Friday 6/29/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells her mom that Deacon showing up at the wedding started a whole chain of events. She thinks it started with Bill and it involves her and Liam. She starts to confide in her mother; not as a mother but like any one of her patients. Hope did not show up for her wedding and suddenly it was just Steffy and Liam. Steffy tells her about the letter that Liam found, things he said and did and she knew in that moment that they were meant for each other. The doctor tells Bill there are always risks but she is not expecting anything abnormal about this pregnancy. Katie assures him that all will be okay. He says he can not even think about losing her. Hope and Liam frolic as they return to their room. She says again that the day was perfect and she would not have changed a thing. Liam looks like he would like to say it was perfect, but he’s not quite sure all that led up to the wedding was as it should be.

Dr. Caspary conducts the ultrasound and shows them their first picture of their son. Bill tells Katie that he’s a better man because of her and he’s only going to try to be better. He admits he owes her his love, his life, everything. Hope knows about the fall by Steffy so she calls her to make sure all is all right. Steffy tells her that Hope is on her honeymoon and has more to do than check up on her; she is fine. Steffy returns to her mom and reveals that when alone with Liam in his hotel room, he told her that he loved her. He pledged himself to her before Hope showed up. She heard the entire conversation from the bathroom. If she and Liam had gone away on the jet Bill provided, they would be married by now. Taylor wonders if she knows the entire story. Did anything else happen?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Rafe and Spencer were outside of the DiMera mansion talking about Nicoleís search of EJís apartment.  Spencer thought Nicole messed up by searching illegally.  Spencer felt that they couldnít use the evidence that Nicole found.  Rafe thought they could use their trump card.  Spencer didnít think they had one.  Rafe let him know that EJ didnít know they had the bullets.  EJ was reading the letter and put it back in the drawer after he heard knocking.  Sami ran into Marlena and Carrie at the town square and wanted to know what was going on with them.  Sami wanted to know if Carrie was pregnant since she saw Marlena holding baby clothes.  Carrie told her that sheís pregnant.  Sami was upset because Carrie didnít say anything and because Marlena knew about it.  Marlena didnít want her to fight with Carrie.  Will and Sonny were at the pub talking.  Sonny let Will know that his story wasnít on the front page anymore.  There is a story about EJ being the prime suspect in Stefanoís murder.  Sonny wondered if Will knew all along that EJ was guilty.  Will told Sonny that he never said EJ was guilty.  Sonny reminded him that he said he had something on EJ.  Will said that there are other secrets besides murder.  Sonny wanted to know what that meant.  Will told him he is going to find out EJís secret.  Rafe and Spencer went to the mansion to talk to EJ.  They talked about Stefanoís murder investigation.  Rafe and EJ began to argue about the investigation.  EJ didnít think that the police were being impartial towards him.  EJ believed that the police are going after him since they canít go after Stefano.  Will let Sonny know that heís going to continue to investigate EJ until he can find evidence to hold against him.  Sami wanted to know how far along Carrie is in her pregnancy.  Carrie let her know that sheís a couple of months pregnant. Sami was upset that Marlena as well as everyone else knew about the baby, but she didnít know.  Carrie apologized for not telling her.  Sami wanted to know if the father is Rafe or Austin.  Carrie didnít like that question and went off on Sami.  Carrie told Sami that she has four children, but itís not enough.  Carrie thought Sami was jealous of her.  Sami let her know that sheís not jealous.  Sami still wanted to know who the father is.  Carrie said sheís not like her and doesnít need to look at the calendar to figure out the father of her baby.  Marlena warned them to stop fighting.  Carrie let Sami know that sheís never been with Rafe so Austin is the father of her baby. 

Rafe, EJ, and Spencer continued to go back and forth about the investigation.  Rafe tried to feel empathy for EJ because of everything heís going through, but he wanted to finish the investigation.  Rafe asked EJ to take a lie detector test to clear his name.  EJ thought that the test would be inadmissible in court.  Rafe thought EJ had a criminal lawyer reaction to the test.  EJ didnít trust the department and thought they would leak the information they found out to the press.  Rafe wanted to know what would happen if word got out that he asked EJ to take the lie detector test and he refused to do it.  EJ thought Rafe was threatening him again.  EJ asked Rafe and Spencer to leave.  On the way out, Rafe asked EJ if he had a gun.  Carrie and Sami continued to argue over Rafe.  Carrie dropped a bomb on Sami.  Carrie told Sami that a part of her wishes that her baby were Rafeís.  Carrie thought that Sami would have deserved it after everything she did to destroy her relationship with Austin.  EJ denied owning a gun.  Rafe thought that he didnít own a registered gun, but he might have one illegally.  EJ wanted Rafe and Spencer to leave.  EJ wanted to know why Rafe asked him about owning a gun.  Rafe informed him that he was covering everything.  Rafe and Spencer left the mansion.  Marlena insisted that Carrie and Sami stop fighting.  Marlena told Sami that she needed time to heal and that she would be there for her.  Marlena made the mistake of telling Sami that she begrudged Carrie and Austin being happy, and Sami thought she was taking Carrieís side again.  Will arrived at the DiMera mansion.  He talked to EJ about the conversation he had with Rafe and Spencer.  Will started getting smart with EJ about the investigation.  EJ warned Will that heís the only friend that Will has right now and not to push his luck with him.  EJ walked out of the living room and left Will alone.  Will looked at the desk and opened the laptop.  He also looked inside the desk.  Marlena let Sami know that sheís tired of Samiís accusations and that she doesnít play favorites.  Sami thought that Marlena wished Carrie was her daughter because sheís perfect.  Sami told Marlena that it was natural to overreact when your sister steals your husband. Carrie reminded Sami that she drove Rafe away.  Sami reminded Carrie and Marlena that they both made the same mistake she made and that she wanted to make her marriage work.  Sami reminded Carrie that she was the reason why Rafe didnít want to work things out with her.  Sami walked away from Carrie and Marlena.  Will continued to look around and found the letter.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam thinks about her interview with Todd while having a beer at the Floating Rib. She calls John McBain because she needs someone to talk to. After a few minutes John has to hang up because his plane is about to take off. Elizabeth goes to the Floating Rib. Sam asks her if she is going to go running to Jason to tell him that she talked to John. Elizabeth says she couldnít if she wanted to because Jason isnít in Port Charles. Elizabeth tells Sam that she understands that she is grieving and that anger feels like a safe place to put her grief, but that lashing out at Jason isnít going to fix anything. She tells Sam that Jason wants to help her. Sam cuts her off when she starts to reveal what Jason shared with her when he came to her house. Sam is surprised that Jason went to Elizabethís house and says she didnít expect Elizabeth to make her move that fast. Elizabeth says it is no different than Sam calling John McBain. Sam wants Elizabeth to admit that she has never stopped loving Jason. Elizabeth asks if Sam has. Elizabeth says Sam asked Jason for time so perhaps now it is time for her to return the favor. She says Jason will do whatever he thinks will make Sam happy, including walking away if Sam wants him to. She says that if Sam keeps pushing Jason away, one day he will be gone and she will have no one to blame but herself. Jason happens to have the seat next to John and asks the flight attendant if he can change seats. There is no other seat so he is stuck sitting next to McBain. Jason asks John if that was Sam that he was just talking to. He concludes that Jason is going to New Orleans to intercept Joe Junior so that he wonít contradict Sonnyís story. Jason tells him that his trip has nothing to do with John or his sister. He says Theresa wasnít the only woman that Joe Jr. hurt. John asks who else Jr. hurt. Jason doesnít answer. John says he knows about Jasonís sister being murdered, but that they have different definitions of justice. He tells Jason that Jason will neither kill nor grab Joe Jr. because he is Johnís Jason says they will see. Jason asks John how Sam is. He says Sam is having a hard time. He adds that that was the first time he has talked to Sam since he left Port Charles. When they land in New Orleans, Jason asks John what his plan for Joe Jr. is. He says he will arrest him and take him back to Atlantic City to stand trial for murdering Theresa. Jason says thatís if John gets to him first. Two officers come to Jasonís seat and tell him that they have a problem.

Carly visits Todd at his new office at the Metro Court and gives him the lease paperwork. He says he is glad that he is dealing with her instead of Kate because Kate has enough on her plate. Carly concludes that the Port Charles Sun is Toddís fresh start. She says she would have left the paperwork with his assistant. He tells her that he gave Sam the afternoon off. She is surprised that Todd hired Jasonís wife. He tells her that Sam didnít want to work at the PI agency anymore because Spinelli is Jasonís best friend. He says he is helping her to make a fresh start. Carly tells him that Johnny is doing the same thing for Toddís daughter. He asks her not to compare him to Johnny. He asks her why Johnny thinks Starr needs his help. Carly says Johnny is doing it out of the goodness of his heart, just as Todd is doing for Sam. She asks him why he is so suspicious of Johnny. He says he just doesnít like Johnny. He tells her that it doesnít matter how many times Johnny tells her that he wants to change, he wonít because he canít. He says the violence and brutality is in Johnnyís blood and that he will always make the wrong choice. Carly says they arenít talking about Johnny; they are talking about Todd. Todd says he was not talking about himself. She asks him why he decided to stay in Port Charles. He says he stayed for Starr because she needs protection from Johnny. Carly insists that Johnny is different now. She says she trusts Johnny. Todd says she shouldnít because Johnny has secrets.

Trey, Kristina, and the camera crew go to the Haunted Star and announce that Kate caused Starrís accident. Starr bursts their bubble by revealing that everyone there already knew about it. Trey coerces an interview out of Starr. She tells him that she has no interest in going after a mentally ill woman. Michael says they hope Kate doesnít go to prison at all because of her illness. Johnny tells Kristina that Kate is ill and that she should get help instead of punishment. He admits that he is relieved that he is no longer a suspect. He asks her what is up with the cameras. He concludes to her that her incentive for her project is her attraction to Trey. Johnny concludes that Trey is exploiting Kristinaís anger with her father. He says he is surprised that Trey and his crew arenít already at the bottom of the harbor. He tells her that she should appreciate her parents trying to help her to get what she wanted. He says that if she looked at the other kids at Yale, she would find that a lot of them used family connections to get in. Johnny observes that Trey is pushy as he keeps bullying Starr to answer his questions. Starr and Michael leave to go to the courthouse. Johnny tells Kristina that he and Sonny have been getting back at each other for years and it hasnít gotten either of them anywhere. Johnny realizes that Trey is filming their conversation. Johnny agrees to talk in front of the camera, but Trey isnít interested in anything about Johnnyís new life. Trey tells Johnny to focus on the fact that he will never get out of that life. Kate tells Sonny that she remembered Johnny telling her something but she canít remember what he said. The prosecuting attorney doesnít want to come to an agreement with Alexis because the DAís office wants to save face after Sonnyís acquittal. Judge Sawyer enters the courtroom and cautions the prosecution not to waste the courtís time if he canít prove his case. Alexis asks that the court drop the charges because the perpetrator does not exist. Dr. Keenan takes the stand and testifies that Kate didnít attack him. He explains that Kateís alter ego, a separate entity called Connie, attacked him and that Kate is not responsible. Alexis asks if Kate was responsible for shooting out Anthonyís tires. Ewen says Kate was not responsible, she has no memory of the event. He says Connie claimed to have done it, but doesnít know if Connieís claim was true. Judge Sawyer says that he canít dismiss the charges. Starr and Michael arrive at the courtroom. Starr says she was a victim and asks to be heard. She tells the judge that she has seen DID firsthand because her aunt and cousin have it. She says the host has no control when the alter takes over. She says Cole wouldnít want Kate to be punished for something Connie did and she doesnít either. She asks the judge to let Kate get the help that she needs. The judge calls a recess so he can think about it. The prosecution now wants to make a plea agreement. Alexis says no, not after the victim asked the judge to dismiss the charges. Sonny tells Ewen that Kate remembered something. Kate says she canít remember any details. Ewen says they will work on recovering the memory. Judge Sawyer returns to the courtroom and says that based on the medical evidence and the victimís testimony, he has decided to dismiss the charges if Kate continues with her treatment. Kate and Alexis agree to the terms. Sonny thanks Alexis. Alexis says they owe their thanks to Starr. Starr and Michael return to the Haunted Star. Star hides her face behind her face when Trey tells the camera crew that he wants to talk to her. Kristina tells him to put the camera on her since she is the mob princess. Johnny asks Starr what happened to the courthouse. She tells him that she spoke on Kateís behalf. Johnny tells her that she did the right thing. Johnny tells Starr to take the rest of the day off because they wonít be able to rehearse as long as Trey is there. He wishes Michael luck in getting his sister away from that shark. Michael is moved by Starrís compassion for Kate.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby’s family continues to worry about her. Carmine tries to persuade Abby to go back home, because it is not right that she put her family through so much pain. Carmine tells Abby that he heard an interview that Angelina gave where a European reporter asked her what she thought about Carmine kidnapping her and Angelina told the reporter she didn’t know anyone named Carmine. Abby realizes that Carmine is hurt that Angelina never cared about him, but Abby tells him that Karma got Angelina because Kevin did the same thing to her that she just did to him. Abby reads a newspaper article about Ashley’s plea for her safe return, so she calls her mom to let her know she is okay. Daniel is officially arrested and Michael turns the case over to Heather in order to avoid an assumption by the press that he is giving Daniel special treatment because he is a friend of the family.

Paul tries to get close to Ricky and find out what his life was like in L.A. Ricky tells Paul that he never had a normal family life, because his mom was in a mental institution and his grandparents did their best but they were too old to understand what he needed or wanted to do in life. Ricky tells Paul that he was never around, all he ever did was send him money on his birthday. Paul apologizes and tells Ricky he wants a relationship with him. On his way out, Paul notices a backpack on the desk with an initial, which he thinks is a W for Williams, bit it's actually an E for Eden. Paul gives his son a hug and leaves. Paul calls Kevin and tells him that he will meet him at the park to look for Eden. Paul suddenly remembers the backpack he saw on the desk and realizes that the initial actually is an E and not a W. Paul rushes upstairs to Ricky’s room. When he opens the door, he finds Ricky on the bathroom floor with a knife pointed at the neck of an unconscious Eden. Ricky tells Paul that he killed Rachel, Craig Hunt, and Daisy and now he will kill Eden, all because he neglected him as a child. Paul cries as he listens to Ricky and then asks him nine times to put the knife down and release Eden. Three times Ricky dares Paul to shoot thinking he could never shoot his own son. Paul shoots three times hitting Ricky in the shoulder. The force of the bullets is so strong that it sends Ricky through the bathroom window to his death.

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