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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Liam that everything is fine; today is their wedding day, nothing has changed. She can’t wait to be his wife. She is sorry that she was late getting to the church, but her father came to her see her and this is the best day of her life. She knows she is grimy, but she will go freshen up and he can put back on his suit; they have a wedding to get to. She explains how happy she is; how much she wants her dad in her life but she understands why he won’t be at her wedding out of respect to her mom. After her gushing on and on, Liam blurts out that he doesn’t think he can go back to that church now. He can’t do this.

Bill speaks with Alison and wants to be sure that Deacon is still at the farmhouse. She says yes, he has no money and she has his passport. Ridge can’t find Steffy or reach her by phone. He’s suspicious that Deacon came crawling out of the woodwork on this day after being absent for years. Ridge runs into Bill and asks if he knows anything about Deacon or why he showed up after all these years. Hope can’t imagine how Liam must have felt when he thought the note was from her. Liam tells her nothing is the same as it was from before. She says they do not have to go back to the church; they can go back to the original spot. She kisses him and says she loves him and they are getting married today. When she leaves, Liam looks devastated and then Steffy appears from the other room with tears streaming down her face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Will picked up Aliceís letter and EJ walked in the room.  EJ demanded to know what Will was doing.  Will told him that he was trying to clean up.  EJ became upset and warned Will to mind his own business.  Will let EJ know that he was finished his work so EJ wanted him to leave the mansion.  Lucas made breakfast for Sami to show his appreciation for all she has done for the kids.  Sami couldnít believe that she and Lucas were back together after everything they have been through together.  Lucas couldnít believe it either. They talked about the problems she had with EJ and Rafe.  Sami warned Lucas to run away from her, but he couldnít do that.  He wanted to be there for her.  After they went back and forth about whether he should walk away from her, they ended up kissing.  Bo, Hope, and Ciara were getting ready to go to Lexieís memorial.  Bo and Hope talked about Lexie.  They mentioned what happened with the baby switch as well as how they were able to be friends again.  Hope was about to go in the kitchen when Ciara got frightened.  Ciara didnít think that Hope would come back if she left her.  Stefanoís lawyer arrived at the DiMera mansion to see EJ.  EJ knew that the lawyer was there to talk about Stefanoís estate.  The lawyer dropped the bomb that he knew EJ wasnít Stefanoís biological son.  EJ warned the lawyer that he didnít want anyone else to know that he is not Stefanoís biological son.

Hope assured Ciara that she was only going to the kitchen and that nothing was going to happen to her.  Ciara was afraid that she was going to die just like Theoís mother.  Bo and Hope assured Ciara that they are fine and are not going anywhere.  Hope let Ciara know that Lexie is watching over them.  Ciara seemed to understand and wanted to make Theo a card.  EJ told Arthur (Stefanoís lawyer) that Stefano lied and he really is his biological son.  Arthur wanted to know why Stefano didnít tell him that if EJ is his son.  Arthur didnít believe EJ and knew that he wasnít Stefanoís biological son.  Arthur had to go by the new will.  EJ wanted to know if Stefano signed it before it was notarized.  Arthur said it wasnít.  EJ informed Arthur that he was going to make the original provisions of the will stand.  Nicole showed up at Danielís office.  They were talking one minute and kissing the next.  Sami and Lucas were flirting with each other when she noticed the headline on the newspaper.  The headline said that Will stars in gay drama.  Lucas tried to call Will to warn him about the article in the paper.  Sami was upset about the article.  Lucas wanted to know if she was uncomfortable that everyone knows Will is gay.  Sami admitted that she was uncomfortable about it.  EJ and Arthur came to an agreement and no one will find out that he is not Stefanoís biological son.  Lucas and Sami continued to talk about Will.  They also talked about how Willís working for EJ again.  Sami was determined to find out why Willís working for EJ again.  She was going to go to EJ if Will wouldnít say anything. Lucas stopped her and told her that she wasnít going near EJ.  Nicole and Daniel flirting with each other in his office.  They ended up making out on his desk. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna asks Lulu about Luke and Tracy. Lulu tells her that Luke said he was going to talk to Tracy today about his relationship with Anna. Tracy waits for Luke at the Quartermaine estate. She calls him but he doesnít answer so she goes looking for him. Luke tells Heather that they should let the police handle it since his roommate is the police commissioner. He is about to call Anna when Heather hits him from behind with a wine bottle. She tells the unconscious Luke that their secret has to stay between them so his plans have changed. Michael and Kristina go to the Haunted Star looking for Starr. Heather hides Luke behind the bar. Kristina tries to dissuade Michael from getting involved with Starr when she has just lost her family so soon after he lost Abby. Michael tells Kristina that she needs to use her caution with Trey. He tells her that her show is only going to expose her as an ungrateful, spoiled brat. They decide Starr isnít coming so they decide to go to her apartment. Lulu goes to the Haunted Star and sees Heather standing behind the bar. Lulu tells her that the club is not open and she doesnít have the right to come in whenever she wants to. Heather says she was looking for Luke so she could share her good news that she got a job as a journalist at the Port Charles Sun. Lulu congratulates Heather on her new career and asks her to leave. Heather picks up Lukeís phone from the floor and goes.  Lulu calls Luke and leaves a message, not knowing that he is unconscious behind the bar. After Lulu leaves, Heather returns for Luke and drags him out by the feet. Anna gets ready for her date with Luke when Tracy arrives at their door. Tracy asks if Luke is there, explaining that he called her saying he wanted to talk but never showed up.  Anna says Luke isnít there and suggests that Tracy wait at home for Luke. Tracy observes that Anna is dressed up and says itís nice to see that she is dating. She says she has a meal set up at her place too, with all Lukeís favorite foods. She lifts the cover off one of the plates and sees that all of Lukeís favorites are on it. She asks Anna if the meal is for Luke. Anna admits that it is.

Todd visits Starr at her new apartment and sees Trey wearing only a towel. Starr introduces her father to her roommate. Todd immediately dislikes Trey. Starr says she doesnít like him either; they are just sharing expenses. Tea sends texts a picture of baby Victor to Starr. Starr says she still canít figure out who the baby looks like. Starr asks Trey to answer her phone if Michael calls. Trey says he will, but doesnít. Michael and Kristina arrive and find both Starr and Trey wearing only towels. The four of them have pizza. Starr gives Trey a hard time about ordering his with ham and pineapple. Starr tries a slice and Trey gives her a hard time about taking the last piece. Michael and Kristina watch Starr and Treyís banter.  Michael asks Starr if she wants to go for coffee, but she says she has to get up early. Kristina tells Michael to go ahead and she will stay and hang out for awhile, but Trey tells her to go home and get some rest because they have a busy day tomorrow.  Starr and Trey proceed to argue about who should clean up after the pizza. Kristina and Michael agree that Starr and Treyís hatred for each other is annoying.

Spinelli gets a call from his associate that works at the Metro Court, who reports that he saw Heather Webber going into Todd Manningís room. Sam wonders what business Heather would have with the media mogul. Spinelli checks Toddís checkered background and tells Sam that Todd was convicted of rape when he was in college and was charged with murdering his twin brother but acquitted on grounds of insanity. Sam says Todd could be just as crazy as Heather. Spinelli suggests that they look into Todd and Heatherís connection. They go to Toddís room and Spinelliís friend Woodrow lets them in. Sam finds Heatherís resume on Toddís table. She finds her babyís obituary crumpled on the floor. Todd returns to his hotel room and finds Spinelli standing outside his door. Todd is amused by Spinelliís manner of speaking when Spinelli tells him that he is working on a case and asks if Todd has seen anything. Spinelli speaks loudly to alert Sam that Todd has returned but apparently, she doesnít hear Spinelli because she is still in the middle of the room when Todd opens the door. Spinelli distracts Todd so Sam can get out. Spinelli quickly complies when Todd asks him to leave.  Spinelli and Sam run away. Todd notices the clipping that he threw away is flattened out on his table. Sam wonders why Todd had a clipping of her babyís death. She wonders why he would take the trouble to clip out an article about a strangerís baby and then ball it up to throw it out. She shows Spinelli her photograph of Heatherís resume and concludes that she must be trying to get a job with Todd Manning.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The arts council gala is in bad shape when the truck with the tables and decorations doesn’t show up, and the band  is stuck in Vegas because of a windstorm. Also the private plane that Tucker sent to pick up the band is grounded. Carmine admits to Chloe that he called in some favors to make sure the truck wouldn’t arrive, because he wanted to get revenge on Kevin for taking Angelina away from him. Carmine puts Chloe in the trunk of his car and gets ready to drive away. Abby arrives and helps Chloe get out while he is inside getting his phone. Abby then decides to get inside Carmine’s trunk, and he drives away not knowing Abby switched places with Chloe. Daisy arrives to talk strategy with Ricky about getting her and Lucy out of town. While Ricky is downstairs signing his lunch bill, Daisy searches his computer and comes across a video of Ricky drowning his girlfriend Rachel in the bathtub the same way his mother Isabella tried to kill Christine years ago. Daisy is so scared that when Ricky returns, she leaves as fast as her legs can carry her. Daisy desperately calls Michael and tells him she must meet him outside the warehouse where the gala is being held. Michael agrees to meet Daisy in the alley and tells Lauren where he is going. Phyllis overhears and calls Daniel, because she is worried Daisy is going to tell Michael that she ran over Paul and Christine in 1994. Daniel gets a babysitter and heads to the gala to meet Phyllis. Once everyone is at the gala, Phyllis, Nick, Daniel, and Lauren all make excuses to leave for a little while and then they return.

Ricky realizes that Daisy has been looking at his computer, because she left it open with the video on pause, so he deletes the video and goes out. As Daisy nervously awaits Michael, someone arrives. Daisy says “What are you doing here?” Michael later waits in the ally for Daisy and wonders why she didn’t arrive. When Paul arrives, Michael tells him about waiting for Daisy then he finds a scarf. Ricky later arrives in his room at the Athletic Club looking nervous and angry. Adam decides to take Chelsea to the gala and gets her a beautiful dress. While Chelsea is getting ready, Adam runs into Victor in the Athletic Club dinning room and shows him the ring he intends to give Chelsea at the gala. Victor thinks Adam is trying to get back at him and Sharon, and he doesn’t love Chelsea at all. Victor later goes to the gala and tells Sharon what Adam plans to do. Victor and Sharon decide not to stay for the show and head to the ranch for a romantic dinner.

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