Tuesday 6/5/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/5/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The morning after – the wedding bells rang on Steffy’s phone but the marriage ended. Liam tries to explain to a defiant Bill that while it may look like he ended it, he did nothing but hold Steffy and she was the one who walked away. Bill continues to rant and Liam walks out of his own house leaving Bill standing there. Hope explains to Brooke that it is okay that Liam wanted to see Steffy in his last hours last night and he did not call. She has not heard from him this morning. Steffy sadly tells her family that the wedding bells sounded but it didn’t change anything. It just wasn’t meant to be.

Bill grumbles to Alison that he will have to depend on Deacon Sharpe to set Liam’s head on straight. Bill vows that he will do everything he can to stop this marriage. Both are ecstatic when Hope asks her mother to be her matron of honor. Liam comes in and they talk about Katie and Bill being at the wedding…but only if he is supportive. Steffy tells Ridge that this was the hardest thing she ever did, but she wanted Liam to be happy so she didn’t do it for her but for him. Brooke walks in on them and says she knows the pain that Steffy is feeling and she wishes there was something she could do. Hope asks Liam if he wants to talk about last night. He explains that he called Steffy last night and she was actually with him when Hope called and video chatted in her wedding dress. Hope feels badly about that. Brooke calls Bill to announce that it looks like there will be a wedding in the family. She hopes he is planning on coming to Italy. Reluctantly he says of course he will be there. Looking at a picture of Deacon he says what sort of father would miss his own kid’s wedding?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Bo and Hope were at John and Marlenaís townhouse to talk about the information on Stefanoís murder.  Bo and Hope said a ballistics report said that the murder weapon was Abeís.  They said that the police had proof that Abeís gun was used to kill Stefano.  John asked if the police thought Abe killed Stefano.  Marlena asked if Abe was arrested.  Bo said Abeís prints werenít the only ones on the gun.  John wanted to know whose prints were on the gun.  Bo said the lab found seven other prints including the four of them.  John asked if all of them were suspects. Hope said they were.  She told them that she and Bo werenít on the case because they are suspects.  She said Roman is investigating the case until the governor sends another in his own investigator.  Bo said the only reason why they know about the report is because of a friend of his.  John said that each one of them at some point touched Abeís gun.  Marlena admitted to being at the mansion.  She said she had things to get off her chest so she confronted Stefano.  She apologized for not being honest with John.  John said he wasnít being honest either.  Marlena asked why he went over there.  He said he went for the same reason.  Hope said they all did.  Bo wanted to know where that left them.  At Samiís apartment, EJ told Roman that he didnít kill Stefano.  EJ said if he knew who did, he wouldnít keep quiet.  Roman thought unless the person who killed Stefano was EJ.  Sami thought Roman was being crazy because EJ and Stefano were close.  EJ said Stefano was his father so he didnít have a motive to kill him.  Roman gave EJ a large brown envelope.  EJ wanted to know what it was.  Roman said it was EJís motive.  EJ opened it and found out it was Stefanoís will.  Roman said that EJ was taken out of the will.  Roman thought it was EJís motive.  Sami asked if EJ knew about it.  EJ said he didnít.  EJ said it was no secret that he and Stefano havenít been getting along lately.  He said the will carried no weight because it wasnít executed and there were no witnesses.  There was no legal ground for the will.  He thought it was a prop for his fatherís amusement.   Roman wanted to know what he meant by prop.  EJ said it was one of those things that his father would wave in his face from time to time.  He said Stefano always threatened to disinherit him.  He said Stefano never executed it.  Roman said EJ might have made sure Stefano didnít execute it.  EJ suggested that Roman needed a tighter case if he thought that he killed Stefano.  Roman told EJ that his prints were on the gun.  EJ said he was at the mansion to see his father.  He said he saw the gun sitting there.  When he couldnít find Stefano, he left.  Roman said when they talked earlier he didnít mention that.  EJ said Roman would have twisted it around to make him look guilty.  Roman didnít think a lot of twisting was needed.  EJ asked if Roman was going to arrest him.  Roman said no, but he needed him to come to the police station to take a gunshot residue test.  Roman warned him not to leave Salem.  Roman called Rafe to reinstate him on the force.  Since Bo and Hope were gone, Roman needed all of the help he could get.  Rafe agreed to help. 

EJ asked Sami if she believed he killed Stefano.  Sami didnít think he did because she knew how much Stefano meant to him.  They continued to talk until he left to check on the results of the paternity test for Nicoleís baby.  At the hospital, Daniel wanted to talk about Nicole switching the paternity test.  She apologized for switching the results but he wanted to talk about something else.  He didnít get the chance because EJ was there.  Rafe also walked in.  Daniel said he was going to get the results of the test.  Marlena wanted to know who the other suspects were.  Bo told her EJ, Kate, and Will were the other suspects.  Marlena was shocked that Will was at the mansion.  She wanted to know why he was there, but Bo and Hope didnít know.  While they were talking, Roman and Officer Kent showed up to ask them questions.  When Officer Kent left to take a call, Roman asked if any of them killed Stefano.  John said none of them were sorry that Stefano was dead, but none of them killed him.  Roman needed them all to go to the station to take a gunshot residue test.  Roman and Officer Kent left.  At the coffeehouse, Sami ran into Will.  Things didnít go over too well between them.  While they were talking, Roman and Officer Kent showed up to question Will about Stefanoís murder.  Daniel came back with the results and said that Rafe is the father of Nicoleís baby.  EJ thought Daniel was lying.  Daniel said he wasnít.  EJ wanted to do another test.  Nicole said they werenít doing another test.  EJ tried to appeal to Nicole not to keep him from his child, but it didnít work.  EJ wanted Nicole to be with him.  He didnít care that the child wasnít his.  She said that it was too late.  She said the test proved that there was nothing left between them.  She wanted him to accept it, but he couldnít.  He said it wasnít over between them and left.  She cried when he left.  Roman told Will that his prints were on the gun that killed Stefano.  Sami said there was no way the gun that Will had anything to do with Stefanoís murder.  When Rafe left, Nicole asked Daniel why he didnít switch the results back.  Daniel didnít want her baby to be raised by a DiMera.  They continued to talk about why he lied for her.  Roman asked Sami if she saw Will carrying a gun.  She said she didnít.  She said Lucas did, but he took the gun from Will. She was just making it clear that his gun wasnít used to kill Stefano.  Roman said the gun that was used to kill Stefano was Abeís.  She asked how could Willís prints be on Abeís gun.  That was what Roman wanted to know.  Roman said Will was there because Abe left the gun at the mansion and Will came in contact with the gun.  Roman wanted to know why Will was at the mansion.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth visits Ewen in the hospital. He asks her what happened. She tells him he was hurt and needed surgery. He remembers that Connie hit him and tells him that he has to warn everybody that Connie is dangerous. Elizabeth says the truth about Kate and Connie already came out and that Kate was arrested for attacking him and then subsequently transferred to ShadyBrook. Ewen says they have to understand that Kate didnít attack him; Connie did, and that isnít the only thing she has done. Elizabeth wonders what else Kate has done. He tells her that it wasnít Kate, it was Connie, and he canít discuss it with her. He says he needs to talk to Kate. Elizabeth says he is in no condition to leave. She tells him that she found him just in time and that he almost didnít make it. He says they are even now that they have each saved each other. She tells him that Dr. Wurth helped her to get him to the E.R. He says he will have to thank her. Elizabeth tells him that Dr. Wurth is dead of an apparent suicide. He concludes that Maggie must have had something going on in her life that no one knew about. He asks Elizabeth if they can continue dating when he is released. She says sheíd like that. Sonny visits Kate at ShadyBrook. She tells him that she had a dream about shooting out Anthonyís tires and that even though she has no memory of the event, the dream was so vivid that she woke up screaming. He tells her that she has to accept that she has an illness and that Connie was responsible. She tells him that Connieís hands are her hands and that she is responsible for anything that Connie did with them and will have to pay. Sonny says she wonít because only he and Alexis heard Connieís confession and the police donít know about it. She says she canít let Todd and Starr keep going after Sonny for what she did. He tells her that Todd knows it was Connie and has chosen not to pursue the matter.  Kate wants to know how Todd knew. Sonny explains that Todd heard Kate and Alexis talking and then came to him with the information. Kate says Todd is going to smear her in the media. Sonny tells her that he and Todd made a deal that Todd will keep quiet in exchange for Sonny letting his daughter off the hook for trying to kill him. Kate says that since Starr is free now, Todd has no reason to keep his end of the deal. Sonny tells him that Todd doesnít want to punish her because he has relatives that have D.I.D. Starr runs into Michael at the Metro Court. He asks her if she is going to ask her father who really killed Cole and Hope. She says her father hasnít said anything about it and wonders why he would keep that from her. Michael suggests that Toddís deal with Sonny was Toddís silence in exchange for Starrís freedom. He tells her that he never wanted to see her go to prison; he just didnít want her to try to kill his dad again. She tells him that she wouldnít have tried to kill him again even if he were guilty because she has been able to figure things out and has determined that she wouldnít have been honoring Cole and Hope if she threw her own life away on revenge. He tells her that if that is true, then he is glad he perjured himself.

Olivia looks for Heather in Steveís apartment. She calls Steve and reports Heather missing. When she opens the door to leave, Heatherís presence on the other side startles her. Heather says she borrowed Oliviaís car and went to Kellyís. Olivia says she isnít sure what bothers her more, that Heather left without saying anything, that she took her car without permission, or that Kellyís has been closed for hours. Heather covers by saying that when she found Kellyís closed, she went to the Floating Rib and that it reminded her of the original Floating Rib where her cousin Susan, Jason and Francoís mother, used to work. Olivia says she read the horrible story about Franco, Jason, and Sam. Heather asks what was so horrible about it. Olivia says it was horrible that Sam had to find out that that sick freak, Franco was the father of her child. Heather attacks Olivia and tells her never to speak of Franco in that way. Heather warns Olivia not to insult someone she admires. She goes on a tangent and tells Olivia that Maggie called her crazy and she is now dead. She says Sam Morgan tried to sour her relationship with Steven Lars and now had to pay for it. Olivia asks her what that is supposed to mean. Heather says Olivia is too suspicious. She says she didnít pay Sam back; Karma did. She says her tropical tryst with Franco made front-page news. Olivia corrects her that the sick bastard raped Sam. Heather says they only have the slutís word for it. She says that she is only saying that people that mess with her get messed with in return. Steve returns home after hearing Oliviaís message. Heather tells him that Olivia overreacted. Jason calls Bernie and tells him to send four men to the Rendezvous Motel to join the search for Sam and her baby. He sees a light a little bit off the road so he goes to check it out. Sam is unconscious on the floor in an abandoned building with Heather standing over her, holding Tťaís dead baby, and telling her that this is what happens to people that cross her. Heather places Tťaís baby into the planter box where Sam had left her baby. She runs away when she hears Jason calling for Sam. Jason finds Sam. She asks where her baby is. He asks where she left him. She tells him that she left him outside in something that looked like a cradle. He goes outside, finds the dead baby, picks him up, and says he is sorry. He says he knows he could have loved him. He cries and laments that this canít happen to Sam again. Sam comes outside. Jason wonít let her see the baby and tells her he is sorry. Sam is devastated and refuses to believe it. Jason has her sit down in the chair and brings the infant to her. She takes one look at it and tells Jason that it isnít her baby. Todd gets Tťa and Samís baby to the hospital where Steve informs Tťa that the baby is perfectly healthy. Tťa tells him that the baby didnít cry when he was born and that Todd had to go to get help. She explains that Todd found a woman in the woods and that she revived the baby. Epiphany takes the baby for some tests that show the baby is perfectly healthy albeit a little underweight. Todd tries to bring himself to tell Tťa what really happened, but she wonít let him get a word in edgewise. Starr calls Todd. He slips and tells her that he is at the hospital so he is forced to reveal that Tťa had her baby. Tťa calls her and Toddís daughter Dani and tells her about the baby. Tťa asks Todd what he wanted to tell her before their phone calls, but Starr arrives and interrupts. When Starr and Todd leave Tťaís room, Starr tells Todd to tell her what he knows about Hope and Coleís deaths. He reveals that it was Kate Howard.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nikki goes downstairs to check on Jack and finds him on the phone. Jack says that today is the day they will get a decision concerning Beauty of Nature. At the Newman ranch, Victor is on the phone when Sharon comes to visit him. Sharon demands answers as to how he's been treating her, but Victor refuses. At Crimson Lights, Billy and Victoria kiss. Billy asks Victoria if she is all right concerning the fact that he slept with Sharon before his marriage to Chloe. Victoria tells him that sure they are all right. Sofia comes into the living room and wonders why Neil isn’t at work. Neil springs an idea on Sofia when he asks how she would feel about living in an apartment just across the hall from him where they could share custody of Moses. Sofia is dead set against the idea and doesn’t think that it will work at all. At Gloworm, Tucker bumps into Harmony and finds out that she talked to Ashley. Tucker lashes out at her and orders her to stay away from Ashley. Katherine and Ashley see each other at Crimson Lights. Ashley asks Katherine if she is there to plead Tucker’s case. Victoria informs Billy that she will not contemplate a plan of action against him over his sleeping with Sharon. Victoria is cold toward Sharon and refuses to give her any answers. When Victor leaves the room to take a call, Sharon looks at Victor’s phone and sees that Victoria called him and let him know about her sleeping with Billy. Sharon leaves the house hastily. Sofia tells Neil that her love for him complicates things. When Harmony sends Neil a text to join her to discuss Devon, Sofia intercepts it.

Jack and Billy discuss the upcoming court hearing concerning Beauty of Nature. At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Victoria argue about her calling Victor to let him know about her and Billy sleeping together. At the Athletic Club, Nikki approaches Victor to discuss Beauty of Nature. Billy interrupts Victoria and Sharon while they are arguing. Sharon lets Billy know that Victoria called Victor and let him know about them sleeping together. Billy becomes angry at Victoria for calling Victor. Billy compares Victoria to Victor as this is something that Victor would do in the same situation. Sofia lets Harmony know that she saw the text message to Neil. Sofia also tells Harmony that she had filed for divorce from Neil. Ashley tells Tucker her terms for them saving their marriage. Neil joins Sofia and Harmony. Jack and Victor get a call about the judge's decision concerning Beauty of Nature. Sharon and Adam meet and he instantly knows that something is wrong. Victor finds out that Jack got Beauty of Nature.

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