Wednesday 6/27/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/27/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam carries Hope over the threshold of the hotel room. They kiss and she says she is not lost any more. Today she got two things she has always wanted; her father and a husband. She’s much more chipper than Liam and gushes on how perfect the day has been considering what it took for them to get this far. Deacon gets himself a drink and makes a crack that tonight is the wedding night for his daughter. Bill responds that he is not a father, only the sperm donor. He spices things up by saying not only did he get a kiss from the bride but he apologized to her. Now she is a part of his family. Anxiously Dani awaits as Karen reads a piece she has written. She wants to please, but always fears that it’s not going to be good enough and she certainly doesn’t know if Bill will like it. Katie walks in the door as they share a quick kiss. It’s a little awkward but Karen asks if she wants to talk about it, and Katie assures them she is okay with them as a couple as she always assumed. She does not think Bill will disapprove either once they tell him. Katie gets the suspicion that they moved to Los Angeles so she could keep her eye on Bill and his running the office here. Karen says he may accept them as a couple but professionally he could use it against her. Katie reminds them that Bill is not his father. Dani lashes out that Katie did not know Bill Sr. He wanted nothing to do with Dani; she never met him. He wanted to marry Karen off to some guy; it almost broke them up. They had to put up with a lot under Bill Sr.’s rules.

Alison hands Deacon a big wad of money. Bill says it is much more than he would have ever gotten if and when he was paroled. They are getting ready to descend; Bill won’t tell him where. That way if he ever runs into the Warden again, he can honestly say he does not know where Deacon is. And he wants the same with Deacon; never to tell anyone how he got to Italy. Deacon lingers and Bill tells him not to wait for a written invitation; get off his plane. Hope and Liam enjoy their champagne and vow to come back here every year. She wants Liam to take off her wedding dress. He can’t take his eyes off of her. She lights the candles and he emerges from the bathroom. She wants him just to stand there for a moment. She likes to look at his body; she likes touching him. That frozen little girl she used to be is gone. She is ready now. He carries her to the bed.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

John and Marlena were with Abe as he was preparing for Lexieís memorial.  Abe wasnít ready to say goodbye.  Brady confronted Ian and thought he was the one who was drugging him.  Ian denied the accusation, but Brady didnít believe him.  They continued to argue about whether Ian drugged Brady.  Roman showed up at the police station and told Agent Spencer and Rafe that he might be able to get a search warrant from an old friend so they can go after EJ.  Nicole found bullets in EJís apartment and had to hurry up and hide them because EJ was back from the pub.  She narrowly escaped being caught with the bullets.  EJ thought she was acting strange and hiding something.  Nicole denied hiding anything.  EJ wondered why she was acting so nervous.  Abe talked to Marlena and John about Lexie.  He didnít know who he would be without her.  Brady thought that Ian was drugging him because heís with Madison.  Ian let him know that he couldnít be happier for them.  Ian also told Brady that he would get pleasure watching him screw up the relationship.  Rafe hoped that Romanís friend will get the warrant.  Roman was confident that they could get it.  Agent Spencer wanted to focus on the other suspects too.  Rafe was convinced that EJís their man.  Agent Spencer warned Rafe that just because he hates EJ that doesnít mean that heís guilty.  John and Marlena were in Abeís garden and they talked about what Abeís going through.  Watching Abe go through everything with Lexie made John remember when he lost Marlena the first time.  He told her how he had to put on a happy face for the kids.  Marlena said that they always find their way back to each other.  EJ and Nicole talked about when she was pregnant the first time.  They were happy to stroll down memory lane.  Nicole felt the baby kicking and they bonded over it.  Rafe didnít like that Agent Spencer assumed that he wasnít being objective.  Agent Spencer said he didnít think Rafe was able to be objective.  They continued to go back and forth about Rafeís objectivity until Roman ended it.  Roman thought that EJ was their main suspect, but they shouldnít forget about the other suspects. 

Kayla showed up at Abeís house with a gift from Lexie.  EJ and Nicoleís bonding time was cut short when he reminded her that she lied about her miscarriage.  Nicole told him that they were getting along until he ruined it.  EJ let her know that they werenít getting along because sheís still lying to him.  He said that the last time she lied it was to give him a child, but now she wants to take the child away from him.  Nicole wanted to leave EJís place, but he apologized to her for the way he spoke to her.  He said he forgave her for lying to him.  He told her that the baby could be their second chance to have a family.  EJ said he loved Nicole and all she had to do was admit that her baby was his.  Nicole let him know that she told him the truth, but he wonít believe it.  She ended up leaving.  Kayla gave Abe a dvd that Lexie made for him.   Abe, Kayla, John, and Marlena watched Lexieís goodbye message to Abe and Theo.  Ian suggested that Brady go to rehab and that he would help him get into a good program.  Brady was suspicious of Ianís motives.  Bradyís convinced that Ian wants to get rid of him.  EJ arrived at Abeís house to get ready for the service.  Abe asked EJ to be a pall bearer at the service.  They talked about how much they loved Lexie.  EJ and Abe agreed to look out for each other since they will always be family.  Roman couldnít get the search warrant after all.  Rafe was upset about that.  Nicole showed up at the station with a surprise for everyone.  Rafe reminded Nicole that he didnít want her to get involved.  Nicole didnít think it would matter that she went because she did find something that the police would want to see.  She let Rafe, Roman, and Agent Spencer know that she searched the entire place and found the bullets.  Rafe didnít think they could ignore the evidence because the bullets match the murder weapon.  Roman mentioned that Abe brought a loaded gun to Stefanoís place, and it was fired once.  Roman didnít understand what was happening.  Roman was also convinced that they didnít have anything.  Rafe thought that they had questions for EJ.  He also thought it was suspicious that he had a box of bullets.  Brady let Ian know that he was going to prove that he was drugging him.  Kayla, EJ, Abe, John, and Marlena left to go to the service.  Abe went back to the house and said how much he loved and missed Lexie.  Nicole wondered if the case was closed.  Rafe let her know that it wasnít closed yet.  The bullets didnít come to the police illegally they couldnít do much with them.  Nicole believed that it proved that EJ had intent to kill Stefano.  Roman didnít think they had anything.  Nicole asked Rafe if he thought EJ was guilty.  Rafe is convinced that EJís hiding something and heís going to figure out what heís hiding.


GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy goes to the police station to rat out Luke. Tracy tells Anna that she found Anthonyís body in her boathouse a few weeks ago. She says she wanted to come forward right away but Luke didnít want her to. Anna wonders why. Tracy says Luke killed Anthony. Tracy says Luke told her that he was going to put Anthony on a boat to Uruguay. Anna doesnít believe Tracyís story. She asks Tracy where the body is. Tracy tells her that they moved the body so Detective Padilla wouldnít see them with it and then someone else took the body. Anna thinks Tracy is making it up to get back at Luke. Tracy says she has no use for a man that doesnít have the courage to tell her that he has chosen another. Anna is surprised that Luke didnít talk to Tracy last night. Anna tells her that Luke never showed up at the Metro Court either. Tracy says Luke must have decided that Anna wasnít worth giving up Tracyís bank account for. Tracy says that both of them dodged Lukeís bullet.

Sam and Spinelli listen at Todd Manningís door and overhear Heather threatening to say something to someone, confirming their suspicions that Heather is blackmailing Todd. Todd suggests that she stop beating a dead horse and go and kill another sugar daddy. Spinelli follows Heather while Sam stays to talk to Todd. He asks her if she is there to ask for a job and wonders why a private investigator would want a job at a newspaper and asks her if she is investigating him. She tells him that she is leaving the PI business because her business partner is her husbandís best friends, and it has become awkward since her marriage is falling apart. He asks her if she is ready to enter the fast-paced world of publishing so soon after losing her baby. She tells him that she didnít lose her baby; he was taken from her because of what her husband did. She tells Todd that she needs a fresh start. Remembering that he swore to himself that he would do everything he could to make Samís life better after stealing her baby, he relents and hires her as his assistant to replace the one he fired this morning. Spinelli follows Heather to mile marker 13 and wonders why she returned to the same place she stopped on the night of the storm. Talking into his recorder, he says Heather has vanished. Heather says from behind him that she is right there. She asks him why he is following her. He says he is just in the woods doing a little birding. She takes his recorder, listens to his log, and says he has found the cuckoo he was looking for. She asks him if Olivia hired him. He denies it and says he is working independently because he finds her fascinating. She tells him that his investigation is finished and that if he isnít careful, he will be finished too. She throws his recorder on the ground and smashes it with her boot.

Ewen opens the door to the exam room and startles Patrick while he was swallowing a pill. Patrick examines Ewen and tells him his test results were fine. Ewen asks Patrick what the deal is with Elizabeth and Jason. He tells him that Jason was at Elizabethís house when he arrived for their date. He says it probably isnít anything to worry about. Patrick tells him not to bet on that. He says that if Ewen wants to have a relationship with Elizabeth, he should keep her away from Jason. Ewen says he doesnít want to control Elizabeth. Patrick tells Ewen that Jason is a contract killer and that women like Elizabeth and Robin want to fix him, but he doesnít want to be fixed. Ewen thanks Patrick and gives him a coupon for a free session if he ever has the need. Patrick says he is fine. When Ewen leaves, Patrick takes another pill. Elizabeth runs into Jason at the hospital. He tells her that Patrick said he wouldnít need another follow up for 6 months. He asks about her date with Ewen. She says they had a nice time. She reveals that Steve thinks she is holding back with Ewen because of Jason. She says Steve is worried that she will put herself into a situation where she will be hurt again. Jason asks her if that isnít a crazy idea. She says maybe it isnít. He tells her that he can back off if being friends with him is causing her problems. She says she is capable of being friends with him and dating Ewen at the same time. Jason tells her that he is worried that it is over between him and Sam. He tells her that Sam wonít come home because she still blames him for her sonís death. Jason says that when he handed the baby to Sam, she told him that it was a different baby and that someone must have switched them. He says he wishes that were true because he would find him and put their family back together. Jason gets a call from Bernie so he has to arrange to go to New Orleans. Ewen sees Elizabeth hugging Jason. Maxie finds a pill bottle in Patrickís robe pocket. Lulu visits Maxie at Patrickís house and says she is surprised that Maxie gave up her apartment. Maxie says it was time for a change. She explains that she intended to move into Mattís apartment only to discover that Patrick didnít renew the lease. She says she doesnít want to move in with Mac because Mac and Felicia are getting closer and she doesnít want to be in the way. Maxie tells Lulu about the pills she found. Lulu asks her if she is suggesting that Patrick is using. Lulu says Patrick might be taking antidepressants. Maxie says she feels responsible for Luckyís addiction and she isnít going to make the same mistake with Patrick. Lulu tells her that if she thinks Patrick has a problem, then she has to confront him. When Patrick returns home, Maxie tells him that she wants to talk to him about something.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ricky uses Daisy’s credit card to order a pizza and buy a bus ticket to Canada. When he calls to make the purchases, he says he is Daisy’s husband Daniel Romalotti. Michael and Heather are informed that further tests prove that the blood on Daisy’s scarf belongs to Daniel. Michael questions Daniel informally at Phyllis’s place. Daniel tells Michael that he punched a table because he was frustrated about Daisy, and he used her scarf to clean the blood from the cut on his hand, but Daisy wasn’t even home at the time. Paul and Eden both think Ricky is responsible for Daisy’s disappearance but nobody believes them. Avery advises Paul to stop thinking like a detective when it comes to Ricky and start thinking like a father. Ricky tells Paul he misses Daisy because she was his only friend. Paul later apologizes to Ricky when he finds out that Daniel is being brought to the police station for questioning.

Eden goes to Ricky’s room to tell him that Daniel is a suspect in Daisy’s disappearance and invites him to have some tequila shots with her in the Athletic Club bar. Ricky orders the shots while Eden says she has to go to the bathroom. Eden asks a hotel maid to let her in Ricky’s room because she forgot her sunglasses. She searches Ricky’s room and finds Daisy’s wallet under a sofa cushion. Eden is unaware that Ricky is walking towards his room and is about to open the door. Lily and her family celebrate Charlie and Maddie’s birthday. Lily invites Harmony to stay since her daughter Anna is coming to the party. Anna advises Devon to forgive Harmony since being angry doesn’t help anyone. Cane advises Devon to forgive his mom for not being perfect and tells him that is how he was able to put his anger with Genevieve aside. Cane and Genevieve are worried because they suspect Colin sent Maddie some dolls. Devon asks Harmony to forgive him, and they decide to start over with a clean slate.

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