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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Frantically Steffy shows up at Liam’s to warn him not to tell Hope the truth about Italy. He insists he has to or Brooke will. He assures her that he is not mad at her for being at the right place at the right time. If she had not shown up, he would have found her. Steffy urges him to tell Brooke to stay out of this. Her little girl is not a little girl anymore. She admits if it weren’t for her, Liam wouldn’t be having this problem. Likewise, Taylor shows up unexpectedly at Brooke’s to tell her that she knows and she also knows it was not Steffy’s fault. Brooke reminds her that she was kissing Liam on the day of his wedding so how could she not be at fault. Taylor tries to explain it away that Hope had left Liam or at least that is what he thought from the note. Steffy just happened to be there to comfort him. Brooke decides she has to go speak with Liam once more and Taylor insists on going also since it involves her daughter. Dayzee chats with Stephanie who quizzes her as to when Marcus is gonna make up his mind and set a wedding date. The guys walk in and they give Dayzee the opportunity to pick her wedding gown from three choices and unbeknownst she chooses the one that Thomas designed.

Steffy tells Liam that if Hope had not come back, she and Liam would be married right now. But it was not meant to be. He had to marry Hope. She was there in her wedding dress. He has to protect her; he has to now protect his marriage. Marcus speaks with Stephanie who puts another little bug in his ear that although both he and Dayzee are busy, the wedding date should be a priority. Marcus admits he would be lost if he woke up and Dayzee wasn’t there. So that having been said, he wants to marry Dayzee right away. He starts hinting and Stephanie quickly offers the Forrester house; they just need the date. She tells him they are going to have a very happy marriage. Just as Steffy asks Liam what he is going to do, Brooke and Taylor show up and insist they come in. Brooke vows that if Liam doesn’t tell Hope then she will. Steffy pops up that this was a huge mistake. Liam thought Hope had left him forever. What happened after that was meaningless. Brooke still insists that Hope needs to know what happened before she spends the rest of her life with this man. There is no way around it. Liam tells them to leave. Brooke leaves but says she will not change her mind. Hope needs to know the truth. Steffy shrugs and tells Liam that Hope is going to find out and it should come from him. She points out that the ring is on Hope’s finger and she is married to a wonderful man so she just needs to understand that she is so lucky. Steffy reminds him that she backed off and did not follow him. She wished he had picked her but he didn’t.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Will and Lucas continue to talk about whether Will could trust EJ not to turn on him.  Will flashed back to when he told EJ about finding the letter from Alice.  Will told Lucas that heís going to have to trust him because he knows what heís doing with EJ.  Sami and EJ went to her apartment.  EJ warned Sami to watch what she says in public.  Heís the mayor so she canít go around talking about him murdering people.  She reminded EJ that he told her that he failed the lie detector test.  EJ told her that heís innocent.  She wasnít sure if she believed him.  He needed Sami to believe that he didnít kill Stefano.  She didnít seem too convinced that he was innocent.  He continued to convince Sami that heís innocent.  He reminded her that she knew him.  She regretted that because she could look into his eyes and knew when he was lying.  Lucas warned Will that if EJís nice to him he has an ulterior motive.  Will didnít think that EJ was after anything.  Lucas said he was scared for Will, but Will didnít think he had a reason to be scared.  Will received and call so he had to leave the pub.  Lucas wanted to know where he was going, but Will couldnít say anything.  The only thing Will told Lucas was that the call was about his job working with EJ.  EJ explained to Sami how he wouldnít be so careless if he did murder his father.  He would have done everything he could to cover his tracks.  EJ thought the killing was amateurish.  Sami wondered if that was why Will was accused.  EJ asked Sami if she was listening to, but she heard every word he said.  She was more convinced that he killed Stefano after listening to him talk.  Chad and Gabi were at the town square.  Chad said that Melanie hadnít been on Facebook for a while so he decided to call Carly.  Gabi called Andrew while Chad was on the phone.  She was upset that Andrew put her in that position by kidnapping Melanie.  Andrew checked on Melanie to see how she was doing.  After they finished their phone calls, Gabi suggested that she and Chad do something fun.  John and Marlena were spending a romantic day at home when Lucas showed up.  Lucas didnít know where else to turn.  Lucas told them that Will is in trouble, but he refused to see it.  EJ thought he couldnít get through to Sami.  He tried to convince her that he was innocent, but it was like talking to a brick wall.  Sami reminded EJ about all of the things that Stefano did to him so she believed he had a motive to kill Stefano.  Andrew gave Melanie her food and she pretended to be nice to him to get him to let her go.  Marlena told Lucas that she was surprised that Will moved out of the townhouse. 

Marlena, Lucas, and John continued to talk about Will and how he has change.  Marlena wondered what they could do to help Will.  Lucas thought that Marlena could talk to him and get through to Will in a way that he and Sami couldnít.  Lucas wanted John to help out too. Lucas didnít want John to relive the pain he endured because of the DiMeras, but he was afraid that Will would get killed.  EJ couldnít believe that Sami would think that he would be guilty after everything he did for her.  He reminded her about how he helped her out when she lost everything.  He sarcastically thanked her for the way sheís treated him when he did so much for him.  Sami said that sheís not being ungrateful.  EJ became enraged and said that heís not surprised that Will loathes her so much.  Sami yelled at him to get out of her apartment.  EJ thought Sami was self-absorbed and that she had no way of knowing the people she claimed to love.  Sami wanted him out.  EJ said he wasnít surprised that sheís going to end up alone for the rest of her life.  Will showed up at the apartment and agreed with EJ.  Melanie continued to show interest in Andrew.  They started talking about music and she told him that she had a song on her ipod that she wanted him to hear.  He put the headphones in his ears and she snuck over to the door.  Sami wanted to know why Will thought she was going to be alone now.  Will reminded her about the way she treats people.  Sami tried to blame EJ for the way Will talked to her.  Will let her know that it wasnít EJís fault.  It was her fault that heís treating her that way.  Sami let EJ know that she thinks heís guilty.  Will watched them and thought that they were two peas in a pod.  Will wondered why EJ cared what Sami thought of him and why Sami judged EJ.  Melanie got out of the room and Andrew went after her.  Marlena, Lucas, and John continued to talk about how they could help Will and get him away from EJ.  EJ agreed with Will.  Sami brought up how EJ failed the lie detector test again.  They continued to go back and forth with this discussion.  EJ was tired of talking and was about to leave.  Sami stopped him and informed him that he was going to listen to what she had to say.  Andrew caught Melanie and put her back in the room.  EJ and Sami started arguing about how he blackmailed Will.  Carly called Chad back and he found out that Melanie hadnít been to see her.  He believed that Melanie is in trouble.  John decided the best way to help Will is to take away the DiMera empire from EJ.  Lucas didnít think that John could contest Stefanoís will, but John reminded him that heís a DiMera too.  EJ and Sami continued to have an intense argument and things became a little heated between them.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Heather gives Todd an envelope and says itís a scoop. He removes the contents and comments that John McBain isnít so noble after all. Itís a picture of Sam and John kissing. He asks her if she is tailing Sam. Heather claims that she just happened to be walking along the waterfront. Todd says that story is not going to print. He says he has no problem with sticking it McBain, especially since he is cheating on his niece, but Sam canít suffer any more than he already has. Heather says he is wrong. He says his answer is no and tells her to go dig up dirt on Johnny Zacchara. Johnny asks Starr if something is distracting her from rehearsal, because she seems a little scattered. She apologizes. He tells her not to apologize and asks her who the Lucky guy is. She admits that she was thinking about Michael. He laughs and says it is funny that they are dating mother and son. She says they arenít officially dating yet, but they kissed last night. Johnny thinks thatís great. She wonders if it is too soon. She says that maybe she shouldnít try to move on. Johnny tells her that she has to move on and that she and Michael deserve to be happy. Starr says it could be awkward since she tried to kill Michaelís father and Sonnyís girlfriend did kill her family. She says that in addition, her father doesnít want her hanging out with Michael. Johnny says it seems that her father doesnít want her hanging out with anybody. She asks him what her father did. He tells her that her father tried to buy her contract. She leaves to confront her father. She goes to Toddís office and tells her that if he doesnít butt out of her life, she will cut him out if it. He promises that he wonít touch Johnny. Michael meets Starr on the dock. Starr tells Michael about her father trying to buy out her contract to keep her away from Johnny. Michael says Todd is probably trying to protect her. She says she doesnít believe her father is going to keep his word and leave Johnny alone.

Padilla gives Anna the forensics report that confirms that he was shot with the gun that she found Luke with. She asks Anna if she thinks Luke or Tracy shot him. Anna says no. She tells Dolores about her suspicion that Heather Webber moved Anthonyís body, but she doesnít think she is the shooter either. Dolores asks if she should question Anthonyís enemies. Anna tells her to start with Johnny. Anna calls Johnny and tells him that they have information about Anthony. She asks him to come to the station. Johnny goes to the station where Anna tells Johnny that they found Anthonyís body buried in the woods. He asks her if Luke is in lockup. She says Luke is missing and that they have reason to believe that Heather Webber buried Anthony. As Johnny is leaving, Padilla goes up to him and tells him that they will bring Anthonyís murder to justice. He says he can give her Luke Spencerís address. She tells him confidentially that she heard the commissioner saying that she likes another man for the murder. Anna puts out an APB on Luke. Heather goes into Johnnyís office while he is gone. Heather returns to Toddís office, turns on his computer, and shows him that she has planted a camera in Johnnyís office. Anna and two uniforms come to Manning Enterprises to get Heather and take her to the station to answer some questions about Anthony Zacchara. She leaves her purse behind with Samís DNA results sticking out of it.

While having breakfast at Kellyís, Elizabeth calls to check on Jason. Steve comes in and overhears her saying not to worry about the kiss. He asks her to please tell him that wasnít Jason. She tells him that it wasnít a real kiss; Jason was just going through a difficult time. Steven asks her if she still has feelings for Jason. She tells him to let it go. She asks him how his night was and if he saw fireworks with Olivia. He tells her that he and Olivia had a fight about his mother. Elizabeth laughs and says Heather isnít the easiest person to get along with. She says she doesnít blame Olivia for being cautious. Steve says it is beyond caution; Olivia hired Spinelli to follow Heather because Heather lied about what she was doing when she took Oliviaís car without permission. He says his mother was trying to keep it a secret that she went on a bad date with someone she met online. He says the man could have hurt Heather. Elizabeth says Heather can take care of herself. Sam takes off her wedding ring. Kristina asks her why. Sam says there was a time that she hoped that she could get past what Jason did and that they could go back to being the way they were. She says she hates feeling all the anger and sadness. Kristina says Jason would help her get through it if she would let him. Sam says things have changed and admits that she kissed John McBain. Kristina encourages Sam to try to work it out with Jason and she tells her to put her ring back on. Sam admits that she isnít ready to give up yet and puts it back on. Jason returns to the place where he saw Sam kissing John McBain. He takes off his wedding ring. Michael sees Jason and tells him that Starr went with him to the Quartermaine estate and that it turned out to be a good night for fireworks. Jason says it was for a lot of people. He asks Michael if itís a good idea to get involved with Starr. Michael says all he knows is that they like each other. He says they are going to take it slow. Jason says that maybe they shouldnít so they can spare themselves pain down the line. Michael concludes that Jason is referring to himself and Sam and tells him that things will get better. Jason reveals that he saw Sam and John McBain kissing. He says that ever since Samís rape in Hawaii, she hasnít let him help her with anything, she wanted to handle it, but obviously, they didnít handle it well and she turned to McBain. He says that now that Sam has kissed McBain, he isnít going to continue to hope that they can get back together. Michael takes Jason to Kellyís for breakfast. Starr calls Michael. Jason tells Michael to go be with Starr. Jason takes his ring out of his pocket, looks at it, and puts it back in his pocket. Jason goes into Kellyís alone where Steve confronts him and says they need to talk. He tells Jason to leave Elizabeth out of his marital difficulties. Sam opens the door and hears Steve telling Jason that he had no business kissing Elizabeth.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ashley gives Tucker the “I hope we can be friends someday” speech and asks him to sign the divorce papers, which he agrees to do although it hurts, so that they can move on with their lives. Tucker heads to a bar to get drunk. Harmony is there and orders a club soda and asks Tucker what is wrong, and he says he has been better. Sarge plays a game of horse with Nick and Neil and hustles them out of twenty dollars apiece. Sarge wishes Neil better luck with Harmony then he had in the game of horse.

Phyllis can’t bring herself to tell Nick the truth about the accident in 1994 and thankfully gets interrupted by a call from Michael who needs her to come down to the police station. Christine figures out it was Phyllis who caused her and Paul’s accident in 1994 and heads to tell Paul, who thinks she is on the right track with her suspicions. Phyllis tells Michael she doesn’t know why Daisy would want an old credit card receipt of hers from 1994, and tells him she thinks Daisy broke into her house and searched it but has no idea why she would do that. Heather thinks that Ronan is pretending to be tough on Paul so that he can get the department to release more money so he can find evidence to clear Paul’s name. Heather comes to this conclusion after hearing Ronan tell his men that he will find a way to pay for overtime, but they must search until they find the knife. Heather tells Paul and Nina what she thinks Ronan is doing and Nina is still skeptical about Ronan. Christine goes to Phyllis' house to talk to her about the credit card receipt and asks Phyllis to confess that she caused her and Paul’s accident in 1994.

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