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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Taylor having slipped off, Steffy and Liam sit at Dayzee’s reliving the moments before his wedding to Hope. She admits they were on an emotional roller coaster for so long that they were bound to have some residual feelings. He says they were/are real. Hope sits with her mom looking at the honeymoon picture on Liam’s I-Pad, the one with a shattered screen. Ridge is trying to work when Taylor bounds in and says she is about to burst. She tells him that she just saw Steffy and Liam together and he may be married to Hope, but it’s clear that he is still in love with Steffy. They need to do something about that. Marcus and Dayzee are out in the Forrester Courtyard doing their exercise routine and discussing that he could have gone to Italy for the wedding. They spy Thomas and Caroline who are getting closer. Later the two couples talk and Marcus sets Caroline straight that Thomas did have a small fling with Dayzee but now everyone is with they should be so it’s working out. Katie drops in on Brooke and all are thrilled that she is going to have a boy. Hope tells her about the crazy wedding, Deacon showing up and how Bill really surprised her and made her day. Brooke makes it clear one more time that she wants Hope to never have anything to do with Deacon ever again. Ridge tells Taylor that she needs to get over this. Liam meant every word he said at the wedding; he was there and saw it. There is nothing that she and Steffy can do now to change anything.

Steffy tells Liam that yes she finally did the honorable thing and told him to marry Hope. It’s amazing though after all that happened that they managed to pull it off. She also admits that she told her mother everything, but she will treat it just as she would a patient/doctor confidentiality. She won’t tell anyone. Steffy says she won’t tell either so no one will ever know but the two of them. Ridge points out to Taylor that Steffy herself has said she is moving on so as her parents they need to support that and let the kids get on with their lives they have chosen. She plants the seed in his head; what if that path was chosen for them? While Hope goes to Katie’s car to retrieve a gift, Brooke sits looking through the I-Pad pix again and stops as she pauses for one that causes her concern. It is a recent one of Steffy and Liam in the hotel room in Italy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Kate and Ian were at the town square.  They were waiting for Brady and Madison.  Kate asked Ian if he was drugging Brady.  Ian denied doing anything to him, but Kate didnít believe him.  Abe was at home looking at Lexieís picture.  Kayla was there to help him out. She was about to leave, but he asked her not to go.  Gabi wanted to know what Andrew was doing and asked if he lost his mind for kidnapping Melanie.  Cameron and Abby hung out with Theo and Ciara.  Cameron wanted to get Theo and Ciara home, but Theo mentioned how his mommy wonít be there.  Cameron said that his dad needed him.  Abe talked to Kayla about how much he missed Lexie.  She told him how she felt when she thought she lost Steve.  She explained to Abe that it will get easier and that he has to keep Lexieís memory alive.  Gabi told Andrew that it was wrong to kidnap Melanie.  She warned him how he could get into so much trouble if heís caught.  Andrew reminded her that they were in that mess together.  Kate demanded that Ian tell her the truth about drugging Brady.  Ian continued to deny drugging Brady.  Kate thought it was suspicious that Brady started using again once he agreed to let Brady and Madison be together.  Ian explained that Brady just relapsed.  Brady told Madison that heís coming off a high.  Madison wanted to know what drug he used.  Brady said he didnít use any drugs.  Madison didnít believe him.  He said that someone is drugging him and they both know who it is.  Abe wanted Kayla to talk to him about her marriage.  Kayla didnít want to burden him with her problems, but Abe wanted to talk about it.  Abe told her that she and Steve still have a chance, but Kayla didnít see it that way.  She believed that her marriage was over.  Abby walked in the house and heard Kayla.  She wanted to know if it was true. 

Gabi couldnít believe that Andrew did that to her.  Andrew threatened to tell Chad.  Gabi didnít think Chad would believe him.  Andrew wasnít so sure that she was right about that.  Kayla took Abby outside to talk about what was going on with Steve.  Kayla didnít want Abby to say anything to Stephanie before she had a chance to tell her about the divorce.  Madison didnít want to fight with Brady.  She wanted to help him.  Brady didnít think there was anything they could do if Ian keeps slipping him drugs.  Brady was convinced that Ianís trying to separate them.  Madison wanted him to stay at the hotel and get himself together.  After Madison left, Brady called Maggie.  Brady didnít get an answer so he decided to call someone else. Ian called someone to tell them that they have Brady right where they want him.  Andrew told Gabi that he wouldnít say anything to Chad as long as she doesnít go to the police about what he did to Melanie.  He reminded her that he helped her out.  Gabi told him that she didnít want him to go to this extreme to help her.  Gabi said that she couldnít go through with the plan.  Andrew said that if Gabiís uncomfortable, then heíd let Melanie go.  He also said that she could go to the police.  Andrew warned her that she would lose Chad forever.  Andrew warned her that when Melanie was released, they were both going to jail.  After some more convincing, Gabi caved and agreed to let Andrew keep Melanie hostage.  Gabi warned Andrew not to hurt Melanie.  Andrew promised not to do anything to her.  Andrew also reminded Gabi that she only has a chance with Chad because he held Melanie hostage.  He warned her to stop disrespecting him and take advantage of the help heís given her.  Brady was at the town square and had drugs.  Gabi wanted to know why Andrew wanted to help her like that.  She wondered what was in it for him.  He said he helped her for the money.  Brady went back home and made lines of cocaine.  He looked in the mirror and was about to take drugs.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

ABC aired a rerun of GH's April 24 episode on Wednesday, July 4.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The Chancellor and Winters families gather at the Chancellor mansion for a Fourth of July barbecue. Devon forgives Tucker and tells him that he would like to continue their relationship where it left off before. Tucker is very happy and touched by Devon’s words. Katherine cries when Devon calls her grandmother and accepts her help with his business. Sofia tells Neil to go after Harmony and not let anything stop him if he wants to be with her. Harmony tells Katherine she has decided it is best to concentrate on her sobriety and her family and not get into any complicated relationships right now. Cane is troubled when he gets an e-mail asking if his children enjoyed the presents on their birthday. It is signed with a secret name that only his sister Samantha called him. Cane thinks Genevieve sent the e-mail and the presents, but she tells Cane that she had no idea about his and Samantha’s secret names for each other. Genevieve continues to think it's Colin who sent the presents, but Cane says nobody knew about those names because he and Samantha only used them when they were alone. Cane is determined to find out who is trying to hurt his family.

Abby assures Carmine that she will tell the police the truth and make sure that he doesn’t get into any trouble for her kidnapping because she knows he is a good guy. Abby kisses Carmine and they almost make love but she decides to postpone things until they get back to Genoa City. Tucker is happy that Ashley came to the barbecue with him but she argues with Harmony. Ashley tells Harmony she will never forgive her for sleeping with Tucker. Chelsea wants to make sure Adam really wants to marry her, because she has never had a happy ending and this just seems too good to be true. Adam assures Chelsea that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Adam and Chelsea see Victoria in the Athletic Club dinning room with Johnny and tell her that they are engaged. Victoria thinks Adam has an agenda and tells him that she won’t let him hurt anyone in her family. Tucker surprises Ashley with a spa day and she kisses him to thank him for all his support during the Abby crisis. Abby arrives and is so upset that Ashley is with Tucker that she tells her Carmine is her boyfriend. The police arrive to arrest Abby and Carmine.

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