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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill insists that he knows it is asking a lot of Steffy, but until the minister says Hope and Liam are man and wife, then there is a chance for her. So she has to get on that plane and go to Hope’s wedding. He begs her not to give up even though she says it is too soon, her emotions are too raw. She does not want to even ride on the same jet and see the happy look in their eyes much less see them at the wedding. Hope also explains to Liam that she just saw Bill and she is trying to convince him that she is not that horrible of a person and perhaps in time he will accept her. She also tells him that she asked Steffy to stand up along with her mother. Liam is shocked and can’t believe she did that. Brooke says goodbye to Katie and wishes she were going to Italy but because of the pregnancy she understands why she can’t go. Liam and Hope kiss before they head to the airport. She comments that the next time she walks through those doors that she will be married.

Katie drops by the office to say goodbye to Bill. She is hopeful that he is finally accepting Hope and it means a lot to her that he is doing this for both families. Bill speaks to the warden who tells him that he has a prison to run, so he has little time for Bill. Just leave him alone as he has no time for this. Bill assures him that his power is far reaching and he would advise the warden not to dismiss him or he will lose his job, his wife, his kids that he adores unless he does exactly as Bill says. The warden says he understands. Brooke and Ridge come aboard the jet followed close behind by Steffy who says she decided although it will be hard the healing needs to start now. Bill tells his pilot that he doesn’t care if he has to break the sound barrier, he wants to get to Genoa City as soon as possible. He tells Alison that Deacon Sharpe is the key to Liam’s future. The guard tells Deacon that the Warden is on the way. On the jet, the five give cheers with champagne.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ went to the mansion and saw Rafe in there.  Lexie told Abe that she wanted to get together with Chad and EJ to go over Stefanoís funeral arrangements.  Abe said Chad and EJ were happy to do it.  She wanted to do it because Stefano was her father and sheís his only living daughter.  Roman handcuffed Will which upset Sami.  Roman said he didnít want to believe that Will killed Stefano.  Lucas asked Roman if Will looked like a murderer.  Roman said the evidence said he had to arrest Will.  Roman reminded everyone that Willís prints were on the weapon and he tested positive for gunshot residue.  He had no choice but to arrest Will.  EJ wanted to know what Rafe was doing at the mansion.  Rafe said he was on assignment since heís back on the force.  Rafe said there was no way EJ was getting in the mansion.  EJ said it was his house. Rafe said it was also a crime scene so he was there to make sure it didnít get corrupted in case forensics came back to do a sweep.  EJ wanted to know why they would want to do that.  EJ reminded Rafe that he is the mayor and this was his house so he wanted to be inside.  Rafe still refused to let him in.  Rafe wanted to know why EJ wanted to be in the mansion, but EJ wouldnít tell him.  Lexie and Abe continued to talk about Stefano and his funeral arrangements.  She said she still loved Stefano despite all of his faults.  Roman was ready to take Will to his cell.  Sami asked if Roman was going to give Will a chance to explain.  Will said he could explain.  Will said he fired the gun he bought, but not the one in the mansion.  Roman didnít want him to say anything.  Lucas didnít want him to say anything without a lawyer.  Roman wanted them to call Carrie, but Sami didnít want her involved.  Lucas agreed with Sami.  Lucas suggested calling Justin, which Sami liked.  Will declared his innocence.  Will was taken to be booked.

EJ told Rafe that he didnít take orders from him.  Rafe threatened to arrest EJ if he went in the mansion.  EJ warned Rafe that he was on dangerous ground now.  Rafe told EJ that he was the one on dangerous ground since he was about to be arrested.  EJ said he was talking about him switching the paternity test.  Rafe told him to take it up with the hospital.  EJ said he would and if he found out he had anything to do with it, he would make him pay.  Sami asked Lucas if he thought Will killed Stefano.  He said he didnít know.  He said when he told Roman that there was no way Will killed Stefano, he kept thinking about when he covered for him years ago.   Lucas said if Marlena knows and tells Roman, they would look at Will in a different light.  Rafe reminded EJ that he was a suspect in Stefanoís murder.  EJ wanted to know what motive he had for killing Stefano.  Rafe said that now that Stefano is out of the picture, everything was EJís.  They talked a little more before EJ left.  Roman brought Will back to his parents before they took him to his cell.  Will said he didnít do it.  Lucas wanted to know if he was lying about anything else.  Will said he wasnít.  Will reminded them that he fired the gun he bought, but he didnít fire it at anyone.  EJ snuck around back and came in through the patio doors.  He opened a secret panel in the wall and took out an envelope.  When EJ heard Rafe, he closed the panel.  Will asked if Sami and Lucas thought he did it.  Sami said they had to figure out how to deal with this.  She reminded him that he told her that he shot EJ so they have to figure out the lies from the truth.  Will sarcastically thanked Sami for her support and was glad he could depend on her.  She said she was trying to help him make a story that made sense.  Will said she wasnít listening to him.  Roman came back to get Will.  Sami and Lucas went to the pub and talked about Will.  Lucas questioned why Will would have a motive to kill Stefano.  She said that Stefano was blackmailing him and forced him to tell Rafe about her affair.  Lucas wondered why Stefano would do that.  She thought that Stefano wanted EJ and Nicole to break up.  She said EJ knew and thatís why he fired Will.  Lucas wanted to know who else knew.  As far as she knew, EJ was the only one.  Lucas said no one could find out that Stefano blackmailed Will because it was a motive for him to kill Stefano.  A police officer told Will that someone posted his bail.  Will thought it was Sami or Lucas but it turned out to be EJ. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

John McBain and Jason have a calm, rational discussion. Jason tells McBain that Sam said the child isnít hers. John regrets not being able to get Sam to the hospital before she delivered the baby. Jason regrets that Sam was at the motel to begin with. Jason tells McBain that he appreciates everything he did for Sam. Heather threatens to blackmail Todd. Todd tells her that as long as she keeps quiet about the baby switch, he will keep quiet about the dead guy in the wheelbarrow. Tťa and Sam chat in front of Samís hospital room. Sam only sees the top of the babyís head from her angle. Noticing that Sam is no longer pregnant, Tťa asks her how her baby is doing. Sam says her baby didnít make it. Dr. Lee arrives and goes into the room with Sam. She says the autopsy determined the cause of the babyís death was respiratory failure, but also found that the child also had hemophilia and no sign of Beta-Thalassemia, commonly known as Mediterranean Anemia. She says she looked at all of Samís previous tests and there were no markers for hemophilia. Sam concludes that she was right and that wasnít her baby. Todd takes the brochures about Beta-Thalassemia to Tťa. Tťa is certain that since she is Puerto Rican, it must have come from Victor, which means Todd must have it too. Tťa says it is much better than passing on the hemophilia that runs in her family. McBain goes to see Sam. She asks him why he didnít come back to the motel room last night to take her to the hospital. He tells her that he ran into trouble. The nurse that brings in Samís meal happens to be the same one that treated McBain and comments that both Sam and McBain need to take care of themselves. McBain leaves. Sam asks the nurse what she meant. The nurse said that John was in to have his ribs treated. She says John didnít say what happened, but it was obvious that he had been badly beaten. Heather intercepts Todd and Tťa at the elevators and tells Todd she doesnít want him to publish any articles about her heroic deed in his newspapers. Tťa concludes that Heather is a little nutty. Heather takes a hospital lab envelope out of her purse and gloat to herself about her grand plan. She drops the envelope on the floor. John McBain picks it up and hands it back to her. She is amused at how easily she gets away with everything. She opens the envelope and looks at the lab results that show the parents of the child that just left for Llanview are Sam and Jason.   

Mac persuades Anna to take the police commissioner job. He thanks Felicia for all her work on petitions to get him reinstated, but he thinks it is time to move on. Mac recalls that they were about to kiss last night when Spinelli interrupted. She says it is probably best that they didnít kiss because they have already been there and done it badly. He tells her that missed opportunities donít come back Luke tells Tracy that it is up to them to find out who really killed Anthony. Tracy wonders why Luke wonít let her use the ELQ lawyers to represent them. He tells her to keep quiet from now on. Luke and Tracy are surprised when Anna comes in to interrogate them. Anna says she canít make the charges go away. Alexisís associate Rosalind Quan arrives to represent Luke and Tracy. Alexis arrives and tells Luke and Tracy that without a body, the PCPD has no case. She says that if Anthonyís body turns up, they will be in a lot of trouble. Luke and Tracy are released. Anna tells Luke that if new evidence comes in, she canít give him special treatment. She asks him not to get arrested in the next 24 hours so that she can settle into her new job. Anna has two officers bring Jason to the station. She tells him that she is the new police commissioner and it will make things awkward for them since they both loved Robin. She tells him that as commissioner she canít look the other way when an officer is assaulted, even when he is not from their jurisdiction. She tells him that she knows what he did to McBain and tells him it canít happen again. She explains that if Jason had confronted McBain himself, it would have simply been a fight however; using men from Sonnyís organization makes it more serious. She tells him that if he commits a crime she will be compelled to build a case against him. He tells her that he understands. She asks him to tell Sam that her thoughts are with her. Jason returns to the hospital. She says she wants to ask him something. He tells her that he wants to tell her something first. He tells her that he went to the motel last night to promise to love her son and be his father.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Avery joins Michael and Lauren for a celebratory dinner to celebrate his appointment as District Attorney. Victoria joins them to announce that Nick and Phyllis are getting married today at Gloworm. Phyllis and Nick come home and start to make the final arrangements for their wedding. Daniel asks Phyllis about his better half. Phyllis says that Daisy is not invited. Daniel tells Daisy that Phyllis and Nick are getting married today, but that she is not invited. Daisy refuses to let Lucy go to the wedding without her. Paul and Heather join Noah and Eden and find out that they are not roommates living across the hall from Ricky. Paul reveals to Heather that he is afraid of what Ricky will do to anyone. Ricky visits Tim and finds out that Phyllis paid Tim a visit earlier in the day. Sharon and Victor discuss the honor that she is about to be given and all the while she admires the necklace that Victor gave her. Their joy is short lived when they are joined by Jack and Nikki. Jack and Victor go of to the side to talk thus leaving Nikki and Sharon to talk or better yet to throw slurs at each other. Phyllis lets Nick know that she doesn’t want Daisy at her wedding. Daniel reveals to Daisy that Phyllis is pregnant. Lauren helps Avery to plan Phyllis’ quickie wedding. Victoria informs Michael that Jack asked her to work with him at Beauty of Nature. Nikki congratulates Sharon for sleeping her way through all the Newman men. Paul fills Heather in on Rachel's death and how Ricky could possibly be involved. Ricky questions Tim about the death of Sasha Green and Phyllis’ involvement, but Tim refuses to tell him anything and orders him out.

Abby asks Jack to ease up on Victor concerning Beauty of Nature. Jack asks Abby to invest in Beauty of Nature, but she has her doubts. Nick calls Nikki to let her know that he and Phyllis are getting married today. Nick calls Victor to invite him to the wedding, but Sharon is not invited. Victor tells Sharon about the wedding to which she is not invited. Victoria helps Michael prepare the tables for the wedding. Abby reluctantly agrees to invest. Nikki lets Jack and Abby know that they have a wedding to attend. Nick asks Noah to be his best man. Phyllis prepares for her wedding but asks for some time alone. Phyllis is surprised when Daisy comes and tells her about Ricky. Phyllis doesn’t want to hear it which results in a huge argument that gives Phyllis abdominal pains. Everyone gathers for the wedding including Sharon who congratulates Nick, but he orders her out. Heather finds out that Daniel and Daisy are married. Daisy ignores Phyllis’ cries for help.

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