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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Deacon begrudgingly tells Bill that he doesn’t have to like it, but yes he will do what Bill says. He can’t stay here and he knows it’s one or the other. He’s not afraid of the big, powerful man but he doesn’t want to break his daughter’s heart. Bill says – game on!

Brooke argues with Hope that she does not need Deacon in her life and certainly not at her wedding. She demands that Hope stay away from him. Hope says he is her father and the fact that he abandoned her accounts for a lot of her issues. Brooke warns her again to keep Deacon Sharpe out of her forever. She sees Dr. Barton and emphatically tells her that she does not want Dr. Barton to continue to encourage Hope to see Deacon Sharpe. He’s no good and not a part of her life and she won’t allow this. Instead of helping Hope, her seeing him would only open up more unpleasant issues. Marcus calls his pop and leaves a voicemail that he wants to run something past him.

Karen and Dani drop in on Bill but only find Katie in the office. She tells them her good pregnancy news. Bill checks in with Alison to make sure she is still doing what he pays her the big bucks for. She doesn’t have to actually lie to Katie by telling her he is looking for long term business investment possibilities. Brooke tells Dr. Barton that she doesn’t know Deacon, but if she did she would encourage Hope to run in the opposite direction. Through some quirk, Marcus can hear Justin and Bill speak on his I-phone while he’s trying to call, but they can't hear him. He hears Bill say that if his plan works, Hope will be out of his son’s life for good.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the town square, Abe saw EJ.  Abe thought EJ was with Lexie.  EJ told Abe that Lexie was tired so he left.  EJ said Lexie wanted him to do something for Abe.  EJ said Lexie wanted him to resign.  Abe thought it was because Lexie thought he wouldnít have time to grieve if he were working.  Abe didnít believe that would keep him from grieving the loss of the love of his life.  Abe said he would never let EJ do it.  Sami let Will know that it wasnít his fault that she and Rafe broke up.  She reminded him that she slept with EJ.  She said it wasnít as if Will told Rafe.  When Will didnít say anything, she asked if he did.  Will admitted that he set it up for Rafe to hear him telling someone about it.  He said he didnít have a choice because Stefano made him do it.  He said Stefano was going to break up EJ and Nicole anyway so that would have killed two birds with one stone.  Will said he agreed with Stefano that Rafe had a right to know.  Sami said Stefano got the job done without getting his hands dirty.  Will said Stefano threatened to go to the police that he shot EJ.  She asked why he didnít come to her.  He said he wasnít talking to her.  He didnít know what she would do.  She said she could have helped him.  She was going to help him.  She said she knew how to handle Stefano.  Will got angry with her when she made it about herself.  She said she wasnít and she was going to help him.  He said he had to take care of himself.  He left to make things right with EJ.  At the hospital, Nicole was nervous about the paternity test.  She was hopeful when EJ wasnít there, but he showed up.  EJ wasnít in a good mood.  Nicole made a smart remark and apologized to him.  She thought he was upset because of Lexie.  He told her if she were sorry, she wouldnít be pretending that Rafe was the father of her baby.  EJ demanded that Daniel get the test done.  Nicole wanted him to wait.  EJ told her that there was no way out of this.  He told her this gave him everything he needed to have her declared as an unfit mother when he filed for sole custody on the grounds that she tried to deny him his paternal rights.  He warned her that he was going to make sure the child was brought up a DiMera in every way. 

Stefano went to visit Lexie.  They talked about EJ and how she wanted him and EJ to get along.  When she was rubbing her head, he realized he stayed to long.  She said he didnít.  She was tired.  She went upstairs to rest.  Abe came home and found Stefano there.  Abe was upset to see him there.  Abe blamed Stefano for why Lexie was dying.  Abe reminded Stefano that Andre worked for him and was a monster that he created.  Stefano said he had no idea that Andre kept Lexie in the tunnel.  Abe said Stefano was the one responsible for Lexieís tumor because Andre worked for him.  Abe blamed Stefano for Lexie dying.  While they were talking, Abe noticed Lexie on the stairs crying.  Stefano was upset.  Abe told Stefano to leave.  Before Stefano left, Lexie called out to him and hugged him.  When Stefano left, Abe apologized and told her that he didnít want her to know.  She wanted to know how long he knew.  He said he felt it for weeks, but got proof a few days ago.  At the town square, Will found EJ.  Will wanted to explain what happened.  Will said Stefano threatened to go to the police if he didnít help him.  EJ thought Will made the wrong decision.  EJ said he could have gone to him.  He would have protected Will.  EJ said Will made sure he lost his wife.  EJ wanted the keys the apartment, car, and mansion.  Will wanted to know why.  EJ told him he was fired.  Will wanted to know what he was supposed to do and where he was supposed to go.  EJ told him to go to Stefano.  Before EJ left, Will gave him an envelope.  EJ read the report that said Stefano was responsible for Lexie being sick.  At the hospital, the guy at the lab showed up.  Nicole made it seem as if Daniel was upset that the results took too long.   Nicole went to Danielís office and got the key from his desk drawer.  She changed the labels on the test tubes and was about to close the lid when Daniel showed up and saw her sitting there with the case of samples opened.  At a back alley, Will pulled out a gun and made a threat against Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie is angry with Spinelli for ratting out Matt and forcing her to testify. He tells her that she doesnít belong in prison and he couldnít stand to see her there because he loves her. She asks him if this is his way of getting rid of the competition. He tells her that he only revealed Mattís identity to save her. Matt tells Elizabeth and Patrick that he killed Lisa Niles and Maxie has been protecting him. Patrick says they will do everything they can to get him out of it. Patrick goes to court with Matt. Matt tells Mac that he will do whatever he can to get Maxie out of prison, no matter what happens to him. Maxie and Spinelli go into the courtroom. Maxie tells Mac that she saw Robin lying on the floor, that Matt didnít know he had killed Lisa, and that he only did what any one of them would have done. The prosecuting attorney tells Maxie that she has wasted the stateís money, resources, and man-hours and they donít care about her apology; they are only interested in her testimony. Alexisís associate, Roslyn Kwon enters the courtroom and says Maxie wonít be entering into any agreement without the benefit of counsel, nor will she be testifying until after she is released. The judge agrees to the terms and vacates Maxieís sentence. The prosecuting attorney reminds Maxie that if she doesnít come back to court and testify against Matt, she is going back to Pentonville. Maxie leaves, changes clothes, tells Matt that she has a plan, and the two of them leave. She returns to the courtroom and announces that she isnít going to testify against Matt. She says she did a little research and discovered that a wife doesnít have to testify against her husband. She displays her new wedding band to everyone. Spinelli is crestfallen.

Anna tells McBain that the mayor fired Mac and wants her to take the position. He congratulates her. She tells him that she turned the job down because she canít take her ex-brother-in-lawís job. She tells him that time is running out for his investigation of Sonny. She says she asked for an extension to his investigative allowance, but her contact at the bureau said no because it isnít an active case and John doesnít work for the bureau anymore. Anna asks him about his sister. He tells her that his sister was the result of an affair that his father had. He says that when his father died, he asked him to find his sister, Theresa and take care of her. He says he found her in Atlantic City but she died before they had the chance to spend any time together. He tells her that he will see justice served. Anna lectures him about living with choices. Jason is taken to the police station after being arrested for Francoís murder based on an anonymous tip. Jason concludes McBain was the tipster. He tries to call Alexis but she doesnít answer her phone because Kristina has just returned home. Jason then calls Elizabeth who comes to the police station with bail money. She sees the article about Jason, Sam, and Franco. Jason tells her his theory that McBain leaked the story and made the anonymous tip to have Jason arrested so that the investigation will keep him out of Johnís way so that he can get to Sonny. Once released, Jason goes to see John McBain.

Kristina tells Sonny, Alexis, Sam, and Molly that she quit Yale because she found out she didnít belong there because Sonny pulled strings to get her in. Sonny says he was just trying to help. Kristina asks if Alexis knew about it. Against Sonnyís wishes, Alexis admits that she did. Sonny tells Kristina not to jump on her mother. He says there is nothing wrong with using your influence to take care of the people you love because thatís how the world works. Kristina asks Alexis if she was more interested Kristina going to her alma mater or keeping her away from Ethan. Sonny interjects that going to Yale was her choice. She says she was a laughing stock when it got out that Sonny threatened someone to get her into Yale. She says everyone started calling her mob princess and no one would study with her. She blames Sonny and Alexis for ruining her life. Alexis asks her where she has been all these weeks since leaving school. Kristina says she met a guy. They all wonder if she is pregnant. She tells them that when she gets pregnant, she will do it on purpose with a guy that she loves. She congratulates Sam on getting everything she wanted. She reveals that this man that she met wants to create a reality show about Kristina and her family, called ďMob Princess.Ē

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack has a barbecue with family and close friends, and Daisy tags along with Daniel and Phyllis. Eden and Daisy argue because she rented her apartment to Ricky. Daniel asks Eden to let him know if Ricky gives her any trouble. Danny and Christine talk about Daniel and what they have been doing since they last saw each other. Later they make love. Jack invites Sarge to the barbecue and he invites Harmony, but she decides not to go when she finds out that the barbecue is at Jack’s place. Harmony tells Sarge what happened between her and Tucker so Sarge goes to the barbecue alone. Jack assures Sarge that he has made an appointment with the doctor to have tests tomorrow, but he doesn’t want to tell Nikki until he is sure that he is getting his legs back.

Eden asks Noah to stay with her since he is tired of getting a stiff neck from staying on a friend's couch and she needs a roommate. Paul fears that Ricky may have gotten to Craig Hunt because Craig never came to their appointment at Jimmy’s. Phyllis tells Paul and Avery that Ricky never mentioned his personal life to her when he worked at the magazine. Phyllis gives Paul access to the computer Ricky used when he worked at the magazine. Paul tells Phyllis that he is afraid for her safety and he is investigating Ricky for her protection. Ricky gets Daisy to steal the keys to Phyllis’s place. Later they search the place for any information that Ricky could use to get even with Phyllis. Phyllis tells Paul he should talk to Danny about Ricky. A few minutes later, Paul and Phyllis see Christine and Danny coming down the Athletic Club stairs talking and laughing with each other.

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