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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy asks Liam what happened. He shows her the note from Hope where she says that she loves him, but she can not do this. Good-bye. Liam laments that everything his dad said about Hope is true. Stephanie pours tea for Taylor who prompts her to go on to bed, Eric is probably waiting for her. Stephanie says no and they end up talking about the wedding and wonder if they will hear from Ridge soon. Hope gushes to Brooke and Ridge that her father was here. He knew about the wedding and wanted to talk to her. Brooke suspects that he’s in some sort of trouble and wants money, but Hope says no that he is not like that. She wants to know him better; she wants him to walk her down the aisle, but Deacon said no out of respect for Brooke. Ridge suggests they table this discussion for now and go find Liam. Bill tries to delay them and says he will stay there in case Liam returns. Bill calls and finds Liam back at the hotel and knows he is with Steffy. He says good, just grab a car and head to the jet, they are all leaving.

Steffy asks Liam if he is leaving without even speaking to Hope. He says she is the one who can’t marry him and besides he has no idea where she is. He wants Steffy to come with him. She wants to but insists that she can’t. Liam says he is done. He just can’t do this again…..the lying….the pills, always moving in and out, he’s exhausted. Hope has got problems that he can’t fix. He tells Steffy that it is not over with them, and they kiss. Meanwhile Hope rushes to the hotel room and bangs on the door for Liam. Bill boards the jet and tells his pilot that there will be two passengers but it won’t be him. He has business to attend and he wants total privacy for a week for Liam and Steffy in Turkey. They have a lot of catching up to do. Hope gasps when she finally see Liam still at the hotel. He’s stunned when she starts explaining what she has been through and now trying to find him. Madly he tells her that there is no wedding now, she stood him up yet again. He shows her the note and she quickly explains that she did not write the note. It was her father, Deacon. That’s why she was late when Deacon showed up at her door. She would never stand Liam up at the altar. She hugs him and says this is their wedding day and nothing has changed.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole visited Daniel at the hospital.  They talked about Lexieís death.  After they talked about Lexie, Nicole thanked him again for his help with the paternity switch.  She gave him a gift for all of his help.  He told her that she got what she wanted and can drop the act now.  Kate saw Carrie and Austin at the pub.  Austin told Kate to prepare to be a grandmother again.  Kate was ecstatic at the idea of them having a baby.  Agent Spencer showed up at the police station to talk to Rafe and Roman about Stefanoís murder.  Spencer told them that the governor wanted an objective agency to take over the case.  Spencer is going to take over the case and Roman couldnít be happier about it.  Spencer wanted to know who their prime suspect is and Roman told him that EJ is their prime suspect.  EJ was at the DiMera mansion crying over Lexie.  He found Aliceís letter.  He was about to read it when Will showed up.  Will wanted to know what was going on with EJ.  EJ wanted to know why Will was late.  Will assumed that he didnít have to work since Lexie just died.  EJ informed him that he is a DiMera so he was going to keep working anyway.  Rafe, Agent Spencer, and Roman continued to talk about the case.  They talked about how the media is playing up Willís private life.  Roman didnít like it at all that the media was making a big deal about Willís personal life.  EJ told Will that he was on the front page of the newspaper.  Will reminded him that he was the one that told him to come forward.  Will also said that the police would go after another suspect now.  EJ was counting on that happening.  Agent Spencer was concerned when he found out that EJ was the one who convinced Will to come forward.  Agent Spencer wondered if EJ had something to hide.  He also wanted to know why Stefano cut EJ out of his will.  Spencer, Roman, and Rafe continued to talk about the reasons why EJ could have killed Stefano.  Austin offered his condolences to Kate.  They talked about Lexie as well as the baby.  Rafe walked into the pub and Kate noticed the look that he exchanged with Carrie. 

Nicole was surprised that Daniel thought she was putting on an act.  Nicole denied putting on an act.  They continued to talk about how she played him.  Nicole finally admitted that she might have played him a little.  Daniel appreciated her honesty.  He wanted to know if she played him before or after their kiss.  They talked about his past with other women in Salem.  After they talked about that, he wanted to know why she really kissed him.  Someone arrived at the mansion and EJ put Aliceís letter in his pocket.  Will noticed what EJ did, but didnít say anything.  Roman, Agent Spencer and Rafe saw Will at the mansion. Rafe wondered why he was there.  Will said that EJ was the one who posted his bail and now heís working for EJ again.  EJ was happy to find out that Agent Spencer was the one leading the investigation.  Kate offered to take Carrie shopping so she could start spoiling her new grandchild.  While they were shopping, Kate gave Carrie a gift.  The gift turned out to be a dagger.  Kate said that it was a warning to Carrie if she cheats on Austin.  Carrie let Kate know that nothing was going on with Rafe.  Kate let her know that she wasnít sure based on what she saw at the pub.  Carrie continued to deny it, but Kate didnít believe her.  Kate warned her that she was not going to let Carrie hurt her son the way she did when she cheated on him for Mike Horton.  Roman, Spencer, and Rafe questioned EJ and wondered if he was sorry that Stefano was dead.  EJ was upset that they would think that he wouldnít be upset about Stefanoís murder.  They all went back and forth with the accusations and questions.  The three of them finally left the mansion and EJ went to the window.  Will noticed the letter sticking out of EJís pocket.  EJ was upset that he was accused of killing his father in the very place where he was murdered.   He picked up his jacket and walked out.  The letter fell out of EJís pocket.  Carrie assured Kate that she was going to be faithful to Austin.  Kate said that as long as sheís in the right bed she doesnít have a problem.  Kate informed Carrie that she didnít say anything about loving Austin.  Kate refused to let another Brady woman hurt one of her sons.  Nicole and Daniel were about to kiss again when he got a phone call.  She left his office.  Roman was glad that they managed to make EJ upset.  He believed that he will eventually mess up and they will figure out why he murdered Stefano.  Will saw Aliceís letter on the floor and picked it up.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Johnny goes to Carlyís house for dinner. Carly goes to the kitchen to heat up the food that she brought home from Metro Court while Johnny reads Josslyn a story. Johnny imagines that he sees Hope and hears her ask him to tell her the story of what he did to her daddy and her. Johnny tells the imaginary little girl that he is sorry and that it was an accident. He says he is doing everything he can to make her mommy happy again. Carly returns from the kitchen hearing the part about making Mommy happy, and assumes that she is the mommy that he was talking about. Carly confesses that she burned the food and offers him a frozen pizza. Anna announces to the police station staff that she wants to make the three Zacchara cases their top priority  She says Commissioner Scorpio had reason to believe that an officer was leaking information to the Zacchara crime family. Padilla recalls giving information to Johnny. She says the second case is the shooting of Anthony Zaccharaís tires. Dante recalls Johnny implicating Kate. Anna says the third case is Anthonyís disappearance. Lulu recalls Luke admitting to moving Anthonyís body. Anna asks if anyone has anything to say about any of the cases, but everyone keeps mum. Later, Padilla approaches Anna and admits to giving Johnny Zacchara information about Sonnyís case. He tells her that she was desperate for information about her sisterís murder and Johnny said he would get answers for her. She hands Anna her badge. Anna tells her to keep her badge and she will give her the chance to redeem herself by continuing to feed Johnny information, except it will be information that Anna chooses to give him. Dante tells Lulu that Johnny said Kate caused the accident. He says that is apparently why Kate had the breakdown in the lineup room and why she was subsequently transferred to Shady Brook. He says Johnny also said Sonny is covering it up. Lulu asks him if he believes Johnny. Dante says he thinks Johnny is trying to draw attention away from himself. She asks him if he has told Anna. He tells her that he wants to talk to Sonny first. She admits to him that she is keeping a secret for her father about Anthony. She tells him that Luke and Tracy found Anthony dead and moved his body, but then the body disappeared. Dante says Lulu has to tell Anna. Lulu says she will, right after Dante tells Anna about Sonny and Kate. Lulu says her dad told her that he is going to tell Anna everything tonight. Dante says he will give Luke the opportunity to tell Anna, but if Luke doesnít, he will.

At the Haunted Star, Heather stops Luke from answering his phone when Spinelli calls him to ask question about Heather. Luke tells Heather that he has somewhere to go. She says knows he is on his way to dump Tracy Quartermaine because she heard him talking to Lulu about his relationship with Anna. She tells him to forget about Tracyís broken heart and think about hers. Heather reveals to Luke that she took care of Anthony Zacchara. He asks her if she killed him. She says they both know he did. He says he didnít kill Anthony and asks her what she did. She says he was in trouble and she had to protect him. He concludes that she made Anthonyís body disappeared. He also concludes that he is supposed to be grateful. She tells him that they have to go out and celebrate and he will have to cancel his plans with Tracy. She says he has to know they belong together. He tells her that will never happen. She says Anna will never make him happy. He asks her where she put Anthonyís body. He says he needs her to bring Anthony back because it might have evidence on it that would exonerate him. He tells her that if she cares about him as much as she says she does, then she will tell him where the body is. She says she will take him there. He tells her that he would rather do it by the book since his roommate is the police commissioner. He is about to call Anna when Heather grabs a bottle from the bar and hits him with it from behind. Luke falls to the floor, unconscious. Spinelli goes to the office and is surprised to see Sam sitting her desk. She says she doesnít want to go home. She tells him she canít stop thinking about her baby or Jason saying he wants to start over. She says she still loves Jason but she canít get past everything that has happened between them. Spinelli canít argue the fact that isnít always enough. Sam asks if something happened with Maxie. He says she is now Mrs. Matthew Hunter and his attentions were bothersome to her so he decided to withdraw them, but that doesnít mean he has given up on Sam and Jason. Sam says she wishes she had never tracked down Heather Webber to get information on Franco. Spinelli reveals that Heather Webber is his latest case. Sam asks to look at the case. Spinelli tells her that Olivia is concerned about Heatherís odd behavior. Sam says Olivia isnít the only one. He tells her that Heather took Oliviaís car on the night of the storm, and that she had a man in the passenger seat that she told an officer was her husband. He says the officer described the man as white haired, older, and passed out drunk. He says Heather is obsessed with Luke so he has a call out to Luke to ask him if he was with Heather that night. Sam says that while they are waiting for Lukeís response, they should investigate other angles. She says Heather isnít as recovered as she wants people to believe. She says Heather has hated her ever since she forgot to deliver a letter to Steve and that she vowed to make her pay.  

Ewen hypnotizes Kate and asks her about the night of the shooting. She remembers seeing Sonnyís blood in the garage. She remembers having a fight with Sonny at the hospital. She remembers looking at the bloodstained wedding dress in her closet and put it on. She remembers Ewen finding her on the pier and her running away. She does not remember anything after that until she was in her office. She wonders why she canít access that one memory when she remembers everything else. She wonders if she is suppressing that memory because it was so horrible. Ewen says it may be too soon for her to remember it. Sonny and Ewen agree that Kate should rest and resume later. Kate thanks Sonny for standing by her while she reveals her darkest secrets. He assures her that he loves her and nothing will ever split them up again. Kate tells Luke that she wants to turn herself in to the PCPD, but he tells her to concentrate on getting some rest for now. Elizabeth gets ready for Ewen to come to dinner, but the knock on the door isnít Ewen; itís Jason. Jason tells her that he saw Sam at the cemetery and they talked, but it seems that they are even father apart. He tells her that Sam canít get past what he did. Elizabeth says their love for each other hasnít change. Jason says Sam canít forgive him for her babyís death. Elizabeth says Sam is grieving and that blaming Jason is easier than asking herself why she insisted on staying in that motel, why she took a newborn out in bad weather, or why she didnít check to see if the baby was ok before placing him in the planter. Jason says Sam was in shock. Elizabeth says she knows firsthand that a mother can never forgive herself for failing her child. Jason says Sam didnít fail her baby; he did. Elizabeth tells him that even if both he and Sam had done everything right and made it to the hospital, the baby still might not have survived. He says that when he saw Sam crying in the cemetery, he thought about their wedding day when everything was perfect. Ewen arrives. Jason thanks Elizabeth for listening to him and he leaves.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lauren tells Paul about the gun she bought, because she is worried that Ricky mentioned the gun to Paul when he bumped into her. Paul tries to persuade Lauren to give him the gun, but she insists she must keep it to protect her family. Avery tells Phyllis she found an old Wisconsin law called the duty to rescue law, which says if you put a person in danger, and refuse to help them, you could go to jail. In Daisy’s case, she could face manslaughter charges for causing Phyllis to miscarry. Phyllis gets excited and tells Daisy that she will press charges against her unless she divorces Daniel and agrees to share custody of Lucy. Daisy thinks Phyllis would never risk her revealing her secret, but Phyllis says she would gladly go to jail as long as Daisy was in jail with her. Daisy asks Ricky to help her come up with a plan in case she has to leave town in a hurry with Lucy. Ricky doesn’t understand why Daisy wants to leave town, but he agrees to help her. Eden overhears the conversation and later follows Ricky who just happens to be using his old key to get into Heather’s apartment. He tells Eden he forgot something and was just picking it up. Eden wants to call a truce with Ricky and asks him if he wants to hang out with her some time. Ricky is surprised but thinks hanging out with Eden would be fun. Phyllis tells Avery that she doesn’t want to press charges against Daisy, because it wouldn’t be a good idea. Avery is stunned and tells Phyllis she will be in touch with her later.

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