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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the beach house, Steffy reminds Liam again that it will go down a lot easier if he will tell Hope the truth himself. Although she doesn’t see how Brooke can be so almighty now considering all the mistakes she has made in her life. She still thinks it is a mistake for him to tell Hope, but if he doesn’t then Brooke will. She knows he meant everything he said in that hotel room and part of her would like nothing more than Brooke tell Hope and her get upset and Liam would come back to her…..but…….Brooke is very determined and doesn’t think it will end that way. Hope will understand and accept it. Brooke and Taylor barge into Ridge’s office while he is busy fitting a wedding dress and they fill him in quickly that Liam was with Steffy on his wedding day. They saw the video and it was uncomfortably intimate. Steffy obviously took advantage of the situation. Ridge sees it differently. It seems Steffy just walked into something that wasn’t of her own making. She was not promoting new beginnings. He states that Hope and Liam are married now and seem happy, so he doesn’t see why they should upset that. Brooke warns him again that the truth always comes out so Hope needs to know now. She will tell him if Liam doesn’t. Ridge asks her to hold off just long enough for him to talk to Liam.

Ridge tells Liam that he has two daughters and both of their hearts are on the line. He wants to know where Liam stands. Liam assures him that nothing has changed. He’s married to Hope and he will honor that commitment. Ridge wants to know what if that changes when Hope finds out…and what about Steffy? Liam says she understands and has accepted it too. Ridge says regardless a game changer is coming into play now and he might want to think about that. It’s obvious that Liam is still in love with Steffy also so he might want to reconsider telling Hope. Hope tells a woman that they are going to preview Hope’s Perfect Wedding Line this afternoon which will include wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, flower girls and mothers of the bride. Thomas and Dayzee come in and he tells her everyone is stoked by the quick success of this. Marcus joins in and tells Dayzee the Forrester house has been offered for their wedding so they just need to set a date now. Steffy drops in on Hope just before the showing and says Hope is a very vulnerable girl now and she is sorry that she added to all of that in Italy, but there is something she now needs to tell her and it can’t wait until after the preview. She must tell her now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Daniel showed up at the town square while Chad and Gabi were talking about how Melanie was missing.  Andrew warned Melanie that she made a big mistake trying to escape.  He told her that she wouldnít have tried to escape if she really liked him.  Lucas was surprised that John wanted to take over the DiMera Empire.  John thought that the board of directors are nervous now that Stefano is dead and that EJ is suspected of Stefanoís murder.  Lucas reminded John that DiMera Enterprises has always been a family business.  John reminded him that heís a DiMera too.  EJ tried to leave Samiís apartment, but she wasnít finished giving him a piece of her mind.  He warned her to take her hands off of him.  She told him that Johnny and Sydney would be better off without him.  He told her that sheís not a good mother herself.  She was about to slap him, but he caught her hand.  She told him that she hated him and they moved in close to each other.  They were about to kiss when Sami came to her senses.  Lucas couldnít believe that they were really going to take the company from EJ.  John was ready to do it.  Marlena was happy about the plan.  Bo and Hope were working at the police station when Chad came rushing in to the station.  Chad told them that Melanie was missing and that something happened to her.  Andrew tied Melanie up and received a text from Gabi.  Melanie promised not to run away again, but Andrew didnít believe her.  Gabi showed up at the place Andrew is keeping Melanie.  Gabi warned him to let Melanie go.  Gabi told Andrew that Chad and Daniel were worried about Melanie.  Chad explained everything about what happened to Bo and Hope.  Chad told them how Melanie said she was going to visit Carly in Europe, but Carly hadnít heard from her.  Bo didnít want to assume the worst.  Hope wanted to investigate the case.  Gabi told Andrew that Chad and Daniel know that Melanie didnít visit Carly.  Gabi was afraid that the cops would find out and that she will lose everything. Andrew didnít want to let Melanie go because she would run to the cops.  Gabi reminded him that Melanie didnít know who he was so she wouldnít say anything.  Andrew agreed that Melanie didnít know him, but Gabi wasnít invisible like him.  He warned Gabi that if the cops start looking for him, he would tell them that she put him up to it.  Andrew said that he was in control and there was nothing Gabi could do about it. 

EJ said he should have known that Sami wouldnít stand by him.  Sami let him know that he hasnít been there for her either.  He said he was there for the kids, but she thought it was because there was nothing in it for him.  EJ reminded her that Stefano was his father and that he wouldnít hurt him. He thought Sami knew him better than that.  He was about to leave, but Sami didnít want him to go.  Gabi warned Andrew that she would go to Rafe and tell him where Andrew was holding Melanie if he didnít let her go.  Andrew had information that could send Gabi to jail.  Andrew recorded their conversations.  He said he could go straight to the police with the information.  Lucas told John and Marlena that they need one board member to side with them so John could get control of DiMera Enterprises.  EJ and Sami continued to talk about whether he killed Stefano.  Sami wanted EJ to prove to her that he didnít kill Stefano.  EJ couldnít do that.  Gabi was shocked to learn that Andrew taped her telling conversations with him.  Andrew told her that she couldnít push him around anymore.  Sami wanted to know where EJ was the night Stefano was murdered.  EJ couldnít tell her that.  EJ wanted Sami to promise to look after the kids if he ends up going to jail.  He wanted her to make sure the kids know how much he loved them.  John said that none of the board members to side with him.  Lucas didnít have any luck getting any board members from Home and Hearth to side with John either.  John was determined to come up with a way to push EJ out of the company.  Bo and Hope continued to investigate Melanieís disappearance.  They looked through emails and made calls to different people.  Chad was convinced that they were running out of time to find her.  Hope found out that all of Melanieís things were still at Chadís place and that her luggage was in Danielís storage unit.  Chad realized that Melanie wasnít sending the emails.  Gabi continued to talk Andrew into letting Melanie go, but it didnít work.  EJ and Sami finally started talking to each other in a civil way.  They were getting really close to each other when Lucas walked in the room.  They quickly broke away from each other when Lucas made his presence known.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie asks Patrick if he is really done with the pills. He says he wonít get any more. She nags him to make an appointment with Dr. Keenan. A nurse notices that Patrick doesnít seem well. He asks her to reschedule his appointments today or give them to Drs. Morucci and Wilson. Patrick wrestles with the temptation to take a pill and he calls Dr. Keenanís office to make an appointment. He changes his mind about making the appointment, hangs up, and takes a pill.

Sam goes in to Kellyís and hears Steve telling Jason that he had no business kissing Elizabeth. She asks Jason if it is true. Jason says yes. Sam starts babbling about Elizabeth not wasting any time before coming onto Jason. Jason tells her that he kissed Elizabeth, not the other way around. Sam continues her fit. Jason tells her that she is in no position to be upset; he saw her kissing John McBain on the pier last night. Sam says her kiss with John didnít mean anything. Elizabeth says her kiss with Jason didnít either. Elizabeth says Jason loves Sam. Sam wonders why Jason isnít wearing his wedding ring. He tells her that he took it off after he saw her with McBain. Sam concedes that she told Jason that she wasnít coming back and tells him he can do whatever he wants with his ring. She leaves. Elizabeth tells Jason to go after Sam. Jason says that at least he and Sam now know where they stand with each other. Elizabeth wonders what it will take for Jason and Sam to get back together. She encourages him to put his ring back on and fight for his marriage. Jason says his marriage died the night Samís baby died. Anna brings Heather to the police station to question her about Anthonyís body that they found buried in the woods. She calls Steve to come to the police station and tells him about their suspicions that Heather buried Anthony. Steve immediately thinks Olivia told Dante about Heather taking Oliviaís car. Dante has no knowledge of Heather taking Oliviaís car. Steve goes in to talk to Heather and asks her if the man in the car with her on the night of the storm was Anthony Zacchara. She swears that she didnít know Anthony Zacchara and she didnít murder him. She claims that Anna just doesnít like her. Steve advises her not to antagonize the police. Steve goes to get Heather a lawyer. Heather tells Anna to expect repercussions. Anna tells her that they will be sweeping Oliviaís car for DNA. Heather demands her phone call. She calls Todd and tells him that if he doesnít get her out of this she will tell Sam about her baby. Spinelli calls Sam at work and tells her that the police think Heather buried Anthonyís body in the woods. He asks her if Heather is there. Sam says no, but her purse is there and wonders if it has any evidence in it.

Lulu goes to the Haunted Star and witnesses Johnnyís tantrum. She asks him what is wrong. He says he just got news that Anthonyís body was dug up from where Heather Webber buried him and now there is and APB for Luke. Lulu says Luke didnít do it. She admits that she has known all along that Anthony was dead and apologizes for keeping it from him. Johnny says the police suspected him of killing Anthony. Lulu says she knows that isnít true. Todd watches Johnny via a camera that Heather planted in Johnnyís office. Carly storms into Toddís office and blasts Todd for going to Johnnyís office expecting him to hand over Starrís contract. Todd corrects her that he didnít ask Johnny to hand it over; he offered him a large check for it. He says he doesnít trust Johnny with Starrís career because running a garage and a strip club arenít the same as managing a music career. Carly says Johnny is a good man and deserves a chance. Todd disagrees. He doesnít buy Johnnyís contrite act. He wonders why a beautiful, smart, funny woman like Carly would want to be involved with someone like Johnny. He says he will be there to pull her out of the quicksand just so he can say he told her so. Carly goes to the Haunted Star to get Johnny and go back to her place. Johnny tells Carly that it must be hard to be a good parent, observing that Anthony was a terrible one. He tells Carly that her uncle Luke has an APB out on him. Carly says she wouldnít be surprised if Luke was hiding in plain sight, looking for the real killer. She says Luke had no reason to kill Anthony and she is sure that it is a set-up.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby pays Carmine’s bail and persuades Rafe to be Carmine’s lawyer. She also asks Rafe to try to do everything he can to get Carmine community service and a fine. Rafe tells Abby and Carmine that it won’t be so easy because he is facing attempted kidnapping charges because he tried to kidnap Chloe. Abby apologizes to Chloe and asks her not to testify against Carmine, but Chloe won’t help the man who tried to kidnap her. Christine confronts Phyllis about the hit and run and 1994. Phyllis acts shocked that Christine would think she could do such a thing and tells her to stop living in the past. Phyllis tells Daniel that Christine and Michael suspect her of being the person responsible for Christine and Paul’s accident years ago, but she doesn’t plan to tell them the truth about the accident and hope for the best. Daniel is upset with Phyllis and tells her that she should tell the truth, but he will keep her secret. Daniel refuses to visit Phyllis and asks her to stay away from Lucy.

Phyllis also decides not to tell Nick about the accident although she tells him that she and Daniel argued and Daniel thinks she is a horrible person. Michael looks through the old case file on the hit and run and discovers that the vehicle identification number for the car that hit Christine and Paul matches the one on Phyllis’s credit card statement. Nina is hurt when Ronan refuses to release Paul so that he can go to Ricky’s funeral. Ronan tells her that he can’t do what she wants just because she is his mother. Ronan does tell Nina to ask Michael since he is the DA and is the only one who can release Paul. Nina later tells Paul that Michael told her that he won’t press charges at this time and he is free to go to Ricky’s funeral. Michael tells Christine about the VIN matching the one on Phyllis’s card statement, but he can’t charge Phyllis with the crime because the statute of limitations has run out on the case.

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