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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope surprises Bill by showing up at his office and calls him Dad. She remarks that he is going to be her father-in-law soon and she’d like to call him Dad. He’s forthright with her and says it doesn’t fit. He surmises she must be a bit put out by Ridge. She admits that although he’s not her bio father, she’d have liked him to design her wedding dress and walk her down the aisle. He is going to Italy and she’d like Bill to join them on the Forrester jet. Bill dodges that by saying he has urgent business to attend and he will go to Italy but separately. And not to try and convert him; he does things his way. She is marrying his son, not him. He will be civil and will endure the dutiful events but not to expect any more than that. Brooke drops in on Steffy, long enough to see that she is hurting and she overlooks a remark that Steffy makes about Brooke coming to gloat. Brooke didn’t realize that it was Steffy who didn’t call off the divorce. Steffy says she saw the videotape and how much he loved Hope and didn’t want to disappoint her, so she let him go. Steffy tells her that her grandmother doesn’t think she should have; she should still fight for Liam. Brooke tells her not to listen to Stephanie’s advice as fighting for a fantasy is not the best advice. Stephanie tells Liam that it is very noble of him to try and keep his promise to Hope, but he is still in love with Steffy and it’s not going to be so great and romantic when Hope finds out that her husband’s heart belongs to another woman. That is just gonna set the stage for a lot of misery. He can’t marry Hope if he is still in love with Steffy. And when Hope runs into problems then she self-medicates. She’s an iffy proposition. With Steffy you get what you see. He’s not to spend his whole life doing what is expected, but do what he feels is right for him, his needs, his wants, his desires.

Hope tells Bill that she’d like to make peace. She hopes he will work with her on that. He informs her that if he says yes, he would be disingenuous and he knows how she considers honesty such a virtue. So he wants to make this crystal clear….confidence, sophistication and mental stability….those are the qualities of a Spencer woman…the kind that he would celebrate his son marrying and she possesses none of those qualities. In fact, Hope would be a never-ending liability and he does not want her in his son’s life. But he admits he doesn’t get a vote, so he will be at the wedding with a big smile on his face. He will even pay for the honeymoon, but don’t expect him to be her new daddy with love and respect that she hasn’t earned. Hope goes to Steffy next and says she is tired of this constant battle with their parents on either side. She tells her that Bill is going to stand up for Liam and while Brooke is gonna be her matron of honor, she would like Steffy to stand up for her too. Steffy says no, it would be too raw, but she is touched that Hope would ask. Brooke walks into Liam’s office just as Stephanie tells him for the tenth time that he should not be marrying Hope. She accuses Stephanie of browbeating Liam. Hope and Liam have waited a long time to get married and this time it is going to happen. She forbids Stephanie to ever mention Deacon Sharpe’s name again. Bill comforts Steffy and urges her to stop crying. He tells her that Liam asked him to be the best man and there will be conflicts but he can’t let his son down. He tells Steffy that she has to do it when she tells him that Hope was just there and asked her to stand up for her too. Bill says it could end up being a volatile situation and she needs to be there ready for a change at a moment’s notice. He orders her to pack her bags and get to that airport …..get on that plane….she has a wedding to get to….do not let him down.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Days was pre-empted on Friday in favor of tennis.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Heather Webber goes to the station to visit Luke in lockup. Dante tells her that Luke canít have any visitors today because he is being arraigned. Heather tells Dante that Luke should be released immediately and that if anybody killed Anthony, it was Tracy. Dante tells her to go home. Matt goes to the station and tells Dante that he is there to confess to killing Lisa Niles. Maxie goes to the station to stop him. Matt says he canít live with it and tells Dante that he is ready to give his statement. Olivia goes to the Floating Rib to as if Heather was there last night as she said. The bartender doesnít remember seeing her. Spinelli is passed out in a booth where he spent the night. He wakes up still distraught about Maxie marrying Matt. Olivia asks Spinelli if he saw Heather last night. He tells her that he was so drunk that the only thing he remembers is talking to Felicia and Mac so he suggests that Olivia ask them if they saw Heather. Olivia wants to hire Spinelli to find out what Heather is hiding. Heather comes into the Floating Rib and sits with them, making up stories about the special treatment she received from the bartender that didnít remember her. When Heather leaves, Spinelli agrees that Heather was especially defensive about last nightís whereabouts. He takes the assignment.

Alexisís day begins with unwanted cameras in her face. Kristina reminds her that either the cameras stay or she goes. Molly tells Alexis that Jason left a message. Kristina gleefully tells the cameraman to stay on Alexis because it should be good. After Alexis talks to Jason, Kristina asks her who Jason killed now. Alexis tells her that Jason didnít kill anyone, but someone is dead; it's her sisterís baby. Kristina tells the cameraman that he canít film this. The cameraman says they film everything and he asks for a picture of Sam. Alexis, Kristina, and Molly go to the hospital to see Sam. Sam tells them about McBain delivering her baby in a motel room and then disappearing when he went to get the car to take her and the baby to the hospital. Jason tells Alexis that he is sorry about Samís baby. She observes the distinction that he was Samís son and not Jasonís. She tells Jason that she has to wonder if she would have her grandchild right now if Jason had been more compassionate and Sam hadnít had to give birth in a motel room. John McBain calls General Hospital to find out if Sam and the baby are alright. Anna visits John. He tells her that Sam lost her baby. He tells her that the baby was perfectly healthy when he delivered him, but that Jasonís men jumped him went to get the car so he couldnít get Sam to the hospital. He blames himself. He tells Anna that Sam was only at the motel because of his presence in her life. Anna insists upon taking John to the hospital to be checked out. Jason runs into John McBain after the doctor has tended to his wounds.

Todd imagines telling Tťa that her real baby is dead and her screeching at him for taking her child away. Steve tells Tťa that the babyís hemoglobin level is low and that he would like to check it again in a few days. He tells her that it might be nothing, or it could mean the child has a genetic blood condition that is common among people of Italian or Greek ancestry. Tťa says she is Puerto Rican and asks if there is a way to discover if it runs in Victorís family. Steve says he can order a battery of genetic tests. Todd pushes Tťa to go home to Llanview immediately and have her own doctor do the tests. Alexis finds Todd Manning outside Samís door and demands to know what he is doing there. He claims to have just been passing by. Todd returns to Tťaís room and finds her gone. Heather follows him inside and tells him she thinks they need to have a chat.  Sam opens her door and finds Tťa sitting in a wheelchair on the other side, holding her baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Crimson Lights, Noah tells Nick that he and Eden are living together. Chloe and Kevin also find out the news, but from Eden herself. Ashley informs Katherine that she reached out to Tucker. Tucker calls Ashley to tells her that he got some names of counselors and wants her to join him in a session. Ashley agrees. Jeffrey offers Genevieve some dessert, but Gloria informs Genevieve that her credit card will not go through. Genevieve gives her another card to try, but it also does not work. Christine informs Genevieve that all her accounts are frozen and her home as well. Avery offers to buy Michael his lunch on his special day, but he refuses. Michael asks Avery to take over his law practice, but before Avery can answer, Heather interrupts. Lauren tells Paul that she has reservations about Michael becoming D.A. Paul reminds Lauren of the trouble that Ricky is in and reminds her also of all the psychiatric problems that Ricky’s mom and aunt have. Ricky interrupts them and apologizes for intruding. Eden watches Katherine as she does business on the computer. Eden suggests to Kevin and Chloe that they ask Katherine to be an investor in their company. Michael lets Heather know that Avery will not be joining them at the D.A.’s office. Christine walks in and sees Heather with Michael. Heather tells Christine that he offered Heather a position in the D.A.’s office. Ashley asks Tim if he talked to Ricky, but Tim refuses to answer any questions about him. Phyllis asks for her patient file but cannot find it. Kevin and Chloe tell Katherine about their business proposition. Katherine asks Kevin how much money they need. Genevieve visits Tucker to tell him that the government seized all her property and asks for a loan. Tucker asks Genevieve to leave. Ashley walks in. Gloria asks Christine why Genevieve is broke all of a sudden. Christine tells Michael how proud she is of him. Tim tells Phyllis he shredded the file years ago. Phyllis threatens Tim if he tells anything about her at all to anyone.

Ashley and Tucker discuss Genevieve’s visit. Ashley realizes that she will never be able to truly trust Tucker to tell her the truth about anything. Chloe and Kevin tell Eden that Katherine said “yes” to their proposition. Eden goes to see what Genevieve wants to order and finds her having trouble on the Internet. Eden suggests that she ask Kevin for help. Paul and Lauren welcome Heather home. Heather is reinstated as A.D.A. Christine tells Michael that she is leaving town. Phyllis tells Michael that she visited Tim and threatened him. Michael stops Phyllis from saying anything else that might incriminate her. Phyllis informs Michael that Ricky is looking into her past. Genevieve sees Kevin’s pic the Internet. Paul and Heather are reunited but are soon interrupted by Ricky. Heather lets Ricky know that she will never trust him again. Christine listens to their conversation. Genevieve interrupts Kevin and Chloe to ask for Kevin’s help. Christine apologizes for what happened between Ricky and Heather. Avery agrees to take over Michaelís law practice. Phyllis comes home and into Nick’s arms. She suggests that they marry instantly. Michael is sworn in as D.A. Ricky calls Tim.

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