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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that she does understand if he doesn’t feel it is right for him to design Hope’s wedding gown. She probably shouldn’t have asked him. Here their two daughters are in love with the same man so he’s caught in the middle. Deacon wants to know if Hope sent Bill because she wants to see him. Bill replies no, he sent himself. He can save Deacon from all this roughhouse by the guards just by doing what Bill asks him to. He’s offering him a “get out of jail free card”. It’s a character flaw, called patience, but he’s working on it so Deacon needs to can the attitude and tell him if he wants out of here or not. A defiant Deacon says yes he wants out but he doesn’t believe Bill can fix a parking ticket, much less get him out of prison, so he can just leave. Steffy finishes her conversation with Hope and let the best man win. Ridge drops in on Steffy. She says Hope should not be surprised if Liam stops this divorce, but she probably will be. He tells her that he won’t be designing Hope’s wedding dress. He loves her as his own daughter too but it wouldn’t be fair to Steffy.

The warden tells Bill that everybody wants somebody out of here, but in this case it isn’t gonna happen. Bill says he may want to make it happen. He picks up a picture of the warden with his wife and kids and suggests that if the warden releases Deacon Sharpe then the wife and kids don’t have to know what daddy is doing on his way home from work. Hope surprises Brooke by saying perhaps she needs to ask her own dad to walk her down the aisle instead of putting Ridge on the spot. Brooke is adamant that Deacon stays out of her life. He’s a dangerous man and it’s better this way. Hope is adamant too; she wants to reach out to him. She always believed Brooke before but now she wants to see for herself what her bio dad is like. Brooke says Hope is an adult and she can’t stop her from finding Deacon, but not now. No more thoughts about Deacon, she just needs to focus on her wedding to Liam. Deacon is not interested in any more than persistent Bill has to say until he produces the warden and assures him he can promise his freedom. Deacon looks at a photo of Hope and still doesn’t want to do what Bill is asking, but eventually says yes, he’ll do it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Bo and Hope planned to go to Abe and Lexieís to spend time with them.  Bo told Hope that he didnít know what he would do if he ever lost her.  She told him that he wouldnít lose her.  Abe noticed that Lexie wasnít feeling well.  She wanted to take a nap before Bo and Hope showed up at their house.  When Abe left the room, Lexie wasnít feeling well.  Austin was happy that Carrie was pregnant.  He was happy that they decided to fight for their marriage.  Now he wanted to concentrate on their baby.  Nicole suggested that she and Rafe leave.  Austin agreed to a truce with Rafe.  Will told EJ that Stefano wanted to make sure that Rafe found out he slept with Sami.  EJ was surprised that Stefano knew.  EJ asked if Will told Stefano.  Will said he didnít.  When Will was about to leave, EJ stopped him.  EJ demanded answers from Will.  Will explained to EJ how Stefano approached him with telling Rafe about the affair.  Will said that Stefano told him that the secret was going to ruin his family so he needed to do something about it.  Will said Stefano convinced him to get the secret out.  EJ wanted to know what Will meant.  Will said that Stefano threatened him.  EJ asked why Will didnít come to him, but Will didnít know.  EJ asked what he did.  Will said he didnít want to tell Rafe to his face.  He was talking to Sonny about everything while Rafe was there.  Will made sure Rafe heard everything.  Will apologized for the way things turned out.  EJ blamed him for losing his wife after everything he did for him.  Will apologized and said he didnít mean for him to get hurt.  EJ thought Will just wanted to hurt his mother no matter who got hurt.  Will said that Stefano told him Nicole was holding EJ back and that she was his weakness.  EJ said Nicole was his wife and he lost her because of him.  Will apologized again and said it wasnít his fault.  He said he didnít have a choice.  EJ said he did have a choice, but he chose the wrong one.  EJ said he lost his wife and child.  EJ said Will will regret this for the rest of his life.  EJ walked away from Will.  Stefano was on the phone talking about the coin.  The person found an invoice that Santo had his grandfather create the Italian coin.  Stefano asked about the code on the coin.  Stefano wanted to know who Yvette was.  The person didnít have the information.  Stefano demanded that the person get the information.  Bo and Hope went to Abe and Lexieís house.  Abe, Bo, and Hope talked about Lexie for a little bit until Lexie came downstairs.  When Bo and Hope wanted to leave so Lexie could rest, she told them to stay so she could talk to them about Stefano.

At the Brady Pub, Nicole tried to make Rafe feel better about Carrie being pregnant.  When Carrie walked up on them, Nicole left so Carrie and Rafe could talk.  Carrie said she didnít know Rafe was there.  Carrie apologized to Rafe.  He told her she didnít have to be sorry and reminded her that she was having a baby.  Will called Stefano and told him that EJ knew what Stefano made him do.  EJ walked in the mansion and was furious with Stefano.  EJ blamed Stefano for why he lost Nicole.  Stefano brought up how EJ cheated on Nicole so he couldnít have loved her the way he said.  EJ continued to blame Stefano for ruining his life.  Stefano said maybe there was a reason why he kept sleeping with Sami.  Stefano thought EJ loved Sami more than Nicole.  EJ said he didnít.  Stefano thought that was the reason why Nicole wouldnít give him a second chance.  Lexie apologized to Bo and Hope for everything her fatherís done.  They assured her there was no reason to apologize.  Lexie asked them to make sure Abe doesnít stay away from his friends when sheís gone.  She also wanted them to make sure Abe took Theo to the park.  She wanted them to encourage Abe to fall in love again if he found the right woman.  Hope agreed to do it.  Rafe and Carrie agreed that the best thing for her to do was stay with Austin and be a family with him.  EJ wanted to know why Stefano did that to him.  Stefano said Nicole wasnít the right woman for him.  Stefano called Nicole low class.  EJ didnít want him talking about her like that.  When Stefano noticed EJ and Nicole getting closer, he took matters into his own hands.  Stefano said Will was glad to help.  EJ said he was going to pay for what he did.  Stefano told EJ to forget it and moved on the way Nicole did.  When Bo and Hope left, Abe knew that Lexie wasnít feeling well.  She told him it was getting worse.  She felt her time was almost up.  She wasnít ready to go.  At the town square, Bo and Hope talked about their hatred for Stefano.  Bo said Stefano was going to get what he deserved.  When Hope left, Bo checked his guns.  Stefano was tired of talking to EJ.  EJ said he wasnít going anywhere until he was finished.  EJ said Lexie wanted peace in the family and he was going to make sure that there was.  EJ said Stefano destroyed his life so when the time was right, he was going to destroy his.  Stefano walked out of the room.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Heather Webber goes to the Quartermaine estate. Luke and Tracy tell Monica and Heather that Anthony is sleeping. Monica doesnít want to talk to her in front of other people. Tracy says she already knows about Jasonís psychotic twin brother. Monica tells Heather to get out. Heather says she is part of the family and she isnít going anywhere. Monica says Heather might be related to Jason, but she will never be a Quartermaine. She orders Heather out. Heather says they havenít seen the last of her. Monica asks Luke to run interference. Tracy and Luke go back outside and find that Anthonyís body is gone. A reporter finds Jason and Sam and asks if they want to comment on a story that they are about to run. The headline is ďHoneymoon HorrorĒ with pictures of Jason, Sam, and Franco. Jason assumes McBain sold the information to the press. McBain assures him that he would never involve Sam; he is going to use only Jason to get to Sonny. Jason tells McBain that if he were any kind of cop, he would know that Sonny was framed for that accident. John says Sonny has other crimes to answer for. Jason asks why it has to be McBain that makes Sonny answer. John reveals that it is personal. Jason concludes that John must think Sonny is responsible for the death of the woman in the article John sent Sonny. McBain reveals that the woman in the article was his sister. He says that before Jason came along, Sonny had to do his own killing and he wasnít nearly as efficient at it. McBain tells his girlfriend, Natalie that he should be coming home soon. Jason is arrested for the murder of Robert Frank.

John McBain asks Anna if she can get him more time to investigate Sonny. Sonny asks Michael to tell the court that he didnít see Starr trying to kill him to prevent Todd Manning going to the cops. Sonny wonít disclose any details; he just asks Michael to trust him. Michael wants to know who Sonny is protecting, but Sonny wonít say. Starr finds it very unusual that her lawyer didnít show up to court and Michael changes his story. Todd tells her not to concern herself with that because all that matters is that Starr is free. Starr wants to know what Todd did. Starr thanks Michael for changing his testimony but says she knows he didnít do it for her. he asks her if she knows about the blackmail. She doesnít. He tells her that the one good thing that came of it is that her father knows Sonny didnít cause the accident because he figured out who did.

Molly tells Alexis that she saw Jason hugging Elizabeth. Thinking Alexis already knows the whole story, she mentions Jason not being the babyís father. Molly wonít reveal how that is possible. Sam arrives and tells Alexis that Franco raped her. Alexis cries and says Sam should have told her sooner so that she could have supported her. Sam tells Alexis that everyone will know about it tomorrow because an article about it is going to run in the paper. Alexis calls Diane to ask her if she can get the story squashed. Sam tries to call Kristina, but Kristinaís dorm mate reveals that Kristina quit school and left weeks ago. Alexis calls Sonny and tell him that she is worried about Kristina. He says he will get his men on it. Alexis is about to call the police when Kristina comes in the front door.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ricky blackmails Daisy into helping him get information about Phyllis with the threat that he will tell everyone that she asked him to kidnap Lucy to make Daniel look like a bad father to the court. Ricky breaks into Phyllis’s office and does something to her computer, so that he can watch and listen to everything she does. Ricky watches from his computer as Phyllis and Danny argue about Daniel and Daisy. Daniel thinks Phyllis should support him even though she doesn’t like his decisions. Danny also thinks Phyllis can’t move on because he senses she still hates Christine for what happened a long time ago. Lily tells Cane she is willing to move to Australia if he feels he can’t testify against his mother.

Victoria tells Victor she appreciates his efforts to get close to Johnny, but she will not go back to work for him if he retains ownership of Beauty of Nature. Cane asks Billy for advice about testifying against Genevieve. Billy tells him to testify against Genevieve in order to protect Lily, because it isn’t fair to make her move to Australia and leave her family and friends. Paul sets up a meeting with Craig Hunt, the only one of Ricky’s friends that is willing to talk to him. Ricky gets a tip about the meeting from someone and heads to Jimmy’s. Paul is worried that Ricky will mess up his meeting with Craig. Christine has a talk with Genevieve who says that she won’t show the justice department her books. She is appalled that the justice department would stoop so low as to force Cane to testify against her. Christine tells Genevieve that she likes Cane and she hopes that she won’t take her son down with her. Genevieve tells Victor that she is going to turn herself in to protect Cane. Victor thinks Genevieve is a fool. Christine and Danny run into each other.

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