Wednesday 6/20/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/20/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope sees her limo and chases after it screaming that it is her wedding day. Concerned, Brooke calls to find out what is keeping Hope. A local happens by in a pickup and Hope frantically begs him to let her get in the back and take her to the church. Deacon laments to Alison what a terrible father he is. He stalled Hope so she wouldn’t make it to her wedding on time. Liam looks at his dad and tells him do not even say it – Hope will show up! He’s frustrated when he calls and it goes straight to voice mail. Katie badgers Marcus to tell her everything she heard between Justin and Bill concerning Hope’s wedding. She heard him use the word sabotage. Alison calls Bill and says Deacon stalled as long as he could but Hope is probably on the way to the church now. Bill wants to be sure that she got rid of the limo like he asked. He wants Deacon to go back to the hidden farmhouse and stay out of sight.

Liam is worried and starts to go find Hope when Bill waylays him. Katie tells Marcus that forget revealing any top secrets, she realizes he has divided loyalties so she will find out through other sources. Bill calls Steffy and tells her that Hope is not showing up so maybe she should go check on Liam who might welcome her face right about now. Katie calls Bill to give results from her doctor and then offers some stern advice that he is not to interfere in the wedding or Hope’s future happiness. He says he always listens to her. Liam frantically shows up at Hope’s room only to find a note that says she loves him but she is sorry that she cannot do this. He slams the note down and talks to himself that she has done it again; let him down and on their wedding day. Steffy walks in and he damns Hope again that he can’t take this any more; he is done.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Lucas showed up at Samiís place to talk about the charges being dropped against Will.  Lucas wasnít thrilled that Neil revealed to everyone that Will is gay.  Will and Sonny were at the pub celebrating that Will is out of the closet and free of the murder charges.  John and Marlena were at Abeís house to offer their condolences to him.  Abe let them know that Bo and Hope took care of everything for him.  Celeste and Cameron were in Lexieís garden.  They were thinking about Lexie.  Celeste wondered if Cameron was going to go back to his old life and leave her too.  Cameron assured her that he wasnít leaving Salem.  Abby ran into Chad at the town square and noticed that he was crying.  Abby thought it was because his father died, but he said it was because he and Melanie got into a fight.  Melanie was trying to pick the lock open while Andrew and Gabi were outside of the locked room.  Andrew continued to talk to Gabi about Melanie.  He stared at the door as they started to leave from in front of the locked room.  Lucas and Sami continued to talk about Willís personal life being made public and how it helped clear his name.  They hoped that now that everyone knows heís gay he will be able to feel more comfortable about himself.  Will talked to Sonny about how people will react to the news that heís gay.  Sonny reminded him that he had problems at first, but everyone came around.  Melanie finally got the door opened and reacted to something she saw. Celeste and Cameron talked about how heís staying in Salem.  During their conversation, Celeste assumed that Cameron was staying in town for Abby.  Abby couldnít believe that Chad told her that Melanie decided to leave Salem out of the blue.  Chad told her about the emails that Melanie sent to him.  Abby didnít think that sounded like Melanie at all.  Chad noticed the expression on Abbyís face and asked her if she thought something was wrong.  Andrew had on a mask and caught Melanie trying to get out of the locked room.  She told him that it was hard to breathe in the room.  Andrew told her that the door was locked.  She tried to get away, but he grabbed her.  Abe talked to John and Marlena about Lexie.  He also informed them that Lexie was exposed to toxic gas and it led to her brain tumor.  They were shocked to find out that Stefano was responsible for Lexieís death.  Marlena received a text that Will was released and no longer a suspect in Stefanoís murder.  John wanted to know how Carrie got him off.  Marlena informed him that Carrie didnít do it.  Willís date was the one who provided the alibi that got Will off the hook.

Sonny continued to convince Will that things will get better for him now that heís come out.  Will wasnít so sure that things will be okay.  Will isnít so convinced that Roman will accept the fact that heís gay.  Cameron told Celeste that heís staying in town for his family, but Celeste was convinced that he was staying for Abby as well.  Celeste warned him again about getting involved with her.  Chad explained to Abby that he and Melanie fought over his father and about Will getting arrested for his murder.  Chad told Abby that he wants to go to Europe and work things out.  Gabi overheard that and told him it was a bad idea.  John thought that journalists should check their facts first because they assumed he was gay just because he was at a gay bar.  Marlena told John that Will is gay.  John wondered how long she knew.  Marlena told him that she has known for a while.  Abe walked in while John and Marlena were talking.  Abe wanted one of them to call Chad to tell him about Lexie.  Marlena agreed to do it.  While she left John and Abe alone, he informed Abe that he didnít have to be strong anymore.  Abe wanted to be strong for Theo.  Celeste walked in the house and offered her condolences to Abe.  Gabi thought it would be a mistake for Chad to go after Melanie.  Abby said that she would forgive someone who flew to Europe to seek her forgiveness.  Gabi believed that Melanie wanted to have her space.  Abby didnít agree with that advice.  While Gabi and Abby were giving Chad advice, his phone rang.  Marlena called him and told him about Lexie.  Chad was headed to Abeís place.  Melanie wanted to know what Andrew planned to do with her.  He was very vague about his plans for her.  John and Marlena continued to be there for Abe, but he wanted to spend some time alone with Theo.  They said goodbye to Abe and Theo and left the house.  Theo wanted to know what they were going to do now.  Melanie pleaded with Andrew to let her go, but he refused to do it.  Andrew sent out a text from Melanie saying that she loves Europe and may never go back to Salem.  Sami and Lucas arrived at the pub and talked to Will.  They wanted him to know that they love him and will support him no matter what happens.  Gabi pretended to care that Chad wanted to be with Melanie.  He said that he wanted to go after her but he couldnít because he has to bury Lexie.  Gabi wanted him to lean on her.  Abe and Theo talked about how they miss Lexie.  There were flashbacks of Abe and Lexie when they were younger.  Theo told Abe how much he misses his mother.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Heather sees Luke kissing Anna and then follows him to the Haunted Star. She hears Lulu ask Luke how things went with Anna. Luke says he took Luluís advice and told Anna that getting involved was a bad idea and Anna agreed. He reveals that they then ended up in bed. He says they had another talk and decided that they wanted to pursue the relationship in spite of their issues. Lulu tells him that Tracy is more than an issue and he has to tell her about Anna. Luke says he intends to. Lulu tells him that after he comes clean with Tracy, he needs to go back to Anna and tell her everything, including what happened with Anthony. He tells her that he could blow the whole thing before it starts if he does that. Lulu tells him that it is the only way to make it work with Anna. He says Lulu is right. Lulu leaves. Luke calls Tracy and arranges to meet with her. He turns around and finds Heather standing there.

Mac joins Patrick and Emma for a tea party in the park. He asks Patrick how Matt is doing. Patrick says Matt is ok. Mac asks Patrick is holding up. Patrick says he is much better since returning to work. He then apologized to Mac for talking about work when Mac just lost his job. Mac says he was overdue for a change anyway. He says he is enjoying spending time with his extended family, including Felicia. He tells Patrick about what has been going on with Felicia and him. he tells him that on two occasions that he was about to kiss Felicia, someone interrupted them so he wonders if the Universe is telling him that he and Felicia should just be friends. Patrick suggests that instead of listening to the Universe, he should try listening to his heart. Felicia barges in on Anna when she is leaving for work and insists that Anna help her with her life. She tells Anna about what has been going on with Mac. She wonders if they should just remain friends. Anna says she isnít the right person to ask for advice because she just slept with Luke. Felicia says itís exciting and she feels the same way about Mac. Spinelli asks Maxie why she insists on remaining Mrs. Matt Hunter when she doesnít love him. She says she is standing by Matt and has moved into his apartment. Spinelli canít believe she is waiting for Matt and says she made another emotional decision. She asks him what he wants her to say. He suggests that she say, ďThank you.Ē She asks him what for. He says getting her out of prison, saving her from the drug ring that kidnapped her, taking a bullet for her, years of patience, understanding, kindness, encouragement, and support. He asks her if any of those things invoke a flicker of gratitude. She walks out. He follows her and tells her that he remained silent about her plan until it became clear that she would not survive prison. He says he isnít going to apologize for it and put up with her cold shoulder anymore. She says she never asked for his help when he dug up that footage. He says she thought it was better to ask Anthony Zacchara, a homicidal gangster who solved her problem by killing an innocent woman. He tells her that she didnít think then, when she confessed to a murder she didnít commit or when she married a man that she doesnít love. He tells her that her actions affect other people. He tells her that she leaves a path of destruction in her wake and he used to think it was his duty to clean up after her, but no more, he quits. He tells her that it is her life and he is done wasting his. She asks him if being her friend was a waste. He explains that friendship isnít one person taking advantage of the other or treating the other like dirt. He tells her that he knows his love for her has no value and he is done with it and done with her. He storms off and goes into Kellyís. She cries and goes to the park, where she runs into Patrick and Emma. Patrick takes her aside and asks her what is wrong. She tells him she had a fight with Spinelli. He wonders is upset that she married Matt. She says that it is none of Spinelliís business. Patrick tells her that she can get out of the marriage because waiting for Matt to get out of Pentonville isnít what she signed up for. She says she has already moved into Mattís apartment to wait for him. Patrick tells her that she canít live there because the apartment doesnít belong to Matt anymore. He invites her to move in with him and Emma. Emma thinks it is a good idea too. Maxie accepts his offer. Mac comes into Kellyís. Spinelli asks him if Maxie is still outside. He tells Mac that he and Maxie had an argument. Mac says Maxie will come around. Spinelli says he doesnít want her to. Mac says no one wants to be taken advantage of by someone they love. He says the fact that Spinelli loves Maxie probably makes it hurt more. Spinelli says he will probably always love Maxie but he canít go back to that level of pain. Felicia comes into Kellyís so Spinelli leaves the two of them alone. Mac asks Felicia what she thinks about getting back together. She says she was going to ask him the same thing. He kisses her and deduces that they came to the same conclusion. She responds by kissing him.

Kristina and Michael go to see Treyís new apartment. Kristina asks if he is living with Maxie, since it is her apartment. He says he is living with Starr. Michael asks Starr how that happened. Starr explains that she and Trey both applied for the apartment and instead of choosing one of them, Maxie chose to move out and let the two of them have it. Starr wonders why Michael is there. He tells her that he came with his sister and introduces Starr to Kristina. Kristina observes that Starr is the one who tried to kill their father. Starr says she wasnít herself. Kristina says Starr used Michael by staying with him and then trying to kill their father. Michael tells Kristina to butt out of his business. Starr says she regrets everything she did to Michael and his father. Kristina says forget her father, a lot of people want to get back at him and she is first in line. She says the difference is that she isnít using a gun; she is using a camera. Ryan says he is producing Kristinaís reality show. Starr asks if Sonny signed up for that. Kristina says he only did it because she threatened not to speak to him again. Trey says he like them to reenact the whole conversation on camera. Michael tells Kristina to see how Trey is trying to manipulate all of them to be in his show. He asks Kristina why she thinks Trey moved in with the girl that tried to kill their father. Kristina asks Trey if he wants Starr to be part of the show. Michael tells Trey to tell Kristina about how he is playing her. Kristina takes Trey into the hallway and tells him that she doesnít think itís a good idea to include Starr in the show because she is unstable. Trey says he can handle himself. Michael tells Starr that living with Trey is a bad idea. She says she has already figured that out. Michael warns her not to let Trey use her the way he is manipulating Kristina. Starr says there is nothing to use because she doesnít have anything against Sonny now that she knows the truth. She says she doesnít have anything against Kate either because Connie fired the gun. Michael wonders what Trey will do with that information once he finds out about it, not knowing that Trey has returned to the apartment. Sonny visits Kate in Shady Brook. She tells him that she remembered that she left him on that street corner because she was pregnant. He doesnít understand how that was possible and asks her if she was seeing someone else. Ewen encourages her to tell him so she musters up the courage to say she was raped. He asks her if she knows who did it. She names Joe Scully Jr. Sonny blames himself because Joe Jr. hated him. She tells him that she didnít tell him about it because she knew he would kill Joe Jr. and throw away his life and then she got pregnant and was too ashamed to face him. They each tell the other that they are sorry. She tells him that Father OíBrian told her she couldnít have an abortion so went to a boarding house and had the baby alone in her room. She says she felt bitter and resentful when she saw Joe Jrís bastard child so she put him in a dresser drawer and left. She says everything about her past, her rape, her pregnancy, and her child disappeared. Sonny asks if she knows where the child is now. She says she doesnít think the child survived. He tells her that none of it was her fault and he will do everything he can to help her through it. He assures her that he loves her. Sonny asks Dr. Keenan if Kateís breakthrough means Connie is gone. Ewen says not quite. He says remembering the rape and the baby was the first step but they still have work to do before the two personalities are completely integrated. Kate says she is already beginning to access some of Connieís memories. Sonny asks her if she remembers shooting out Anthonyís tires.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor and Nikki discuss Jack and Sharon. Victor thinks Jack is beneath Nikki, and Nikki thinks Sharon isn’t challenging enough for Victor. Sharon is jealous when she sees Adam with Chelsea, and Chelsea is hurt when she sees Sharon talking to Adam after she returns from taking her GED test. Abby and Chloe struggle to find someone to perform at the Arts Council Gala since Angelina canceled in order to go on a tour of Europe with Danny. Tucker and Harmony are able to use their connections to get who they wanted to perform at the gala. Daniel and Phyllis are nervous because they have both had a sleepless night wondering what to do so Daisy won’t tell anyone that Phyllis ran over Christine and Paul at Christmas time in 1994. Daniel is also upset that Kevin hired Daisy to work at Crimson Lights.

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