Tuesday 6/12/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge suggests to Steffy that she come with him and Brooke to look over the Italian grounds, but she declines saying she will be fine alone. On the jet, Bill tells Deacon that he will fill him in on exactly what he has to do and he will expect him to perform it perfectly. He will save his son Liam from a disaster and be a hero. Bill claims that he’s a lover not a murderer but if Deacon screws with him, he will wish that he would just murder him. Hope and Liam are ecstatic over their rooms, they take walks on the beach and kiss…..take walks on the beach and kiss….. take walks on the beach and kiss, well you get the picture while Steffy looks wistfully from a distance and pictures herself and Liam in those same circumstances.

Deacon likes his accommodations but feels he has just traded in one prison cell for another. He demands to know exactly what he is going to have to do and how it will affect his daughter. He hasn’t been in his daughter’s life, but he doesn’t want to destroy it either. Bill insists he wants a commitment and he wants it now; otherwise Deacon will be back on that plane to Wisconsin and in that hell hole. Steffy tells Hope that she’s not sure she can do this after all. Hope really doesn’t need her and she doesn’t feel she belongs here. She can grab a car and get back on a commercial flight; this is too hard. Unfortunately she runs into Bill who tells her that she is not going anywhere.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Stefanoís body was in a casket at the DiMera mansion.  EJ, Lexie, Chad, and Melanie were there.  Gabi was upset with Andrew for doing something she didnít tell him to do.  He thought it was a nice touch.  Will thanked Marlena for letting him stay with her.  He reminded her that he is a suspect in Stefanoís murder.  She said he didnít kill Stefano and they were going to find a way to prove it.  Sami showed up at the penthouse.  EJ, Chad, and Lexie were all glad they could be together for Stefano.  Chad realized that he must be Stefanoís son because he wanted revenge against his killer.  Lexie took Chad out of the room.  Nicole showed up at the mansion.  She wanted to be there to offer her condolences.  EJ was happy that she was there.  He told her he loved her, but she didnít want to hear that.  She didnít want him to read much into what she was doing.  She just wanted to see if he were okay.  She went to see Stefanoís body.  Sami told Will that she believed he was innocent.  He thanked her for the vote of confidence, but it was too late.  Marlena tried to be the voice of reason, but it didnít work with Sami.  Sami tried to imply that Marlena was the killer.  She recapped that she ran into Marlena on the night Stefano was killed and Marlena was acting strange.  Will wanted to know what was wrong with her.  He asked if Sami was accusing Marlena of killing Stefano.  Gabi said Andrewís plan pushed Chad to tell Rafe about her being stalked.  She said Rafe wouldnít let her model anymore and she would be spending less time with Chad.  Andrew said he was only trying to help.  He wanted to make it up to her.  She said it was too late.  He asked if the deal was off.  Andrew assured her that he would fix things.  EJ and Lexie looked at a photo album.  She also reassured him that he was family when he said that he wasnít.  Nicole was talked to Stefano about her baby.  While she was talking, Kate interrupted.  The two of them got into an argument.  EJ came in and the women ended their argument. 

Sami said she wasnít accusing anyone.  Will thought it sounded like she was.  Marlena said everyone had a motive to kill Stefano.  Marlena said that their behavior could be held against them.  Marlena told Will that Sami was concerned that it may look as if someone tried to make him look like the killer.  Sami said Marlena was right.  Sami thought that Stefano might not be dead, but Marlena was sure that he was.  Kate talked to Stefanoís body and reminded him of what he did to her.  She also told him how much she loved him.  Chad talked to Stefano and told him how much he loved him.  When Sami left, Marlena and Will talked about what happened the night Stefano died.  Kate thanked EJ for bailing Will out of jail.  When she told him she couldnít believe Roman arrested his grandson, Chad overheard it.  Lexie went to Stefano and told him how much she loved him despite everything that happened.  Chad and Melanie went to the town square and talked about Will.  Melanie didnít think Will was guilty, but Chad thought he was.  Melanie said Will didnít have a motive.  Chad said Will is a Brady and they all hate his family.  Melanie wanted him to calm down.  Chad screamed his best friend killed his father and she wanted him to calm down.  He asked her whose side she was on.  Gabi was there and she enjoyed what she was seeing.  Lexie went home and talked to Theo about Stefano being dead.  She also told him how she was dying.  Theo was surprisingly understanding about it.  Theo told her he loved her.  Chad ran into Will and asked if he murdered his father.  EJ talked to Stefano and told him how much he loved him.  EJ also told him how he ruined his life. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dr. Ewen Keenan goes to see Kate. She apologizes for crowning him with a paperweight. He tells her that there is nothing to forgive; Connie did it. He tells her that with treatment, she will be able to identify what caused Connie to manifest and will then be able to put everything Connie did behind her. She tells him that Connie caused the accident that resulted in two deaths. He asks her if she remembers it. She tells him that Connie told Sonny that she did it and Sonny told her. She says Sonny wouldnít have lied about it. Dr. Keenan says Connie would lie. Kate wonders why Connie would say she did it if she didnít. He suggests that they start treatment right away. She says her schedule is wide open; she doesnít even know what day it is. He tells her that it is June 12. She realizes that she might be pregnant. Michael sees Starr crying on the pier. She tells her that seeing her aunt Teaís new son made her miss her daughter. She tells him that Kate Howard caused the accident. Michael doubts that Kate even knows how to take a safety off a gun. He says it is insane. Starr says exactly, Kate has Dissociative Identity Disorder. She explains the disorder to him. She says she canít hate Kate because Kate isnít a bad person, she is just very sick and she feels guilty about what happened. She says she owes Michael and Sonny a huge apology and proceeds to apologize to Michael. He forgives her and says he was just as wrong about Johnny. They agree to put it all behind them and move forward as friends. Luke tells Tracy that even though the police no longer consider them suspects in Anthonyís disappearance, he believes Johnny Zacchara still does and that whoever took the body is trying to frame them for murder. Johnny goes to see Lulu at the Haunted Star. He tells her that Anthony said Luke and Tracy plotting to kill him and then the police found them trying to get rid of a gun. Lulu tells him that that doesnít make them guilty and she knows that they didnít. She tells him to let the police handle it. Johnny says he is there because he wants to buy the Haunted Star. She wonders why he wants it when he already owns Vaughnís. He tells her that he doesnít own Vaughnís anymore; he is done objectifying women now that Carly has taken him back. Lulu says she can see some subtle changes in Johnny. She asks him what he plans to do with the Star. He says he was thinking of turning it into a nightclub. Lulu says she thought about doing that too. He tells her that it would require a lot of capital, which he happens to have. He suggests that they do it together. She accepts his offer. Johnny tells Starr Manning that he is now the co-owner of the Haunted Star and that he will be booking her to perform there after he fixes it up. Tracy and Luke order some Floating Ribs. While wiping barbeque sauce from Lukeís face, she kisses him. They admit that they still care about each other. Tracy tells him that she wants him back. He says it would be dangerous for the two of them to be caught holding hands, especially since his roommate is the police commissioner. She tells him to move out and she will rent a room for him. He says he doesnít want her money. She tells him to stop beating around the bush and just tell her if he isnít interest. He says he is interested; he just doesnít want to jump the gun. Lulu enters the Floating Rib and sees Luke and Tracy kissing.  

Elizabeth delivers flowers from Molly and Kristina to Samís hospital room. She tells Sam that she is sorry for her loss. Sam gives her attitude about her not being able to bring her baby back. Elizabeth suggests that Sam and Jason go through it together. Sam goes off on Elizabeth. She says it is convenient for Jason to say he cares now, but it is still like a knife in her heart every time she recalls Jason saying he couldnít love the baby because he was a reminder of Franco. Elizabeth says Jason swears that he doesnít feel that way anymore. Sam doesnít believe it. She tells Elizabeth that the babyís death was Jasonís fault. Elizabeth says there is no way to know that. She says Jason is hurting. Sam tells Elizabeth to go to Jason and comfort him, in fact, she can have him because they are over. Elizabeth says Jason loves Sam. Sam says it doesnít matter because they are over. Elizabeth asks why Sam is still holding the dragon figurine if that is true. Carly visits Jason and asks him how it went with Sam. He tells her that he and Sam are over. He tells her that Samís baby died of respiratory failure and that it was his fault because his men found McBain when he was on his way to get his car to take Sam and the baby to the hospital. He tells her that he fell in love with Samís baby the moment he picked him up, even though he was already dead. Carly says it wasnít Jasonís fault. Jason says Sam thinks it was because he set the events in motion. Carly says they can take the sequence farther back and come to a different conclusion. Sam chose to leave him. Sam chose to stay in that motel. Jason says Sam thinks it was his fault and she will never forgive him. Carly says Sam can forgive him and she knows they can work it out. She tells him to go to Sam and tell her how he feels. Jason says Sam wonít hear it. Carly tells him to keep saying it until she does. She says Sam needs him whether she admits it or not. She tells him that the reason she came over was to tell him that she and Johnny are back together. Jason says Johnny had better treat her right this time. Jason goes to the hospital and finds that Sam has checked out.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Daisy tells Daniel that she stopped by Phyllis’ place to give her a wedding gift and they argued, but she doesn’t tell him that she heard Phyllis yelling for help and decided not to help her. Daniel is furious with Daisy and tells her that she is impossible. He is also angry that Daisy didn’t honor his request to stay away from Phyllis on her wedding day. Kevin tells Daisy she had a chance to earn Daniel’s trust but she failed to be compassionate and understanding. Phyllis tells Nick that she started cramping after her argument with Daisy, but she doesn’t blame anyone because she thinks karma is paying her back for her past sins. Nick and Phyllis decide to get married at the house with only their children present and Katherine officiating the ceremony.

Genevieve tells Kevin that she has a secret Swiss account she didn’t tell the government about. She wants him to hack into the account and find out who has been taking money from it. Kevin says no at first but then agrees to do it when Genevieve offers him lot of money. Cane tells Lily that he is worried his mother will get in trouble again, because she doesn’t have legitimate job opportunities. Heather throws Ricky out of her apartment since Daisy never notified the landlord that she was going to rent it to someone else. Ricky leaves an angry message for Daisy on her cell phone that she had better solve his apartment problem or she will have a big problem on her hands. Paul sees a missing person's report on the news about Tim Reid and suspects Ricky is responsible for his disappearance. Paul interviews Tim’s next door neighbor who describes a car she saw in the parking lot that sounds like his old car that he loaned to Ricky.

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