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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope and Liam take in the beauty of Puglia, Italy, the Pearl of the Adriatic. Now they know why Brooke wanted them to get married here. Steffy has her memories of Liam, and Ridge leads Brooke into the countryside to find that perfect large olive. Back at Forrester’s, Eric makes Stephanie a martini which she enjoys and says is good and they toast to the bride and groom. It even crosses their mind that Ridge and Brooke aren’t legally married. But once they get to Italy, it’ll be all nooky, nooky, nooky.

Bill tells Deacon no questions, just do as he is told. He’ll know what he needs to know when he is ready, not a moment before that. Stephanie calls Steffy who jokes that she wanted to come home, but she is staying and will fly back with Ridge and Brooke, not sure if she will go to the wedding. She’s on the roof of her hotel now and just may jump. Stephanie quips that she better make sure it is high enough off the ground. Keep a stiff upper lip. Ridge and Brooke play hide and seek; she is exhausted but he insists they continue on to find this large olive. Finally he lets her have a breather and she looks up and retrieves a very large olive. Plucking it and turning it over, she finds it opening up showing a huge beautiful ring. Ridge asks her if she will marry him once again and she says yes. Hope and Liam find the staircase and guess this is where they will get married.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Bo and Hope went to see Marlena to talk.  Marlena wondered if they were having a problem.  Maggie went to see Victor because Henderson told her that he wanted to see her.  She knew what Victor was up to and let him know that he was wasting his time.  Marlena sensed that there was something going on between Bo and Hope.  Bo thought he was driving Hope crazy.  Hope told Bo that he agreed to talk to Marlena.  Bo said he did, but he didnít think it was a good idea to talk to her now.  Bo said the problem was work related.  Marlena asked if they were upset because Roman took them off the Stefano murder case.  Hope said they were.  Hope said being off the case didnít stop them from thinking about it or talking about it.  Bo said they were afraid that the killer was going to turn out being someone they love.  Victor asked if she thought seeing him was a waste of time and she said it was.  She reminded him of the lies he told her.  He wanted to talk about it.  She agreed to talk.  Bo told Marlena that the gunshot residue turned out negative for him and Hope.  Hope said that wasnít 100 percent proof.  Hope apologized for what Will was going through.  Marlena said he is innocent.  Hope knew that.  They continued to talk about Stefano and how they all wanted him dead.  Maggie reminded Victor of how he gave her eggs away and lied to her about it.  He said he was afraid of losing her.  He was determined to fight for her after what happened to Stefano.  He told her about the things and Stefano had in common and he didnít want to go through that.  Victor reminded her that he knew what it was like to lose a child the way Stefano is losing Lexie. 

Bo didnít want to talk about the case anymore.  Marlena suggested changing the subject.  Hope said Bo wasnít happy about what happened while he was in the hospital, but he wonít talk to her about it.  Bo said he woke up and found out his wife was turned into Gina and John was turned into the pawn again.  He thought it would be a little strange to find out the details.  Hope thought they had closure because Stefano was dead.  Hope said it could never happen again.  Marlena asked if she was sure.  Marlena said it was clear to her that Bo didnít think it would happen again, but she wondered if he was concerned about what he doesnít know.  Bo said he wanted to know what happened in Alamania.  Victor asked Maggie if she could forgive him.  She said if she forgave him it didnít mean she trusted him.  He told her he changed, but she didnít think he did.  She didnít think there was anything he could do to make her forgive or forget what he did.  Hope told Bo that she and John didnít have a physical relationship in Alamania.  She didnít think the transformation was complete because they snapped out of it too quickly once they saw Bo and Marlenaís pictures.  Hope said in her and Johnís hearts they knew who they were and who they loved.  Hope believed that she and John clung to the lives they really wanted.  Bo said he heard Hope calling for him while he was in the coma.  Hope said he brought her back when she was in Alamania.  Bo said in his heart he knows he and Hope are married, but it was bothering him that her divorce from John isnít final.  Marlena said she wasnít happy about it either.  She knew who to blame for it.  Bo said even in death Stefano was ruining their lives.  When their session was over, Hope said she and Bo needed to keep working on their issues.  Victor continued to plead his case to Maggie to get her to forgive him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke tells Anna that Tracy wants him back and he told her that it is a bad idea because it would give the DA motive. She wonders if he would get back together with Tracy if Anthony werenít missing. He doesnít answer. Tracy tells Alice that she and Luke kissed and that she told him she wants him back. Alice is excited that Luke will be moving back in. Tracy tells her that with her current husband missing, she and Luke decided that they should keep it discreet. She says she knows she is setting herself up for heartache, but Luke has good qualities and he knows how to make a woman feel good after a lousy day. Luke and Anna have dinner, after which he gives her a massage. She says Tracy could do worse and then kisses him.

Dante tells Lulu that Johnny partnering with her in a nightclub is just another way to get to Sonny. He says Johnny could get away with any scam he wants to and Sonny wouldnít make a move because she is part owner. She tells him that Johnny wants to run a legitimate nightclub. She thinks his real problem with it is that Johnny is her ex. Dante says the Johnny she knew has changed and he no longer makes the right decisions. She says opening the nightclub is Johnnyís way of letting go of his old life and starting anew. He asks her how she intends to work at the PCPD and run a nightclub. She tells him that working in the evidence room is dull and she wants more. She says if the nightclub takes off, she can quit her day job. He concludes that she will be quitting her job with him and spending her nights with John Zacchara. He says he will never see her. She says she just wants to feel good about her job the way he feels about his. Anthony haunts Johnny. Carly wonders who Johnny is talking to. He says Anthony. She asks him if Anthony came back. He says only in his head. She asks him if he really thinks Anthony is dead. He says the evidence is compelling. She tells him that Anthony never gave him anything but pain. She says Anthony doesnít have any power over him.

Kate, believing she is 17-year-old Connie, remembers that she left Sonny on the street corner in Bensonhurst because she was pregnant and couldnít tell him. She says her actions forced Sonny into going to work full time for Joe Scully and joining the club in Atlantic City. Ewen wonders why she couldnít tell Sonny. Was it because she had a scholarship to a great school? Was she afraid of how Sonny would react? She says it wasnít Sonnyís baby. She says it was her fault; she should never have opened the door to Joe Jr. She says Joe Jr. hated the way his father relied on Sonny. She says Joe Jr. came to her house and said he was looking for Sonny, knowing that Sonny was working. She relives her brutal attack. She feels Joe Junior's hands around her throat, choking her. She feels him beating her. Then she feels the rape. She falls to the floor and curls up in fetal position.  She tells Ewen that she was a virgin and she and Sonny were waiting because they didnít want anything to mess up their plans. He tells her that Joe Jr. is gone and canít hurt her anymore. Connie says she couldnít tell Sonny because Sonny would have killed Joe Jr. and the Joe Sr. would have killed Sonny. She says the only way to save Sonny was to let him go so she left the love of her life. She doesnít want to talk about it anymore. He asks her what happened to the baby. Sonny tells John McBain that certain moments change a personís life. He says Connie leaving him on the street corner was such a moment. He say Joe Scully had a son, Joe Jr. who was a bully and a screw-up who always let his mouth get him into trouble assuming that his father would clean it up. He says that eventually cleaning up after Joe Jr. became his job. He says that eventually Joe Sr. sent Joe Jr. to Atlantic City and set him up in a club called the Sea Breeze. John McBain says his sister Theresa worked in that club. Sonny says that Scully sent him in to run things because Joe Jr. was spending more than the club was taking in and that is where he met Theresa. McBain asks if Sonny knew Theresa was underage. Sonny says he didnít know that. Joe Jr. did all the hiring and his job was to make sure that everything ran smoothly. McBain says that the last time he talked to Theresa she said she was scared. Sonny says Theresa was way over her head. John asks whose fault that was. Sonny says John is her brother so maybe he should blame himself. He says she told him that if she left the club, her boss would kill her, and he told her that he would protect her. He says the image that stays with him is that of Sonny kneeling over her body with a gun in his hand. Sonny says John jumped to the wrong conclusion; he didnít kill Theresa. He was trying to help her. He says he was protecting her from Joe Jr. because he wanted to have an affair with her but she wasnít interested. He recalls that Joe Jr. had her in one of the rooms and she was yelling so he went in and found that Joe Jr. had her by the hair. He told Joe to let her go. Joe shot Theresa and ran away. Sonny swears on his childrenís lives that that is the truth. He says that he kept quiet when he was arrested because it was the bossís son and in his line of work, you donít live very long if you talk to cops. McBain concludes that the elder Scully paid off the Atlantic City cops. Sonny says Scully told him to keep his mouth shut and he would make it go away. John concludes that his sister was collateral damage because Scully wanted to protect his son and Sonny let him get away with it. Sonny says that up until that point, he considered Scully a mentor but that incident is what made him decide to go independent. McBain asks what happened to Joe Jr. Sonny tells him that Scully sent Jr. away. John wants to know where. Sonny remembers something about the fleur de lis in New Orleans. He says he is sorry about Theresa and wishes it had gone another way for all of them.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Cane and Lily confront Genevieve as to why she involved Kevin in finding out who was stealing money from her bank account. Jack and Ashley argue about him involving Abby in his scheme to regain control of Beauty of Nature. Paul buys Michael a cup of coffee and congratulates him on being appointed District Attorney. Ricky shows Daisy a file on Phyllis when Heather comes to visit and orders Ricky out. Phyllis assures Daniel that she is fine. Jack and Ashley continue to argue over Beauty of Nature. Ashley insists to Jack that he merge Beauty of Nature with Jabot as planned but he refuses. Ashley goes on to compare Jack with Victor and accuses him of doing this for payback. Jack cannot believe his ears. Cane and Genevieve argue as usual over her involving Kevin in this mess. Daniel and Phyllis watch a surveillance tape which shows that Daisy just stood and listened to Phyllis’ cries for help. Paul visits Tim’s apartment and finds some valuable clues concerning Tim and the medications that he was never to do without. Heather orders Ricky to pack and leave her apartment. Daniel goes to see Michael to let him know what Daisy did concerning Phyllis losing the baby.

Genevieve lets Cane and Lily know that Colin is out of jail. Daniel shows Michael the surveillance footage of Daisy. Michael asks Daniel if he can go visit Phyllis. Daniel tells Michael that he wants Daisy off the street, but Michael refuses to do anything about it. Michael comforts Phyllis over the loss of her baby but claims he cannot do anything. Ricky packs to leave when he gets a visit from Paul who questions him about his visit to Tim. Michael informs Phyllis that Tim has disappeared. Phyllis wants to do something to get Daisy out of their lives forever. Ashley threatens to go to the board to make Jack stand up to his promises. Genevieve calls Colin and promises he's not going to get away with stealing her money.

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