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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Liam there is still time if he wants her to remain his wife. Time is running out, the marriage is going to end. He replies that no, it won’t end. They will always have that connection. Hope laughs that she feels like Cinderella waiting for midnight. She’s really not worried about Steffy or that she might be with him. The marriage will end at midnight. She wants to show Brooke the wedding dress that they are making some last minute tweaking. Bill paces the floor to his office waiting for some phone call from either Steffy or Liam. He calls Taylor and finds out Steffy got a phone call and went over to Liam’s. They both are aware this is the last chance he has to stop the divorce. Hope calls Liam and shows him a picture on the phone of her in her wedding dress. He comments that she looks so beautiful. She says she will see him tomorrow and he won’t be a married man.

Steffy finally convinces Liam that he doesn’t have to make a decision. She was there, she saw him when he got the phone call from Hope. He has made a commitment to her and she knows how much that means to him. He loves Hope and he can’t disappoint her. Steffy takes off her wedding ring. He holds her at her request. The church bells ring. She tells him “thanks for the memories…...cha cha cha.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Roman talked to a woman named Martine who was going to work on Stefanoís murder investigation.  Roman said he wouldnít be on it for much longer since the governor was bringing someone else in to work on the case.  Roman wanted to go by the book with the case.  He wanted to start the investigation with Abe.  Officer Kent asked if Abe was married to Stefanoís daughter.  Roman said Abe wasnít the only suspect with close ties to Stefano.  He said the next suspect was Kate.  Kate was at the Titan office with Ian.  They talked about Stefano and what he did to her.  Ian told her that she didnít have to worry about Stefano anymore.  Kate said Stefano was going after him next.  Ian wasnít afraid because no man could cheat death.  Kate told Ian that he was wrong.  Roman told Officer Kent that another suspect was EJ.  EJ was at the pub and thought about his confrontation with Stefano.  Sami came up to him to offer her condolences.  She asked if EJ was sure that Stefano was really dead.  Roman and Officer Kent went to talk to Abe and Lexie.  Roman told Abe that he was one of the suspects.  Lexie told Roman that Abe would never do that.  Roman wanted to believe that, but Abeís gun was found at the scene and ballistics established that his gun was the one used to kill Stefano.  Lexie didnít believe that Abe did it.  Roman understood that because the Abe he knows wouldnít do that, but he wanted to know why Abeís gun was at the scene.  Abe said he went to the mansion to threaten Stefano.  Roman asked if he took his gun.  Abe said he didnít kill Stefano.  Roman wanted to know what happened and why he left his gun.  Abe wanted to explain, but Theo came in the room.  Lexie took Theo out of the room so Abe and Roman could talk.  Roman asked Abe why he lied to him when he asked if he saw Stefano.  Abe said his wife is dying and her father was murdered.  He said the last thing Lexie needed was to think that he did it.  Roman was going to give Abe one more chance to tell him the truth about what happened. 

At Samiís apartment, Sami asked EJ again if Stefano was really dead.  EJ said he was.  She wondered if her father had any leads.  She asked if EJ had any suspects.  He said he didnít.  She said that half of Salem wanted Stefano dead including her.  She also suggested that EJ was a suspect too.  He wanted to know what she meant by that.  She said she knew that he had issues with Stefano.  EJ agreed there were times when he wanted Stefano dead.  They continued to talk about Stefano.  The subject of Countess W came up.  She wondered if she still had a job.  He assured her that she was still in control.  She told him that he was the head of DiMera family.  Abe told Roman and Officer Kent why he went to the mansion.  Abe said he confronted him about Andre keeping Lexie in the tunnel.  Abe said Stefano didnít think he could kill him and he was right.  Abe said when he left he left the gun behind.  Abe didnít trust himself.  He knew if he kept the gun, he would go back and use it.  He also fantasized that Stefano would use the gun on himself.  Roman said someone beat him to it.  Abe asked if Roman believed him.  Lexie came back and said she did.  Roman said that was all for now, but he needed him to come to the station for a gunshot residue test.  Roman and Officer Kent left.  Kate told Ian that Stefano has been dead and undead many times.  Ian was pretty sure Stefano was dead and assured her that he wouldnít hurt her again.  Ian asked Kate where she was when she went for a walk.  He asked if she went to the DiMera mansion.  She asked if he thought she killed Stefano.  Before Kate could answer, Roman showed up to question her.  Roman told her that her prints were found on the murder weapon.  She didnít know.  Roman thought there must have been an explanation.  Roman reminded her of all the things Stefano did to her.  She said she was furious with Stefano.  Roman asked if she was furious enough to kill Stefano. She said she was furious enough to kill him, but she didnít do it.  Roman wondered why her prints were on the gun.  She said she didnít know why.  She said why would she kill someone she still loved.  Ian was listening at the time.  Roman continued to question Kate.  Roman and Officer Kent left.  Ian questioned Kate about whether or not she killed Stefano.  Roman and Officer Kent went to Samiís apartment to question EJ about Stefanoís murder.  Roman was surprised that EJ wasnít on television demanding to know who killed Stefano.  He said the old EJ would have done that.  Roman thought there was only one reason why EJ didnít do it.  Sami wanted to know what it was.  Roman asked if EJ already knew who the killer was.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Johnny meets Carly at the Metro Court so they can talk. She tells him that she realizes that the two of them never made a commitment to each other and that she thinks she can get past it, but if they are going to be together, they have to set some ground rules beginning with no more lies. He admits to her that he killed Anthony, but assures her that no one else was involved this time. She concludes that by ďthis timeĒ he means he shot out Anthonyís tires. She tells him that he is a heartless bastard and she canít forgive him. After considering the outcome of that imagined scenario, he decides to keep that secret and only tells her that Anthony is missing and that he thinks Luke killed him because Anthony had overheard Luke and Tracy plotting to kill him. Carly says that is crazy; Luke wouldnít kill for Tracy. They kiss and make up.

Tťa Delgado asks her dead husband Victor to protect their newborn son. She is not lost on the irony that the man who killed her husband is going to save her son. Tťa decides not to sit passively by when her child is in danger and goes looking for Todd. Meanwhile Heather Webber performs CPR in an unsuccessful attempt to save the baby. Todd feels guilty about not being able to save Tťaís son after he took her husband from her. He says he hated Victor but he never hated Tťa or his newborn nephew. He tells Heather that he promised Tťa that he would save the child. Heather tells him to use his ingenuity to fix it. Heather leaves Todd alone while she goes to bury Anthony. She suggests that Todd never saw anything.

John is lying by the side of the road, unconscious after being beaten up. Sam is in John McBainís room with her baby. Sam worries about her babyís shallow breathing and wonders what is taking John so long to come to take her and the baby to the hospital. Sam decides she canít wait any longer for John so she goes out to find help. Jason goes to Samís motel room, but she doesnít answer the door. He talks to her through the door with no response so he goes inside. Jason calls for Sam at John McBainís door, but she has already left. He goes inside and sees his dragon figurine on Johnís nightstand. McBain returns to his room, sees Jason, and tells him he is late; Sam already had her baby. John says he was on his way to get the car to take Sam and the baby to the hospital when Jasonís friends arrived. He says that if Jason had sent the message himself, he would have seen the baby born. He tells Jason that Sam was exhausted so she couldnít have gotten far on her own. John says they need to find her. Jason tells John that he is in no condition to go looking for Sam and that he should call a doctor. Jason goes out alone to find Sam. Sam goes wandering through the woods and stops at the place where Todd is. She puts the baby down, opens the door, and immediately faints. While Todd tries to help her, he thinks he imagines the sound of a baby. He goes outside and sees Samís baby. He picks him up to take him to Sam. Tťa arrives and assumes that it is her baby. She is overjoyed to see that he is all right. She demands that Todd give the baby to her. Todd tries to tell her that this isnít her baby. Heather returns and is pleased that she was able to revive the baby after all. Todd takes Heather inside and tells her that the baby in Tťaís arms belongs to the woman on the floor. Heather tells him that the woman on the floor isnít with her husband now because he didnít want to raise another manís child, so if Tťa continues to believe the baby is hers, both women get a second chance. Todd says he could never make someone believe her child is dead after seeing what his daughter went through when her child died. Tťa calls for Todd. Heather tells him to go take care of Tťa and leave her to take care of Sam. Heather tells Tťaís dead baby that his other mother really wanted him, but this mother is getting exactly what she deserves.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis is suspicious when she and Nick interrupt a conversation between Ricky and Daisy, but Ricky covers and tells Phyllis and Nick that he just wanted to ask Daisy if he should give her the rent check or pay it directly to the landlord. Ricky was actually demanding that Daisy give him the copy of Phyllis' key that she made and meet him at Phyllis’s place. Ricky later uses the key to break into Phyllis’s place and look for some information. He forces Daisy to be his look out or he will tell everyone that she planned Lucy’s brief kidnapping to make Daniel look like a bad father to the court. Ricky finds some files then hides in the closet when Phyllis and Nick arrive and records Phyllis saying that she could kill Daisy. Daisy tells Ricky that this is the end of his threats, because he doesn’t know whom he is messing with, and Ricky says the same to Daisy.

Genevieve tells Christine that she emptied all of Colin’s accounts. In exchange Christine promises that Immigration will never bother Cane again. Christine also manages to make sure that Genevieve doesn’t serve any jail time but the government takes all of Genevieve’s money. Cane is touched by his mother’s sacrifice and gives her a big hug and thanks her. Genevieve has tears in her eyes as she says you're welcome to Cane. Jack tells Nikki that tests confirm that he is getting the feeling back in his legs, and they head to the Athletic Club to celebrate. Victor figures out that Davis Holloway was in conflict of interest when he voted for the sale of Beauty of Nature since he worked for Genevieve’s company FMN. Victor persuades Davis to sign a statement saying he was in conflict of interest so Avery can file a motion with the court to void the sale of Beauty of Nature. Jack sees Davis and Avery. Davis tells Jack what he has just done, and Jack is confident that Avery’s Hail Mary pass won’t work. Victor talks to someone trying to persuade them to sell him a company. Nikki tells Jack that she thinks this time he will beat Victor. Victor is distracted watching Jack and Nikki, but he assures Avery that Jack will never get his hands on Beauty of Nature.

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