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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Seaside in the wonderment of Italy, Hope and Liam say their vows. Close by, Steffy sits and mopes while thinking of her own wedding to Liam. Eric tells Stephanie that there wasn’t a wedding after all. Ridge called and said the wedding was not cancelled, but delayed. Steffy decided not to be a part of it. Eric says she is very strong and she will get through this. As the wedding continues, the day from hell continues for Steffy as she sees young lovers kissing, the strap breaks on her sandals so she has to hobble around on the pebbled streets. Her grandma calls and as she looks up, a flock of birds hover overheard and yep one leaves a deposit in her hair. Before they actually say their vows, the priest allows Ridge and Brooke to say something to the bride and groom. Then Bill says he has something to say. He gives them an apology for his behavior. From this day forth he promises never to stand in their way again and will now consider her as his daughter. He’s lucky to have her in his family.

The couple say their own wedding vows and seal it with the traditional kiss. The large crowd sings "Volare" by Domenico Modugno. Steffy has edged closer to the water and suddenly spies the wedding; the one thing she was trying to avoid. She hears the church bells and looks up, just as she loses her footing and falls hundreds of feet below into the Adriatic Sea. As the bride and groom dance and others join in, Steffy slowly claws herself out of the sea and collapses upon the rocks.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Gabi was with Chad at the pub.  He couldnít understand why he still hadnít heard from Melanie.  He decided to call Carly.  Gabi didnít think that was a good idea and grabbed his phone.  Ian and Kate were at the office.  Kate didnít seem as if she was up to working so Ian suggested she leave.  They talked about what happened to Lexie and Stefano.  Ian offered to go to Lexieís memorial with her, but she didnít think that was a good idea.  Ian hoped that Brady didnít show up high for Lexieís memorial.  Nicole thanked EJ for letting her in his apartment.  He wanted to know why she was there.  Nicole wanted to apologize.  EJ thought she was ready to admit that sheís carrying his child.  Carrie showed up at the police station because Rafe wanted to see her.  She wondered if there was new evidence against Will.  He said that it had nothing to do with Will.  He needed her help with something.  Chad wanted his phone back from Gabi.  Gabi told him he would look crazy if he called Carly asking about Melanie.  Gabi also told him that Melanie should be the one to apologize to him and not the other way around.  Melanie wanted to know what Andrew wanted from her.  She let him know that her grandmother is married to one of the richest men so he could name his price.  Andrew didnít want anything from her and walked out of the room.  Nicole let EJ know that she was apologizing because he lost his father and sister.  She informed EJ that itís been established that EJ is not the father of her baby.  EJ let her know that her nose has grown since she walked in the door.  Nicole told him that sheís trying, but EJ didnít think she was trying at all.  EJ demanded to know why she was really at his apartment.  Chad wanted to know why Gabi thought Melanie owed him an apology.  Gabi said because she left for Europe over a fight.  Chad said he needed Melanie, but Gabi said she was there for him.  He let her know that itís not the same.  Ian and Kate talked about Bradyís strange behavior.  Ian thought that Brady might be back on drugs, but Kate didnít think that made any sense.  Kate thought that Brady had too much going for him to start using again.  It occurred to Kate that Ian was the one who got Brady hooked on drugs again. Madison and Brady were spending time together, and she noticed that something was off with Brady.  He seemed to have too much energy.  He wanted to do something fun, but Madison reminded him that Lexieís memorial was that day.  He wanted to do something fun after the service.  Madison wanted to know what was wrong with Brady.

Nicole questioned why EJ thought she had an agenda.  He let her know that unless sheís there to tell him that the baby is his, he wanted her to leave.  Nicole said that she couldnít tell him that because the babyís not his.  EJ wanted her to leave.  Nicole wanted to call a truce with him. She knew that EJ was going to have a tough time at the service and having to deal with his grief all alone.  Nicole wanted to be civil for one day.  Brady continued to act strange so Madison wondered if he got the results back from his drug test.  He told her that he had the results and wanted her to read them.  He thought they would have great times once she read the results.  Carrie told Rafe that she would help him out. He told her that they are going after EJ.  Carrie wanted to know what Rafe needed from her.  He wanted her help with how to get a search warrant to check EJís apartment.  Carrie realized that Rafe didnít really need her help and wanted to know why he really called her.  Rafe admitted that he wanted to see her. Chad apologized for hurting Gabiís feelings.  Gabi realized that Chad missed Melanie.  He thought it was going to be hard to go to Lexieís memorial service alone.  Gabi reminded Chad that he had a lot of people who care about him.  She told him that she had to leave and walked off.  Melanie asked Andrew to let her go because she wanted to see Chad since his father died and his sister is sick.  Andrew said that she couldnít go.  EJ wanted a truce with Nicole, but he couldnít believe her lies.  Nicole pretended to pass out and ran over to her to help her. He wanted to call 911, but she said that she was just dizzy.  She lied and said she needed something sweet like orange juice or candy.  EJ didnít have anything in his apartment.  Nicole suggested that EJ buy bacon chocolate cupcakes.  He had to go to the bakery to get them.  While EJ was gone, Nicole looked through his desk.  Later on EJ and Chad met at the pub.  They started talking about how they lost Stefano and Lexie.  Chad regretted that he didnít spend more time with Stefano and Lexie.  Nicole continued to search EJís apartment, but she turned up empty.  EJ wanted to have a relationship with Chad now that their family is gone.  They ended up hugging each other.  Kate thought that Ian was slipping Brady drugs.  He said that he had no reason to do that to Brady since heís working with him.  Kate thought he did it to get back at Madison.  Ian assured Kate that heís happily divorcing Madison because his heart belongs to her.  Brady didnít understand the results of the drug test because he hasnít been using drugs.  Madison informed Brady that the test didnít lie.  They continued to argue about his test results.  Bradyís convinced that someone is drugging him.  Madison wanted to know who slipped him drugs.  Brady had an idea and walked out of Madisonís place.  Andrew checked on Melanie, but she was ready for him.  She kicked him and ran to the door.  After searching for a while, Nicole found bullets in EJís place.  She heard EJ coming and hid them back in the drawer.  EJ wanted to know what she was doing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante overhears Anna calling Luke because he didnít come home last night. Luke doesnít get the call because Heather has his phone. Dante tells Anna that they may have a lead on who shot out Anthonyís tires, but the source of the information is unreliable because it came from Johnny Zacchara. Ewen takes Kate to the police station. Kate tells Anna that she is ready to take responsibility for what she did. Ewen says he doesnít want to press charges for the assault. Dante takes Kate into an interview room to take her statement. He tells her that he can call Alexis for her. She wonders why he is going easy on her. He says it is because she is family. He tells her that she has to tell Sonny that she is there. Sonny tells Jason about Kateís rape. He tells him that Kateís attacker, Joe Scully Jr., has been underground ever since he murdered John McBainís sister. He tells Jason that he already told McBain who killed his sister. Jason says McBain is probably following up on it because he left Port Charles. Sonny asks Jason to find Joe Jr. and bring him to him. Jason tells him that killing Franco didnít fix anything. Sonny says Joe Jr. has to pay. He tells Jason that the only lead he has is that he heard Joe Sr. mentioning the fleur-de-lis in New Orleans. Sonny asks about Sam. Jason tells him that Sam refuses to come home. He says he took away Samís chance at being a mother. Sonny says the baby had a condition and there is no way to know if he would have lived if he had made it to the hospital. Sonny tells him that he and Kate worked their way back together and he thinks Jason and Sam can too. Sonny finds Kateís room is empty and knows to go to the police station to find her. When he arrives at the police station, he finds that Kate has already made her statement without a lawyer. Kate signs her statement and Dante arrests her.  

Spinelli offers to help Sam find answers about her baby. She says he can start by finding out why Todd Manning kept the article about the baby. Spinelli suggests that Heather might have inadvertently left it in Toddís room when she visited him. Spinelli informs Sam that Todd Manning hired Heather. Sam thinks Heather blackmailed Todd for a job. They determine to find out what secret Heather is holding over Toddís head. Spinelli says Todd doesnít like him and is not likely to trust Sam so they need to find a way to get close to him. Sheryl Burns, Press Floydís old assistant, goes to Toddís office that used to be Kateís office at Crimson. She says HR sent her to be his assistant. He asks her to take down all the fashion crap from the walls, call IT, and get him a list of all the employees. When she gives him the list, he begins to ask her opinion of the employees. She says Diane Miller is a fantastic gossip columnist. Heather walks in and says she wants that job. She tells Todd that if he doesnít give her the job, then she is sure another paper would pay to print what she knows. Todd fires Diane. Sheryl reminds Todd that Diane is an attorney so he can expect a wrongful termination lawsuit. Todd fires Sheryl. Diane Miller calls Spinelli and tells her that Todd fired her and hired a former mental patient. Todd tells Heather to stop reminding him of what he already knows. He tells her not to forget that he knows that she hid a body. She says the man se was protecting didnít actually kill Anthony as she thought, but he still isnít a good guy because he has been seeing another woman behind her back. Todd rolls his eyes while she babbles on and on. She says she is going to take her man to lunch to tell him about her new position. Spinelli goes to the Crimson office and overhears Todd and Heatherís conversation. Todd says Heather just got there and needs to stay and do some work. She tells him that he is upsetting her and that they both know what can happen if she gets upset.

Steve asks Elizabeth about her relationship with Dr. Keenan. She says they are friends and coworkers. She reveals that she canít stop thinking about Jasonís situation with Sam. Steve wonders if Elizabeth wants to get together with Jason. Ewen asks Elizabeth to dinner, but she says it is too short notice to get a babysitter. Steve offers to babysit. Elizabeth declines. Patrick wakes Maxie up from sleeping on the couch and demands that she take off his robe. He apologizes for snapping at her. He says Robin gave him the robe for Christmas. Maxie wonders if her moving in was a mistake and says she will start looking for an apartment today. Patrick asks her to stay. When he is alone with his robe, Patrick gets a bottle of pills out of the pocket and takes one. After cleaning the living room, he takes another one. Later Maxie puts on the robe to go out to the car to get her suitcase and discovers the pills in the pocket. Jason goes for a follow-up visit with Patrick. Patrick says he is sorry for Samís loss and tells Jason that they will find ways to cope and it will eventually get better. Patrick takes another two pills.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin insists that something happened to Daisy because she would not leave town without taking Lucy. Phyllis and Daniel suspect each other of having done something to Daisy and believe it is justified because they were protecting their family. Ricky is happy that Abby’s kidnapping is making news and there is nothing about Daisy in the newspaper. Ashley continues to worry about Abby. Victor still thinks the kidnapping is one of Abby’s publicity stunts. Michael gets information that Abby's phone was found along the road. This news prompts Ashley to go on TV and plead that Carmine bring her daughter back safely and she will give him anything he wants. Carmine and Abby watch Ashley on TV. Carmine advises Abby to call Ashley because he doesn’t want any trouble with Victor Newman. Abby tells Carmine she has her father wrapped around her little finger and that she will make sure Carmine won’t go to jail. Abby asks Carmine to give her one more day before she goes home so that Victor has a chance to cool off. Victor has Ronan Malloy brought in on his helicopter. When Ronan arrives, Victor asks him to find Abby and to bring her kidnapper to justice.

Heather gets permission to purse charges against Daisy using the duty to rescue law. She also gets word that an APB has been issued to find Daisy because she is now a fugitive. Eden tells Paul that Daisy was talking to Ricky to help her get out from under all of this, and he promised to help her. Ricky disposes of Daisy’s purse but he keeps her cell phone. Ricky tells Paul that he never had a romantic relationship with Daisy; they were just friends. He thinks that the same person who kidnapped Abby could have kidnapped Daisy as well. Michael hears from the crime lab that the substance found on Daisy’s scarf was blood just as Kevin originally thought. Heather still refuses to think that Ricky could have been involved in Daisy’s disappearance, but Paul says he had to talk to Ricky because there were too many coincidences since Ricky was the last person to see Daisy before she disappeared.

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