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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Back at Forrester’s the day after the wedding, Ridge wants to talk to Taylor alone and explains that he and Brooke got engaged. He hopes she is okay with that. She says she will always love him, as he does her, and yes she feels like he lives as if he is married now to Brooke. He’s glad they have remained friends. She asks about Steffy and Ridge says she will be along soon. When she does, Taylor says being in Italy couldn’t have been easy. Steffy responds that Liam and Hope got married and so ended a tumultuous yet rewarding chapter of her life. It’s now time to move on and not dwell on what might have been. At home Bill is very attentive of Katie so they don’t notice when Karen knocks on the door and then comes in. Dani is not far behind and Bill verbally throws them both out of the house; pick another time to tell him whatever it is they are here for. If it’s the job for Dani, he’ll will give it his upmost attention now that he is back in the states. Rudely, he literally shows them the door. Thomas meets Caroline to look over some sketches and is very attentive to her.

Dani tells Karen they will find another moment to tell Bill. She is tired of hiding in their own home. Steffy tells Ridge and Taylor that so much happened between her and Liam, unexpected, she will treasure them always but he’s married to Hope now. It’s a new beginning for all of them. Her parents tell her that they are proud of her. Steffy confides in her mom that she thinks Bill had something to do with Deacon showing up in Italy. Taylor concludes that if Deacon just got out of prison then Bill must have blackmailed someone for that to happen. He should be the one in prison if that is the case. Katie also brings up Deacon to Bill and he admits that he was against the wedding but in front of the priest and the entire town that he apologized and welcomed Hope into the family. He wants his son to be happy. He was wrong and he can admit that now. She jokes that he must have had some personality transplant, but she’s awfully glad to be his wife and be having his baby. They visit the doctor to have Katie’s sonogram. Bill changes his mind and decides he can’t stand the wait and does want to know the sex of the baby.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

During Lexieís memorial service, Jennifer, Jack, and Kayla were talking.  Kayla let them know that Steve sent his condolences.  Jennifer was shocked that he sent his condolences in a text.  Kayla thought he would have done it in person if he werenít saving the world.  Jack tried to defend Steve, but Jennifer thought he should have been there for Kayla and the kids.  Jack offered to talk to Steve, but Kayla told him that her marriage was over.  Bo walked by and heard Kayla say that and wanted to know what was happening between her and Steve.  Cameron and Chad talked about Lexie at the memorial service.  Chad mentioned how Lexie wanted him to be a great uncle to Theo.  Cameron said that Lexie asked him to be a great uncle to Theo as well.  Cameron mentioned how he hardly knew Lexie.  Abe walked up to Cameron and Chad and told them that this service could be a way for him to get to know Lexie better.  Everyone at the service started talking about Lexie.  They shared memories of her and there were flashbacks as well.  EJ saw Sami at the service and wanted to know if Lucas and Will were going to be there.  Sami wanted to know why he wanted Will.  EJ didnít want to start fighting with her at Lexieís memorial service.  Sami wanted to know if Lexie would approve of what heís doing to Will.  EJ didnít want to fight with her.  He wanted to call a truce for one night.  Bo didnít like the idea of Kaylaís marriage being in trouble.  Hope asked Kayla why she didnít tell anyone about her problems with Steve.  Bo was upset about the way that Steveís treating Kayla.  Kayla told Bo that sheís getting a divorce.  Bo hugged her and told her that she deserved better than that.  EJ confided in Sami about how hard the service was for him.  He talked to Sami about expecting Lexie to call him every time his phone rings.  Sami told him that Lexie knows that he loves her and how sheís proud of him. That seemed to make him feel a little better. 

Everyone at the service continued to share memories of Lexie so there were more flashbacks of her as well as Abe.  Nicole and Daniel went out to eat.  They seemed to have a good time.  EJ and Sami talked about Lexie.  EJ told Sami that Lexie thought he and Sami would make each other happy.  They both thought that was crazy that Lexie thought they should be together.  They also talked about how Lexie wanted EJ to change.  EJ didnít really like talking about that.  He wanted to stop before he and Sami started arguing again.  Sami thought EJ should change for the sake of their children.  She walked away from him.  Brandon called Abe to let him know that he couldnít get a plane out to Salem.  Abe saw Bo and Hope and asked them if they were thinking about Zack.  Bo let Abe know that they were thinking about him.  Abe let them know that Lexie always felt guilty about what she did to them.  Bo told Abe that they forgave Lexie a long time ago.  Celeste went to talk to EJ.  She asked him how he was doing.  EJ wondered if she really wanted to know.  Celeste told him how Lexie wanted them to be close for Theo.  EJ let her know that Theo will want for nothing.  Celeste told him that Theo needed more than money.  EJ remembered that Celeste was psychic and wondered if the police were ever going to catch the person who killed his father.  Celeste questioned if he really wanted to know the truth.  He asked Celeste why he wouldnít want to know who killed his father.  Celeste kept asking herself that question.  He told Celeste that he didnít kill Stefano.  Celeste believed him. She apologized to him and walked off. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis, Sonny, and Kate go to Kateís arraignment. Sonny says he does not like Kate confessing to a crime that she doesnít remember committing and opines that if she doesnít remember it, she may not have done it. Kristina arrives with her film crew and starts instigating trouble. Kate tells her to keep her mouth shut when she doesnít know the situation. She asks whatís up with the cameras. Kristina says they are filming her reality show in which she can tell her point of view and expose her father. Kate tells her that they are not there today because Sonny committed a crime; they are there because she did. She reveals that she shot out Anthonyís tires. Kristina wonders how that is possible. Alexis tells Kate to stop talking because Trey will put it on the Internet. Sonny says Kate never signed a waiver. Trey tries to give her one to sign. Kristina canít believe that Kate let Sonny go through a trial for her crime. She explains that she didnít know until recently that she was responsible. She reveals that she has D.I.D. and that her alter ego was determined to get Sonny out of her life, even though her primary personality loves him. She says she knows it is difficult to comprehend. Alexis says she thinks Kristina understands more than Kate thinks she does. When Kate, Sonny, and Alexis go into the courtroom, Trey makes a last plea for Kate to sign the waiver, only to have the door slammed in his face. Kristina says she doesnít want Kateís story on the show. Trey asks her why she keeps sabotaging the show, first keeping the cameras out of Samís hospital room, then not allowing the cameras into Samís babyís funeral, and now this. Sonny and Alexis both apologize to Kate for their daughterís behavior. Sonny regrets not breaking the camera equipment the day the camera crew arrives. Alexis says they would have lost Kristina for good. Sonny says Kristina would not be able to survive very long on her own so she would come back. Sonny tells Kate to call him if Trey approaches her again. She says she will have to get used to cameras in her face when the news of her crime goes public. Sonny tells her that she didnít do anything and she canít even remember it so maybe Connie didnít either. She says whether she remembers or not, she took two lives. Sonny tells Kate to do whatever Alexis says. Kate says she is guilty and doesnít want someone else to be investigated for her crime. She says Johnny Zacchara is the prime suspect but he is innocent. Sonny says Johnny is not innocent; at the very least, he is guilty of taking advantage of her when she was Connie. Kate has a flashback of Johnny visiting her when she was in jail for hitting Ewen Keenan. Michael and Johnny watch Starr singing at the newly renovated Haunted Star. Michael apologizes to Johnny for accusing him of causing Starrís accident. Johnny says he knows Kate did it. Starr wonders why Johnny hasnít gone to the media with that information. Johnny says he has no reason to hurt Kate. Michael tells Johnny that if he hurts Carly, he will answer to him. Johnny accepts Michaelís terms. The recording engineer tells Johnny that whoever is responsible for the death of Starrís family should be hanged. Starr tells Michael that she canít stand Trey. Michael says Kristina thinks Trey is flirting with Starr. Starr wonders if Kristina is interested in Trey. Michael says Kristina said she wants to keep it professional with Trey, but he thinks that when Kristina realizes how much the show is hurting her sisters, she will want to back out and Trey will make a play for her to keep her onboard. Starr says she hopes Kristina doesnít fall for Trey because he is a jerk. Michael says that is good because she deserves someone who cares about her instead of some jerk that wants to exploit her pain for profit.  Trey and his crew flood into the Haunted Star. Starr hides her face from the camera. Trey says they have to hear what Kate Howard said.

Maxie asks Patrick about his pills that she found in his robe pocket. He reminds her that he specifically told her not to wear that robe. He says she is there because she has nowhere else to go and he doesnít need her spying on him. She says that Lulu told her that the only way to assuage her worry was to ask him about it. He is annoyed that Maxie talked to Lulu about his personal life. He tells her that his pills are none of her business. He tells her that he is fine and the pills are for headaches. He takes the pills from her. She picks up one that she had dropped on the floor. Olivia goes to Jackal & McCall to find out what Spinelli has found out about Heather. He tells her that so far, he has discovered that Heather has a bad temper. He tells her about his encounter in the woods and adds that Heather suspects that Olivia hired him. Olivia concludes that she is in Heatherís sites now. Spinelli says it isnít over yet because he thinks they have an ace in the hole. He calls Sam and she tells Spinelli that she is Toddís new assistant. Spinelli says Sam can watch Toddís interactions with Heather. Olivia canít believe that Heather got the job of her choice that easily and concludes that Heather must be blackmailing Todd. Spinelli tells her that Sam came to the same conclusion. Heather goes to the former Crimson office, now inhabited by Todd Manning and demands to know what Sam is doing there. Sam tells her that she is Mr. Manningís new assistant. Heather says Todd would never hire Sam. Todd sticks his head out of his office and confirms that he did. Heather pushes him into his office and tells him that they need to talk. Sam listens at the door. He agrees that they need to talk and tells her that she works for him, not the other way around. She asks him why he hired Sam. He tells her that he needed an assistant because he fired the old one to cover for the fact that he fired a well-respected, popular columnist to create a job for Heather. She asks him why it had to be Sam and asks him if he doesnít remember what they did to her.  Heather tells him that Sam is a PI and is probably spying on them. Heather tells him that she caught Samís business partner spying on her. She says her sonís girlfriend probably hired Spinelli. Todd concludes that Heather has it in for Olivia. Heather says Olivia is trying to keep her from her son. Todd tells her that itís not his problem that she has alienated herself from her sonís girlfriend. Heather tells Todd not to underestimate Spinelli because of the idiotic way that he talks. Todd connects idiotic speech with the day he came home and a babbling PI was in front of his door. He concludes that must be Spinelli and tells Heather that he caught him outside of his door recently. Heather says that should prove that Spinelli is investigating him and Sam is now spying on the two of them. She says Todd needs to get rid of Sam immediately. Todd sends Sam home for the rest of the day and tells Heather that he has a better idea. Heather asks him why he didnít fire Sam. Todd tells Heather that it may not have anything to do with him because all they know is that Spinelli is investigating Heather. Heather warns Todd that if he isnít careful, he will take them both down. Sam returns to Jackal & McCall and reports that she heard Heather telling Todd that they were spies and then Todd told her to take the rest of the day off. Spinelli wonders why Todd didnít fire her if he thinks she is a spy.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Michael has Heather formally question Daniel at the police station and he tells her the same thing that he told Michael. He hated Daisy but he would never hurt her. Daniel gives Michael the keys to his apartment and permission to search without a search warrant. Phyllis tells Ronan that she and Nick are married. She pleads with him to help prove Daniel didn’t kill Daisy, and he agrees. Ronan arrives at Daniel’s place and tells Michael that he is doing a favor for Phyllis. They agree to share all the information they find with each other. Ronan doesn’t find anything that could prove Daniel killed Daisy. Ronan heads back to the station and tells Avery he thinks Michael doesn’t have enough evidence to arrest Daniel. The search is almost over at Daniel’s place when a policeman shows Michael an e-mail that Daisy wrote to Kevin asking him to take care of Lucy in case something should happen to her, because she didn’t trust Phyllis or Daniel to take care of her.

Michael heads back to the station and formally arrests Daniel for Daisy’s death. Kevin is also worried about Eden because she sent him a text message asking to meet him at the park because she had big news to tell him, but she never showed up. Eden puts Daisy’s cell phone and wallet that she found underneath the couch cushion in Ricky’s room in her purse and heads for the door. Ricky arrives and she tells him that she was looking for a bracelet she lost. Ricky asks Eden to stay for a beer and she takes a sip and stops drinking saying she has a stomachache. Ricky won’t let her leave and kisses her and then Eden tries to leave again but Ricky pulls her arm and the wallet and phone fall out of her purse. Ricky tells Eden that now he has to kill her since she knows his secret. Eden tries to fight as hard as she can, but Ricky throws her against the wall hard and she falls to the couch unconscious. Ricky lays Eden on the floor underneath the desk and puts the desk chair inside so nobody can see her. Kevin calls Paul to tell him he thinks Eden went to see Ricky to try to prove her suspicion that Ricky killed Daisy. Ricky is standing over Eden getting ready to kill her when Paul knocks on his door asking to come in and talk to him.

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