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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

It’s the wedding day; Liam and Hope video back and forth, Steffy mopes in her room until Ridge silently appears and takes her in his arms to comfort her. Bill tries to pretend to Liam that he is okay with all of this. He heads to the farmhouse to find Deacon and tells him the wedding is still on so they need to fine tune a few details so they will come off without a hitch. They better get going and he better not screw this up. Hope tells her mother of the change in plans and to marry in the church. Ridge catches Liam again and reminds him one more time that he has two daughters. One is going to be very happy today; the other heartbroken. So he wants to make sure Liam is 100% committed to this. Liam assures him that he is. At the last minute, Steffy visits Hope and says she is sorry but she just can not stand up for her today. This day should just be the joy of Hope and Liam and nothing should take away from that.

Both Ridge and Brooke tell Hope that she looks breathtaking in her wedding gown. He still would like to walk her down the aisle, but he understands. Steffy finds Liam and says he better get to the church, he has a wedding to attend. She cries to him again that she won’t be able to stand up for Hope and how sweet Hope was about that. She just wants Liam to be happy. Alone, with all the others waiting at the church, Hope opens the door to find Deacon standing there. She is shocked and he knows he is the last person that she expected to see. The last time she saw him was when she was little and now he is here. Embarrassingly, he says he tried to keep track of her over the years and all fathers want to be there when their little girl gets married. She cries that he doesn’t know how much she actually wanted him here today. She needs him. She goes into his waiting arms….he hugs her tight….a real Kodak moment.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Andrew grabbed Melanie in an alley.   Chad was talking to Gabi about Melanie.  Gabi thought Melanie was lucky to have him.  Lexie was having trouble getting ready for the day (she was shaking), but Abe wanted to take her out.  Abe took her out to the garden and they started reminiscing about when they bought their house.  Sami met with Justin at the pub to talk about Willís case.  Justin dropped a bomb on Sami.  He told her that his firm is working with someone who can help with Willís case.  Carrie walked in the pub and wanted to know if she missed anything.  Sami asked Justin if she was supposed to hire Carrie to help Will.  Sami was skeptical at first, but she finally agreed to let Carrie work on Willís case.  Sami warned Carrie that Willís life is in her hands.  Rafe and Billie were at the police station talking about Willís case.  Billie is convinced that Will is not the shooter.  She thinks that EJ is the shooter.  EJ and Will were at the DiMera mansion and they talked about who could have killed Stefano.  Will thought that EJ might be the killer.  EJ didnít like the idea of Will accusing him of killing Stefano.  Will wanted some answers.  EJ warned Will about accusing him of killing Stefano.  Will reminded EJ of the reasons why he could have killed Stefano, but EJ didnít like hearing them.  Justin let Sami know that hiring Carrie was his idea.  Sami continued to tell Carrie that she has to do everything she can to help Will win his case.  Carrie assured Sami that she can convince a jury that Will is innocent.  EJ and Will continued to talk about the shooting.  EJ thought that Marlena could have killed Stefano as well, but Will didnít believe it.  Will didnít care if EJ killed Stefano or not.  Will wants to clear his name.  EJ told Will that if he is going to help him clear his name, he had to tell everything that happened the night of the shooting.  Rafe questioned whether Billie really believed that EJ shot Stefano.  Billie told Rafe about the pensions that EJ stole and thought that could be a reason why EJ shot Stefano.  Chad became worried about Melanie and decided to give her a call.  Chad didnít know that Andrew grabbed Melanie and kidnapped her.  Andrew heard Melanieís phone ringing and there was a shot of Melanie passed out on a bed. 

Abe and Lexie continued to talk about their lives together.  Abe was so grateful that she chose him.  Justin, Sami, and Carrie arrived at the police station and they found out that Roman was no longer working on Willís case.  They found out that Rafeís working on the case.  Sami was shocked to find out that Rafe is working on the case.  Sami wasnít sure she liked the idea of Rafe working on Willís case because she thought Carrie would be too distracted by Rafe to focus on Will.  Carrie didnít think that was fair, but Sami didnít want to hear it.  Sami stormed out of the room and Justin went after her.  Carrie told Rafe that she didnít know that he was working on the case, but she would walk away if he wanted her to do it.  Rafe thought that Will needed as many people as he could get to work on his case.  Chad called Will to apologize to him for accusing him of killing Stefano.  Will appreciated that Chad thought that Will was innocent.  Chad asked Will if he saw Melanie, but he didnít see her.  Lexie became weaker while she and Abe were talking about how he would have to raise Theo alone.  Lexie did assure him that he will have Celeste ,Cameron, and EJ around to help him.  Lexie was having trouble keeping her eyes open and Abe kissed her.  Will told EJ off screen about his alibi.  EJ wanted to know why he didnít tell the police.  Will didnít want to say anything because his grandfather is the commissioner.  EJ reminded Will that heís in serious trouble, but Will didnít know what to do about it.  Melanie woke up and noticed that she was in a locked room. She wanted to know where she was.  Rafe and Carrie talked about Willís case.  Rafe assured Carrie that if thereís evidence to clear Will he will find it.  Carrie wasnít worried about Will.  She was worried that Rafe could lose his job again.  She warned Rafe to be objective while solving the case.  EJ told Will that he will help him clear his name.  Will thought he was doing it so he could blackmail him again.  EJ assured him that he believed him and thatís why heís helping him.  Abe and Lexie continued to spend quality time together.  He wanted to go inside to fix dinner, but Lexie wanted to stay outside and watch the stars.  They continued to sit and hugged each other.  Andrew sent Chad an email from Melanie saying that she couldnít forgive him for what happened.  Andrew said that Melanie was going to Europe to get away.  Gabi used the text to her advantage and drove it home that Melanie wanted to get away from Chad.  Neil, the one who Will kissed, showed up at the police station and said that Will was at a bar during the time of Stefanoís shooting.  Rafe asked Neil if Will was at a gay bar.  Will continued to tell EJ that he didnít want to tell anyone where he was during the shooting. EJ said it would save his life.  Abe told Lexie that it was getting cold and wanted to go inside and get another blanket.  Lexie appeared to be sleeping so Abe tried to wake her up.  She wouldnít respond so he kept calling out to her.  Abe started to cry because he had trouble waking her up.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia asks Spinelli for an update and asks him to find whatever he can to get that nut job out of her life. Heather asks what nut job she was talking about. Olivia says it is a chronic complainer at the Metro Court.  Heather wonders why Oliviaís boss would have a maid handle a difficult customer. Steve informs Heather that Olivia runs the Metro court. Heather says she is looking for a job. She says it will give her structure and then she can concentrate on her son and relationship. Steve wonders about her relationship. Heather doesnít mention her infatuation with Luke; she simply says she wants to be in a relationship like everyone else does. Steve wonders if there are any positions at the Metro Court. Heather says she isnít interested in hospitality; she is going to apply at the newspaper.  Olivia tells her that jobs in journalism are hard to get. She says the Haunted Star is reopening. Heather lights up at the thought of working on Luke Spencerís boat. Olivia tells them that Lulu Spencer and John Zacchara own it now. Spinelli searches for clues to Heatherís activities on the night of the storm. An officer finds him crawling on the ground in the middle of the road and offers to call a tow truck for Spinelli. Spinelli shows him his private investigator credentials and says he is investigating a potentially dangerous woman who was on this road the night of the storm. The officer tells him that there werenít many cars on the road and there was one woman who refused to turn around. Spinelli shows him heatherís picture. The officer confirms that she is the woman he saw. He says he thinks she had been to a bar. He tells her that if he hadnít stopped her, she would have run into the fallen cell tower and she and her passenger would have been killed. Spinelli asks about the passenger. The officer says the woman was travelling with her husband. Hr describes the man as older, skinny, white hair, and passed out drunk.  He tells her that he stopped the woman between mile markers 12 and 13 and asks Spinelli what the woman has done. Spinelli says that is the mystery he needs to solve.

Todd Manning talks to a realtor about a house. Carly brings him the newspaper and notices it has been renamed the Sun. He tells her that he bought Luxcorp, which owned the newspaper, a cable TV provider and a fashion magazine called Crimson. Carly tells him that Kate Howard owns Crimson. He tells her that Kate sold controlling interest to Luxcorp in 2009 when she needed an infusion of cash. He says Luxcorp is now Manning Enterprises. She is surprised that he bought a business in Port Charles. He says he told her that he was thinking about putting down roots. She says putting down roots is getting an apartment or house. He tells her that maybe he will buy her hotel. She laughs. He tells her that he was just kidding; he is not interested in the real estate business. He asks her to read his newspaper and give him her honest opinion.  He sees her distressed expression and asks her what she didnít like. She tells him that it was fine, but the article about Samís baby was sad. She tells him that Sam is her best friendís wife and how long it took for Sam to conceive because of medical problems and it is so unfair that she had to lose him. He says no one should ever have to lose a child. He thinks about Heather saying everybody would be better off after the baby switch and he concludes that it wasnít better for Sam. Edward wants Jason and Michael to sign something for ELQ. Michael is surprised that Jason isnít at the funeral for Samís baby. Jason says he didnít know about it, and he doesnít think Sam wants him around because he is the reason that the baby died. Michael says that doesnít mean he shouldnít be at the funeral. Jason says Sam told him to leave her alone. Michael says that doesnít mean she meant it. Jason reveals that he couldnít promise Sam that he could love her baby. He tells Michael that he went to tell Sam that he could love her baby on the night of the storm, but she was already gone, walking around in the woods with a sick baby. He says that when he did tell her, she didnít believe him. Jason remembers the first time he held Michael and regrets that Sam wonít get the experiences with her son that he had with Michael. He says going to the funeral would hurt Sam too much. Michael thinks Sam needs Jason but canít say it. Alexis, Kristina, Molly, and Sam gather at the funeral site. Kristina upsets Sam when she says Jason should be there. Alexis tells Kristina not to mention Jasonís name again. Sam asks how she is supposed to grieve her son when she doesnít believe he isnít dead. Alexis tells her to remember her baby the way he was when he was born. Spinelli goes to the cemetery to offer his condolences. Sam says she wishes he could have seen her son. Michael goes to the cemetery. Kristina tells him that she doesnít think he should be there because they arenít allowed to even mention Jasonís name. Sam wants to see Michael. Carly arrives, tells Sam that she is sorry, and hugs her. Carly sees Todd Manning standing near the entrance. Everyone leaves the cemetery except Sam. She rereads the article about her babyís death and cries. Jason arrives at the cemetery. Carly returns to the Metro Court and sees Todd. She observes that his heart is bigger than anyone thought. Heather goes to Metro court and lets herself into Toddís room. She throws a copy of the paper next to him on the sofa and tells him that the story about Samís baby being alive would be front page news. Spinelli meets Olivia at Kellyís and tells her he found information about Heather and her ďhusband.Ē

Anna and Luke wake up after spending the night together. She wonders if it was a mistake because it puts at risk their friendship and her job. Luke adds Tracyís feelings to the list. Anna asks him if he wants to get back together with Tracy. He doesnít answer. Tracy pays a bellman to let her into Lukeís room. Tracy calls for Luke several times with no response so concluding that he is sound asleep, she goes into his room and finds Anna in Lukeís bed. Anna says she and Luke switched rooms and that Luke is out.  Tracy tells Anna that she is getting back together with Luke as soon as their legal issues are resolved. She says Anna knows they didnít kill Anthony so she should take them off her suspect list and use her energy on finding the real culprit. Anna asks what will happen if Anthony turns up alive. Tracy says she and Anthony are over. Anna says she wouldnít want to get in the middle of Tracyís affairs. Tracy suggests that Anna move out of Lukeís suite. She says it doesnít look good for the police commissioner to be shacking up with a former suspect. Tracy leaves. Luke comes out from hiding. Anna tells him that she doesnít think they should make love again. Tracy returns home and decides it is time for Alice to get Lukeís room ready.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor refuses to help Nikki and Sharon get out of jail until they both work out their differences with each other. Nikki and Sharon trade insults for a long time and finally come to an understanding. Nikki makes it clear to Sharon that they will never be best friends and she will never approve of her relationship with Victor, but she will respect Victor’s decision to be in a relationship with her. Nick tells Victor about Phyllis’s miscarriage and how Daisy stood outside the door listening and did nothing to help Phyllis. Nick explains that Michael can’t do anything to help, so Victor and Nick meet with Avery to discuss a civil suit against Daisy. Lauren and Daniel stand outside Phyllis’s door while she says something loudly and discover that they would have heard Phyllis screaming if they would have been standing outside her door. Phyllis tells Daniel they should go to the judge with this information to make sure the judge takes custody of Lucy away from Daisy.

Heather thinks Ricky is weird but she doesn’t believe that he is crazy like his mother although she is worried about Paul’s sanity. Heather thanks Paul for being there to protect her, but she doesn’t need protection right now. Paul asks Chris to help him by using her contacts to investigate Ricky. Daisy overhears Michael telling Heather and Avery about the unsolved hit and run in which someone tried to run over Christine and Paul at Christmas time in 1994. Daisy later talks to Ricky who tells her he found a receipt that shows Phyllis rented a car in 1994, but he doesn’t know why, since he can’t find any information to show that her car was in the shop. Daisy quickly figures things out about Phyllis but doesn’t say anything to Ricky about her suspicions. Heather tells Ricky to stop messing with Paul or she will come after him as Assistant District Attorney not his sister. Lauren meets with a guy and slips him some money, then he gives her a gun inside a box. Daisy tells Phyllis that she will have to learn to be nice to her or she will tell everyone that she tried to run over Paul and Christine at Christmas in 1994.

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