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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Liam that he knows he is still in love with Steffy as he almost ran off with her in Italy. Liam says yes but only because he thought Hope had left him. Ridge says yes he shared some very intimate moments with Steffy yet married Hope anyway. Liam wonders if Ridge is saying he made a mistake by marrying Hope. He married Hope because he loved her, and the last thing he wants to do is hurt her. Brooke calls and says she knows Ridge does not agree with her, but Liam must tell Hope the truth before her preview. Steffy keeps saying she has something to tell Hope. Hope is busy and has little time for her but gushes that she can just say it quickly. Things are going so perfect that she keeps waiting for someone to say it was all a big mistake. Steffy loses her nerve and quickly says that she just wants Hope to be happy. They are stepsisters and she really values their relationship and perhaps they can be closer some day. All their problems are in the past and she totally supports her now. Hope hugs her as she says it meant so much to her for Steffy to come to Italy. Stephanie and Eric catch Marcus “practicing” his kiss on Dayzee. Eric and Marcus have a very happy bonding when they talk about having another wedding in his house. Marcus says Eric is the best dad a guy could have. He’s done a lot to change his life and he can’t thank him enough. He asks Thomas to be his best man and Thomas proudly accepts.

Liam says he doesn’t want to tell Hope; it’s gonna kill her. Ridge says yes she will be hurt but Brooke is not gonna let up so Liam better tell Hope himself. Just be honest with her and tell her what happened. They both agree it was very strange that Deacon showed up at that exact time and was the catalyst for everything that went wrong. Steffy drops in to see her dad at home but only finds Brooke. She warns Steffy not to try to stop Liam. He is on his way to tell Hope everything. Steffy reminds her that she did not try to manipulate anything in Italy or even stop the wedding. She took the high road and did not tell Hope. She did not want Hope to hate her and she didn’t want Hope to be hurt. She will always love Liam but she will have to accept his marriage. Brooke spits out that she wishes she did not know what she did, but it must be done. Hope must know. She will not allow her to start her marriage based on a lie. Hope spies Liam lurking in the shadows and he greets her with a kiss. She gushes more how perfect the day has been and a natural progression of her Hope line now with Hope’s Perfect Wedding. She is back to living her values and principles and it feels so right. She is being honest and authentic to her audience and to the press. Liam stammers that he has something to tell her. She hushes him by saying he doesn’t have to keep explaining how he felt on their wedding day. The past is in the past. He says this is different and he just hopes she will understand.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Hope found Melanieís passport.  Chad realized that Melanie didnít send the emails.  Andrew told Gabi that he didnít want Melanie to leave and that he would decide when to let her go.  Lucas walked in on EJ and Sami getting too close to each other.  He couldnít believe what he saw.  EJ and Sami quickly broke away from each other.  Sami said she could explain what was happening.  Lucas didnít want to hear her defend EJ.  Lucas warned EJ to stay away from his family.   Rafe, Roman, and Agent Spencer wanted to get a search warrant to investigate EJ.  They talked about how EJ was too smart to keep any evidence at his apartment.  Roman thought EJ might be arrogant enough to do it.  Rafe said that EJ thought he was going to pass the lie detector test, but didnít.  Rafe thought that EJís lies were catching up with him.  Gabi tried to get Andrew to let Melanie go, but he wouldnít do it.  Gabi warned him that the cops would get him.  He said that he wouldnít get arrested on his own.  Andrew reminded her that she didnít tell Chad that he was holding Melanie there.  Andrew said that Gabi is the reason why Melanie was kidnapped.  Gabi warned Andrew that the cops could have information on Melanieís disappearance.  Andrew said that they would have info on her because he was going to send the recording to the police.  Gabi tried to delete the recording, but Andrew laughed at her.  EJ thought it was hilarious that Lucas wanted him to stay away from his family.  EJ reminded Lucas that Samiís the mother of his children and that they live across the hall from each other.  Lucas wanted EJ to stay away, but EJ refused to do it.  Lucas and EJ continued to argue about whether EJ had to stay away from the apartment.  Sami wanted them to stop fighting.  Sami tried to explain why EJ was there, but Lucas didnít want to hear about it.  He wanted EJ to stay away from Sami, but EJ couldnít do that.  Andrew laughed at Gabi because she tried to delete the recording. Andrew let Gabi know that he had more than one copy.  Chad called Gabi and wanted her to meet him at the police station.  Rafe, Roman, and Agent Spencer were able to get the warrant.  Someone wearing black went into EJís apartment.  The person took EJís gloves out of a bag.  Sami told Lucas that he walked in on the tail end of her conversation with EJ.  They were talking about EJís concern for the kids.  Lucas told Sami that he heard her say she would back EJ.  Lucas didnít understand how she could stand by someone who killed his father and the kidsí grandfather.  EJ denied killing Stefano.  Lucas believed that EJ would get caught.  Lucas warned EJ and Sami that EJ is going down so he wanted Sami to stay away from EJ.  EJ said that Lucas loves his family, but EJ loves his family too. EJ was about to say that he loved someone else, but Lucas cut him off.  Lucas wanted to know who else he loved.  Lucas looked at Sami.

Bo was able to find the cell phone tower where the emails were being sent.  Bo wanted to check the surrounding areas of the signal from the tower.  Roman walked into the police station and told Bo and Hope that he, Rafe, and Agent Spencer were able to get the warrant to search EJís apartment.  The person in black hid EJís gloves behind a painting.  EJ ended up telling Lucas that he loved his father and sister.  Lucas didnít believe a word that came out of EJís mouth.  EJ and Lucas continued to argue, and Sami tried to break it up.  The mystery person was still in EJís apartment while Rafe, Roman, and Agent Spencer were outside of the door.  EJ didnít answer the door.  They realized they had the element of surprise on their side so Rafe unlocked the door.  They were surprised that the door wasnít locked, but they walked in anyway.  The mystery person was hiding in the apartment.  Bo and Hope didnít want Chad and Danielís help looking for Melanie.  They wanted to help out anyway. While the four of them discussed it, Gabi texted Andrew and warned him about the cops.  Sami wanted EJ and Lucas to stop fighting and treating her and the kids as if they were prizes.  Lucas didnít want Sami to back down and change the way she felt about EJ.  Lucas told EJ one more time to leave and not come back to the apartment.  Gabi went back to Andrewís place to warn him that the police were going to be there. When she went to the basement, Andrew and Melanie were gone.  Gabi found Andrewís note.  He said that he was going to keep Melanie in a place where no one would find her.  The cops turned up empty when they searched EJís apartment.  Rafe looked up and saw a painting on the wall and took it off the wall.  Rafe found the gloves that the mystery person hid.  Sami reminded Lucas that the apartment was EJ and that she didnít want him to throw her out.  EJ threatened to fire Lucas.  Lucas wanted him to do it.  EJ said he was Samiís guest until she asked him to leave.  Lucas wanted Sami to ask EJ to leave.  EJ said eh was leaving anyway so Sami didnít have to do it because he was leaving anyway.  When EJ left, Sami wanted to know what Lucasí outburst was about.  Lucas grabbed Sami and kissed her.  Sami wanted to talk about Lucasí attitude.  He wasnít going to apologize because he loves her and the kids and wants to protect them.  EJ went back to his apartment and found the cops there.  EJ noticed the gloves and wanted to know how they got them.  Gabi didnít know what she was going to do now that Andrew and Melanie were gone.  Chad was outside of the place where Melanie was.  He saw Melanieís bracelet on the floor and burst through the door.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie tells Lulu that they donít have to worry about Patrick taking any more drugs. Patrick calls to make an appointment with Dr. Keenan, but then he changes his mind and takes a pill instead. Epiphany tells Patrick that Dioxin is missing from the drug locker. She says she suspects Ramon Santiago, the orderly, stole them. Ramon comes up and says Epiphany is accusing him of stealing drugs because she doesnít like him. Patrick tells Epiphany that Ramon didnít steal the drugs, but doesnít reveal who did. Epiphany vows to find out. Privately, Ramon thanks Patrick for having his back and promises that he has Patrickís back too; he wonít reveal to anyone that Patrick took the pills.

At the police station, Lulu welcomes Dante back from his trip. He wonders why she is two hours late. She tells him that she was at the Haunted Star telling Johnny about Anthony. He suggests that her relationship with Johnny is more than professional. Lulu wonders why Dante is so jealous of Johnny. Dante says he just doesnít trust Johnny. He tells her that Johnny is still a suspect in his grandfatherís murder. He adds that they are holding Heather on suspicion of moving the body and they have an APB out on Luke. He says it is a conflict of interest for her to be so closely related to Johnny. She says she will quit working for the PCPD in that case. Alexis tells Steve that she canít represent his mother because she represents the Quartermaines who have a restraining order on her. She adds that Heather has something against Sam so she doesnít feel comfortable representing her. He continues to call other lawyers with no luck. Olivia comes over and he tells her that Heather is in police custody because they think she buried Anthony Zaccharaís body. Olivia says that at least they know what Heather was up to that night. Steve says no, they donít know anything. Olivia tells Steve to stop fooling himself; that Heather wasnít driving around with a guy that looked like Anthony; it was Anthony. Steve tells Olivia that she got what she wanted. He says he supposed Olivia is happy that Heather is being implicated in a murder. Olivia reminds him that she has murdered before, thatís why she was in Ferncliff. She says she is happy that Heather got caught before she can hurt anyone else. Steve says that he will help his mother no matter what she did. She says she will stand by him. Spinelli calls Sam and tells her that the police think Heather buried Anthonyís body. She notices that Heatherís purse in unattended on Luluís old desk. Maxie goes to goes to Crimson only to find that it is now Manning Enterprises. She wonders why Sam is there. Sam tells her that she is Toddís assistant. Heather calls Todd and tells him that she needs somebody who resembles Anthony to say he was her drunken date on the night of the storm. She tells him to get her bag from the desk outside her office because the phone number of such a man is in it. Todd gets the bag before Sam has a chance to look in it. Heather tells him to find the piece of paper with the manís phone number, call him, and tell him that she is ďready to pull the trigger.Ē Todd dump the contents of Heatherís purse on his desk and the first piece of paper  he sees is Samís paternity test results showing Jason as the father of Samís baby. He rushes out of the office with the paper in hand. Sam and Maxie go into his office to see if they can find out why Todd hired Heather. They look through Heathers purse items strewn over Toddís desk and find that it is a portable convenience store with nothing incriminating in it. Sam conclude that Todd must have taken anything heíd found with him. Maxie asks about Spinelli. Sam says Spinelli doesnít hate her. Maxie says she canít believe Spinelli cut her out of her life. Sam says Maxie hurt Spinelli and he has to try to move on without her. Sam admits to Maxie that Jason saw her kissing someone last night, then he kissed someone too, and today he wasnít wearing his wedding ring.  Maxie tells her that a wedding ring can come off and then put back on. She says she is sure that Sam and Jason can still make it work. Sam doesnít think so. Todd goes to the PCPD to confront Heather about the DNA results. She justifies her actions by saying that Sam tried to keep her from Steve so it was only appropriate to keep Sam from her son. Todd says he has already been feeling guilty about what he did but now that he knows a rapist didnít father Samís baby, everything has changed. Heather says there is nothing he can do about it now.

Alexis catches Molly talking on the phone to TJ and overhears her calling her ďher insane mother.Ē Alexis reminds her that she is forbidden to have any contact with TJ. Molly says Alexisís lack of a love life doesnít mean Molly shouldnít have one. Alexis drags Molly to Kellyís where she tells Shawn that TJ was in Mollyís room in his underwear on the Fourth of July. TJ says he was just changing into his trunks to go swimming and Molly wasnít even in the room. He says the most they have done is kiss. He says they like each other. Alexis says the point is that Molly disobeyed her by seeing TJ behind her bask. TJ asks her if it's because he's Black. He says she isnít a racist; her issue is that he was undressed in Mollyís room. Shawn says he has no problem with TJ and Molly seeing each other as long as there is no sex, drugs, or drinking involved. Alexis concedes and agrees that Molly and TJ may date provided that they agree to her rules. They donít hear a word of the rules because they are rapt in each otherís eyes.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Lily is upset because she cannot get a stain out of her daughter’s dress, but Cane senses that it's about more than just a stain. Genevieve and Tucker have a talk in which she asks him for a position at Tucker Enterprises. Neil sees Harmony sitting at a table by herself, and he approaches her; but when he asks to join her, she makes up an excuse as to why he shouldn’t. At the police department, Paul is finally released to Christine and Nina. At the Athletic Club bar, Avery orders a drink when Nick joins her. She immediately wants to know how Phyllis is doing. Phyllis is busy at work at Restless Style when Michael joins her and begins to question her about the hit and run. Phyllis refuses to give him a straight answer about whether or not she was involved. Devon and Anna are in the recording studio, recording a new song when Lily walks in to join them. Devon tells Anna to call Harmony to join them. Harmony is overjoyed that she was asked and asks Neil to join them also. Avery takes the blame for the condition that Phyllis is in. Phyllis asks Michael why he is questioning her about the accident. Cane interrupts Genevieve and Tucker and wants to know what is going on. Michael asks Phyllis why she hit Paul and Christine and run away. Nick walks in before Phyllis has a chance to answer. Phyllis then tells Michael that she had nothing to do with the accident.

Nick asks Michael why he is investigating the accident. Nick and Phyllis begin to argue about the questioning. Anna and Devon listen to her recording. Avery and Michael talk about his questioning Phyllis. Paul and Nina discuss how Paul let Ricky down. Someone leaves a brown manila envelope outside Cane and Lily’s door. Avery tells Phyllis that they need to talk. Nick asks Michael again why he he's been questioning about the hit and run. Christine lets Paul and Nina know that Phyllis could go to prison for the hit and run.

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