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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Alison that he doesn’t particularly care for dealing with scumbags, but in this case when it comes to his son, he has no choice. Deacon is going to be released today and he is going to owe Bill big time. Alison reminds him that the last time he tried to interfere, he almost lost his son for good. He knows it is a risk. He tells the pilot as soon as Mr. Sharpe is aboard, wheels up, head for Italy. Liam and Hope play lovey-dovey on the jet while Steffy watches and tries to stay busy with some P.R. work on her phone. Ridge tells Brooke that he’s a little worried about Steffy, that she might not be ready for what is happening. Liam talks Hope out of talking to Steffy; she’s not in a talkative mood, but at least she showed up and is going to Italy. Liam asks Steffy if she is okay. It says a lot that Hope asked her to come and stand up for her and it says a lot about Steffy that she agreed.

Bill claps for Deacon and says it is show time. And if he tries anything he will tell them that he tried to escape. The Warden tells Deacon that he is no longer an inmate. Bill gloats that when everyone co-operates then everyone wins. Deacon grumbles not everyone. Bill retorts he sure is a grumpy man for someone just getting out of prison early. Ridge confers with Steffy and says there were many less painful ways to have closure; she did not have to do this. As they prepare to land, Hope tells Steffy that it means a lot to her that she showed up and will be with them. Steffy says she wonít be in the way as she will be low profile. She has her word; no more games. Hope and Liam meet their contact, Francesco, in Italy. Not far behind are Brooke, Ridge, and Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Roman and Officer Kent went to see John and Marlena to tell them that Will was arrested for murdering Stefano.  Roman said Will admitted to buying a gun.  Marlena told Roman that the gun was Abeís.  Roman said that Willís prints were on the gun.  John reminded them that half of Salemís prints were on the gun.  Roman said Will failed the gun residue test.  Marlena said that didnít mean that Will shot Stefano.  Roman asked if she knew who killed Stefano.  Lucas and Sami talked about Will.  Lucas said there were a lot of things they didnít know about Will.  He said they didnít know why Will was working for EJ and why he was being blackmailed.  Sami said Will wanted to keep things from them including the fact that he is gay.  She said she didnít know her own son anymore.  Lucas said they had to help him.  Lucas said no one could find out that Will shot EJ.  Sami noticed that Rafe was there.  Will was surprised that EJ posted his bail.  Will wondered if he had his job back since EJ bailed him out.  EJ said no.  EJ said his generosity came with conditions.  Rafe said he heard about Will being arrested and wanted to get information from Lucas and Sami.  She wondered how Rafe knew about it.  Rafe told her he was back on the force.  She thought that meant he could help Will.  He said he would do whatever he could.  She wanted Rafe to make Roman see how ridiculous it was to arrest his grandson.  Rafe said it didnít work that way.  She hoped he wasnít going to hold what happened between them against Will.  Rafe didnít want her to go there.  Rafe believed that Will was innocent.  He was determined to look for the killer even though Will was arrested.  Sami thanked him.  He asked if she called Carrie.  Sami said she didnít want Carrie involved.  John wanted Roman to arrest him and Marlena if he thought they were guilty.  Marlena agreed for them to be arrested so Will could be released.  She reminded him that Will is his grandson.  Roman said he didnít.  He was following police procedure.  He said Stefanoís murder is news and the governor was all over it.  They couldnít afford to make a mistake.  Marlena said it was too late because he made the biggest mistake by arrested Will.  She said Will didnít shoot Stefano.  Roman said right now Will was the one who looked guilty.  John asked if Roman believed that.  John asked if Roman thought the news about Will would make them confess.  Roman said he wanted to solve the murder and that he wasnít playing games with them.  He thought somebody was lying to him. 

Will wanted to know what EJ wanted from him.  EJ said he didnít bail him out of jail out of kindness.  Will said it was because he knew he didnít kill Stefano.  EJ didnít have an opinion one way or the other about his innocence.  He said he bailed him out for his own purpose.  He wanted Will to help him.  He told Will that he owned him.  Rafe and Sami got into an argument over her not wanting Carrie to help Will.  John asked if Roman thought they were lying.  Roman said they all lied to him about being at the mansion.  He hoped that was the end of it.  If they had anything else to tell him, now would be the time to do it.  Roman got a call from the station.  Marlena wanted to go to the station.  Roman said Will was gone because EJ posted his bail.  Will wanted to know how long he owed EJ.  EJ said until he was paid up.  Will turned him down because he didnít need his help.  Will said his family would help him.  EJ reminded him that the DA has a strong case against him.  He taunted Will with the fact that he had motive to kill Stefano and he handled a firearm before.  While Sami and Rafe were arguing, Rafe got a call that Will was bailed out.  Sami wanted to go to the police station.  Will told EJ that he liked working for him.  EJ thought Will liked the power.  Will wanted to be back on the payroll, but EJ thought it wasnít going to be that easy since he betrayed him.  Will said Stefano forced him to do it, but EJ didnít care.  Will informed EJ that he found out things about him that he wouldnít want public.  EJ wondered if Will was threatening him.  Will said he was.  EJ couldnít believe his nerve.  Will said he wasnít as stupid as EJ thought.  Will thought they were even since they knew stuff about each other.  EJ told him to remember what happened the last time Will tried to blackmail him.  Marlena said she spoke to Will the day EJ fired him.  She said Will was upset.  She thought the only person Roman cared about was Stefano.  Roman denied it.  She wondered how Roman slept at night.  Roman said he hated every minute of this.  He wanted her to stop taking it personally and help him.  EJ wanted to know if Will was going to work for him or not.  Sami and Lucas walked in before Will could answer.  Sami thought Justin was there.  When she noticed EJ, she wondered what he was doing there.  Will said Justin didnít pay his bail.  Lucas and Sami wanted to know why EJ paid the bail.  EJ said he saw an opportunity to help him so he did it.  She said they would pay him back.  Rafe asked if EJ knew what the charges were.  He said he did.  Rafe asked why he wanted Will out.  EJ didnít think Will shot his father.  Lucas reminded EJ that he fired Will so why would he help him.  EJ wasnít going to abandon Will in his time of need.  Sami wanted Will to tell her what was going on.  Will said he was a free man.  Sami thanked EJ.  EJ left.  Sami and Will left.  Lucas asked Rafe if he bought any of that.  Rafe was suspicious of EJís motives.  Lucas left and Roman came in.  Roman heard that EJ bailed Will out.  He thought that made Will look guilty.  Rafe and Roman continued to talk about EJ bailing Will out.  Sami, Lucas, and Will were back that her apartment.  She said they had to make sure that no one found out that Stefano was blackmailing him.  Will asked if she told Lucas and she said she did.  She said Willís motive was on a silver platter.  Will got a call from EJ about unfinished business.  Will couldnít talk because his parents were there.  EJ reminded him that he would be in touch. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spinelli tells Olivia that he has a lead on Heatherís whereabouts on the night of the storm. He says Oliviaís EZ-Pass was scanned on the highway near exit 11. Olivia notes that the highway is the opposite direction from the Floating Rib. Spinelli says he will let her know what else he can dig up. Heather looks at Samís real DNA test results that show that Jason is the father of Samís baby. Steve overhears her say that she is the only one that knows and asks her what she knows and what she has in her hand. She says itís a brochure and shoves it into her purse. She asks how his day is going. He says he has bad news; Sam Morgan lost her baby. Heather asks why that is bad news. He wonders how she wouldnít find the news about the death of a child sad. She says she does think itís sad, but she isnít sure Sam does since the newspaper said Franco was the babyís father. Steve says he is sure that Sam was devastated regardless of the father.  He says he has to make his rounds and orders her to sit down, stay there, and stay out of trouble. Heather thinks about how easy it was to change the name on Samís DNA test. Jason tells Sam that he had decided that he could have loved her son. She asks him why she is telling her now. He says she kept asking him if he was going to be able to love the baby. She says he kept saying no, He corrects her that he said he didnít know. He tells her that he came to the motel because he realized it wasnít fair to shut her out and that he wanted to apologize and take her home. He says he went to the motel to apologize her. She tells her that no matter how much it hurt her to hear him say he couldnít love her baby, it hurts her more to hear him lie to her now. He tells her that he thinks their marriage is worth fighting for. She asks him if he is sure he wasnít at the motel to send John McBain a message. She reveals that a nurse told her that McBain came to the hospital to get his ribs taped. She concludes that that is the reason McBain didnít come back to the motel to take her and the baby to the hospital. He admits that he sent two guys to give John a message. He says he just wanted McBain out if the way because he was a problem. Sam says John was never the problem; Jason was. He tells her that he tried to call it off, but it was too late. Sam says it was too late for her baby. She tells him that he is the reason that her baby died. He says he is sorry. She doesnít believe him. She points out that she is the one that was raped and got pregnant. She asks him if he has any idea how that affected her. She tells him that he didnít want the baby and he got exactly what he wanted. He reminds her that he was there when she lost her daughter and tells her that he would never wish that kind of pain on her again. She tells him that sorry wonít bring her baby back and that she doesnít know what will happen with them, but they will never be the same as they were before. Elizabeth runs into Jason in the corridor and asks him what is wrong. He tells her that Sam lost her baby and he has lost Sam. Steve and Heather go to Samís room because Heather said she wanted to offer her condolences.

Patrick discharges Ewen. Elizabeth catches Ewen when he gets dizzy and loses his balance while changing into his clothes. He kisses her and then apologizes for taking liberties. She tells him no apology is necessary. Mac and Felicia are about to kiss at the Floating Rib when Maxie interrupts and tells them that her marriage is over and that Matt turned himself in. She asks Mac if he can do anything to intercept Mattís statement. He explains that it would be obstruction of justice, which is a crime. Alexis warns Matt that once he gives his statement, he canít take it back. She gives him his cell phone and tells him to put his affairs in order while she talks to the District Attorney about a plea agreement. Matt calls Patrick. Patrick comes to the station and Matt tells him that he confessed to killing Lisa Niles. Matt and Patrick go to the Floating Rib. Maxie is glad Matt didnít sign the confession. He tells her that he did sign it and he has to report to Pentonville for a 5-year term per his plea agreement. He tells her that he just came to say goodbye. Maxie asks Patrick to change Mattís mind. Patrick says he has to respect Mattís decision and if she loves him, she will too. Matt tells Maxie that Alexis will handle their annulment. Spinelli goes to the Floating Rib and asks what happened. Felicia fills him in. Maxie says there will be no annulment; she intends to remain Mrs. Matt Hunter.

Trey, the grad student producer goes to Alexisís house. Kristina tells him that she doesnít want to do the show. He tells her that she canít back out of their contract. Alexis returns home. Kristina introduces her to Trey. Alexis tells Trey to take his crew and leave her house. He hands her Kristinaís contract which he claims says their family is fair game. Alexis informs him that she owns their home; not Kristina, and therefore Kristina doesnít have the authority to grant him access to the home or the property. He says he will sue Kristina if she breaks her contract. Alexis says she will see him in court. Alexis asks Kristina not to let Trey exploit Samís tragedy for his ratings.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

All of the wedding guests want Sharon to leave, but she refuses to because her place is by Victor’s side. Victor is touched that Sharon is there with him. Nick finally goes to look for Phyllis after she doesn’t answer repeated phone calls to her home phone and cell phone. When Nick finds Phyllis on the floor, she tells him that she lost the baby, so he calls an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Nick sheds a few tears once Phyllis is in the ambulance and can’t see him cry then he heads to the hospital. Nick sends texts to the wedding guests to tell them the wedding is postponed and they are fine, but they need some time alone. Everyone at the wedding is worried and starts to wonder what could have happened to Nick and Phyllis. Jack is worried that Victor overheard that Abby was going to invest in Beauty of Nature and now Victor will try to persuade Abby not to invest in the company. Jack’s suspicions are correct. Victor orders Abby not to invest in Beauty of Nature and tells her it will cause another rift between them. Abby resents that Victor is making her choose between him and her Uncle Jack. She tells Victor that the company rightfully belongs to Jack. Victor feels that Abby has let him down once again and shares his sadness about the situation with Sharon who promises she will never let him down and Victor kisses her.

Daisy smiles as she remembers Phyllis screaming for help and her leaving the house without helping her. Daniel sees Daisy later at Crimson Lights and tells her the wedding was postponed. Daniel leaves several phone messages for Nick who texts him back saying Phyllis lost the baby. Daniel tells Daisy the news and she pretends to be sad and sympathetic. Phyllis arrives home and tells Nick it was Daisy’s fault she lost the baby, because she came to visit earlier and they had an argument. Michael is very happy when Lauren surprises him by bringing Fenmore home. Fenmore explains to his dad he wanted to be there yesterday for his swearing in ceremony, but his flight was delayed. Summer is sad because she thinks her parents broke their promise to her that they were going to be a family again.

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