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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill gloats to Justin that he has Deacon Sharpe right where he wants him. Of course if Liam stays married to Steffy, then he has no use for calling in reinforcements. You don’t throw the Hail Mary unless the game is on the line. Marcus returns to talk to his father and remembers hearing Bill tell Justin that he wants to sabotage the wedding. He asks his dad straight out, he’d like to know what is going on between him and Bill. Karen tells Bill that Danielle is a really talented writer. She doesn’t need her to hold her hand or help her get a job – just that he needs to play nice. Bill returns the favor by saying he is not the one who needs to lighten up; Karen needs to find herself a guy pronto before she starts looking around and taking in stray dogs and cats. His advise is to get out of the house and find a hot romance. Marcus has to pull it out of his dad, but tells him he overheard a conversation that he didn’t like hearing with them talking about Hope. At work, Hope and Steffy have a few last minute words….the waiting period is over….at midnight tomorrow the divorce is final. So they can’t pretend they are not looking at the clock. Whatever happens to one also happens to the other.

Karen and Dani return to Bill’s office since he was not there earlier. Karen says they are not going to reschedule. He is in the office now and he will see them. They just need to be very careful. He does not know they are a couple, and she doesn’t want him to know. He can be a bit of a jerk. She’d like to see him alone first. Karen is a bit skeptical, of course, that Bill blew her off for some investment prospective. She starts with congratulating him and Katie for the upcoming baby, although Bill lets her know that he’s less than pleased. Katie is the best thing that has happened to him and she had a heart transplant so kids were never supposed to be in their future. Hope barely leaves Steffy’s office when Liam walks in. She informs him that Hope just left and she seemed pretty confident. Steffy seems pretty confident too. Dani's interview goes well and she tells Bill that he doesn’t need a fashion writer, he need someone who will get down and dirty and get the job done. Later he tells Karen that Dani is quite intriguing but more of a freak than she realizes. She was hitting on him, practically undressing him with her eyes. Karen stifles her laugh and assures Bill that his virtue is intact, Dani was definitely not hitting on him. He retorts she most certainly was; he knows when a woman is hitting on him. It happens all the time. Behind his back, Karen rolls her eyes and just asks him to give Dani a shot. She’s an incredible writer and he’ll see that he read her all wrong. Marcus tells his dad to stop acting like Bill’s lawyer and talk to him like a father. Justin says this conversation is over. He’s said all he is gonna say, so don’t bring it up again. Steffy reminds Liam that the waiting period is almost over. Tomorrow they will either still be married or not. She bites him on the ear and says Cha-Cha……and he adds the last Cha. Three people – Hope, Liam and Steffy all waiting for their future tomorrow.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Daniel wanted to know what Nicole was doing with the open sample case.  She asked if he would believe that she was just checking to see if someone picked up the DNA test results.  He said he believed she was switching the test results.  He asked if she was switching them.  He asked her if she thought she could get away with it.  She thought she could.  She wondered what she was going to do if EJ finds out her baby is his.  Lucas ran into EJ at the town square and asked him if he knew where Will was.  EJ didnít know.  EJ told Lucas that Will didnít work for him anymore.  Lucas was happy about that because he thought Will quit.  EJ said he fired Will.  Lucas wanted to know why EJ fired Will.  EJ said that Will wasnít loyal.  Lucas said Will was loyal, but EJ didnít agree.  John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, and Roman were in an office at the police station.  Roman said that the CIA isnít happy with them.  The people at the CIA didnít appreciate them trying to bring down Stefano.  Roman said they have all been ordered to be on their best behavior where Stefano is concerned.  Hope asked if they were being told to back off when Stefano tried to blow them up.  Marlena thought there was no justice.  Roman said the CIA couldnít get the guys they wanted so none of them were allowed to touch Stefano.  Marlena said Stefano had to be stopped before he hurt someone.  John said he would be stopped.  They all continued to talk about Stefano.  Daniel and Nicole talked about her baby as well as her situation with EJ.  He suggested that she and EJ stay together for the sake of the child, but Nicole refused to do it.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ confronted Stefano about the proof he had that Stefano was responsible for Lexieís tumor.  Stefano said Lexie already knew about it.  EJ was furious that Stefano told Lexie the truth, but Stefano corrected him.  Stefano let him know that Lexie overheard him and Abe arguing about it.  The two ended up arguing over Lexie. 

At the Brady Pub, Marlena almost caught Will with his gun.  He told her that he didnít work for EJ anymore because of Stefano.  Roman warned Bo, Hope, and John to leave Stefano alone.  While Daniel and Nicole talked, they kissed each other.  Will told Marlena that Stefano made him set it up so Rafe could find out that Sami cheated with EJ.  Marlena wanted to know why Will would do something that would hurt Rafe.  He said he was afraid of what Stefano would if he said no.  She wanted to know why he didnít go to her.  She also wanted to know what Stefano had on him.  Will said it didnít matter, but Stefano wasnít going to get away with it.  Will left the pub.  Stefano wanted to make peace with EJ for Lexieís sake.  Stefano told EJ to leave before they said something they both regret.  EJ put on black gloves and said he wasnít leaving until he did what he came there to do.  John, Bo, and Hope all left the police station.  EJ was upset that he knows the truth.  Stefano said that Lexie forgave him.  EJ said he would never forgive him.  When Will went to the coffeehouse, he ran into Lucas.  When the gun fell out of Willís pocket, Lucas saw the gun.  Lucas put it in his pocket.  Lucas wanted to know what Will was doing with a gun.  Marlena went back to the police station to find John.  Roman warned her not to take matters into her own hands.  When Marlena left, she looked at the gun in her purse.  John checked the gun he had.  Bo checked the gun he had in his ankle holster.  EJ threatened Stefano because he took away the woman he loved.  EJ didnít want Stefano to do to Theo and Chad what he did to him and Lexie.  Stefano wondered how EJ was going to protect them.  EJ pulled out a gun on Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie tells the prosecuting attorney that she doesnít have to testify against her husband. She and Matt have just returned from getting married at the Justice of the Peace in the court building.  Matt produces the marriage license. The prosecuting attorney admits that he canít compel a wife to testify against her husband, but he vows to expose their marriage as fraudulent and make them both pay. Mac says there is no statute of limitations for murder so the only way to ensure that Maxie never has to testify against Matt is for them to stay married forever. Maxie asks Mac to be happy for her. She says she didnít have a choice.  Spinelli says she could have chosen to keep her end of the bargain and let Mattís lawyers argue the mitigating factors of the case.

Padilla tells Dante that she responded to "shots fired" call to the Quartermaine estate. She says no one in the house saw or heard anything, but she found a blood stain in the boathouse that she is having analyzed. Johnny wonders why there has been no news of Anthonyís death.  Johnny imagines Anthony is taunting him. Dante and Padilla go to Johnnyís house with a search warrant for evidence that will tie him to shooting out Anthonyís tires. Johnny says he had nothing to do with that and suggests that Dante look into Tracy and Luke.  Padilla finds Anthonyís cell phone on the floor. Luke and Tracy canít find Anthonyís body. Tracy wonders if Anthony isnít really dead. Luke thinks it is more likely that someone moved Anthony.  They blame each other for killing Anthony then swear to each other that they didnít. They wonder who did. Tracy thinks it was Sonny. Luke says it doesnít seem like a mob hit. She concludes that whoever it was did her a favor. Luke tells her that they have to get rid of the murder weapon.  Just as Luke is about to throw the gun into the water, Padilla and Dante arrive and tell him to freeze. He arrests them for suspicion of foul play in the disappearance of Anthony Zacchara.

Kristina announces to Sonny, Alexis, Sam, and Molly that her friend is going to produce a reality show about their family called, ďMob Princess.Ē Sonny says no. A camera crew comes in the front door and asks Alexis where to set up. Sonny orders them out. The cameraman begins filming. Alexis threatens to file an injunction and sue the camera crew. Kristina goes on a rant in front of the cameras. Sonny warns the cameraman twice to turn off the cameras before he breaks one of them.  He pushes the crew out the door. Alexis says she will not allow the camera crew into her house because it is an invasion of privacy. Kristina says either the crew stays or she will leave and they will never see her again. Alexis is willing to bend to keep Kristina home. Sonny still says no.  Kristina tells Molly that she is only doing it to get back at her parents and that it will be fun for Molly. Molly says it isnít fun so far. Alexis finally retrieves her voicemail message from Jason about his arrest. Jason goes to John McBainís motel room to confront him about having tipped the police that Jason killed Franco. McBain says it wasnít him and that Jason would be the obvious suspect to any police department given his well known history with Franco. Jason says John would kill someone that raped Natalie too. He asks John if he wanted him out of the way so he could get to Sonny or so he could get to Sam. John says it wouldnít matter if he were after Sam because Sam isnít interested in him; she loves Jason. McBain says that if things donít work out with Jason and Sam it wonít be because of anything he did; it will be because of what Jason does. Sam goes back to the motel and sees Jason in the hallway. She asks him why he was arrested if there is no new evidence. He tells her to ask McBain.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club, Paul, Phyllis, Christine, and Danny share a conversation about Ricky and his involvement in Rachel’s death. Michael and Lauren walk in to meet their associates. At Jack’s home, Jack and Nikki spend quality time with Lucy while Daisy and Daniel are away. Ricky and Daisy search Phyllis’ apartment for valuable info that they can use against her. Eden asks Noah to move in with her but he has reservations about it. Abby asks if Noah could move in with her and Ashley. Eden turns the tables and asks Abby to also move in with her since she needs a roommate. Daisy and Ricky quickly hide when Daniel arrives at Phyllis’. Michael is offered the job of District Attorney which doesn’t sit too well with Lauren since she is afraid for her safety and Fen’s. Nikki tells Jack that Victor knows about them and their engagement.

Michael considers the job offer. Ricky finds out the name of Timothy Reid, who is a family counselor. In the hallway of their apartment building, Ricky finds out that Noah is moving in with Eden. Daniel goes to Jack and Nikki’s to check on Lucy and finds that Daisy isn’t back yet. Daisy soon appears, carrying a bag of groceries. Phyllis arrives home and cannot find her keys. Eden shows Noah around the apartment. Noah lets Eden know that he gets a bad vibe off Ricky. Ricky searches the internet for info on Tim Reid. Phyllis arrives at Jack’s to look for her keys. Daisy pretends to help her look for them, but all the time Daisy has the keys in her hand. Daisy pretends that she finds the keys under a sofa. Kyle and Jack have a heated argument concerning his marriage proposal to Nikki. Lauren gives Michael advice concerning taking the District Attorney position. Paul and Christine discuss Rachel’s death. Paul asks Christine for help. Phyllis notices her meal planner out and wonders who had been in her apartment. Phyllis calls Daniel and questions him about the meal planner. Ricky calls Tim Reid. Jack tells Nikki that it is time that they go and pick out her engagement ring.

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