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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill barges in and tells Liam that he wants him to be happy. It’s do or die time. It’s time to stop this divorce and stay with Steffy. Brooke explains to Eric that Ridge could not be disloyal to Steffy and would not agree to design Hope’s wedding dress. She’d like him to help. He’d be delighted. Eric is aghast when he hears Hope is thinking about Deacon, even to the point of asking him to walk her down the aisle. Ridge, Taylor and Stephanie greet Steffy good morning. All are optimistic that by the end of the day – at midnight Liam will have come to his senses and cancel the divorce. Steffy shows them that she has wedding bells on her phone for when that magic moment comes.

Ridge decides to drop in on Liam one last time although he’s had plenty of time to make his decision. He tells Liam that he knows what it’s like to be in love with two amazing women, but he has to figure this out. His entire family is being affected by this. He needs to get a backbone and make a decision. Ridge reminds Liam that he has to tell Hope how he feels. Don’t wait, he has to do it now. Hope is honored that Eric is offering her one of his wedding gowns. Liam thinks of all the happy times with Steffy and then texts her to meet him at the house. She replies yes, she will be right there. Stephanie scoots Steffy out the door; she is so sure this is good news. Steffy finds a very romantic setting at the house, and Liam appears looking wistfully at her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Titan office, Kate and Ian were talking business.  A delivery guy came in and gave Kate an envelope.  She told Ian they were her divorce papers.  She looked through the papers and realized that something wasnít right.  The papers were a non-compete clause.  Stefano was going to make it impossible for her to work for the competition.  She wasnít able to work for Mad World.  She was upset.  She and Ian said Stefano wasnít going to get away with it.  She wanted to go and get some air.  At the town square, Sami saw Marlena rushing through and called out to her.  Marlena said she didnít have time to talk.  Sami told her it was about Will.  When Sami grabbed Marlenaís arm, Marlenaís purse hit the ground.  Marlenaís gun was exposed, but Sami didnít see it.  Sami asked if she were okay.  Marlena said she was, but she was late.  Sami needed her help, but Marlena didnít have time to help her.  Sami wondered what could be more important than her family.  Marlena snapped that her family is important to her.  Sami walked away from her.  Lucas wanted will to tell him what was going on.  Will said it wasnít what it looked like.  Lucas wanted to know why he was carrying a gun.  Will said he wasnít going to use it.  Lucas wanted to know what he was planning to do with it.  EJ reminded Stefano what he cost him.  EJ said he wasnít going to allow him to get away with what he did. Stefano called his bluff to kill him.  EJ fired his gun three times, but he didnít shoot Stefano.  Stefano asked if EJ felt better.  EJ said he wouldnít feel better until Stefano was dead.  Abe walked in with his gun and said he agreed with EJ.  Lucas wanted Will to tell him the truth.  Will said it was EJís gun.  Lucas wanted to know what he was doing with it since he didnít work for EJ anymore.  Will said he was on his way to give it back.  Lucas said if the gun was EJís, he would give it back.  Will said he would do it himself because he had to give him paperwork.  Lucas didnít care about the paperwork.  He wasnít going to let Will walk around with a gun.  Will thought Lucas didnít trust him and got upset with him.  Abe blamed Stefano for Lexie dying.  When Stefano walked away from him, Abe yelled and wanted him to face what he did.  Abe continued to rip into Stefano for what he did to Lexie and the people he loved.  Abe told him that he hurt them for the last time.  Abe put the gun down.  He was going to kill him, but his conscience got to him.  He wouldnít be able to look at Theo knowing that he robbed him of his grandfather.  He also couldnít live with taking him away from Lexie in her final days.  Stefano told Abe that he loved Lexie, but Abe thought he had no idea what love is. 

John showed up at the mansion to see Stefano.  John threatened to kill Stefano.  John talked to Stefano about making him pay for what he did to his family and friends.  Stefano wanted John to get it over with if he was going to kill him.  The living room was empty.  John rushed back in from the entrance that leads to other rooms in the mansion.  He put the gun back in his pants.  He left out the patio doors.  Stefano went back to the living room.  Lucas talked to Sami about Will having a gun.  Sami wanted to know what Will was doing with a gun.  Lucas said that Will told him the gun was EJís.  Lucas told her that he didnít really believe Will.  Sami asked Lucas where the gun was.  He said itís at the safe in the pub.  Hope went to see Stefano to confront him about what heís done to her and her family.  Stefano wanted to know what she was doing there.  She pointed a gun to him.  Stefano called Hopeís bluff and brought up Ciara to make her feel guilty.  Hope put down the gun and left.  John went back to the townhouse and removed the clip from his gun.  He tossed the gun to the side.  EJ went to the pub.  Abe and Hope went back home.  Kate was alone in her office and picked up a gun.  Bo walked through the square.  He stopped and looked as if he were thinking about something.  Will paced and thought for a bit before he left the alley. Sami wanted to go to the pub and get the gun.  She wanted to take it to her father.  Will, Kate, and Bo all confronted Stefano about what he did to them.  Stefano told them all to shoot him or leave him alone.  Marlena also went to see Stefano.  She analyzed him for why he tormented people.  After she spoke to him, she left.  The living room was dark and Marlena was there.  She picked up Abeís gun.  Abe called out for Lexie, but found a note saying she was sleep.  John went back to the mansion.  He picked up Abeís gun and noticed something by the patio door.  He left through the front door.  Bo walked in the mansion and touched Abeís gun.  EJ went to the mansion and saw Abeís gun.  He put the gun on the piano and left.  Hope came in and saw Abeís gun.  She picked it up and put it down.  When Sami and Lucas went to the pub to check on the gun, it was gone.  Kate went to the mansion and picked up Abeís gun and put it down.  While Stefano was listening to music, someone snuck in the mansion and shot him. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante and Padilla take Luke and Tracy to the police station for suspicion of Anthony Zaccharaís disappearance. They say they are innocent. Dante asks them why they were about to throw a gun into the water when the police arrived. Luke tells Tracy to exercise her right to remain silent. Dante asks her about the text message on Anthonyís cell phone instructing him to meet her at the boathouse. Luke tells Tracy not to say another word. Padilla arrests Tracy. While waiting for Luke to be arrested, Lulu tells him to tell her what really happened. Heather has Anthonyís body and talks to him as if he is alive. She presumes that Luke shot Anthony and believes she is helping Luke by taking care of Anthony. A police officer stops her and tells her the road ahead is closed and that she needs to turn around. She waits for the cop to leave, then proceeds on he task to find a place to bury Anthony. Since the road is closed, she decides she will have to bury him right there.

Sonny refuses to participate in Kristinaís reality show. Jason tells Sonny that John McBain orchestrated his arrest. He suggests that John is not just after Sonny, but Sam too. Jason says McBainís investigative warrant will expire soon. Sonny says that wonít matter because McBain is going to keep at it until he blows Sonny sky-high. Jason doesnít want Sam in the middle of that. Sonny suggests that McBain should disappear. Jason says it is too risky because McBain is a cop and ex-FBI. Jason says he can send McBain a message to get him to go home to Llanview sooner than he had planned. Sonny tells Jason that if he and Sam can get past McBain, then they can work through the baby issues together. Sonny says Sam is about to have a baby and it doesnít matter who the father is; she needs him, not McBain. Sam asks John McBain if he was behind Jasonís arrest. He says he didnít. McBain thinks Sam should go home to Jason. She doesnít want to. He suggests that she go to her momís house. She doesnít want to be on national TV. She is about to head back to her motel room and has a contraction. John worries. Sam tells him it is too soon to be labor; it must be Braxton-Hicks contractions. John suggests that she call her doctor. Her phone has no signal. Neither does his. The motel room landline is down too. Her contractions continue. She thinks something is seriously wrong and fears that she will lose her baby. She tells him about her stillborn daughter from her previous pregnancy. He suggests that they go to the office to see if the phone there works. Her water breaks. Her contractions get stronger. She tells him that the baby is coming now.

Todd goes looking for Tťa, concerned that she didnít show up for Starrís hearing. He finds her unconscious on the ground next to her car in the Metro Court parking garage. She starts having contractions while Todd is driving her to the hospital. An electrical tower falls in the road, blocking their way. They have to turn around. Todd discovers that when he swerved to avoid the tower, he drove into mud and now the car is stuck. Tťaís contractions continue. Todd tries to call 9-1-1, but has no signal. Tťaís phone has no signal either. Todd concludes that the structure in the road must be a cell tower. He begins to push the car to get it out of the mud. Tťa screams. Todd goes to her. She tells her she is having the baby right now.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lauren agrees that Michael should take the interim DA job after hearing him tell Avery how much doing meaningful work is important to him in order to make a better world for Fenmore. Michael tells the Mayor that he wants Heather Stevens as part of his staff at the DA’s office. Danny advises Daniel to get out of his marriage as soon as he can find a way out, because Daisy is screwed up. Danny tells Phyllis that she was right to keep Daniel away from Daisy. Phyllis admits that she hates Daisy because she reminds her of the worst part of herself, the part that did something similar to Danny when they were married. Daisy emotionally blackmails Daniel into having sex with her by telling him that the only way they can be a real family so he can be with Lucy is to have a real marriage. Danny says goodbye to his family and friends and promises to help Phyllis in any way possible with the Daniel/Daisy situation. Phyllis promises to keep him updated on the situation. Avery is touched when Phyllis asks he to be her maid of honor and the sisters look forward to once again having a real relationship with each other and being a family like they always dreamed.

Ricky interviews Tim Reid who tells him how Phyllis made him fall in love with her in order to use him, and his medical career ended because she drove him to anger and jealousy. Ricky steals Phyllis’s medical file from Tim. When Tim finds out, he is happy Phyllis is going to get what she deserves. Paul finds out Craig Hunt had an open bottle of alcohol in his car when he drove off the road and into a pole and died. Christine finds out that Ricky’s girlfriend Rachel drowned in a bathtub after an overdose of sedatives. Paul can’t shake his gut feeling that Ricky caused the deaths of Craig and Rachel and he is determined to stop Ricky from hurting anyone else. Christine advises Paul not to jump to conclusions without facts, but Paul thinks it is strange that Rachel died the same way Isabella tried to kill Christine years ago. Christine fears that if Paul’s suspicions about Ricky are true, and he doesn’t get the police involved, Paul could get hurt. Paul appreciates Christine’s concern but insists he has to handle this without the police.

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