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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke sits and continues to look at the I-Pad, only to find one honeymoon picture that seems out of place. It is of Liam and Steffy. Steffy sits in her office transfixed in space thinking of that last moment with Liam. Hope walks in bearing a gift she brought from Italy. It’s a beautiful long, blue scarf. Hope laughs that Steffy has a ton of class and she wants to be just like her when she grows up. They end up discussing the wedding and Deacon showing up…the note which Steffy already knows about and Liam thinking it was for him. Bill drops by Liam’s beach house. He even knocks and Liam comments on that. Bill calls him his #1 son which means that Katie is going to have a boy. Liam congratulates him with a hug. Bill shows him an ultrasound pix but warns Liam not to try to make him a grandfather yet, plenty of time for that. Right now he just wants to concentrate on Katie, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Liam says this kid will be lucky and Bill will be a great father starting off from scratch. He can’t wait to meet his little brother. Bill sings Hope’s praises and that he is now proud to call her his daughter-in-law.

Liam won’t let Hope in until he quickly straightens up and then carries her over the threshold. Brooke keeps wanting to open the video but hesitates until Katie comes back for her cell phone. They discuss Steffy and how gracious she was at the wedding and didn’t interfere at all. Brooke can’t wait to show Katie the pictures on the I-Pad. Katie finds it strange that Liam would have a video of him and Steffy with his wedding pictures. She urges Brooke to open it. Brooke assures her that it is probably very innocent, but Katie says she better open it then or she will. Both are aghast when they realize it is just before the wedding, so why is he making a video or even meeting with Steffy on that day. Brooke intends to go see him and find out.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Will taunted EJ about his secret.  EJ warned Will what could happen to him if he backed him into a corner.  Will thought his relationship with EJ has changed now since heís not under EJís thumb anymore.  Will wanted EJ to take the lie detector test to clear his name.  EJ informed him that there are legal ramifications to taking the test.  Will warned EJ that it would make him look guilty if he didnít take the test. Madison was worried about Brady so she called Maggie.  Brady was in a room with the cocaine.  He threw the cocaine on the floor.  He thought about sniffing it, but he ended up washing it down the sink.  EJ didnít understand why Will thought he should take the lie detector test.  Will told him that he will go to jail for Stefanoís murder whether he did it or not.  EJ let Will know that heís not going to jail because heís innocent.  Will wondered why EJ wouldnít take the test if heís innocent.  EJ thought that Rafe would try to pin something on him if he took the test.  Will advised EJ to be careful what he said when he took the test.  Will also told him that since EJ is Stefanoís son (well everyone thinks heís Stefanoís son) he gained the most in Stefanoís death.  Will also said the other suspects are upstanding citizens so he will go to jail.  Will continued to convince EJ to take the test.  EJ finally realized that Will had a point.  Madison and Maggie continued to talk about Brady.  Madison hoped that Brady wasnít using drugs again.  Brady walked in the room while Madison and Maggie were talking about him.  Madison was so relieved to see him. 

Rafe and Agent Spencer talked about Stefanoís murder as well as EJís motives for shooting Stefano.  Will told EJ to call Rafe and tell him he would take the test.  EJ put Will in his place by informing him that he will make the decision on his own.  Rafe and Spencer talked about the bullets that EJ had.  They also talked about how EJ didnít have a registered gun.  Maggie left Brady and Madison alone to talk.  Brady let Madison know that he had a bad night.  He wanted to know if Madison loved him enough to put up with him.  She told him that he would know if he listened to all of her messages.  She wanted to know where he was all night.  He said he had a rough night and went to a place he never thought he would go to again.  He didnít do anything because of Madison and because he wants his life back.  He let Madison know that last night was behind him, but she didnít agree with that.  EJ informed Will that he was out of his league.  Will said that he could still mess up his life.  EJ warned Will that he would retaliate if Will told anyone about his secret.  EJ said things could turn deadly.  Brady let Madison know that he bought cocaine, but he didnít use it.  Madison was upset that Brady wanted to get high and thought he lied about Ian drugging him.  EJ and Will showed up at the police station.  EJ told Agent Spencer that he changed his mind about taking the lie detector test.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Molly tells TJ to change into his swimming trunks in her room while she goes to get snacks to take to the dock. Trey wants to drop in on Sonny at his coffee warehouse hoping to walk in on something illegal. Kristina flaunts herself in her bathing suit and tries to persuade him to take the say off since it is a national holiday. He says he doesnít take days off because he is committed to getting good footage for ďMob Princess.Ē He asks her why she ignoring their agreement to keep their relationship professional. She asks him why he is ignoring the way he felt when she kissed him. Alexis comes home early and startles Kristina into moving away from Trey. Kristina declines her offer to have a picnic at the lake, so she decides to ask Molly. Trey tells Kristina that if she doesnít want to use footage of Molly and her secret boyfriend then they had better get going to the warehouse. Kristina says she canít believe he is using her little sister to get her way. He says he canít believe she is using a bikini to get hers. Kristina suddenly remembers that TJ is in the house. Alexis opens Mollyís door just as TJís pants are coming down. She Screams. Trey concludes that Mollyís secret is out. Alexis demands to know what TJ is doing in Mollyís room in his underwear. Molly runs upstairs. Alexis forbids her to enter her room and tells TJ to get dressed. She marches Molly downstairs, sits her down, and tells her to explain to everyone why there is a boy in her room in his underwear. She asks Molly why she is seeing TJ when she was forbidden to see him. Molly says they like each other. Alexis concludes that Molly has been lying about it. Kristina says Molly learned about lying from the best. She says Alexis has a lot of nerve to talk to Molly about honesty after the way she and Sonny got her into Yale. She says that at least her father doesnít pretend to be upright and ethical, but all Alexis does is lecture about ethics and accountability. Alexis tells Kristina to sue her for trying to do whatís best for her. Kristina says that she obviously doesnít have a say in what is best for her. Alexis says she is the mom and the adult. Kristina asks when Alexis is going to accept that her daughters arenít little kids anymore. Kristina apologizes to Molly for not having the presence of mind to warn her that their mother was coming. She tells Alexis that it isnít a big deal for Molly to have her boyfriend come over. Alexis is shocked to know that Kristina knew that her 15-year-old sister was about to have sex with a boy. Molly jumps up and asks her mother if she really thinks that was what they were doing. She says she let TJ change in her room because they were going swimming. Kristina sarcastically notes that Alexis jumped to the wrong conclusion. Alexis tells Kristina to butt out because the conversation is between her and Molly. Kristina says it doesnít matter because everyone will see it on TV. Alexis asks Kristina if she doesnít see what her stupid little show is doing to their family. Kristina says the show isnít doing anything to their family; the lies are. Alexis asks Molly if she has been seeing TJ all along. Molly confirms it. Alexis says they have rules in their house and Molly canít just do whatever she wants. Molly shoots back that she and TJ arenít doing anything. Alexis asks Molly if she should take her word for that. TJ comes downstairs and says yes, Alexis should take Mollyís word for it because it is truth. Alexis says TJ shouldnít be there in the first place. Kristina says that if Alexis hadnít forbidden TJ and Molly from seeing each other, they wouldnít have to do it behind her back. Alexis asks why she is the bad guy when she is only trying to protect her daughter. Molly says she doesnít need protection from TJ. Alexis says Molly is a teenager and doesnít  know what she needs. Molly says that just because Alexis got pregnant as a teenager, it doesnít mean that she will. Alexis tells TJ to go home and says she is going to talk to TJ about this. Kristina offers TJ a ride. She tells Kristina that she might want to say goodbye to TJ now since they donít now when the warden will let her out again. Alexis says they can say goodbye right there. TJ says, ďGoodbye.Ē Molly says, ďSee you soon.Ē Alexis says, ďNo she wonít.Ē TJ leaves. Alexis tells Molly that they arenít done. Trey tells Kristina that after they drop TJ off, they are going to the warehouse. He says he hopes they didnít miss anything good. Sonny has Kateís rapist, Joe Scully, Jr. tied up at gunpoint in his coffee warehouse. John McBain comes in and interrupts. He says Sonny isnít going to kill Scully today because Scully is coming with him to Atlantic City. Sonny tells him not to bet on it. He asks John if he is really going to save Joe after what he did to Theresa. Joe says he didnít kill Theresa; Sonny did. Sonny tells John that Theresa wasnítí Joeís only victim. He says Kate and many more women were Scullyís victims and he is going to ensure that there wonít be any more. John tells Sonny to think about Kate and his kids because he will go to prison for murder if he shoots Scully. Sonny puts the gun to Scullyís neck and tells him to admit what he did to Theresa. Scully says he isnít saying anything. John says it isnít smart to antagonize they guy that has a gun pointed at his face. He says Sonny doesnít have to kill him; he could just hurt him a lot. Sonny likes Johnís way of thinking. Sonny gives Joe to the count of three to tell the truth. Sonny says one and two. John beats him to the punch with three. Scully frantically admits that he killed Theresa. John asks him what Theresa did to him. Sonny says Theresa turned Joe down. John asks Joe if that is true. Joe says he shot Theresa because of John. He says he couldnít let Theresa talk to a Fed about the business. John says Theresa never ratted him out. Joe says it doesnít matter; Theresa broke the rules by talking to law enforcement. Sonny reminds Joe that he saw Theresa fighting him off. Sonny tells John that he can take out Joe right now; all John has to do is look away and no one will have to know. John says he canít let Sonny kill Scully. The Atlantic City police burst in and tells everyone to freeze. John McBain identifies himself as the officer that called them and shows his badge. They let John cuff Scully and read him his rights. Scully says his lawyer will get him out. John says that if he gets out, he will be waiting for him and make him wish to be in prison. The AC police ask about Sonny. John tells them that Sonny is clean.

Sam tells Todd that her son was her last chance to be a mother. Todd says he has something to tell her about her baby, but Heather comes in with her column and interrupts him. Heather says she caught Spinelli following her and asks Sam how she and Spinelli could dare to spy on her. Sam tells her that she isnít Spinelliís business partner so Heather needs to talk to Spinelli about it. Heather asks Sam and Todd what they were talking about when she came in and says not to lie because she can always tell when someone is feeding her a line. Sam says Todd was about to tell her something about her baby. Heather tells Sam to excuse her and Todd because they have something important to discuss. She tells Sam to order Moo Shu for lunch as if Sam is her assistant instead of Toddís. She pushes Todd into his office and demands to know what he was thinking. Robert, the man who officiated at Sam and Jasonís wedding makes the food delivery because his parents gave the regular delivery guy the day off for the holiday. He tells her that her grandparents still talk about the joining of the dragon and the phoenix. She says that he and grandparents made her wedding special. He says it was their pleasure and he can only imagine how their love has grown since then. On his way out, he tells her to enjoy her double happiness. Heather says Todd should fire Sam. He says he wonít do that until she does something stupid or incompetent. He says he promised that he would do anything he could to make it up to Sam after what he did to her. Heather asks about how Tea would feel if she knew the truth. Todd says Tea wouldnít want Sam to suffer any more than he does. Heather says Sam doesnít deserve his sympathy or his guilt. He asks her how he could not feel guilty about the fact that Sam is grieving for a baby that he could give back to her. Heather says he canít take undo Samís pain and grief. He says he can tell her the truth about the baby. She tells him that he can prepare to go to prison. He tells her that if he goes to prison, the police will hear about the dead mob boss that she was pushing around in a wheelbarrow. She tells him not to compare what he did to what she did. He tells her that what she did was much worse. He reminds her that she talked him into switching the babies, that she said Sam didnít want her baby, and that Sam brought the baby to the garden shed to abandon him. Todd asks Heather what her problem with Sam is. Heather says Sam is a selfish, lying, opportunist. Todd observes that Heather is all those things too. He says he isnít worried about prison because if his lawyer could get him off for killing his brother, he can get him out of this too. Sam knocks on the door, opens it, and says their food is there. Heather tells her to leave it at her desk and they will get it in a few minutes. Sam says it is already getting cold and that she and Todd have a conversation to finish. Heather says she will tell Sam what Todd was going to say. Heatherís version of what happened is that Samís baby died because John couldnít get her to the hospital because Jason had him roughed up. Sam wonders how Heather knows that. Heather says it is her job to know about everything that goes on. Heather leaves, saying she isnít in the mood for Moo Shu anymore and that she is going to get a BLT. Todd apologizes for keeping those details from Sam. Sam says no truth will bring her baby back. Todd finds that he no longer has an appetite, so he skips the Moo Shu and goes straight to the fortune cookie, which says, ďLike the worm in the apple, the truth will eventually be found.Ē Sam opens her fortune cookie at her desk and it says, ďYou may yet hold happiness again.Ē

Anna goes to search the Quartermaine estate and finds Tracy in the boathouse. She says she thinks Tracy is implicating Luke because she is mad at him. Tracy points out that Luke stood Anna up too. She says Luke is probably shacking up with a third woman. Anna asks if this boathouse is where she found Anthony. She says yes, and then she and Luke started accusing each other until officer Padilla showed up. She says they didnít want to get caught with the body so they moved it to the terrace. Anna asks her why they didnít take the body completely off the property. Tracy says they would have if Heather Webber hadnít shown up to try to insinuate herself into the family through her cousinís children with Alan, specifically Franco. Anna asks if Heather saw the body. Tracy says Heather was offended when Anthony didnít shake her hand. She says that when she and Luke went back out to the terrace, the body was gone. Anna wonders if Heather could have moved it. Tracy wonders why Heather would do that. Anna says Heather is unstable and is obsessed with Luke. She thinks that Heather may have thought that moving the body would help Luke. Anna runs into Heather as heather is coming out of Kellyís after getting her BLT and something for Luke. Heather asks Anna to wish Luke a happy Fourth of July for her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam and Chelsea go to Gloworm to tell Jeffrey and Gloria about their engagement. Sharon is there and she doesn’t look happy. Anita returns and tells Gloria that Chelsea’s father had a heart-shaped mole on his inner thigh, and since Gloria was married to both Jeffrey and William, she knows that Jeffrey is the one who had the mole. Anita tells Jeffrey she told the truth because he stopped sending her checks, and if he doesn’t start sending her checks again, she will show Gloria their marriage certificate.

Michael is very angry at Abby but agrees to let her reimburse the police department for the cost of the search. Abby also agrees to one hundred hours of community service and a public apology. Carmine is upset that Abby didn’t help him get out of trouble like she promised to do. As he heads off to be arraigned, he tells Abby to change her FacePlace status back to single. Victoria admits to Nick that she is worried that once Adam and Chelsea get married, Chelsea will try to get John back. Avery, Phyllis, Nick, and Daniel set out to prove that Ricky could have killed Daisy, so that Daniel can be acquitted of the charges he is facing because of reasonable doubt. Victoria is very happy to see Billy holding Johnny when she returns home from the police station.

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