Friday 7/6/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke holds the I-Pad as she and Katie open the video showing Steffy in Liam’s room just before he was married. Clearly from what they are saying it seems to be they think Hope wrote the note and left Liam again. They see Liam embrace Steffy and knows that is not good. They hear Bill call and tells Liam and Steffy to leave based on the information Liam gives him. Taylor drops in on Steffy and discuss that maybe she should have stayed at Dayzee’s with Liam. It was so obvious from both of their faces how they feel about one another. Taylor doesn’t know how she stays so strong with him being another woman’s husband. Steffy admits that it is hard, but she is so glad that Liam told her how he feels. Hope tells Liam that being here tonight means the world to her. All that deceit of being called a hypocrite has just been washed away.

Brooke and Katie continue with the video and see/hear Liam say that he is exhausted. He can’t do this any more. Hope has problems that he can’t fix. He asks Steffy to come with him. They are not finished. This is only the beginning. He kisses her and she peels off his jacket. Brooke looks in horror in what might happen next – on his wedding day! They see just enough to know that Steffy and Liam are on the bed, but then the video stops. Brooke doesn’t get this how he could act like that and then be with and marry her daughter on the very same day. She rushes off to speak with Liam. Katie bursts in on Steffy and slams the door and blasts Steffy for thinking she can just waltz in and take anyone’s man. Hope and Liam are preparing their first meal at home so are surprised when Brooke shows up. Awkwardly she tells Hope that she needs to speak to Liam alone. Then she tells Liam that she is not sure this marriage should have even happened and if he really loves Hope or just her. He stands there while she basically rants at him for all that she has just seen on the video. She wonders how he could do that to Hope when minutes later they get married. Hope walks in and realizes a very tense situation and wants to know what this is about. (Talk about the look of a deer in the headlights!)

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Brady and Madison argue about whether he was using drugs.  He wanted her to believe him, but she didnít think she could do it.  Austin walked up and saw Carrie and Rafe together.  They were talking and Austin overheard part of the conversation and demanded to know what they were talking about.  Carrie said that she didnít remember, but Rafe said it was about work.  Austin mentioned that he and Carrie have a life together and a baby on the way.  Austin gave Rafe a dirty look.  Will wanted to know if EJ was ready for the polygraph test.  EJ was ready.  Roman walked in the police station and was surprised to see EJ there.  EJ believed he had nothing to hide.  Roman let EJ know that if he failed the test he would go after him.  EJ said that Romanís threats didnít intimidate him.  Roman implied that EJ would fail the polygraph test.  EJ reminded Roman that heís the one who signs Romanís checks.  Roman asked EJ to leave while the police were preparing to give EJ the polygraph test.  Roman warned Will not to hang around EJ.  Later on, Will and EJ were outside waiting for EJ to take the lie detector test.  Will wondered if EJ would pass the test.  EJ said that it was a little too late for Will to be concerned about whether he could pass the lie detector test.  EJ wanted to know if Will changed his mind about EJ taking the test.  Will said he didnít change his mind and that everything will work out as long as EJ didnít screw up.  EJ reminded Will that he had a long fall and a lot to lose if things go wrong.  Roman was ready for EJ to take the test.  Ian received a call from someone who wanted to know about Brady.  Ian said that Brady would be broken sooner than he thought.  Ian wanted to destroy anything that could be traced back to him.  Brady wanted Madison to believe him.  She wasnít sure if she could considering everything that has happened.  He told her that some days he gets tempted, but he doesnít give in to temptation. 

The man administering the polygraph test asked EJ questions.  The guy started with simple questions and then he asked if EJ was Stefanoís son.  The guy wanted an answer to his question.  EJ tried to stall to avoid answering the question.  EJ became upset and said he would answer the questions when they get to the point.  Rafe walked in the room and wanted to know if everything was okay.  The guy administering the polygraph test warned everyone that he will have to start the test again if EJ continued to be irate.  Roman realized that EJ was trying to throw the test.  Roman was convinced that EJ had something to hide.  A guy brought a box to Ian.  It was the drugs that Ian supplied to Brady.  Kate walked in the room and wondered what the stuff was.  Ian said it was a protein supplement that Brady uses.  Ian said he wanted to try it.  Kate said that she wanted to try it too.  She took the packet and put it in her cup.  EJ claimed he wasnít trying to throw the results.  He didnít want to be interrogated.  EJ said that the police needed to handle the test in a professional manner.  The administrator said the test had to be done over because EJ became upset.  EJ wanted to start with the test.  Brady and Madison continued to talk about his drug use.  They finally managed to make up after their conversation.  Ian managed to stop Kate from drinking the shake by kissing her.  He spilled the drink and said it was horrible.  The administrator started the test over, but this time he didnít ask EJ if he was Stefanoís son.  He asked EJ about his relationship with Stefano as well as if he saw Stefano the day he was murdered.  Roman asked if EJ argued with Stefano or if he killed Stefano.  The test was finished and the administrator could get the results in a few minutes.  Later on, EJ was about to leave when Roman said the results were done.  The administrator was at the pub and someone went to him.  EJ wanted Roman to tell him the results.  The administrator talked to the person who approached him.  The person gave the administrator and envelope full of money.  Roman told EJ that he failed the test. The test showed that EJ lied when Roman asked if EJ killed Stefano.  EJ said no which meant that he lied. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu visits Maxie and asks her about Patrickís pill situation. She says Patrick said they were acetaminophen, but that she kept one. Lulu concludes that Maxie didnít believe Patrick. The hospital pages Patrick so Maxie agrees to babysit. Patrick takes a pill as soon as he is out of the door. Maxie shows the pill to Lulu. Lulu observes that it doesnít look like acetaminophen. Maxie says it doesnít look like anything she ever got for Lucky either. Maxie and Lulu are trying to look it up on the Internet when Patrick returns. They tell him they were shopping online. Lulu and Maxie go outside where Lulu reveals to Maxie that the pills are addictive amphetamines. Lulu says Maxie has to confront Patrick. Maxie reminds Lulu that she already did that and Patrick got mad. Maxie asks Lulu to do it. When Patrick comes out to see if the fireworks have started, Lulu tells him that they need to talk. Starr spends the afternoon at the Quartermaine estate with Michael. When he says she looks hot, she thinks he is hitting on her. She is embarrassed when he tells her that she looks like she is physically hot after the tennis match. The two of them get soaking wet in the lake and get partially undressed in front of each other before parting ways to change into dry clothes. While they are watching the fireworks, they kiss.

Jason goes to the warehouse to clean up, but he doesnít see the remains of Joe Scully Jr. Sonny tells him that he didnít kill Scully because of John McBain. Sonny tells Jason that John insisted on questioning Scully only to discover that Scully killed Theresa because John was a Fed. Jason says he can relate because it is his fault that Samís baby died. Sonny says he is sure that Sam will realize that she still needs Jason. Jason isnít sure because Sam and McBain are still close. He says Sam believes that he could never love her baby and concludes that she will never get over that. Sonny says Jason needs to stop obsessing over things in the past that he canít change. Jason agrees that he needs to accept what he did and move on. Sonny thinks Jason and Sam can make it. Sam runs into John McBain drinking alone on the docks. She is surprised to see him because the last time they talked he was on a plane. He tells her that case is over. He says Sonny didnít kill Theresa and he was face to face with the guy who did. He tells Sam about his last time seeing Theresa alive. He reveals that Theresa was murdered because someone saw her talking to him. Sam says he canít blame himself. She tells him that Heather Webber has a vendetta against her and that she somehow found out that Jason sent those guys to beat up John. She says Heather couldnít wait to tell her that it was Jasonís fault that the baby died. John says she shouldnít blame Jason. She wonders how she and Jason got so far apart. John asks her not to leave. Sam puts her head on his shoulder until the fireworks begin. He kisses her.

Spinelli overhears Anna talking into her recorder about Heather Webber so he asks her if she is investigating Heather too. He tells her that he was investigating Heather until she caught him. Anna makes him tell her why he was investigating Heather so he tells her that the girlfriend of Heatherís son Steve suspects Heather of hiding some secret activity. Anna asks him to tell her tell her what he knows. He tells her about the night of the storm when an officer saw her and her allegedly drunk husband in Oliviaís car on route 57. Anna wonders if Heatherís passenger could have been dead. Spinelli agrees that it is possible. Anna asks if the man could have been Anthony Zacchara. Spinelli tells her that Anthony fits the officerís description of an older white-haired man with a slender build. He gives her the officerís badge number. She asks him to take him to the place where Heather crushed his recording device. He takes her there and she calls a K9 unit to meet them. Anna looks for clues until she hears the dogs barking. Heather returns to the garden shack where she has Luke bound and gagged and asks him if he has missed her. When she removes the gag, he tells her no, he didnít miss her. She says she brought a fourth of July picnic and puts a hotdog in his face. He snaps that he hates hotdogs. She says he is in a bad mood. He sarcastically says he wonders why. She offers him iced tea. He asks if she put LSD in it or something else this time. She says she hasnít spiked anyoneís drink in two months and she had it coming to her because she had to protect Steven Lars. Luke concludes that Heather poisoned one of Steveís friends. She asks him if he has forgotten about Anna Devane yet. He says he will never get together with Heather. He tells her that Anna is an expert at tracking missing persons and that she will find him. She takes Samís DNA test results out of her purse and says the piece of paper shows how she gets back at people who cross her. Luke tells her that she is as crazy as a bag of cats. She says she is the puppet master and everyone dances for her, like Sam Morgan. He asks her to show him the paper, but she says she doesnít trust him. She makes him write a letter to Anna saying that he never wants to see her again to prove his loyalty to Heather. He writes the letter, but when Heather reads it, she notices that each sentence begins with a letter of her name. She tears up the letter, re-gags Luke, and storms out. She goes to Kellyís and says to the absent Luke that she is leaving him in the garden shed and no one will ever find him. Luke hears the police dogs barking and tries to scream through the gag.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy reassures Victoria that if Chelsea changes her mind about getting custody of Johnny, they will fight her in court because nobody is going to take away the family they have together. Billy and Victoria decide to go have some fun together and go to the arcade. Adam tells Chelsea that he wants to find a house for them to live, because he doesn’t want to live in a hotel after they are married. Chelsea gets the results of her GED test. She and Adam are thrilled because she passed the test with flying colors. Chelsea tells Adam she wants to go to Gloworm to celebrate. When they arrive there, they run into Victoria and Billy.

Ronan and Michael look at surveillance footage from the Athletic Club that shows Ricky throwing away a rolled up newspaper into a maid’s cleaning cart. After Michael questions the maid, she gives him Daisy’s cell phone and wallet which she found inside the rolled up newspaper. Michael rushes to the police station and shows the evidence to Ronan who agrees that Daniel can be cleared of suspicion in Daisy’s disappearance. Michael calls Daniel to tell him the good news. Christine and Nina both argue with Ronan about not releasing Paul go so he can go to Ricky’s funeral. Nina tells Ronan she thought they were getting closer, but she doesn’t understand him at all. Christine takes a leave of absence from her job at the justice department to defend Paul, and he is very grateful to her. Ronan tells Michael that Daisy’s wallet and phone seem to corroborate Paul’s story that Ricky killed Daisy, but since they still can’t find the knife that Paul told them about, it means Paul shot an unarmed man. The police give Heather a box of Ricky’s personal effects since she is his next of kin.

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