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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope questions Brooke and Liam. What were they arguing about, it looks so intense. She wishes someone would say something; it is freaking her out. She tells Liam this is her home now too; she does not want to start things out this way. Brooke speaks up and says of course she is right; she has every right to know. Brooke goes back over some old stuff like about the letter that Liam thought was from Hope when it really was Deacon. Hope says they are past that now so Brooke doesn’t have to worry about their feelings. When alone, Liam tells Brooke that Hope is so happy. He does not want her to make him tell Hope any more and ruin that happiness. Stephanie gives Marcus the third degree of why he is dragging his cold feet and not marrying Dayzee. He assures her that he loves her more than ever, but he just thinks there is reason to wait and not rush things. Dayzee wants to know if that means to wait for a year or even two. He promises he will not change his mind but thinks they should just slow down and take their time. Thomas chimes in on the conversation and says he too doesn’t understand why the wait. Stephanie grabs the wedding books and says they are going to continue as she thinks the wedding will happen sooner rather than later. Katie grills Steffy about the video. Steffy says it was left on by mistake; they had no idea. Katie and Brooke can not say anything to anyone, it would crush Hope. Katie tells Steffy that it’s uncanny. There always seems to be a window of opportunity when it comes to Liam and she just opens it and dives through.

Brooke tells Liam that he can not start this marriage with such a huge secret. And Katie also knows. Liam says they did not make love and later with Hope there Steffy was in the bathroom the whole time. Brooke reminds him that secrecy and lies are poison. This is no way to start a marriage. He simply has to tell Hope now. Thomas tells Dayzee that he is sorry that Marcus is not ready; it’s just a guy thing. She appreciates him taking up for her. Hope apologizes to Liam for Brooke interrupting and then being so hard on him. This is their first night and they need to enjoy it. Everything so far has been worth it. Everything they did or said before their vows should be forgotten. The past is the past and she just wants to focus on right now. She is so happy with him. Brooke drops in late on Steffy at the office and harangues her again that they were together in Liam’s hotel room just minutes before his wedding. That was a huge mistake which could ruin Hope’s marriage. Steffy does not have to tell Hope as Liam is doing that right now. So Steffy can just move on as this will not ruin the marriage. Hope is a strong girl. She will listen and forgive Liam.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

The guy that administered the lie detector test to EJ was at the pub.  Someone who was hidden from the camera gave him money.  The administrator informed the person that polygraphs arenít 100% accurate and that they arenít admissible in court.  The administrator said that the test could help the police determine the guilty person.  The administrator wanted the unidentified person to know what his/her money bought.  EJ was shocked when Roman told him he failed the polygraph test.  EJ was convinced that something had to be wrong with the test because he shouldnít have failed it.  Roman told EJ that he could argue all he liked, but an impartial person did the test and he lied.  EJ wondered if Agent Spencer believed the results. Agent Spencer said the test speaks for itself. Will didnít think that EJ was guilty. EJ said that he went to the police station willingly so he could prove his innocence and now he looks like a murderer.  EJ continued to plead his innocence while Roman was convinced he was guilty.  EJ and Roman continued to talk about the results of EJís polygraph test.  Sami and Lucas were at her apartment spending time together.  Lucas and Sami reminisced about knowing and falling in love with each other.  They wanted to make their relationship work this time.  Lucas gave Sami a gift. He gave her a bracelet.  EJ continued to let Roman know that he didnít kill his father. Will defended EJ to Roman.  EJ said that he knew that the police wanted to pin the crime on him, but they didnít have anything on him.  Rafe warned EJ not to leave town.  Agent Spencer warned EJ that they would be watching his every move.  EJ and Will walked out of the station.  Lucas told Sami that the bracelet he gave her was a gift from Alice.  Sami thought it was something for Allie, but it was for her. 

Roman, Rafe, and Agent Spencer continued to talk about EJ possibly murdering Stefano.  Agent Spencer knew EJ had a lot to gain by Stefano being out of the way.  Rafe believed that EJ is their prime suspect, but he was also surprised that EJ would voluntarily show up to take the polygraph.  Roman thought that EJ might have found a way to manipulate the test results and thought he was successful.  Rafe was surprised by the look on EJís face when he thought that the test results were going to be positive.  After listening to Rafe make excuses for EJ, Roman wondered if Rafe thought EJ was innocent.  Later on, EJ and Will were at the town square.  EJ regretted taking the polygraph test.  Will didnít see how it mattered since the results canít be used in court.  EJ was convinced that his political career was over once it was revealed that he could have killed Stefano.  Will didnít think that EJ had anything to worry about if he were innocent.  EJ reminded Will that innocent people go to jail everyday.  Sami couldnít believe that Alice wanted her to have her bracelet.  Lucas told Sami that Alice gave it to him while he was with Chloe.  He was surprised too because he didnít think that they would reconnect again.  Lucas told Sami that Alice believed they would get back together.  Rafe let Roman and Spencer know that they need more hard evidence against EJ before he will be convinced that heís the killer.  Roman believed that EJís the killer.  EJ told Will that he didnít kill Stefano.  EJ said that the police think he has a motive to kill Stefano.  Will reminded EJ that the police didnít even know the whole story and they think heís guilty.  EJ warned Will that the police are not going to find out that heís not Stefanoís son.  Will told him that they wonít as long as he keeps his end of the bargain.  EJ wanted Willís word that he wouldnít say anything.  Will said he wouldnít tell anyone what he knew.  Sami wondered if she and Lucas were really going to work out this time.  He believed that they would work out this time.  She got a call to go in the office.  Lucas kissed her and they both left.  Later on, Will was at the pub making a call about a car.  Lucas walked in and overheard his conversation.  Lucas wondered what was going on with Will.  Lucas thought he sounded like EJ and thought he was making a mistake working for EJ.  Lucas wanted to know what was going to happen if EJ turned on him again.  Roman, Rafe, and Agent Spencer talked about how they had to get hard evidence to prove that EJ killed Stefano.  A mysterious person had the gloves that EJ threw away.  There was a flashback of EJ throwing the gloves away and the mystery person took them out of the trash.  The mystery person put them in a Ziploc bag.  EJ ran into Sami at the town square.  They started talking and EJ told her about failing the polygraph test.  Sami wondered if EJ really did kill Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason sees John McBain and Sam kissing on the docks, but he just turns and walks away. McBain and Sam kiss again. Sam blames it on the alcohol and says it was no big deal. John says it is a very big deal. He says the thing between them has been growing since the day they met. Sam agrees that they have a connection and asks him what they should do about it. He says he canít forget that he loves Natalie and his son and he doesnít want to do anything to jeopardize his family. She says she is still married and doesnít want to betray her marriage. He says he is going back to Llanview first thing in the morning. She tells him that she doesnít think he should tell Natalie about the kiss. She says they should agree that it never happened, but someone has photographic evidence that it did. Jason goes to the bridge to diffuse. Elizabeth shows up on the bridge to retrieve a toy that Cameron left there earlier. She sees that something is bothering Jason and asks if he wants to talk about it. He reluctantly reveals that he saw Sam kissing John McBain. He says it is clear now that Sam doesnít want to be together anymore. He snaps at Elizabeth for trying to make excuses for Sam. She tries to comfort him. He kisses her and then apologizes for taking advantage of her. She suggests that he give himself time to process and heal instead of just reacting. He says he just doesnít know what to hope for anymore.

At the Quartermaine estate, Michael and Starr kiss. Michael apologizes for breaking their ďjust friendsĒ agreement. Starr says she couldnít help kissing him either. She apologizes for being inconsistent. He suggests that he spend less time with her to avoid making her uncomfortable. She thinks they should explore their feelings. Todd interrupts Johnny and Carlyís kissing at the Haunted Starr. He says he wants to buy Starrís contract.  Johnny isnít interested and says Todd doesnít intimidate him. Todd reveals that within this past year he has murdered his mother and his twin brother, so Johnny should be intimidated. Johnny asks him what his issues are about Starr working with him. Todd says he doesnít know what Johnnyís ulterior motive is, but he knows he has one. Johnny says a shot at redemption is his ulterior motive. Todd doesnít buy it. He says he knows Johnny has a secret. Johnny says he has nothing to hide and Starrís contract isnít for sale. Todd says that if Johnny does anything to hurt Starr or his friend Carly, it wonít end well. Johnny asks Carly if Todd is her friend.

Anna and the K9 unit find the garden shed in the woods. Anna predicts that they will find Anthonyís body near there. Luke tries to yell to Anna through his gag. Anna is unable to open the door. An officer tells her that he has found something so she follows him. They find Anthonyís body and leave, still unaware that Luke is trapped inside the shed. Lulu and Maxie confront Patrick about his drug use. He tells them that it is the equivalent of an aspirin. Lulu reveals that they looked it up online and found that it is an amphetamine. Patrick says it is none of their business. Lulu says Patrick should have said that to Lulu in the first place instead of making her curious by telling her he was taking something different that what he is taking. Lulu says that she apologizes if he is taking ADHD medication because he has ADHD, all he needs to do is show her his prescription. He admits that he doesnít have one. He tells them that he prescribed pills for himself to get through the day because his life has been hell since Robin died. Lulu tells him that self-medicating isnít the answer. She says he canít be the father that Emma needs if he avoids dealing with his pain. Maxie asks him to think about how his fatherís drinking affected their relationship. Lulu says Patrick should throw away the pills and get a real prescription from a doctor. He gives the pills to Maxie.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Eden goes to the police station to apologize to Paul for not being able to remember what happened the night Ricky died. Michael shows Eden Daisy’s wallet and cell phone, but she still can’t remember that she found the wallet and cell phone in Ricky’s room. Adam talks to Gloria about buying the mansion that belonged to Genevieve as a surprise for Chelsea. Chloe talks to Adam about investing in her and Kevin’s new website despite the fact that Kevin doesn’t want Adam involved. Gloria demands that Jeffrey and Anita stop keeping secrets from her, so Anita tells Gloria that Jeffrey is a bigamist because he is married to both of them.

Heather and Christine go through Ricky’s things and Heather finds the credit card receipt that proves Phyllis rented a car in December 1994. Ronan also finds the copy of the receipt that was in Daisy’s wallet. He and Michael look at it and wonder why Daisy would have it. Phyllis fears that Nick will leave her if he finds out about her causing Paul and Christine’s accident in 1994, so she struggles to find the words to tell Nick about the accident.

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