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The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/25/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy cries while Liam explains that Hope did not write that letter. Deacon showed up unexpectedly and caused her to be late. Steffy is devastated. She tells him that Hope is getting ready now; he needs to get dressed too. Don’t think about her, just go marry Hope. Ridge quizzes Bill about how Deacon just magically showed up on this day, wonders if he knows anything about that. Hope rushes up to tell Ridge that she and Liam are getting married in just a few minutes. Brooke helps her freshen up and Ridge tells her she looks none the worse for having ridden in the back of a truck over the entire country.

Ridge asks one more time if Hope perhaps would allow him to walk her down the aisle. Steffy has seen it all and she’s okay with this. Hope hugs him and says she would love him too. Steffy shoves Bill and tells him that he’s a damn bully and she wants no part of it. If he had not interfered from the beginning, she and Liam would still be together. She rushes off and says he just needs to accept Hope into his stupid family as she has. Brooke drops in on Liam to say a few parting words and welcome him to the family. Bills drops in on Hope and wants to say a few words. He admits that he has not exactly been supportive. He loves his son and that’s his only defense. He wants this day to be special and he accepts it now that Liam is going to be with her, not Steffy. He welcomes her to the Spencer clan and gives her a small hug. Later he tells Liam the same. Deacon questions Alison if the wedding is still on and how Bill must feel. He hopes Bill appreciates her; she is a very beautiful woman. He kisses her. The entire town of Polignano A Mare join in their tradition of following the bride and groom down the streets of the town.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami and Lucas were with Will at the town square.  They talked to him about working for EJ.  They warned Will that it would be too dangerous for him to work for EJ.  Will didnít think there was anything wrong with working for EJ.  Nicole met Rafe at the pub.  They talked about who switched the paternity test results.  Nicole warned him that the less he knew the better for him.  Rafe appreciated the fact that she was trying to protect him, but she warned him that EJ will come after all of them.  Rafe told Nicole that he would protect her as well as her baby, but EJ never believed that he was the father of her baby.  EJ walked in the pub and overheard her say that he had no claim over her baby.  EJ warned Nicole that he doesnít have a claim right now.  Will didnít believe that anything would happen to him by working for EJ.  Will reminded Sami and Lucas that EJ was the one who bailed him out of jail.  They let him know that they would have bailed him out of jail.  Sami wanted to know what EJ was getting out of Will working for him.  Will let them know that he was going to work in the mayorís office.  Sami warned him that he should get out now while he still could.  EJ interrupted Nicole and Rafeís conversation because he noticed trouble between them.  Nicole walked away and left Rafe and EJ alone.  EJ wanted to talk to Rafe about Stefanoís murder.  They continued to talk about the murder case.  Agent Spencer walked in the pub and saw EJ and Rafe together.  Agent Spencer wanted to know if EJ was ready to cooperate and tell everything he knew about Stefanoís murder.  Will became angry when Lucas and Sami tried to warn him about not working for EJ.  He didnít want to listen to anything they had to say about EJ.  EJ was disappointed that Agent Spencer ended up thinking like the Salem police department thinks about him.  EJ warned Agent Spencer that he planned on suing for libel if they continued to accuse him of murdering Stefano.  Nicole was eavesdropping on their conversation.  EJ was about to leave the pub when Nicole stopped him.  Nicole offered her condolences because of what happened to Stefano and Lexie.  EJ told Nicole that he lost two people in his family and wasnít losing a child too.  She reminded him that they had a DNA test done.  He didnít care what the test said because he knows the baby is his.  EJ received a phone call from the hospital administrator.  Nicole wanted to know why he received a call from the hospital administrator.  EJ wondered why she cared that he got the call.  Agent Spencer and Rafe talked about EJ being a suspect in Stefanoís murder.  Agent Spencer was convinced that EJ wonít cooperate with them.  They are going to have to build a case against EJ.  They also talked about the other suspects, but Rafe was convinced that EJ was the main suspect.  Sami told Lucas she was going to go to EJ to find out if heís blackmailing Will again.  Lucas warned her that was a bad idea.  Lucas warned her that if she pushed EJ he will push harder.  Lucas wanted to talk to Will again and work something out.  Lucas told her not to talk to EJ by herself.  She said she wouldnít go because she had meetings.  When Lucas walked off, Sami called someone and said to cancel her meetings. 

EJ wanted to know why Nicole was so concerned about his phone call from the administrator.  EJ wondered if Nicole was worried about what would happen to Daniel.  Nicole thought he was going to make trouble for Daniel and Rafe.  EJ informed Nicole that he called the hospital to make a memorial for his sister.  Nicole thought that was a wonderful thing to do in her memory.  He told her that family is very important to him, but he warned her that there was nothing she could do to keep him from his child.  Spencer and Rafe talked about where to find evidence about EJ.  Rafe remembered that EJ got an apartment and thought that they could look there for evidence.  Later, Sami showed up at EJís apartment to give him the riot act for allowing Will to work for him again.  She told him to leave her son alone.  EJ thought they were getting along now, but she continued to yell at him.  He reminded her that she didnít consider the fact that he lost family so close together.  She finally offered her condolences to him.  Nicole met up with Rafe again and they talked about EJ.  Nicole let Rafe know that EJ was determined to raise her child.  She was convinced that he was not going to back down and prove that the baby is his.  EJ and Sami finally calmed down and talked about Lexie.  EJ also told Sami that he could give Will a job working for Countess W.  Sami liked the idea of Will working for her.  EJ joked that Will could be her boss.  They laughed at the idea and Sami left the apartment.  Lucas met with Sonny at the town square.  They talked about Will.  While they were talking, Lucas wondered if Sonny had feelings for Will.  Rafe told Nicole about the investigation.  Nicole said that she would be happy to help out with the case.  Sonny let Lucas know that he and Will are just friends, but he does have feelings for Will.  Sami arrived at the town square and Lucas wanted to know if she went to EJ.  She told him she did and that she warned EJ to leave Will alone.  Will arrived at EJís apartment and EJ went off on him for talking to his parents.  Will didnít understand why EJ was getting so upset since he knew that his family didnít approve of him working for him.  Lucas thought that he and Sami agreed that she wasnít going to talk to EJ.  She explained everything to Lucas.  Agent Spencer told Rafe that they couldnít get the search warrant to search EJís apartment. Agent Spencer wasnít sure if they would have found anything anyway.  EJ was looking at a picture of Sami and the kids when Nicole showed up at the door.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Memories of gunshots torment Johnny. Michael stops by Carlyís house during her date with Johnny. Johnny leaves to give Carly and Michael time alone to talk. Michael tells Carly that he is ok with her dating Johnny now that he knows he didnít shoot Kateís tires out. He reveals that Kate was the shooter. He says Starr doesnít hold it against her because she understands her illness so well since it runs in her family. Carly says she thinks Kate is in Shady Brook because she is remembering what her alter ego did. Nightmares torment Kate. Dante asks Sonny to come to the station to talk about Kate so he leaves her side to go. Kate wakes up and says Johnnyís name. She calls Johnny and asks him to come see her at Shady Brook. Johnny goes to visit her and tells her that he regrets what happened and wants to help in her recovery. She tells him that Dr. Keenan has been working on integrating her two personalities. She tells him that she is recovering Connieís memories. She says she remembers all the times he turned Connie down because he didnít want to take advantage of her illness. She says she knows that Connie didnít leave Johnny with another choice that night. She tells him that she had a dream and wants to talk about the shooting of Anthonyís tires. She says that apparently she did it because Connie confessed it to Sonny, but she still has no memory of it, even though she remembers everything else Connie did. Johnny remembers convincing Connie to make the false confession. She says that in her dream, Johnny was in prison for the crime. She says she doesnít want to see Johnny go to prison for something she did. She tells him that Sonny doesnít want her to go to the police and be prosecuted for something Connie did. Johnny says Sonny is right; she has been through enough. He tells her that he is turning his life around, bought the Haunted Star and is turning it into a nightclub, and got back together with Carly. He says he loves Carly and wants to protect her the way Sonny protects Kate. When Sonny arrives at the police station, Dante tells him that Johnny accused Kate of causing the accident and said Sonny has been covering it up. Sonny says Johnny caused the accident. He says Kate doesnít know how to fire a gun. Sonny asks Dante to leave Kate alone because she is sick and all Dante has is Johnnyís accusation to go on. He says Kate has no recollection of buying a gun or firing one. Dante says will wait until Sonny has arranged for legal representation before he reports anything to Anna.

Lulu tells Dante that she found Heather Webber in the Haunted Star. He tells him that Luke is going to break Tracyís heart to be with Anna and then he is going to tell Anna about moving Anthonyís body so that they can start out without secrets. Lulu goes to Tracyís house and finds that neither Tracy nor Luke is there. Alice tells her that Luke stood Tracy up so she went looking for him. Lulu concludes that Tracy must have gone to his room at the Metro Court. Tracy tells Anna that the two of them have the exact same meal waiting for Luke. She tells Anna not to waste her time because Luke wonít be coming to her romantic dinner because he told her that he was coming to her house to celebrate their getting back together. Anna says she knew Luke was going to Tracyís house, but it wasnít to get back with her, but to break up with her. Tracy doesnít believe her. Anna finally tells Tracy that Luke isnít going to start something with her because the two of them have already started something. Tracy recalls Anna saying that she and Luke had switched rooms and now it clicks that Anna way lying. Anna admits that she and Luke slept together. Anna says it isnít for her to discuss this with Tracy and suggests that Tracy go home to wait for Luke. Tracy concludes that Luke will try to smooth things over so he can keep her for backup when things fall apart with Anna. She says the evening wonít end the way Luke and Anna planned. Tracy returns to the Quartermaine estate and finds Lulu there. She tells Lulu what Anna told her and notices that Lulu isnít surprised to hear it. She concludes that her reunion with Luke existed only in her mind. Tracy says her one consolation is that she thinks Luke is standing up Anna too. Luke is in the same wheelbarrow that Heather used to transport Anthonyís body. Heather wheels him into the garden shed that she had found during the big storm and ties him to a chair. When he regains consciousness, she welcomes him to his new home. He tells her that he canít hold him hostage. She says he isnít a hostage; he is a guest and she is going to teach him how to appreciate her because the others will only hurt him. He nervously eyes the plastic knife in her hand. He tells her the police will not like this. She tells him that he brought this upon himself by bringing the police into it, but he wasnít calling the police, he was calling his girlfriend, Anna. She says that if it gets out that she moved Anthonyís body, they will send her back to Ferncliff. He tells her that kidnapping him is not the way to stay out of Ferncliff. He tells her that people will miss him because Tracy and Anna are both expecting him. She says he will be having dinner with her instead. Luke says he isnít hungry. Heather straddles him and says they can skip to dessert. She tells him that he will never be able to think of another woman after he makes love to her. He plays along and cajoles her to untie him. Before she does, his phone rings. Anna leaves a voicemail message telling him that she talked to Tracy. Heather is angry to see that the call was from Anna. She tells him that his wanting Anna will soon change. She says that in time, Luke will want her as much as she wants him. Luke asks her how long he is planning to keep him there. She tells him that she will keep him for as long as it takes for him to give up on the other women and as long as it takes for the women to give up on him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby sends tweets to all her fans from Carmine’s trunk. Carmine discovers he has kidnapped Abby when he hears about her being missing on the radio and finds out he is a suspect in her kidnapping. Carmine gets Abby out of the trunk and wants to take her home, but she loves the publicity this is bringing to her plus she is sure everyone has forgotten about the gala. Abby tells Carmine that if he doesn’t help her with this kidnapping, she will tell everyone he tried to kidnap Chloe and be the star witness at his trial. Abby then dumps her cell phone and makes Carmine take her to a cheap motel to hide. Ashley is beside herself with worry and gets into a huge argument with Victor because he thinks this is one of Abby’s publicity stunts. Kevin identifies the scarf Michael and Paul found in the alley as belonging to Daisy. Michael decides to put the scarf in a plastic bag and later Kevin notices blood on the scarf. The gala is canceled and the search begins for Abby. After Daniel gets a call from the babysitter saying Daisy never came home, he starts to worry something happened to her.

Ashley feels alone and is worried about Abby, so she leans on Tucker for support to get her through this crisis. Adam is disappointed the gala is canceled so he puts the engagement ring he planned to give to Chelsea in the pocket of his suit. Chelsea finds the ring and assumes the same thing Victor did, that Adam is using her to get back at Sharon and Victor. Chelsea is so hurt that Adam is using her that she tells him that he is a jerk and runs out of the Athletic Club into the pouring rain. Adam stops her in the alley and confesses that he is madly in love with her and he is sorry that his romantic proposal backfired. Adam tells Chelsea he can’t live without her and he kneels and pops the question. Chelsea cries as she accepts Adam’s proposal and they kiss. Ricky returns to his room and remembers seeing Daisy in the alley outside the warehouse and her asking what he was doing there. Ricky then remembers telling Daisy that she asked him to help her disappear and then he put the scarf around her neck. Ricky tells himself that Daisy won’t be talking now.

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