Friday 6/15/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke admits that marrying Ridge is like a habit and she thinks they can handle it for a third time. She really thought he was losing it talking about a giant olive. Hope and Liam continue to look over the city but need to go see the priest. Deacon keeps questioning Bill to know what he’s supposed to do. Bill grunts that he is not to go outside as he knows besides Hope and Liam out there, so are Ridge and Brooke who will recognize him, so Bozo the comedian will stay put for now. He goes over it one more time. Deacon will do exactly as he says, no more questions. For now Liam has a stubborn streak just like his dad, but the marriage will be off as of tomorrow.

Hope introduces Liam to Father Fontana and then proclaims that it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind and she’d like to get married here in the church of St. Anthony. It just feels so right. Liam says he is in, but he won’t be the one who tells her mother. Steffy sees Brooke’s engagement ring. Now Brooke will soon be her mother-in-law. Brooke advises her to just be happy for Liam and let her and Hope be her friend as well. She has an incredible mom so she doesn’t need two, but Brooke will always be there for her to talk to. Bill tells Deacon that his son’s life will be saved tomorrow; he wants no snags. Brooke tells Ridge that he just missed Steffy but she thinks she will be okay although she may choose not to go to the wedding. But tomorrow they will all have more to celebrate.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Victor asked Maggie for another chance, but she wasnít willing to give it to him.  He thanked her for listening to him and told her he wouldnít fight a divorce if she wanted one.  At the office, Madison noticed that Brady was jumpy.  She asked him if he was using drugs.  He said he hasnít used drugs in years.  She said he is unfocused and all over the place.  She asked him to take a drug test.  Brady called Daniel and told him that he wanted a drug test for himself.  Daniel agreed to give him the drug test.  Ian came into the office.  He and Madison talked about Brady and Kate.  Ian noticed something was wrong with Brady and asked Madison about it.  Brady met Daniel at the town square and told him about the way heís been feeling lately.  Daniel agreed to run the drug test.  Maggie was surprised that Victor would give up on her.  He said he loved her and was sorry for hurting her.  She said a marriage couldnít survive on love alone.  It had to be nurtured with trust.  He said he would never lie to her again.  She said she loved him.  He asked if that meant she forgave him.  She kissed him. 

Victor thought he lost Maggie.  She said he didnít, but there was one condition.  She wanted to tell Daniel what happened.  Victor wanted to tell him together.  She kissed him again.  He said he missed her.  Brady and Daniel talked about Brady not being on drugs.  Brady told him that he stopped going to meetings because he was feeling good.  Daniel asked if Maggie was still his sponsor.  Daniel suggested that Brady talk to Maggie.  Daniel wanted the two of them to visit Maggie and Victor.  When Victor and Maggie were about to go upstairs, Daniel and Brady showed up.  Brady wanted to talk to Maggie.  Brady told her that he hasnít been to a meeting in a while.  He said he hasnít slipped, but he feels as if he did.  He told her when you are craving for drugs it makes you feel jumpy.  She asked if that was how he was feeling.  He said he did and canít focus on anything.  Victor and Daniel talked about Victorís ex-wives.  When the subject of Nicole came up, Victor was not too kind.  Maggie and Brady continued to talk about his cravings.  She gave him advice on how to deal with his problem.  Victor told Daniel a lot of bad things about Nicole.  Victor also told Daniel that he pitied the next guy who was going to be with her.  Brady and Daniel left the mansion and went back to the office.  Daniel told Madison that he ran the drug test on Brady.  She told Daniel that Brady was acting strange.  Brady said he wasnít hiding anything from her.  He told her that he talked to Maggie.  Madison apologized to him for not trusting him.  He said he wanted to put this behind them when the test came back negative.  While they were talking, Ian was listening. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu tells Johnny that Dante doesnít share their enthusiasm about the club. Johnny offers to buy her half, but she prefers keep her half interest. She says that if Dante doesnít like it, thatís his problem. Dante goes to the Haunted Star to talk to Johnny. He says he doesnít want his wife involved in anything Johnny has planned. Johnny observes that Lulu lives with Dante, works with him, and is apparently forbidden to make decisions without him. He warns Dante that no woman wants to be backed into a corner. Dante says he doesnít want Lulu in the middle when he arrests Johnny for Anthonyís murder. Johnny tells him to go knock on Tracy Quartermaineís door. He adds that he wasnít responsible for the car accident either; Kate is, and Sonny is keeping it quiet. Dante says that would be very convenient for Johnny. He tells Johnny that he will be watching him and if he makes one mistake, he will take him down. Johnny says to himself after Dante leaves that Dante can watch him all he wants and he will never find anything Ė as long as Connie keeps her mouth shut. Dr Keenan asks 17-year-old Connie what happened to her baby. She doesnít want to answer any more questions. Ewen says Connie must have felt scared and alone. She says she felt dirty and damaged. Hr says he wants to help her get through it. She says everyone else that tried to help her, like the doctor and the priest, told her it was a mortal sin. She says the priest told her that terminating the pregnancy and that it was a child of God no matter how it was conceived. She says it wasnít a child of God; it was the child of the bastard that raped her. Dr. Keenan tells her that Joe Jr. canít hurt her anymore, that she is safe here, and that Joe Jr. doesnít have any power over her. She says Joe Jr. has power over Sonny because his father is Sonnyís boss. She says that if Sonny finds out, he will retaliate and end up dead or in prison. Ewen says he wonít judge her. She tells him that she never told her parents. They thought she was staying on campus but she was actually in a boarding house until the baby boy was born, and then she got rid of him. She says she delivered him all alone in her boarding room and that she felt anger when she looked at him. She said he was a reminder of everything that was stolen from her. She says she put him in a dresser drawer, left the boardinghouse, and got on the train. She says she suppressed all memories of the boardinghouse and the baby and it was if the experience never existed. Dr. Keenan concludes that Connie ceased to exist at that moment. She says she stepped on the platform and became Kate Howard and forgot about her ordeal. Ewen calls her Kate and she responds. He tells her that now that she has remembered everything, Connie is gone and she doesnít have to live a double life anymore. Kate says she just has to live with what Connie has done. She cries when she thinks about leaving her newborn alone. She says Joe Junior may have been a monster, but the baby was innocent. She wonders what leaving her baby to die makes her. Sonny tells John McBain that he can go back to Llanview now that he knows the truth. Kristina walks in with her cameraman and producer and tells McBain that her fatherís word isnít much. Ryan says heíd love to get McBainís side of the story. McBain says the story is over and leaves. Sonny threatens Ryan and orders him out of his house. Ryan says that if Sonny kicks him out, Kristina will sever all ties with him. He says Kristina wants to tell her story. Sonny says she could write a book. He says he isnít going to let Ryan exploit Kristina. Ryan says he is Kristinaís only friend. Sonny says Ryan is no friend. He tells him that he doesnít make threats; he takes action, and Ryan would be wise to consider that. Sonny opens the door to let Kristina and the cameramen into the living room. He goes to the kitchen and brings out a fresh batch of cookies. He says on the record that he never threatened anyone at Yale, but he did make a sizable contribution to the library fund. He says he isnít going to apologize for it because he would do anything for his children. He says he didnít do anything illegal. Trey asks if the guy that was just there talking about his sisterís death would say the same thing. He tells them that the man was a cop named John McBain and he was helping him with a case. Kristina wants to know details. Sonny says he told McBain who killed his sister since the police arrested the wrong guy because they were misinformed. He says Kristina's friends were also misinformed. Former friends, Kristina corrects Sonny. He tells her if those people donít see her as the funny smart girl that he sees, then to hell with them. Ryan asks him about Kate assaulting her doctor and being admitted to a mental institution. Sonny ends the interview. Sonny tells Kristina off camera that she is the most like him of all his kids because she will wreck anything just to get her way. He says she is only going to hurt herself. She says she is paying him back for humiliating her. He says he always has her best interests at heart, but that kid Ryan does not. Ryan makes a phone call and tells the other party that he is in Port Charles.

Anna and Luke share a passionate kiss. Luke goes to see Lulu to talk about relationship complications. She tells him that she has relationship woes too because Dante is upset that she only sold half of the Haunted Star. Luke tells her that he would never side with a cop over his daughter, but he can understand Dante being upset about her going into business with Johnny Zacchara. Lulu tells him that the kiss with Tracy wasnít a shock. He tells her about the kiss with Anna. Lulu says she thought Luke and Anna were just friends. Luke says they are, and now he is confused. Lulu wonders what brought on the kiss with Tracy. He tells her that it has been brewing and that Tracy wants him back. He says he told Tracy that it would look bad if Tracyís husband turned up. Lulu wonders if it is a good idea to get involved with Anna. He concedes that getting involved with Anna would be a terrible idea. McBain goes to Anna and Lukeís room at the Metro Court to say goodbye to Anna. She says she is sorry that she couldnít get the extension for him. She says not getting the answers he wanted from Sonny must be hard on him. He tells her that he got answers, just not the ones he was looking for. He tells her about his conversation with Sonny. He wonders if he has really been after the wrong guy for all these years. Anna tells him that she kissed Luke and now she doesnít know how to face him. She says Tracy Quartermaine also kissed him today. John wonders if Luke returns Tracyís feelings. Anna doesnít think that even Luke knows. McBain asks what Anna wants. Anna says getting involved with Luke would be a mistake because His ex-wife wants him back, He is her ex-husbandís best friend, and he is still a suspect in the Anthony Zacchara case while she is the police commissioner. Luke returns to the Metro Court. He and Anna agree that they should remain just friends, then she jumps on him and they start kissing. Dante returns home and tells Lulu that he went to see Johnny and he still doesnít trust him, but he trusts her and he will respect her decision even though he doesnít like it. He apologizes for walking out on her. She apologizes for not discussing the opportunity with him before signing a contract.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Holding his hands over her eyes, Victor leads Sharon to the stables to show her her surprise, but he finds it gone. At the Athletic Club, Paul fills Avery in on Ricky's visit to Tim. Heather finds Ricky still in her apartment. After he gives her back her apartment key, Heather offers to call a truce to their problems. At Crimson Lights, Michael tells Kevin that he hopes that he is not involved in anything illegal like his sister Daisy. Michael proceeds to tell Kevin about Daisy hearing Phyllis calling for help and not going back to help her. Phyllis is home alone when Nick arrives with his belongings. Phyllis fills him in on what Daisy did to her. At home, Daniel watches the surveillance tape of Daisy standing in the corridor and hearing Phyllis calling for help. Daisy walks in and asks him if he is still watching that tape. They argue as usual. Daisy asks him when he will ever believe her about what happened. Daniel replies when she begins to tell him the truth. Ricky is on the computer at Crimson Lights when Troy walks in and joins him. Ricky lets Troy know that Heather evicted him. Troy fills Ricky in on Heather getting a bomb threat in the apartment. An evil thought forms in Ricky’s mind. Nikki walks in with Sharon’s horse, and they begin to argue then fight. Ricky breaks into Heather’s apartment and leaves her a present. Avery visits Phyllis and hears that Nick is grieving over the baby. Avery tells Phyllis about Tim disappearing. Nick meets with Daniel and Michael to try to find a way to get Daisy off the streets. Kevin confronts Daisy about what she did to Phyllis. Daisy is hurt that even Kevin will not defend her. Victor and an officer separate Sharon and Nikki. The officer arrests them both.

Heather comes home with her supper unaware of the present that awaits her. At the Athletic Club, Paul finds out that Ricky left Heather a present in her apartment that will really blow her away. Paul rushes to help Heather. Heather spots the present and opens it to reveal a music box. Paul and two officers rush in before Heather has a chance to open the box. Paul fills Heather in on what Ricky said about the present. Victor goes to see Michael to ask him to delay Sharon and Nikki’s arraignment. Sharon and Nikki are locked up. Phyllis reveals to Avery that she paid Tim to leave town.

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