Wednesday 6/13/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill physically restrains Steffy from leaving and going to the airport. He tells her that she sure is throwing herself quite the pity party. But she is not a loser and she is not leaving. She just needs to chill out; maybe go to the spa and treat herself. She listens but wonders just how Bill is gonna stop this wedding. She knows he does not take no for an answer. She tells him it is almost like he is holding out for some unseen disaster. All he will say is that Hope has been known to come off the rails and that could happen again here. He knows this is difficult for Steffy, but the payoff could be worth it. She needs to see this through. Ridge and Brooke knock on Liam’s door, hoping he can find Steffy and invite them all to lunch. Hope has to tell him that she just saw Steffy and her intention was to return home and not stay for the wedding after all. It was just too soon and too much for her. Ridge says he applauds Hope for the effort but obviously Steffy wasn’t ready and Bill may never be.

Alison tells Deacon not to waste his charm on her; she is not going to divulge Bill’s plans for him. He wants to know if this Liam is a good guy; is Hope happy. Alison assures him that they love each other and yes they should have a great future together. Deacon makes no excuses for making a deal with the devil to get out of prison, but he hates doing this to his daughter. Steffy returns and tells the group that she changed her mind; if the offer is still open, she’d like to stand up for Hope. Ridge offers one more time that he will walk her down the aisle, but Hope says that isn’t necessary. She doesn’t feel he can fully sanction this marriage under the circumstances with Steffy here. Deacon is tired of sitting around waiting on Bill to call, but he finally does. Bill offers that Hope will be alone tomorrow just before she leaves for the church and that’s when Deacon will make his move. Bill says Deacon better be prepared to make his move and he doesn’t want to hear any mealy mouth excuses or whining about his previous daughter who he hasn’t bothered to see in 20 years. They made a deal and he expects to see it through; otherwise he will have him back in that prison in a flash. Deacon vows that he is not going back to that prison so it looks like Bill is gonna get what he wants.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Ian went to see EJ at the mansion.  Melanie warned Gabi to keep her guard up when it concerned her stalker.  Andrew was getting a room ready for someone.  He took out a rope and some tape.  Will asked Chad why he thought he killed Stefano.  Chad said the cops didnít arrest him for nothing.  Will said it looked bad, but the evidence was circumstantial.  Chad wanted to know about the evidence.  Will couldnít talk about the case.  Chad said this wasnít a case to him because he didnít have parents anymore.  Chad didnít care what Willís lawyer said.  He wanted to know what was going on.  While Gabi and Melanie were talking, they heard Chad yelling.  Will apologized to Chad and said he knew how Chad felt.  Chad said he didnít.  Will said he wouldnít shoot anyone.  Chad wanted to know what was going on with him.  Will said he couldnít.  Melanie and Gabi showed up.  Melanie wanted to know what was going on.  Will said his fingerprints were found on the gun.  He swore that he didnít fire the gun.  He said they knew he had access to the house because he used to work there.  He said he had gun residue on his hands, but it was from another gun he bought and fired.  He said he didnít shoot Stefano.  Chad asked why he needed a weapon.  Will said thereís stuff going on in his life that Chad didnít know about.  Chad didnít believe him.  Melanie stood up for Will.  Chad said Willís prints were on the gun that killed his father.  Chad said Will bought a gun and used it.  Melanie said people are innocent until proven guilty.  Will said he didnít have a motive, but Chad reminded him that he hated his father.  Melanie said everyone did.  She said the paper said there were a lot of suspects.  Chad couldnít believe Will was walking around free.  Will denied killing Stefano.  When Will walked away, Chad yelled that he wasnít going to get away with this.  Melanie defended Will.  Chad questioned whose side she was on.  EJ wanted to know what Ian wanted.  Ian wanted to offer his sympathy.  EJ said Ian didnít know his father.  Ian said he was aware of him.  EJ threw up in his face that he stole Kate from Stefano.  They talked about Kate working with Madison at Titan.  EJ wanted to know what Ian wanted.  Melanie wanted to talk, but Chad didnít want to.  Melanie said she knew how Will felt because she was accused of killing her father, but she was innocent.  Chad said her good friend did it.  She said he had motive because he thought he was protecting her.  They continued to talk about her father until Chad said she didnít know what he was going through.  He recapped how Stefano wanted to be a father to him, but he wouldnít let him.  She asked if he thought he was making it right by blaming Will.  Chad asked, ďif Will didnít do it, who didĒ?  He also thought she wanted the killer to get a medal.

Ian wanted him and EJ to show public support for each other.  Ian thought they could do a lot of good for each other.  EJ said his father just died and Ian was there to make a deal.  Ian apologized and wanted to get together later.  EJ wanted to be alone so Ian left.  Will showed up at the mansion to find out what EJ meant when he said he owned him.  Chad and Melanie argued over Stefano.  He blamed her for keeping him from his father.  She wanted to leave and he didnít stop her.  Gabi walked up to him and comforted him while Andrew was watching.  Will wanted to know if EJ was going to get him off.  EJ said he took care of the bail.  He was not responsible for getting him off.  Will said he couldnít do his dirty work if he was in jail.  EJ said he hoped he was innocent.  Will said that he couldnít be tried for shooting EJ since Lucas went to jail for it.  EJ informed him that if he was tried and resolved of the crime, then he couldnít be retried for the crime.  He said if he wasnít tried or convicted of a crime, he could be tried.  EJ said things would look bad for Will if the DA found out that he tried to kill someone in cold blood.  EJ told Will that he must do whatever he wants.  EJ said that was better than being in jail.  Will said he might go to jail anyway.  Will said thatís why Chad thought.  EJ wanted to know what Chad knew.  Will said the police knew he had a gun and that he was at the mansion.  EJ said Willís gun wasnít the murder weapon.  Will said his fingerprints were on the gun.  EJ wondered if he wanted to implicate himself.  Will said no.  He was playing the DA.  Will said he tested positive for gun residue.  Will wondered why EJ never asked if he kill Stefano.  EJ said he knew Will didnít do it.  Will asked if EJ knew who did.  EJ said if he knew who did it, he would go to the police.  Will said EJ would have to give up messing with his life and Samiís.  EJ had to go.  Will said EJ could go to the press and say he thought he was innocent.  EJ said going to the press wouldnít keep him out of prison.  Will thought it could help.  EJ wanted him to stay until he got back.  While Melanie was at the town square, Andrew followed her.  EJ was in an ally and threw out black gloves.  Chad and Gabi talked about Melanie defending Will.  When Chad wanted to call Melanie and apologize to her, Gabi stopped him.  Andrew took out chloroform and put it on a cloth while he was following Melanie.  When EJ went back to the mansion, Will thought about how EJ knew he didnít do it. It dawned on Will that EJ knew Will was innocent because he killed Stefano himself. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Todd Manning returns to Port Charles after taking Tťa and the baby back to Llanview. Carly says Tťaís baby wouldnít have made it without him. She tells him that her best friendís wife also had a baby, but her baby didnít make it. She asks him why he didnít stay in Llanview. He says everybody there hates him except for his nephew who thinks he is Spiderman. He says he came back to Port Charles for Starr. He tells her that he has cause to be concerned because Starr is staying in Port Charles because she is recording an album with Johnny Zacchara. Carly says Johnny is not going to take advantage of Starr or put her in a position where she can get hurt. Starr asks John if he really wants to record her album on a boat. He assures her that the Haunted Star has a state of the art sound system. She says she might be ready for it now that she knows who took her family away and it isnít Sonny. She says it is a relief because if it were a mob hit, she would want the person to suffer. Starr says she needs a rent-paying job. Johnny offers her a job at the Haunted Star, but she isnít interested in being a waitress. He says he will help her find an appropriate job and in the meantime, she can work on her album. She tells him that he has been the answer to all her problems ever since she has been in Port Charles. She sings a song to test the acoustics. Johnny canít wait for her to perform live in from of an audience. He tells her that they can start working on her album tomorrow. She thanks him for the opportunity. He thanks her for giving him the opportunity to redeem himself. She says her last producer was a pornographer and she is sure Johnny canít be worse than that. Johnny calls Carly and asks her to meet him at the Haunted Star where he informs her that he is the new co-owner and that he has sold Vaughnís. He tells her that he is converting it into a nightclub. She asks him if Starr will perform there. He tells her that he wants to help Starr. She says that Starrís father will change his mind about him when he sees how sincere he is. She says he will make the Haunted Star something special. He says it is a start to becoming the man that she deserves. Todd laughs the headline about Anna releasing Luke and wonders if that was the best headline that they could come up with. He says something like, ďDevane InterventionĒ or ďTo Err is Spencer, to Forgive, DevaneĒ would have been better. He continues reading the newspaper and is not impressed with any of it. Starr goes to the Metro Court and sees Todd. Todd says he was worried about her because she had a lot to process. She tells him that she went to see Kate Howard and felt sorry for her when she found out that she has the same illness that her aunt Viki and cousin Jessica had. She says she hopes Kate will be cured. She tells him that she is glad that he was in Port Charles to get her out of Jail. He tells her that he heard she is recording an album with Johnny Zacchara. She asks him why he is thinking about moving to Port Charles. He holds up the newspaper to show her that he had altered it from Port Charles Press to Port Charles Sun, the Sun being the name of his newspaper in Llanview.

Elizabeth and Jason have a drink at the Floating Rib. He tells her that Sam thinks he is responsible for her babyís death because of what he did to John McBain. She tells him that he is responsible for what he did to John, but the baby died of respiratory failure and he is not responsible for it. He says if McBain had been able to take Sam to the hospital, the doctors might have been able to save her baby. Elizabeth says there is no way to know if they would have been able to save him. She tells him that Sam said she and Jason are over and that Elizabeth can have him. She says she is sure Sam didnít mean it. Jason says Sam has been unhappy with him for a while now. He asks her what is up with her and Dr. Keenan. She tells her that she likes him and that she has a date with him tomorrow. Jason tells her that if Dr. Keenan doesnít treat her right, he will answer to him. He says he hopes it works out with Dr. Keenan because she deserves to be happy. Elizabeth asks him if he is going to be ok. He says he will. Sam runs into John McBain in the hallway of their motel. He catches her as she is about to faint in front of her door and asks her if she should be out of the hospital. She says she is physically fine and asks him how his ribs are. She tells him that she knows what Jason did. She says it is Jasonís fault that her baby died, and that she will never forgive him. John says he doesnít think it matters whose fault it was. He says there is no way that Jason could have knows what would happen. He says he trends to rub people the wrong way and that Jasonís reaction was not surprising. Sam thanks John for everything he has done for her. She tells him that she is checking out of the motel and going to her motherís house because she thinks it will be good to be with her family. He says he guesses this is goodbye because he is leaving Port Charles. He says he came to Port Charles for a reason and tells her about his sister, Theresa. She says it is completely understandable that he wants justice for his sister. He tells her that he will have to put it on hold because the warrant has expired so he is going home to Natalie and Liam. She tells him that she never figured out why he seems so familiar. They wish each other safe travels. She hugs him and tells him goodbye. Sam packs her things but purposely leaves the dragon figurine behind. Jason takes the phoenix figurine out of his pocket and leaves it on the pool table before he leaves the Floating Rib.

Michael tells Sonny that he knows Kate shot out Anthonyís tires. Sonny says it wasnít Kate and that Kate needs him now. Sonny asks Michael how he found out. Michael says Starr told him. Sonny says the deal was that Todd wouldnít tell anyone about Kate. Michael says Starr said she owes Sonny a big apology. Sonny says he is not in the habit of forgiving people who try to kill him, but he could see the pain in Starrís eyes. Michael says Starr was grief-stricken and did something she wouldnít normally do. Sonny says it is the same with Kate. He says Kate is getting treatment so hopefully the worst part is over. Michael owes Johnny an apology. Sonny says Michael owes Johnny nothing. He says all Johnny wants is to bring him down and that taking advantage of Kateís mental illness makes him a user and a coward. Michael says he tried to tell Carly. Sonny says Carly and Johnny are probably already back together. Michael says Starr knows about Kateís alter. Sonny says he thinks he caused the trauma that made Kate create her alter. He says Kate probably created Connie as a response to her getting shot at their wedding. He says the doctor says it is usually due to a childhood trauma, but he and Kate grew up together and there was no alter then. He says that the last time he saw Connie Falconeri she was seventeen. The next time he saw her, she was Kate Howard. Kate realizes that she might be pregnant. She wonders if the father is Sonny or Johnny and if she or Connie is the mother. She says she and Sonny always use protection. She says that Sonny will never be able to get past it if she has Johnnyís child. He tells her not to jump to conclusions because stress or medication could have caused her missed period. He says the only way to know for sure is with a pregnancy test. She takes a pregnancy test says and it is positive so she is pregnant with Johnnyís baby. Ewen looks at the stick and sees that it has a minus sign. He asks Kate why she said she is pregnant when she isnít. She looks at again and she still sees a plus sign. He tells her that whatever she is seeing is not real. She tells him that she canít have a baby because she is only seventeen years old. She doesnít know who Kate is and informs Dr. Keenan that her name is Connie Falconeri. She asks him how she is going to tell her boyfriend, Sonny that she is pregnant. John McBain pays Sonny a visit and tells him he wants to talk about Theresa.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ashley grabs the rest of her things from Tucker’s place and tells him that she has filed for divorce. Later he goes to a bar to drown his sorrows. Sofia also moves out of Neil’s place but they are both determined to keep things as normal as possible for Moses. Adam is proud of Chelsea for wanting to get her GED and helps her study for the test. Neil tells Harmony that he knows she is going through a rough time, but he hopes that she can stay sober. Harmony later runs into Sarge, and he offers to go to a meeting with her so she doesn’t have to go alone. Harmony agrees to get a bite to eat with him after the meeting. Neil asks Devon to cut Harmony some slack and give her a chance to earn his trust again.

Chloe gets Gloria to invest in her and Kevin’s new Internet website as well as getting Abby to agree to look at a prospectus for the new company. Kevin tells Chloe about his side job working for Genevieve trying to figure out who is stealing money from her secret off shore account. Chloe doesn’t want Kevin to go to jail for this illegal job so she tells Cane and Lily about the work Kevin is doing for Genevieve. Cane then asks Genevieve to come over to his place and she is shocked when he wants to talk about her secret bank account. Genevieve overhears Jack talking to a reporter about his engagement to Nikki, then she goes over to congratulate him. Genevieve is hurt when Jack tells her that it is scary for him to think about the fact he almost married her. Abby tells Ashley that she lent Jack the money to make the payment on Beauty of Nature. Ashley tells Jack that she doesn’t want Abby to get caught in the middle of the war between her and Victor. Abby tells Ashley that Victor wasn’t happy about her decision, but he didnít say he would disown her. Ashley agrees to talk to Victor and support Abby’s decision to help Jack. Jack surprises Ashley by telling her he wants to run Jabot and Beauty of Nature as two independent companies. Ashley advises Jack to step down from Jabot to avoid a possible conflict of interest.

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