isn’t exercising her new horse enough and the animal looks sad. Victor says she didn’t go there to talk about a horse. She came because she is jealous of Sharon. Nikki tells Victor she and Jack are getting married soon, and she doesn’t want him to show up and make a scene at the wedding. As Victor tells her that she does want him to stop the wedding, Sharon walks in and listens to the very heated argument between Victor and Nikki then heads to a store and steals a necklace. Nikki tells Victor she is leaving and she will never come back so he asks her not to go. Jack is thrilled when, after a very hard workout, he is able to stand holding on to the parallel bars and straighten his leg and move it a little bit. Jack smiles as he tells Sarge he will be able to walk with Nikki down the aisle at their wedding.

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