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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill can’t stand the happiness between Hope and Liam any longer. He informs Justin that they are going to make the cheese capitol of the world – Deacon Sharpe is in prison in Genoa City, Wisconsin. Bill tells Liam that he has something to take care of and will be away from the office. On the plane, Bill goes over a folder of Deacon's misdeeds. Bill admits he doesn’t want to destroy Hope, but he also doesn’t want her to marry his son either. He’ll have to get in the sandbox to play with Deacon. Liam will see Hope for who she is and go running back to Steffy. Stephanie is not pleased when she learns that Ridge is supposed to be designing a wedding dress for Hope. That would be so insensitive to Steffy. Stephanie tells Brooke that she is in the complete state of denial in that this wedding may not come off as she expects, thus she will not be making it to Italy. Brooke has every faith in Liam and does not even mind if Stephanie wants to talk to him. At this point, nothing is going to get in the way of their happiness. Stephanie stops by Liam’s office and catches him staring at pictures of both Hope and Steffy. She wonders which one is it gonna be.

Brooke confides to Ridge that she never wanted Deacon to be part of Hope’s life so she is glad he is in prison half a world away. Stephanie urges Liam not to give up on Steffy. All marriages have their ups and downs….do not throw away what they had together. Hope confronts Steffy about not giving up on Liam. She’s a strong woman and should just let go and get on with her life with a new man. She and Liam are gonna get married and no one is going to interfere with that. Bill is ushered into Deacon’s jail cell. Deacon is curious and suspicious as to who this man is. Bill says maybe his fairy Godfather. He goads Deacon with a little quiz show questions and answer period. Deacon replies that he will do anything to get out of there short of his six years, he wants to see his son. Bill doesn’t know if that is in the cards, but if he does everything Bill says, he will see his daughter!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

John and Marlena spent time with Abe and Lexie at Abe and Lexieís place.  They reminisced about old times.  At the hospital, Daniel told Austin and Carrie that home pregnancy tests are pretty accurate.  Carrie wanted the test just to be sure.  Daniel said she would know within the hour.  Rafe and Nicole showed up at Danielís office.  When Austin and Daniel left the office, Rafe wanted to talk to Carrie alone.  At the town square, EJ gave Will an assignment.  They ended up talking about EJís conversation with Sami about Will being gay.  Will opened up to him about being upset with Sami for not caring about him.  EJ tried to get Will to forgive Sami, but Will didnít want to do it.  At the Brady Pub, Sami talked to Kate about Will.  Kate wanted to know what was going on with Will.  Sami ended up telling her that Will came out to her.  Rafe and Carrie talked about her being pregnant.  Rafe wanted to know what they were going to do now.  She wasnít sure.  She said she wasnít sure she was pregnant.  If the test comes back negative, sheís going to leave Austin.  Rafe wanted to know what she would do if it were positive.  Carrie didnít get a chance to answer the question because Nicole interrupted to tell them that Austin was back.  Kate told Sami that it was good that Will came out to Sami.  Sami asked if Will talked to her about it.  Kate said he didnít.  Kate knew he was struggling with something so it wasnít hard to figure it out.  Kate was surprised that Sami didnít know.  Kate wasnít surprised that she picked up on something before Sami did.  Sami called herself a terrible mother.  Kate stopped her from saying that.  Kate said she was more sensitive than Sami.  They got into a little argument over Sami not seeing what was going on with Will.  Kate wanted to give Sami advice on what to do with Will.  EJ continued to talk Will into giving Sami a break.  Will realized that EJ was on Samiís side and not his.  EJ said he wasnít taking sides.  He told Will that he was someone he could trust because he has Willís best interest at heart.  Will wasnít convinced.  Will brought up how Stefano brought down the arms dealer.  EJ was surprised that Stefano was on the right side of the law for once.  Will was surprised that EJ didnít know.  Will thought it was part of EJís plan to redeem the DiMera name.  EJ said his father was on his own. 

When Nicole and Carrie had a chance to be alone, they talked about Carrieís possible pregnancy as well as Nicoleís pregnancy.  Nicole asked Carrie not to say anything about her baby being EJís.  Sami was willing to take Kateís advice.  Kate thought this was building for a while.  Sami said that ever since Will caught her with EJ, he wouldnít let her talk to him.  Sami didnít know what to say or do.  Sami said everyone knew about Will except for her.  Kate said it didnít change who Will was.  Sami said she was his mother so she should have known.  Kate said she would have if she wanted to.  Sami wanted to know what she meant.  Kate knew that Sami was okay with Will being gay, but she wasnít completely clueless.  Kate thought that Sami didnít want to acknowledge it because of all the complications that it would cause in her life.  Sami said she made Will feel more alone.  Sami said Will wouldnít return her calls.  Kate believed that Will was afraid that he lost his mother.  Kate advised Sami to listen to Will when he calls her back.  She advised her to try and understand, accept, and love him.  Sami said she does, but Will wouldnít let her apologize.  Kate said he would, but he has to feel as if he could trust her.  They continued to talk about Will.  Sami thanked Kate for the advice.  They reassured each other that it changed nothing between them.  Before Kate left, she wished Sami luck with Will.  While EJ and Will talked about Stefano, EJ said Stefano tried to undermine everything he did.  Will was surprised that EJ didnít fire him after what Stefano made him do.  EJ wanted to know what he did.  Will mentioned he did things involving the election.  EJ didnít believe him.  Will said he should ask Stefano.  EJ wanted to know what Will did to Nicole.  Will apologized and said he shouldnít have said anything.  Will told him that Stefano wanted him to make sure Rafe found out that EJ and Sami slept together.  Daniel had the results of the test and told Carrie and Austin that she was pregnant.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia goes to see Kate at Shady Brook. She reports that Dr. Keenan will be ok. Kate tells Olivia that Sonny talked to Connie and that he knows Kate didnít intentionally sleep with Johnny. She says she found out that Connie did something much worse that she canít even bring herself to say out loud. Olivia assures her that she will get better with treatment. Sonny finds Todd Manning dining at Pozzuloís. Todd asks Sonny if he has made a decision about Kate. He says option A is for sonny to prevent Michael from testifying against Starr and Todd will protect Kate from the media or Option B is for Michael to testify and Todd will smear Kate in the media. Sonny says he likes option C and takes out his gun. He says option C is that he will kill Todd, send Starr to prison, and no one will ever know about Kate. Todd opens his briefcase and says he has a piece of evidence that might make Sonny change his mind. He shows him a mock-up of a version of his newspaper that shows Kate on the front page with an article about Kate causing the accident. He says the other version doesnít mention Kate at all, but that this version will run if anything happens to him. Sonny is unmoved. Todd tells Sonny that he understands Dissociative Identity Disorder and he realizes that Connie caused th accident and Kate is blameless, but he says Sonny can either save Kateís life or he can destroy it.

Tracy discovers Anthonyís body in the Quartermaine boathouse. Luke comes over and finds Tracy holding the gun that she found. Detective Padilla and an officer come to the Quartermaine estate after receiving an anonymous call about gunshots. Monica says she hasnít heard anything but allows the officers to look around. Tracy and Luke are accusing each other of killing Anthony Luke spots the police coming toward the boathouse. Luke and Tracy get Anthonyís body out of there, but Padilla finds a drop of blood on the floor.  Jason goes to see Monica and tells her that Samís baby isnít his. She says she understands how it feels to be betrayed. He reveals that Samís baby is the product of rape and tells her about the episode in Hawaii. Monica tells him that Edward was looking forward to having a great-grandchild. Jason tells her that Edward will still get his great-grandchild. He explains that Susan moore passed out after having him and delivered another baby while she was unconscious, which Heather Webber promptly sold to the attending nurse. Monica says it is a lot to deal with, but that she is sure that Jason and Sam will find a way. He tells her that he and Sam arenít together. He says Sam wants to keep the baby but he canít promise that he will be able to love the baby. She tells him that when Alan brought Jason home, she didnít want to have anything to do with him because he represented Alanís betrayal. She tells him that it all changed when she held him. She realized that he hadnít done anything wrong; he was just a baby and she loved him. She says she thinks he owes it to himself and to Sam to find out if he can do the same. Tracy listens in on Jason and Monicaís conversation and then tells Luke that she just discovered that Franco was her nephew. Luke hears the police coming their way so they pose Anthony to look like he is napping on a lounge chair. Padilla wants to question Anthony but she is called back to the boathouse. Heather annoys Sam at Kellyís. Heather tells Sam that regardless of whether Jason or Franco is the babyís father; they are both her cousins so that makes her family. Heather tells Sam that she deserves for Franco to be the babyís father because it would be karma for breaking her promise to deliver Heatherís letter to Steve. She warns Sam that she will regret it if she ever crosses her again. Sam tells Heather that she will just add this threat to her list of things to tell Steve about. She reveals that Jason is telling the Quartermaines about Franco and that she is sure he wonít leave out the black-market baby sale. Jason goes to Kellyís to find Sam. He tells her that he told Monica about everything. She asks him if Monica is going to want to know the baby. He thinks so. She says she will make sure that Monica has a relationship with the baby if she wants that. She invites Jason to go to her Lamaze class with her. Heather pays Monica a visit. She recalls the time when she was the mistress of the house. Monica tells her that now she is violating a restraining order. Heather says she had a feeling that Monica might have heard about Franco so she came to answer any questions. Monica tells her that she will answer in criminal court. Heather wants to take the conversation outside. She opens the backdoor, sees
Tracy, Luke and Anthony on the porch, and asks what is going on.

Carly goes to see Johnny and says she knows what he did. He doesnít know what she is talking about, but fears she knows he killed Anthony. She asks him why he practically begged Sonny to forgive Kate. He says he did it because he owes Kate because he knew about Kateís split personality. He admits that he figured Carly would eventually leave him anyway because he always destroys everything good in his life. She asks him what else he has done that is making him feel so guilty.  He says he has hurt people and he canít atone for it. She confesses that she slept with Sonny while she was married to Jax. He tells her that he is sorry and that he didnít mean to wreck things. He asks her if she can forgive him. she says not right now. He tells her that he can be patient. Johnny imagines he sees Anthony telling him that Carly will never have him back once she finds out he is a child killer.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack is excited when he feels pressure when his maid accidentally steps on his foot, so he calls Sarge who does some tests on Jack's foot to see if he feels anything. Jack says he does so Sarge schedules more tests with Jack's doctor. Jack postpones the tests when Nikki arrives sad, because it is the seventh anniversary of Cassie’s death. The Newmans and Daniel all remember Cassie and stop by her grave to pay their respects to her. Daniel tells Kevin he still blames himself for the accident and now understands Nick and Sharon’s pain since he is now a father.

Daisy is hurt that Daniel won’t tell her why he is so sad and demands that Kevin tell her about the accident. Kevin tells her the story and Daisy wonders how everyone could forgive Daniel, but nobody can forgive her. Kevin explains to her that forgiveness has to be earned. Victor has his cook make Sharon Cassie ‘s favorite meal which they have for lunch. Sharon decides to invite everyone who loved Cassie to the mansion, and they look at pictures of her. Cook makes Cassie’s favorite meal for everyone to eat in her memory.

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