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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy confirms to her mother that Liam read the note from Deacon but thought it was from Hope. And this was just moments before he and Hope were to be married. Liam was stunned and he’d had enough. It seemed all his father had said was true. He was leaving and he asked Steffy to come with him. It was not over between then; it was just the beginning. So everything she hoped was coming true. She could feel the love between them, but then she realized it was Bill who was manipulating them and she couldn’t do that. She had to let go; they did not make love. She would rather give up the man she loved than to give up her dignity. Bill is beaming that the picture shows his kid is going to be a boy. Dani and Karen have come by before and left but they return, Karen determined that she is going to tell her brother their news. Bill is in a celebration mood with his good news so he invites Karen and Dani to stay. Bill pops off that family is where it is. It’s time for her to meet a guy, get married and knock out her own kids. Realizing what is going to happen, Katie invites Dani outside to leave Karen alone with Bill. She tells him that she has made it easy for him in the past to forget that she is important. She wanted it that way, but that is going to change now.

Dani tells Katie that she should be in there with Karen now. Katie says she knows her husband better than anyone and he is not his father. He will accept this that Karen wants to tell him. Karen finds it hard beating down Bill’s wall and just wants to say what she came here to say. She tells him this is not about the company; this is about her personally. She has been afraid what he might do with the information. She blurts it out – she is gay. Taken aback, he says no she isn’t. She affirms that yes she is and she was afraid to tell him as he had a lot of his father in him. Bill Sr. wanted to cut her off and have nothing to do with that part of her life. Bill takes a deep breath and hesitates then says that he knows he has a lot of the old man in him……but……..he is going to say something she never heard from her father. He admits that he loves Karen as his sister and accepts her for who she is. He gives her a hug; Katie and Dani come back inside. He sincerely welcomes Dani into the family.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Will read Alice’s letter and was shocked by what he saw. EJ came down the stairs while Will read the letter. Sami stormed into the police station demanding to talk to Rafe. Rafe informed her that she couldn’t walk into the station like that. Sami wanted to know how long he knew about Carrie being pregnant. He wanted to know why she cared. Sami reminded Rafe that Austin and Carrie were going to work things out. Sami insisted that Rafe should have told her about Austin and Carrie working things out and about the baby, but Rafe didn’t feel that it was his place to say anything. Sami jumped to the conclusion that he’s the father of Carrie’s baby. EJ didn’t catch Will looking at the envelope. EJ wanted Will to do an errand for him. Will questioned whether it was something moral. EJ reminded Will that he shot him so he shouldn’t lecture him on morality. Will hinted that EJ had a lot of secrets. Sami and Rafe continued to argue about Carrie. Sami brought up how he kissed Carrie and he brought up how she slept with EJ. Sami told him that he’s not better than she because he jumped into bed with Nicole right after they separated. They went back and forth bringing up what they did to each other. Austin met Carrie and they talked about her argument with Sami. Carrie assured Austin that she never slept with Rafe. EJ let Will know that as Stefano’s heir, he can run the empire any way he sees fit. Will didn’t let on that he knew about the letter. Will took the letter with him when he left the mansion. Carrie explained to Austin that she and Rafe developed feelings for each other while they worked together. Austin said they both made mistakes. Carrie wasn’t so sure she should be forgiven for what she did. Austin realized that Carrie still had feelings for Rafe.

Rafe and Sami were arguing, he wanted her to leave. Sami wanted him to admit that he played a part in their marriage being over. He explained how he developed feelings for Carrie while they were working together. He apologized, but Sami didn’t think it was enough. Rafe said he never slept with Carrie. EJ walked in as Rafe said no he didn’t get her pregnant. EJ thought that they were talking about Nicole. Rafe let EJ know that he was talking about Carrie and not Nicole. Rafe didn’t want to discuss his personal life with EJ. EJ wasn’t done talking about Rafe’s personal life. EJ reminded Rafe that he’s claiming to be the father of his child. Austin didn’t like listening to the fact that Carrie had feelings for Rafe, but he’s convinced she will get over them. Carrie wanted to know if they’re going to be okay. Austin said they were better than okay and he wanted to go to her doctor’s appointment. Rafe wanted to talk to EJ about the investigation. EJ told Rafe that there’s no evidence against him. Will took the letter to the pub and put it in the safe. Sonny walked in the pub and saw Will. Sonny wondered if Will won the lottery since he was so happy. Will told him that he didn’t win, but he’s going to feel like it. After EJ finally let the station, Sami wondered if Rafe thought EJ was the prime suspect in Stefano’s murder. Rafe didn’t want to talk about it with her. Sami reminded Rafe about the night Will was arrested. Sami remembered wondering if EJ could have made Will do his dirty work. Rafe didn’t believe that EJ would make Will kill someone for him. EJ texted Will to find out if he ran the errand that he wanted. Will got the message, but he didn’t reply to it. Will believed that things are going to be different now. Rafe and Sami continued to talk about Will working for EJ. They also talked about the possibility that EJ could have murdered his father. Will finally arrived at the mansion and EJ was upset with him for being late. EJ wanted to know if Will ran the errand for him. Will told him that he didn’t do it. EJ became very upset with him. Will told EJ that he wanted some changes done. Will said that he will be calling the shows from now on. EJ didn’t like that idea at all. EJ thought Will was being delusional. Will toyed with him until he finally dropped the ball. Will told EJ that he knew that he wasn’t really a DiMera.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Heather types her first column. She tells herself that she will deal with Olivia. Steve joins her and she tells him that Olivia hired Spinelli to follow her. Steve doubts that Olivia hired him. Heather says Spinelli admitted it. Olivia goes to see Kate at Sonny’s place. Kate tells her that she thinks Connie is gone permanently now that she has remembered the trauma that created Connie. Olivia says she wishes Kate could have confided in her when it happened. Kate says Olivia had Dante. She says she didn’t want to disappoint the family. She says that if Connie had never existed, Starr Manning would still have her family and she would have her son. Olivia tells her not to beat herself up over it because she was 17 and traumatized when Connie emerged. Kate thinks she needs to make amends to everyone Connie hurt. Sonny says she should blame Joe Jr. for putting it all in motion. Sonny then blames himself for working for Joe Scully, Sr. and putting Kate in danger. Olivia asks what happened to Joe Jr. Sonny says he left Atlantic City without a trace. Olivia says Sonny should send Jason to find Joe Scully Jr. and slice him up. Kate doesn’t want to hear such talk. She says she is going to salvage Crimson because the last issue was terrible without her. Sonny tells Kate that she will eventually have to decide what to do about her son. Olivia joins Steve and Heather at Kelly’s. Steve tells her Heather said Olivia hired Spinelli to investigate her. Olivia confirms that she did. She says Heather has been lying for weeks. She reveals that on the night of the storm, Heather was neither at Kelly’s nor at the Floating Rib because an officer pulled her and a man she claimed was her husband on Route 59 that night. Heather admits that she lied. She says she was with a man she met online. Olivia says she’d like to see Heather’s profile. Heather says she took it down. Olivia doesn’t believe her story, but Steve does.  

Michael takes Starr home. Starr tells him that she thought she would have closure now that the accident case has been resolved. Michael says it is amazing that Starr helped the person who killed her family. He says he would want someone that hilled someone he loves to pay. Starr says she couldn’t punish someone for something that was beyond her control. She invites Michael in for ice cream. When Starr opens the door, she finds Trey’s things strewn all over the living room. Then she finds that Trey ate all the ice cream. Starr wants revenge so they throw all of Trey’s things that are all over the living room out the window. She accidentally bangs her forehead against his. After checking her out to make sure she is ok, he almost kisses her. He wants to explore what is happening between them, but Starr says it feels like she’s cheating on Cole. She admits that she likes him a lot but says she still has a lot to think about. He agrees to remain friends. Kristina suggests that she and Trey spend some time alone together. Trey’s father calls him from his antique shop. Kristina says it must be nice to have a mom and dad who support him. He says he never said anything about a mother.  He reveals that as soon as him mother had him, she dumped him off on his father and left. Kristina kisses him. He says he doesn’t think they should do that again because set-side romances never end well. She asks him if he stopped kissing her because of the show or because he would rather kiss Starr. Trey says he isn’t interested in Starr and getting involved with his roommate would be worse than getting involved with someone he is working with.

Airline TSA agents detain Jason while John McBain goes to find Joe Scully, Jr. in New Orleans. Jason assumes John put him on the watch list. McBain gets a head start on finding Joe Scully Jr. Jason talks to Sonny on the phone and tells him about his TSA issues. Sonny says that if McBain gets Scully first, Jason needs to get him away from McBain and bring him to Port Charles because Sonny needs to end it himself.  Trey’s father shows a customer some merchandise. He asks the customer his name. The customer says his name is “John,” pulls put his pistol, and asks if he can call the proprietor “Joe.” The proprietor, thinking he is being robbed, says John is welcome to whatever is in the register. John says he doesn’t want his money; he wants him. The proprietor asks why John keeps calling him Joe. John cuffs him and tells him everything he knows about him. He says he is taking him to Atlantic City to stand trial for the dancer he murdered. Someone hits McBain from behind and they tie him to a chair.  They are about to take McBain out to the van to make him disappear when Jason comes in through the back door, guns blazing. He hits Joe Junior’s two henchmen and warns Jr. not to pick up a gun on the floor. Joe asks McBain if Jason is his sidekick. John says Joe’s destination has just changed to Port Charles New York where he will meet with Sonny Corinthos. McBain thanks Jason for the save and says he can repay the favor by not reporting what happened. He tries to talk him into taking Scully to Atlantic City to answer for Theresa’s murder, but Jason says he can’t do that. Jason leaves McBain tied to the chair when he and Scully leave.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

When Abby confesses that she faked her kidnapping, Ashley is very angry with her and Victor is even angrier. He tells Ashley that they should teach Abby a lesson and not help Abby get out of this mess but let her do it herself this time. Abby is enjoying spending time with Carmine, so she calls Ashley and tells her that she isn’t ready to come back yet. She needs time to think, so she will be home in a couple of days. Eden awakens on the bathroom floor and sees Paul crying and in shock over what he has done. He tells her to call the police. Eden is taken to the hospital suffering short-term memory loss because of the bump on the head she got when Ricky threw her against the wall.

The police try to question Paul but he is out of it. Ronan is only able to get Paul to admit that he had to shoot him, because Ricky had a knife pointed at Eden’s neck. A detective questions Eden and she tells him that she can’t remember why she went to Ricky’s room. All she remembers is waking up on the bathroom floor and then seeing Paul. Eden also remembers seeing Ricky’s body on the street, but she doesn’t remember seeing a knife anywhere after she woke up. The police are also unable to find a knife anywhere in the room. Michael thinks that Paul planned to kill Ricky because the gun he used was unregistered and the serial numbers on the gun had been filed off of it. Heather tells Paul that he can’t leave town, but he heads to Los Angeles to tell Isabella that Ricky is dead.

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