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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie gives Steffy a big hug and tells her not to give up. She knows Liam still loves her. Steffy reminds her that he loves Hope and he is not going to disappoint her so there was no reason to put him through more drama. She accepted the divorce. Rather disgusted, Bill calls the Warden and tells him they are moving forward with this Deacon Sharpe situation… excuses…..he knows what is at stake. Katie walks in and immediately can tell that whatever the phone call was about, Bill does not seem happy. Hope teases Liam if he is practicing his Italian. They will be leaving in a few days and it would be nice if he knew a few words. He’s preoccupied and she knows he is still thinking about Steffy. He admits it was harder than he thought. Hope wants to have a perfect wedding, but if Ridge couldn’t design her dress then she is not sure he can walk her down the aisle either. Brooke tells Hope that she is so proud of the young woman she has become. Hope just wishes that everyone, including Ridge, could be as happy as she is. It has to be hard for him pretending to be supportive when attending the wedding could break Steffy’s heart. Ridge walks in and explains that Steffy and Hope are not his little girls anymore, but they can all act like adults in this situation and he wants to be in Italy to share her joy. Hope still thinks that he shouldn’t. Hope says she was abandoned by her own dad and he should not do that to Steffy.

Liam drops in on his Dad as Bill and Katie are smooching. Bill announces to Liam that Katie is pregnant and will not be coming to the wedding. He will not take that risk with her pregnancy. Reluctantly she gives in. Bill is honored when Liam asks him to stand up for him and be his best man. But instead of flying with the rest of them on the Forrester jet, he has some business to attend to and will fly solo. Liam accepts that and says Hope is not going to let him down again. The pills are in the past….no more secrets or mistakes…they are now getting married. Under his breath as Liam leaves, Bill says they will see about that! Back in his office, Liam finds Stephanie waiting. She assures him that she is not there to badger him. She guesses seeing Hope in her wedding dress made him decide that he had to marry her. She points out that marriage should be a commitment with someone you want to spend your lifetime with. But if he is having second doubts and she thinks he is, then it would not be wrong to walk away. People do it all the time; it’s the smart thing to do. He is still in love with Steffy, so he does not have to marry Hope. Hope opens the door to Bill’s office as he is looking at Deacon Sharpe on the laptop.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami didnít want Roman to treat Will like a killer.  Roman reminded her that he is a cop investigating a murder.  He said there was no special treatment for anyone.  He told Will that his fingerprints were found on the murder weapon that killed Stefano.  Roman asked why Will was at the mansion.  Lucas came in and wanted to know what was going on.  Sami told him that Roman thought Will murdered Stefano.  Lucas said there was no way Will murdered Stefano.  Will told Lucas that Roman knew he had a gun.  Roman said Willís prints were on the murder weapon.  Lucas said he took the gun away from Will.  Roman said the murder weapon was registered to Abe, but he didnít believe Abe pulled the trigger.  Sami wanted to know why.  Roman said evidence pointed to other suspects.  Roman asked Will again why he was at the mansion.  Will said he was looking for EJ.  Roman wanted to know where Will got the gun he had and where was it now.  Roman told Lucas how he took the gun and put it in the safe at the pub.  Roman wanted to know what time he did that.  Roman said Willís prints were on the gun as well as other peopleís prints.  Sami wanted to know whose prints were on the gun.  Roman couldnít tell her.  Roman wanted to go to the pub so he could get rid of the gun properly.  Lucas said it wasnít there.  Sami said the gun was gone.  Rafe ran into Carrie and Austin at the town square.  Austin congratulated him on being the father of Nicoleís baby.  Austin had to leave and take a call.  Carrie was upset with Rafe that he lied about the baby.  Rafe said the baby wasnít his even though the test said it was.  Rafe said he never slept with Nicole.  Carrie believed him.  Carrie thought someone switched the test results.  Rafe said he and Daniel didnít do it.  Carrie thought Nicole did it.  Rafe found it hard to believe that she did it without getting caught.  He said she seemed surprised at the results.  Carrie said it didnít matter because there was no way they were going to be together.  Will said after he gave the gun to Lucas, he followed him to see what he would do with it.  After Lucas left, Will took the gun and got rid of it.  Roman wanted to know where the gun was.  Will said he took it apart and threw away the pieces in the storm drains all over town.  Roman wanted to know why he went through so much trouble to get rid of the gun.  Will was afraid of being caught with it.  Will said he didnít use it.  He went to the mansion.  Roman said that Will saw another gun and picked it up.  Will said Stefano wasnít home so he put it back and got out of the mansion.  Lucas said Will should have never had a gun or took it out of the safe.  Sami was ready to go, but Roman wanted Will to take a gunshot residue test. 

Carrie said she and Rafe couldnít be together because she is having Austinís baby and everyone thinks heís having Nicoleís baby.  She thought it was fate telling them that they shouldnít be together.  Rafe wanted to know if thatís what she wanted.  They continued to talk about their situation and how they couldnít be together.  Lucas and Sami were there for Will when he took the residue test.  Sami wanted to know if the other suspects took the test.  Roman said everyone who was tested so far gunshot residue had negative results.  Sami thought Willís test would come back negative.  Sami and Lucas talked about Will having the gun.  She thought Will was innocent, but Lucas thought Will brought this mess on himself.  Sami said Will wasnít capable of murder.  Lucas reminded her that Will tried to kill before.  They continued to talk until Will came back from taking the test.  Will said he didnít do it.  Sami said she believed him.  Will said he made things look bad by buying the gun and lying about it.  Will was wondering what he was thinking.  Lucas didnít know what he was thinking.  Will said he shouldnít have taken the gun out of the safe.  Lucas asked why he took the gun out of the safe.  Will thought someone would find it and he would get in trouble so he took it apart.  Sami reminded him that his gun wasnít the murder weapon.  Sami said the test would come back negative.  Roman came back and Sami wanted him to tell them that the results were negative.  Roman said the results came back positive.  Sami thought it was a mistake and wanted him to do the test again.  Roman said this was hard for him.  He double checked the results.  Roman said that of all the suspects, Will tested positive.  Roman said Will fired a gun.  This was one of the hardest things Roman had to do.  Roman started to read Will his rights. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason picks up the baby from the planter and places him in Samís arms. She tells him that this isnít the baby she gave birth to. He tries to console her, but she insists that someone took her baby and replaced him with this one. He insists that this is her baby and says that he is sorry and takes her to the hospital. Tea observes that her baby doesnít look anything like her or Victor Todd Manning reveals to Starr that Kate Howard shot out Anthonyís tires and caused the accident that killed Cole and Hope. He explains to her that theirs isnít the only family with Dissociative Identity Disorder; Kate has it too, and her alterís name is Connie. He tells her that he made an agreement to keep that secret in exchange for Starrís freedom. She says Michael thought Sonny had made a deal with Todd for silence in exchange for Starrís freedom, but he didnít know who Sonny was protecting. Todd wants Starr to stay away from Michael. She tells him that he violated his agreement with Sonny by telling her about it. He tells her that it is important to tell the people you care about the truth no matter how much it hurts. He tells her not to seek revenge. Then he goes to see Tea. Tea asks him who he thinks the baby looks like. Todd says he looks like Victor. She doesnít think so. He says it doesnít matter who the baby looks like. Todd goes with Epiphany to take the baby to the nursery. He turns his back to hide the baby when Jason and Sam arrive. He observes how distraught Sam is. Epiphany takes the baby from her for an autopsy. Sam says that if John McBain had come back with the car, this wouldnít have happened. Jason tells her not to blame McBain. She asks him who she should blame. He is telling her that John intended to get back to her when the nurse comes in to tell him he has to leave. Sam tells him she was going to name the baby Jason, after him. Epiphany and Todd take Teaís presumed baby to the nursery and return to Teaís room. Todd wants to take Tea and the baby back to Llanview as soon as possible. Tea names the baby Victor, after her husband.

Connie torments Kate in the mirror. Connie says she was sure that telling Sonny that she shot out Anthonyís tires would make him dump Kate, but it didnít work and now she wonders why she let Johnny talk her into it. Kate wonders what Johnny talked Connie into. Starr goes to Shady Brook dresses as an orderly and tells Kate that she knows she was the person that killed Cole and Hope. Kate confirms that it is true and asks Starr if she is there to kill her. Starr concludes that Kate was so nice to her in lockup because she felt guilty about killing Cole and Hope. Kate tells her that she didnít know about it at that time and that even now, she doesnít remember doing it. She tells Starr that she has another personality that does things that she canít remember doing. She says she doesnít expect Starr to understand. Starr tells her that actually, she does understand. She reveals that her Aunt Viki and her cousin Jessica both have it. Starr says it was easier to blame Sonny because he is a criminal, but she canít hate Kate. She tells Kate that when she is cured, she will remember everything that Connie did and have to live with it.

Mac and Felicia have a drink together. Mac tells Felicia that he wishes Maxieís freedom didnít come with marriage to Matt because he never thought Matt was right for Maxie. Mac asks Felicia if she is going back to Texas now that Maxie is free. She tells him she doesnít plan to leave any time soon. She wants to stay bond with her daughter. Felicia says she doesnít understand why Mac is still single. He tells her that he has had some flirtations, but they werenít Felicia. They recall that their time together was the best of their lives. Mac says it doesnít have to be behind them. He is about to kiss her when drunken Spinelli comes stumbling into the Floating Rib. Mac and Felicia offer to take him home and tell him he will feel better in the morning after sleeping it off. He counters that if Maxie is still married to Matt in the morning, then nothing will be better. He says Maxieís marriage to Matt is a cataclysmic mistake because Matt will never be able to make Maxie happy. Matt and Maxie go to a hotel to spend their wedding night, but their evening together begins with talk of the trial and Maxieís stint in jail. Matt says it isnít fair that she wasnít able to plan her perfect wedding. She says being married to him is more important than the wedding. She remembers Spinelli telling her that she deserves the wedding of her dreams and a man that loves her who will always be true to her. Matt has a memory of being on the party boat. He has another memory of swinging the wrench and tells Maxie that he remembered killing Lisa Niles. He tells her that he had always thought that he struck Lisa in self-defense, but now that he remembers, he knows that wasnít the case. He asks her why she never told him that part. She says she was glad he never asked for details. He tells her that it is all real for him now. He goes to sleep without consummating the marriage. Maxie cries.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Gloworm, Sharon informs Adam that Victoria is ruining her life. At Crimson Lights, Victoria and Billy discuss his sleeping with Sharon such a long time ago and if they are all right now. Jack works out like there is no tomorrow because he is so happy about all the good things that are happening in his life. Daniel and Phyllis agree that his marriage to Daisy is such a big mistake. Daisy bumps into Ricky and eyeing his laptop on the table, she picks it up to look at what he is working on. Daisy finds out that he stole files from Tim. Daisy threatens to tell Phyllis what Ricky is up to. Phyllis tells Kevin that he has a proposition for him concerning Daisy. Chloe declines Phyllis’ proposition. Eden comes in and overhearing their conversation tells them that Daisy is here now. Phyllis goes outside and finds Daisy once again with Ricky. Phyllis wonders what excuse Daisy and Ricky have now for being together. Ricky comes up with a lame excuse that Phyllis doesn’t at all believe. Ricky confesses and tells Phyllis that he is doing a story on her past and asks her to work with him by coming clean. Phyllis refuses to help Ricky and insists that no one will believe him when he publishes a story about her life. Daisy joins Chloe, Kevin, and Daniel. When Daisy finds out that Lucy is with a babysitter, she suggests some alone time for her and Daniel. Adam tells Sharon that he would have done the same thing as Victoria telling Victor the truth about Sharon and Billy sleeping together. Adam tells Sharon that this is just not right between her and Victor. Mr. Lemon walks up and starts making remarks about Sharon and Victor. Mr. Lemon suggests that Adam report this to the press. Victoria comes to visit Victor to apologize to him over his losing Beauty of Nature to Jack. At the Athletic Club, Billy comes up behind Jack and hugs him and congratulates him for gaining control of Beauty of Nature.

Kevin gives Daisy advice over her loveless marriage to Daniel. Daisy doesn’t want to hear a word he says. She reminds him of the things that he did in his past and he has gotten forgiveness for. Adam defends Sharon from Mr. Lemon’s remarks. Adam reminds Bob of Cole Wesley and the dealings that they were involved in. Bob backed down from telling the press. Chelsea walks in and confronts Adam about defending Sharon. Nikki sees her engagement ring tied to the bottom of her wine glass. Jack takes the ring and puts it on Nikki’s finger. Victoria walks up and asks them to tell her that this is a joke. Ricky looks up info on the computer about Sasha Green. After reading the article, Ricky wonders how Phyllis is involved with Sasha Green. Jack asks Victoria to work for him at Beauty of Nature. Billy encourages Victoria to take the position. Ricky and Daisy see Daniel cozying up to Eden. Billy tells Victoria that he has to go back to L.A. concerning the pilot for his show. Victoria promises to keep him up all night to make up for all the time that they lost the last couple of days. Victor and Sharon reconcile and kiss. Victor takes Sharon by the hand and leads her upstairs. Phyllis visits Tim.

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