Tuesday 7/3/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The newlyweds stop by Brooke and Ridge’s before they head to their home. Hope can’t wait to move in officially now that they are married. Liam shows them the IPad with the honeymoon pictures. He goes home but Hope stays so she can tell Ridge and Brooke more about their honeymoon. Brooke thinks it would be a good idea for her to call Steffy and thank her for being as gracious as she was and helping reunite the family. Steffy is having coffee with Taylor who is moping more than Steffy is. Steffy says it is time for her to move on. Brooke tells her that she knows now that she only has Liam’s best interest at heart and she is glad that she did not try to manipulate the outcome. She tells Hope that she hopes if Deacon ever shows up again, that she will slam the door in his face.

Steffy tells Taylor that she can never tell Liam what Bill did; that would open up too many other questions. And Hope must never know how in that one brief moment she and Liam became so close. Taylor promises her she won’t tell even though she doesn’t think that is the right thing to do. Liam comes into the Coffee Shop and runs smack dab into Steffy spilling coffee all over themselves. They clean up and find a table; Taylor spies them and ducks out leaving them alone. Steffy asks about the honeymoon and Liam can’t believe he is now a married man. They relive those moments leading up to the marriage. He tells her that he meant what he said. He does love her and always will.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Will confronted EJ about not being a DiMera.  EJ tried to deny the accusation.  Will told EJ that things are going to be different now.  Chad and Gabi were at the town square talking about Melanie.  Chad was worried that he still hadnít heard from her.  He didnít want to lose her too.  Melanie was still in the locked room.  Andrew was watching her.  He said to himself that he had no intention of letting her leave.  EJ said that Will was wrong about him not being a DiMera.  Will didnít think he was wrong.  Will said that he read the letter that was in the drawer.  Will told EJ to look in the drawer and see for himself if he didnít believe him.  EJ went to the drawer and saw that it was empty.  Will took the letter.  Will said that he could keep a secret just like EJ did.  Now that Stefano is dead no one will know that EJís not really a DiMera.  EJ warned Will not to try and go up against him.  Will taunted EJ and said that people would think EJís a murderer if it got out that Stefano wasnít really his father.  EJ finally wanted to know what Will wanted from him.  Melanie saw a newspaper and realized that it was the Fourth of July.  She also noticed Lexieís obituary in the paper.  Melanie wanted Andrew to let her go so she could be with Chad.  Andrew refused to let her go.  Carrie and Rafe ran into each other.  They talked about their run ins with Sami.  They also talked about the fact that Carrieís pregnant and Rafeís not the father.  Will didnít want to trade with EJ.  Will wanted the things he wanted, but he wasnít giving EJ back the letter.  Will said that he had leverage and he wasnít getting rid of it.  Rafe and Carrie continued to talk about Sami.  They also talked about things were different between them.  Gabi told Chad that Melanie should be there for him.  While they were talking, Gabi received a text.  Chad asked her if it was from her stalker.  Andrew unlocked the door to give Melanie some tea.  She threw it in his face and tried to get away.  Andrew was too quick for her and grabbed her.  EJ wanted Will to stop playing around and give him the terms he wanted.  Will wanted his apartment and car back.  He also wanted an official job at the company.  In addition to that, Will wanted power.  EJ thought that Will wanted the company, the mansion, or access to his bank account.  Will didnít want any of those things.  He wanted to have control over EJ. 

Rafe and Carrie continued to talk about not being able to be together.  Carrie didnít want to hurt the people they love.  Gabi showed up at the place where Andrew has Melanie.  She wanted to know why Andrew texted her.  He wanted to know what she wanted her stalker to do next.  Will continued to talk to EJ about wanting power.  EJ felt that Will had a lot to learn.  Will said that heís learning a lot by watching him.  Will wanted to be like EJ.  Will gave him another deal.  He wanted to run DiMera Enterprises with EJ.  Will thought it was ironic that it would be run by two people who arenít DiMeras.  Will said it would be the perfect way to repay Stefano for what he did to EJ.  Gabi told Andrew that she wanted him to do something simple.  She wanted dead flowers or a target with her picture on it.  He told her to give him a few days to do something.  Gabi let Andrew know that Chad doesnít think sheís in danger anymore.  Chad wanted her to leave his place.  Andrew was surprised that Gabi was staying with Chad all of this time, but she couldnít get him to make a move on her.  EJ warned Will about talking about his father the way he did.  Will reminded EJ that Stefano wasnít his father.  EJ felt that Stefano was his father in every way that counted.  EJ reminded Will that he protected him, but Will didnít see it that way.  Will thought EJ was using him.  EJ warned Will that with one quick phone call, he can make the problem go away.  Will knew that EJ was going to threaten him.  Will had a backup plan ready.  Will warned EJ that someone else had the letter too.  The person who has the letter will go to the police if something happens to Will.  EJ thought that Will still had the letter.  Will let EJ know that he would never find the letter.  EJ reminded Will about the last time he tried to blackmail him.  EJ said that Will could get 20 years for attempted murder.  Will told EJ to call the police.  Will also threatened EJ and told him what would happen if he made the call.  Andrew thought it was funny that Gabi couldnít get Chad to fall for her.   She was afraid that Chad will continue to miss Melanie and that her time to get him to fall for her was running out.  Andrew said that Gabi didnít have to worry about Melanie.  Gabi wondered what he meant by that.  Will informed EJ that if he told the police he shot him, he will tell that EJís not Stefanoís son.  Will let EJ know everything he will lose by making the phone call.  After talking with Andrew a little while longer, Gabi finally realized that he did something to Melanie.  Gabi wanted to know what he did to Melanie.  EJ didnít call the police.  Will was about to leave the mansion and told EJ that he owned him now.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kate returns to work and finds that her sign now says Manning Enterprises. Todd introduces himself and tells her that a few things have changed while she was locked up for what she did to his daughter. Kate makes a call and demands that the paperwork for the transfer of ownership be sent to her lawyer. She asks Todd how he came to be the owner of Crimson. He explains that he bought controlling interest in Luxcorp whose interests included a variety of media outlets including the Port Charles Press and Crimson. She asks him what he intends to do with Crimson. He says he has no use for a magazine that isnít making money, and Crimson hasnít made any money since Kateís troubles started. He asks her if this is payback. He says he thinks she is a good person but Connie needs to be locked up. She says her doctor told her that she is fully integrated. He tells her that Starr was as compassionate as she was because his sister has DID. She says she knows, she read the book about Victoria Lord. He says that Viki worked hard to get well, and stays integrated for years at a time, but sometime a stressor makes one of her alters come back. Kate asks him not to assume the same thing will happen to her. He says he will get back to her about the magazine. He says it is Independence Day so she should go out and celebrate hers. Todd catches Sam going through is papers. She says she was organizing. He gives her the Crimson file and asks her to look at it and see what the numbers look like. Sam is surprised that Todd would work with the person that killed his granddaughter. He advises her never to let personal feelings get in the way of profit. She says she doesnít think she could spend everyday working with someone that took away a child that she loved. Todd says he read about her babyís father being Jasonís psychotic twin. He says he knows a thing or two about that. He opines that it may be better this way considering the circumstances. She gets upset and says it isnít better to have lost her child. She says her babyís father isnít the only crazy rapist and asks him if his kids would be better off dead. Todd apologizes for offending her. He suggests that she have another baby. She tells him that she canít. She reveals her son wasnít the first baby that she lost. She tells him about her stillborn daughter. She says her son was her last chance to be a mother. He says he is sorry. She thanks him and says itís not his fault. He says he has something to tell her.

Molly invites TJ to meet her at the docks for the 4th of July celebration. Shawn lets TJ have the day off work thinking TJ is going to be with his friend Josť. TJ goes to Mollyís house. Their kiss is captured on camera. Molly asks Kristina to erase it because their mother doesnít approve of TJ and she doesnít want her to find out. Kristina orders the cameraman to stop filming. She asks why their mother forbade Molly to see TJ. TJ tells her that the party at their house was his idea. Molly says TJ didnít give her anything to drink and that he protected her. Kristina berates Molly for getting herself into that kind of situation. Molly demands to know is Kristina is seriously judging her after everything she has done. TJ says he doesnít want to get Molly in trouble again. Kristina agrees to keep Molly and TJís relationship secret. Kristina tells the cameraman to erase everything with Molly in it. He says that there will be nothing left of the show. Kristina says Trey can worry about that. Starr and Trey bicker about Starr taking revenge on him for leaving the living room a mess and eating her food by throwing his things out the window and eating all of his cereal. Kristina invites Trey to come to her house. Michael stops by and invites Starr to spend the 4th of July at the Quartermaine Estate. He asks how it went with Trey today. Michael isnít happy when she tells him that Trey dropped his towel in front of her because she threw his underwear out the window. Trey stops at Kellyís for breakfast. He calls his father but gets the voicemail. He nearly collides with Kate as he is leaving. He tries to get her to sign a waiver to be on his show. She says she has no interest in being a part of his show because he is only using Kristinaís pain to make a profit and wonít stop until he tears her whole family apart. He says she is judgmental for someone who tried to kill and old man and ended up killing a three-year-old and her father instead. When Trey leaves, Shawn tells Kate that he is glad she is free and not to worry about Mr. Hollywood because he is a jerk. Kate says the jerk was right. Trey arrives at Kristinaís house and asks the cameraman if they got any good footage. The camera tells him that Kristina made him delete everything with Molly in it. Kristina says she has to protect her little sister. Trey thinks they should go visit Sonnyís coffee warehouse. Joe Scully Jr. is tied up in Sonnyís coffee warehouse. Sonny tells him that he is finally going to pay for raping Connie Falconeri back in Bensonhurst. Joe says Connie invited him over that night because she was looking for someone with deeper pockets than Sonny and she initiated the sex. Sonny puts him in a chokehold and tells him to admit the truth. Joe asks Sonny how, if Kate is so innocent, she could leave her baby to die. Sonny asks him how he knows about that. He says he doesnít remember. Sonny points his pistol at him to jog his memory. Joe still wonít say how he knew. Sonny concludes that Joe Jr. was following Kate. Joe says Kate had his kid and left him for dead so Kate isnít the victim; he is. Sonny aims to shoot Joe. Joe tells Sonny that it wasnít his fault and not to believe Kate.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Eden is released from the hospital and the doctor tells her to give her short term memory time to return, but she is frustrated because Paul needs her help now. Michael and Heather take Eden back to Ricky’s room to do a reenactment of the crime, but Eden can’t remember anything that happened in the room. All she remembers is waking up on the bathroom floor. Avery agrees to be Paul’s lawyer and is present when Ronan questions him again. Paul tells Ronan he shot Ricky because he was holding a ten-inch long knife to Eden’s neck, and he just wanted to hit him in the arm but the aftershock of the bullets pushed Ricky out the window. Ronan tells Paul that he looks guilty because a knife wasn’t found at the crime scene. Paul also tells Ronan that Ricky told him that he killed his girlfriend Rachel, Craig Hunt, and Daisy. Paul protects Lauren by telling Ronan that he can’t remember where he got the gun that killed Ricky.

Lauren tells Michael that the gun Paul used to shoot Ricky was hers, but Michael asks Lauren to keep quiet about the gun and wait and see how things turn out. He will try to think of a way to protect everyone involved. Ronan tells Michael that he thinks Paul saw danger in Ricky when there was no danger, so he is making up this whole story to justify shooting Ricky whom he thought was dangerous. Ronan gets permission from Michael to allow Nina to visit Paul at the police station. Nina tells Paul that he is one of a very few truly honorable men in the world and that is why she adores him. Paul cries and tells Nina he shot his own son, and there is no way that she can justify that to him.

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