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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope clings to Deacon as he hugs her, both fighting back tears. She’s just so glad he is here and it's ironic that it’s her wedding day. He spies her phone and takes it. He tries to explain that he wasn’t in her life all these years as Brooke preferred it that way. And he admits that it was for the best as he’s not really a stand-up guy. She did not need some selfish jerk as a role model. She reminds him that she is all grown up now and perfectly cable of handling selfish jerks, especially those she cares about. Meanwhile everyone waits at the church and Brooke assures them Hope may be late, but she will be coming so just be a little more patient. Bill is silently gloating. Dayzee tracks Marcus down at Bill Spencer’s office and he reveals he is trying to get in touch with his Dad as he knows something is up between him and Bill and it’s not good and it involves Hope’s wedding. Now he can not find Bill or his Dad, but the last he heard his Dad told him to stay out of it. Dayzee convinces him that he must say something to those involved. Katie walks in at this moment and wants to know how Bill is involved in something that pertains to Hope.

Hope explains to Deacon that Ridge has been a great dad over the years, but he has his own daughter. And the way things have turned out, she really needed him here today. She gushes this is perfect; now he can walk her down the aisle but they must hurry. Reluctantly he says he can’t do that because of her mother. She says not to worry about her. He counters with today is her day and for her family and the last thing they need to see is an ex-con walking her down the aisle. She’s shocked when she hears he’s been in jail, but chuckles that is obviously behind him now. And having him say he was released early, just means it was meant to be, just in time for her wedding. Seriously he tells her that it’s meant so much to him to be here today and they spend a little time together, but he can’t be at her wedding. She says she understands and it’s okay. But it’s late and she has to go. He tries to delay her just a little longer. He missed her birthdays but he never meant to cause her pain. And now she is so good, sweet and kind and he feels like she just needs to yell at him or punch him, something. Hope says she is sorry to disappoint him, but she could never hate him. She knows things were bad with him and her mom but looking at him right now, she can tell that he missed her just as much as she did him. He explains that she should not trust him. She keeps repeating that she knows she would never hurt her. Katie demands that Marcus tell her everything he knows. Bill calls Alison and says no one is panicking yet but they soon will be. There is a car waiting for Hope; get rid of it now. Deacon tells Hope that he is very happy for her; now go get married. She gives him a hug and says she hopes he will be there when she returns. Alison tells the driver to leave without the bride. Hope sees the car drive off and she screams for it to return – this is her wedding day.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Bo, Hope, and Ciara were at Abeís house with Theo.  Bo and Hope talk about how hard itís going to be to say goodbye to Lexie.  Abe was in the garden with Lexie.  Heís holding her and crying.  Abe pleaded with her to come back to him.  Lexieís spirit rose and she smiled down at Abe.  Gabi ran into Andrew and she told him that Melanie left for Europe.  Andrew had a flashback of kidnapping Melanie and locking her up.  Andrew thought that it was a good thing that Melanie was gone so Gabi could have a chance with Chad.  Gabi was happy to have Chadís attention without having to do anything.  EJ tried to convince Will that he should come forward with his alibi.  Will told EJ that he would do it.  EJ wanted to know when he planned on telling the truth.  Will said he would tell soon, but EJ thought he shouldnít wait too long to say something to the police.  Neil told Rafe, Sami, and Carrie where Will was the night of the shooting.  Rafe asked if the bar was a gay bar as Roman walked in the room.  Rafe told Roman everything that Neil told them.  Roman didnít believe that because his grandson would not be at a gay bar.   Sami became very uncomfortable.  Lexieís spirit continued to watch Abe.  Lexie assured Abe that he will get through this, but he didnít think he could.  She apologized to Abe and said that she will always be there for him as well as Theo.  Abe hugged her.  Will told EJ he wanted to tell the truth on his own terms.  EJ assured Will that he will go to jail if he keeps waiting to come forward.  EJ told Will that he canít be concerned about what other people are going to think.  Will said that he canít let things roll off his back the way that EJ does.  EJ warned Will that the prosecutor is going to make the charges against him stick if he doesnít come forward.  Roman thought that Will must have gone to the bar to be there with Sonny.  Neil told him that the bar is where he and Will hang out.  Roman wanted to know if Sami knew anything about what Neil said and Sami said she did.  Ciara wanted to know when Abe and Lexie were going to come back in the house.  Theo let her know that Lexie wasnít coming back because sheís in heaven.  Abe continued to cry when Hope went out to the garden and found him with Lexie.  Abe told Hope that his beautiful wife is gone and he canít let her go.  Will and EJ were still talking about whether Will should tell the truth when Hope called EJ.  Hope told EJ that Lexie passed away.  After EJ got off the phone with Hope, EJ told Will that Lexie died.  Will offered his condolences and EJ walked out of the room.

Bo sat with Abe in the garden and tried to console him.  Hope called Celeste and told her about Lexie.  Hope told Celeste to come over.  Neil told everyone at the police station that Will didnít kill Stefano because he has an alibi.  Roman wanted to know if Sami knew anything about it, but Sami didnít know anything.  Sami told Roman that he needed to ask Will about it.  Will arrived and wanted to know what Roman had to ask him.  Will noticed Neil and wanted to know why he was at the police station. Neil told Will that he was letting everyone know about his alibi.  Roman had a hard time believing that Will was in a gay bar.  Will let Roman know that it was true.  Melanie tried to escape from the room where Andrew locked her up.  Lexieís spirit talked with Theo.  Theo didnít want her to go, but she told him that she had to leave.  Abe told Bo that he didnít know how he was going to tell Theo about his mother dying.  Theo walked in the room and told Abe that he knew that his mother was gone.  Roman wanted to make sure that Will was sure about that alibi.  Roman warned Will that people may get the wrong idea about him even if he was at a gay bar with his friends.  Will assumed that Roman would rather he be accused of being a murderer than being gay.  Roman assured Will that he wasnít saying that.  Will dropped the bomb that he is gay.  Andrew and Gabi continued to talk about Melanie and Chad and keeping them apart.  Andrew wanted to show Gabi something that will guarantee that Chad and Melanie will be apart.  Will apologized for coming out like that.  Rafe and Carrie understood and were thankful that he told the truth.  Roman wasnít thrilled with the idea of Will being gay, but he finally understood.  Roman, Rafe, and Carrie left to get the charges against Will dropped.  Will apologized to Sami and they hugged.  EJ arrived at the Carverís place and Bo and Hope offered their condolences.  EJ and Abe talked about what happened to Lexie.  Lexieís spirit watched over everyone at her house.  Melanie continued to try and break out of the room.  Andrew and Gabi are outside of the door.  Gabi wanted to know how Andrew planned on keeping Chad and Melanie apart.  Andrew was about to let Gabi know how he planned on keeping Chad and Melanie apart, but Gabi changed her mind and didnít want to know anymore.  She knew she had to get Chad to fall in love with her and forget about Melanie.  While they were talking, Melanie continued to pick at the lock.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spinelli tells Olivia that he has information about Heather and her ďhusband.Ē He tells her about his conversation with the officer on the highway who told her that Heather had a white haired older man passed out in the car with her and that she called the man her husband. Spinelli asks if Heather might have secretly gotten married. They rule out Stevenís father and Edward Quartermaine. Olivia thinks of Luke Spencer and Heatherís delusions about being in a relationship with him. She concludes that Luke would never have been in a car with Heather. Spinelli says it might be worth asking Luke a few questions about Heather. Heather tells Todd that the story about Samís baby being alive would make front page news. He is annoyed that she broke into his room to threaten him. He tells her that if she has done any research about him, she would know that he is really good at violence when people mess with him. She tells him it is just business. He tells her that his business with her is finished. He tells her to get out and says the next time she comes to his door, she needs to knock. She threatens again to reveal their secret. He hands her his phone and invites her to call the police. He tells her to then expect to find the news of how she killed a guy and pushed him around in a wheelbarrow. He tells her that he would never have agreed to the baby switch if she hadnít manipulated him into believing that Sam didnít want her baby. Heather says they should leave the past in the past and focus on the future. She says she is there because she wants to start a new life with her new man so she needs a new job. She says that is where Todd comes in.  She gives him her resume. He asks her if her man is the man that killed Anthony Zacchara. She says he didnít want to do it; his ex-wife made him do it. He asks her if she will leave him alone if he gives her a job. She agrees. He hires her. He tells her to figure out what she wants to do and get back to him. She asks for an advance on her salary. He gives her the money in his pocket. Anna tells Luke that what happened between them last night can never happen again. Luke disagrees. He thinks they should investigate whatever is brewing between them. He tells her that he has feelings for her. She doesnít think it is a good idea for her to get involved with her ex-husbandís best friend. He agrees that it is complicated. She says she isnít sure if she is ready. She tells him that Tracy thinks they are getting back together and that before they move forward with anything, he has to be honest with Tracy.  Heather goes to tell Luke her good news and sees Luke and Anna kissing at the door.

Jason goes to the cemetery and tells Sam that he didnít think she wanted him at the service, but he wanted to be there for her. He asks her where her family is. She tells him that she told them to go because she thought she wanted to be alone. He tells her that he wants to help her through it if she will let him. He tells her that staying at the motel canít be good. She tells him she is staying with her mother. He tells her that he is still her husband and asks her to go home with him. She says she canít and runs away. Michael and Kristina talk at one of the outdoor tables at Kellyís about Samís babyís funeral and discover that Trey has been listening to them when he suddenly says he wishes they were recording. Michael asks Kristina if she knows him. Kristina introduces them. Trey tells him that the mob prince will be a great addition to the show. Michael says he wonít be on the show. Trey asks Kristina to work on him and get him to sign a release. Michael asks Kristina why she wants anything to do with someone who wants to profit off the death of a baby. Kristina asks him to sign the release form. He asks her how many times she has done something stupid to get back at their father. She says her parents humiliated her and she just wants to tell her side of the story. She says she might even become her own brand. He asks her if Trey told her that. She claims that Trey is a visionary and he listens to her as compared to her parents who donít think she is capable of making her own decisions. Michael says Kristina is impulsive and she is proving her parents right. Kristina says Michael sounds like her parents and Trey cares about her well-being. Michael says he gets it now; Kristina likes Trey. She says that doesnít matter because Trey wants to keep things professional. She asks him again to sign the release. She asks him about Starr. He tells him all about Starrís ordeal. Kristina concludes that Michael likes Starr.  He says he does like Starr, but Starr just lost her baby and boyfriend. Kristina says that is why Starr needs someone. He says he and Starr are just friends. Starr and Johnny start recording her album. She says the only thing standing in the way now is her fatherís approval. Johnny asks her if he should be worried. She tells him that her father only goes after people who hurt her, like when he tried to kill Sonny because he thought he was the reason that she lost Cole and Hope. Maxie cleans her apartment because she will be interviewing potential roommates. Lulu asks her if she is going to stay married to Matt. Maxie says she has to support her husband. Lulu asks her if it is really about supporting Matt or if it is about punishing Spinelli. Maxie denies it, but admits that she is still angry that he identified Matt as Lisa Niles killer. Lulu says Maxie shouldnít have been in prison if she was innocent and Matt should have appeared in court and entered a plea, which he did. She says Spinelli told the truth to protect her and she thinks Maxie still loves Spinelli too. Maxie tells her to concentrate on her own marriage because Dante is not going to like her spending all her nights with Johnny. She says she saw firsthand what Lulu and Johnny was real and warns that attraction plus proximity leads to someplace you never expect to go. Lulu leaves to go look at the new floor plans and when she opens the door, Trey is standing there and he asks if she wants to shack up. She informs him that she is not Maxie and points inside. As they pass each other through the door, she tells him not to get too excited because Maxie is married. He says the apartment is perfect. Starr Manning comes into the open door, asks if this is the place with a room for rent, and says it is perfect. Starr introduces herself.  Trey asks her if Starr is a stage name. She ignores him. Trey tells her that the place is his. She asks him if they have already signed a lease. Since they havenít, Starr says it is Maxieís decision. He tells her to back off and calls her, ďgirlyĒ She tells him not to call her ďgirlyĒ; her name is Starr. Maxie reminisces about living there with Spinelli while Starr and Trey argue about who should have the place. Maxie says they both can have it because she is going to go to her husbandís place.  Trey announces that he is taking the bigger room. Trey calls Kristina to invite her to his new place. Michael sarcastically says that is keeping it professional. Kristina and Michael go together. Kristina observes to Trey that it is Maxieís apartment and asks if he is living with her. Pointing to Starr as she crosses the room, Trey says he is living with her. Lulu goes to the Haunted Star and hears Starrís demo recording. Johnny asks Lulu if Dante is going to let her go through with their co-ownership. She says Dante just needs time to process it. She tells him that Maxie warned her that working with him would jeopardize her marriage. Johnny thinks Maxie is projecting. Lulu agrees and says Maxie wonít even admit that she is married to one man and in love with another. Maxie runs into Spinelli at Kellyís.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Paul wants Heather to get a restraining order against Ricky, but she refuses to believe that Ricky could harm anyone. This makes Ricky very happy since he is watching Heather and Paulís conversation on his computer. Later Paul asks Ricky to stay away from Heather. Ricky wonders why Paul thinks he is a bad guy and wants to take him down. Paul tells Ricky he isn’t after him; he is just worried about him and Heather. Lauren changes her mind about buying a gun but later decides to buy the gun because she sees Daisy talking to Fenmore. Tucker tells Harmony not to blame herself for what happened between them, because he wanted to be with her, and he still wants to be with her. Tucker tells Harmony that he just loves women too much to stay faithful to one woman, although if he could have been faithful to one, it should have been Ashley. Tucker asks Harmony to go back to his place, but she say no, because she doesn’t want to make any more mistakes.

Genevieve calls Colin to tell him to leave her account alone and then we see a hand putting a lot of money into a safe deposit box. Genevieve is on her way to sell her jewelry to pay for her room at the Athletic Club when Tucker stops her and her jewelry falls out of her purse. Tucker tells Genevieve that he knows she is in trouble and he wants to help, so he gives the club manager his credit card and tells him to put all of Genevieve’s expenses on it. Daniel is shocked when Daisy tells him what Phyllis did to Christine and Paul. Once they are alone, Daniel demands that Phyllis tell him the truth. Phyllis tells Daniel that she snapped when she saw Christine kissing Danny. She followed Christine to Newman Towers in a rental car but she was surprised to see her with Paul. After Paul left, all she wanted to do was scare Christine, but Paul came back and she got nervous and hit the accelerator instead of the break. She never meant to hurt them. Daniel has no idea what to do because Daisy told him and Phyllis that she will keep Phyllis’s secret as long as Daniel stays married to her. Daniel and Phyllis sit and try to figure out a way to get rid of Daisy.

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