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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy arrives at Liam’s cliff house and tells Mr. Spencer that he is cutting it really, really close. Their wedding is officially over at midnight tonight. As they sip wine, she tells him that he is staring. He tells her that he was sitting there thinking about all the fun they had in Cabo. He didn’t always know where he would end up, but it was a hell of a ride even in the rough times. Brooke and Ridge discuss it too, Liam being in love with two incredible women and both think he will choose their own daughter. Hope tells Eric that she hopes she hasn’t put him in an awkward position in designing her wedding dress. He assures her that he will love doing it and it won’t hurt Steffy as bad as Ridge designing it. She gushes that she will be wearing an Eric Forrester original, and he says she will be a beautiful bride.

Stephanie and Taylor go to Ridge to tell him that Steffy got a phone call from Liam and tore out of the house to meet him. They all know that one daughter will be happy and one won’t. Brooke tells Hope that after tonight the path will be clear and she can do nothing but focus on that dress and the wedding. Steffy tells Liam that she can get jealous but she won’t cross that line any more. She will always treasure being his wife and will not take the ring off. She just wishes she knew if this was the end of their marriage or a new beginning. Liam says their marriage is one of a kind and so is she. She is more confident now. Marriage did that for her. She knows it hasn’t been easy, but you canít go back. She shows him her cell phone again that she programmed so that at midnight she will hear wedding bells. She hopes that is why she is here especially since she has already said she would not return to this house until she was his wife. She looks adoringly to him for an answer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

The DiMera mansion was dark.  There are voice-overs of all the people threatening Stefano.  A gloved hand fired a gun and shot him.  The gun was placed on a tray next to Stefanoís chair.  There was blood on the carpet.  The gloved hand checked Stefanoís neck to check for a pulse.  John and Marlena were back at the townhouse.  Bo and Hope saw each other at the pub.  Kate went back to Titan.  Ian wanted to know if she wanted to talk about Stefanoís non-compete clause.  Kate didnít want to talk about Stefano.  Will ran into EJ at the town square.  EJ noticed that Will looked like he was in a hurry.  EJ said Will looked scared.  Will said because the last time they saw each other, EJ threatened him.  EJ said he was hiding something.  Will asked why did he care since he didnít work for him anymore.  EJ said he didnít care, he was just curious.  EJ eventually walked away.  At the Carver house, Lexie woke up from her nap.  She noticed that Abe was jumpy.  He said he was fine.  She told him he could tell her anything.  He said he was tired.  He said he would never let anyone hurt her again.  In an alley, Gabi handed her paid stalker the rest of the money she owed him.  He had some ideas on how to take the stalker thing to the next level.  She wanted to stick with the plan.  Chad talked to Melanie about the stalker.  He suggested that they ask Stefano for help.  She didnít think it was a good idea.  Bo asked Hope why she was at the pub.  She said the house was too quiet with Ciara at a sleepover.  Bo apologized for not making it home.  She asked if he finished his errands.  He said it was all taken care of.  Roman called Bo and said he need to see Bo and Hope at the DiMera mansion.  Roman said there was a development.  A forensics team was working at the mansion.  There was also someone pulling a gurney for a body.  Chad and Melanie talked about how she didnít think it was a good idea to get Stefanoís help with Gabiís stalker.  Gabi thought Chad should go to Stefano if he thought that was the best option.  He left to get Stefanoís advice.

While Abe was watching television, a news report came on saying that Stefano was shot dead.  He turned it off so Lexie wouldnít see it.  While John and Marlena were watching television, they saw the report on Stefano being dead.  John was ecstatic.  Bo and Hope were at the mansion.  They heard the report on the radio.  Roman said there was a gunshot to the back and through the chest.  Roman said the killer left the weapon behind.  He said they also found bullet holes in the wall that werenít from the gun.  Hope wondered how he knew.  Roman said the gun was only fired once.  Bo thought it was careless that the killer would leave the gun.  Hope thought the killer wanted to be caught.  Roman said that he got an anonymous tip that Stefano was dead.  While they were talking about the case, Roman said there were two suspects.  He reminded Bo and Hope that they as well as John and Marlena all wanted him dead.  Bo said the world is a better place without Stefano, but that didnít mean they killed him.  Roman asked where they were.  Hope said they were home together.  Roman asked Bo if that was true.  Bo said it was.  Bo thought about pulling his gun on Stefano.  Hope thought about it too.  Roman asked if anyone could confirm their alibis.  Bo asked if Roman was calling them liars.  Bo and Hope said they both had their guns.  Roman asked if they ever saw the murder weapon before.  They both thought about when they saw the gun.  They both said no.  Bo was ready to get to work, but Roman didnít want him or Hope working on the case until they were cleared.  When Chad went to the mansion, he saw Stefanoís body.  Will went to Titan to tell Kate that Stefano was dead.  Roman went to Abe and Lexie that Stefano was dead.  Lexie broke down.  Roman went to Titan to question Kate and Will about Stefano.  Roman went to the townhouse to question John and Marlena about Stefanoís death.  At the police station, EJ was there to identify the body.  EJ told Roman about his strained relationship with Stefano.  Roman was suspicious of EJ.  Later on, Roman got a report about the gun.  It turned out the gun was Abeís.  There was a report that the gun had eight prints on it.  Roman went to the suspect board and put Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Abe, EJ and Kateís pictures on it.  He also put Willís picture on the board.  He wondered which one murdered Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Johnny Zacchara harasses Dante. Dante wonders why Johnny is suddenly so concerned about Anthony when he has always despised him. He says Anthony is family. Lulu asks Luke what he and Tracy did to Anthony. He assures her that he didnít whack him. He doesnít want her involved. She tells him he needs to count on her. he tells her that he found Anthony dead with Tracy standing over him, and then he lost the body. She wonders why they didnít call the police instead of moving the body. He says the police we coming and they didnít have a choice. He tells her that the plan was to ship Anthony off to Uruguay but he was already dead when they got to the boathouse. He suspects the real killer took the body. She wants to tell Dante. Luke forbids it and says they need to find out who is trying to frame him and Tracy for Anthonyís murder. Heather looks for a place to bury Anthony. She finds a wheelbarrow and wheels Anthony away.

Jason sends two extremely large men to John McBainís motel room. Carly asks Jason if he is going to sue the newspaper for the Jason-Sam-Franco story. He tells her that he canít sue because it is true. He tells her about Franco being his brother and raping Sam. She tells him to stop talking about his hate for Franco before he talks himself into giving up on Sam. He tells her that Sam has grown close to John McBain. Carly tells him that Sam wouldnít choose McBain over him. She asks him if he is going to let Sam go. He says Sam is already gone. She asks him if he is going to let McBain pick up the pieces. He tells her that McBain isnít going to be able to pick up anything. She concludes that the large men that were leaving Jasonís penthouse when she arrived are going to do something to McBain. Carly tells Jason that it is going to backfire and Sam will find out about it. She tells him to call it off. He makes a call and leaves a voicemail message to call it off. Carly tells Jason that he has to make the first move with Sam because she is too hurt and messed up to do it. She tells him that he needs to be with Sam ad encourages him to go to her. Jason goes to find Sam. Sam is in labor in John McBainís motel room. John gives her the lucky figurine from her purse to focus on when she has contractions. He helps her deliver her son. John goes to get the car so he can take Sam and the baby to the hospital, but the extremely large men that Jason sent intercept him in the hallway. They beat him up and leave him unconscious on the side of the road. Sam is concerned about the babyís breathing.

Tťa is in labor in the back seat of Toddís car. He gets her out of the car and onto a bus stop bench where he helps her deliver her baby in the rain, but the baby doesnít cry.  Tťa orders him to take the baby to the hospital. He says he and her son will be back. He takes the baby on foot. On the way, he takes shelter at the same building where Heather took Anthonyís body. He recognizes Anthony in the wheelbarrow.  He asks Heather to let him borrow her car to take the baby to the hospital. Heather checks out the baby. She looks at Todd with concern in her eyes. Todd asks her if the baby is all right.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

As Ricky reads Phyllis’s file that he stole from Dr. Tim Reid, we see flashbacks of her private sessions with the doctor, how she got him to fall in love with her, and how they slept together on several occasions. Paul tells Avery how he suspects that Ricky caused Craig Hunt’s car accident. Avery wants to warn Phyllis but Paul tells her not to do so yet. Phyllis later asks Avery to help her come up with a strategy to help Daniel keep custody of Lucy when he is able to divorce Daisy. Avery tells Phyllis to stay away from Ricky and to be cautious around him if she sees him around town. Paul drops by Rickyís place, wanting to make sure that everyone he loves is safe, but he doesn’t see the notes on Phyllis, which are on Ricky’s coffee table. Tim calls Ricky and asks him to do some research on what happened around Christmastime 1994. Ricky gets on the Internet determined to find out Phyllis’ secrets so that he can expose them. Christine bids a tearful good-bye to Danny, saying that they missed their chance to be together and now their lives have changed too much. Christine later talks to Michael and recalls the hit and run accident that caused her to cancel her first wedding to Paul. She remembers that they never found out the identity of the person driving the car that hit her.

Billy, Victoria, Victor, and Sharon run into each other at Gloworm and have an awkward conversation before they find their tables. Victoria tells her father that she will never get used to seeing him with Sharon. Sharon later asks Victoria if they can call a truce for Victor’s sake. Victoria tells Sharon that she is just her dad’s flavor of the month and his relationship with her will never last because he father likes women with more substance in order to build a lasting relationship. Sharon fires back to Victoria that she slept with Billy the night before he was supposed to marry Chloe. Victoria is upset with Billy at first, but he explains that he was immature back then and felt angry because Chloe was trapping him into marriage. Victoria reveals to Victor this bombshell secret about Sharon. Victor hangs up the phone and tells Sharon not to cook dinner for him but to kindly show herself out of the door.

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