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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill and his secretary, Alison, listen to the planted bug of Hope in a session with Dr. Barton who has just explained that although Hope wasn’t expecting to talk about this, estrangement from a parent can leave lasting scars. Hope admits it is weird since it involved both her mother and Bridget with her father, Deacon Sharpe. She can’t help wondering too why he never wanted anything to do with her. She does feel rejected. Maybe she would have handled everything with the press quiet differently had Deacon not disappeared from her life. She knows she could reach out to him, but she really feels he is the one who needs to reach out to her. She tells Dr. Barton that she can’t wait for the next few weeks and she will be so happy to be Liam’s wife. Katie tells Brooke that she is pregnant. Brooke is happy for her, of course, but only concerned because of her heart condition she was not supposed to get pregnant. Bill tells Alison that he doesn’t want Liam marrying this girl and her daddy seems to be the key. He needs her to find out every little piece of information she can on that clown.

Steffy tells Liam that he knows where she stands. Time is running out and he needs to stop it or their marriage ends. It’s up to him. He thinks she has been exceptionally cool about all of this. She reminds him that he’s a grown man and only he can decide how he’s going to spend the rest of his life. He gives her a hug before he goes back to his office. Bill rags on him again, the difference between Hope and Steffy. Liam walks out pretending not to hear him. Katie shows up unexpectedly at Steffy’s office wondering out of curiosity why she signed the annulment papers and then why Liam tore them up……yet no one told Hope. She accuses Steffy of doing this for the opposite reaction and that was to win Liam back. Time is running out….Liam is gonna marry Hope the minute the divorce is final so Steffy had to play the last card in her hand. Hope comes back to Liam’s office just after he is seen looking at photos of both he and Hope and he and Steffy. Hope is happy and says she got into some unexpected territory with Dr Barton today but she felt liberated and she is putting all the things that have bothered her for her entire life behind her. And now she can give Liam all of her. Alison gives Bill the bad news, they will have to devise a Plan B as Deacon Sharpe is in prison. Bill gloats that even a jail cell cannot stop him from achieving his goal.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Bo and Hope celebrated their anniversary in bed.  Will talked to Gabi about coming out to his parents.  They also talked about the guy who was “stalking” her.  She didn’t want to tell the police because they would tell Rafe.  She wanted Will to help instead.  Chad got a text from Lexie telling him about a family luncheon with Stefano.  Chad agreed to go.  Chad wanted Melanie to go with him, but she didn’t think it would be a good idea to socialize with Stefano.  They talked about Stefano and how she thought he was going to use Lexie’s death as a way to get Chad close to him.  Stefano was on the phone holding the coin.  He told the person that he had the coin that the person crafted for his father and wanted to know anything about the coin.  Stefano was willing to pay anything for the information.  EJ walked in and told Stefano that he wasn’t going to pay with the money he stole from him.  Stefano reminded EJ that the money was John’s.  EJ said Stefano stole it from him and he wanted it back.  Stefano said he wasn’t going to give it back.  Stefano reminded EJ that the money helped him become mayor.  Gabi ran into Melanie and advised Melanie to leave Chad if he wanted to let Stefano back into his life.  EJ told Stefano that he thought of Chad and Lexie as his family.  He also had feelings for Stefano despite the way he has been treating him.  EJ’s feelings for Stefano were the only reasons why he hasn’t strangled and buried him somewhere.  Stefano said he made him and he could break him.  Lexie walked in and stopped them from arguing.  She grabbed for her head.  Abe, Celeste, and Theo were there.  Stefano took Theo and Celeste to see a surprise in the garden.  Abe left to make a phone call.  Lexie asked EJ why he and Stefano were fighting.  He wouldn’t tell her.  She wanted him to promise that everything that she loved wouldn’t fall apart.  EJ couldn’t promise her that, but she wanted him to try.  Lexie let EJ know that she loved him.

John met a guy at the town square who gave him a gun.  John said that it would do the job.  John paid the guy and the guy left.  Marlena was there and watched John walk away.  She followed him.  Gabi continued to advise Melanie not to let Chad get close to Stefano.  When Gabi left, Will showed up and advised Melanie to be with Chad if she loved him.  She realized she loved Chad more than she hated Stefano so she wanted to be with him at the luncheon.  Abe and Stefano argued over Lexie being in the tunnel.  Stefano reminded Abe that Andre was the one who kept Lexie in the tunnel.  Abe still blamed Stefano.  Stefano asked if Lexie knew about the poison.  Abe said she didn’t because he loved her and didn’t want her to spend her time hating him.  Abe said he would never forgive or forget this.  Chad showed up at the mansion and wanted to be apart of the family.  Stefano was thrilled.  Chad said he couldn’t be like EJ.  Stefano said he would never do what EJ did.  Marlena caught up to John and told him that he couldn’t kill Stefano.  John said that he could.  She told him he couldn’t have Stefano’s blood on his hands.  He said he didn’t have to shoot Stefano at close range.  She told him that he would be the prime suspect if Stefano was murdered.  He said he knows how to cover his tracks.  He said Stefano was going to pay for what he’s done.  She said the only one who was going to pay was him.  She said he would pay with his life.  He said he would have an alibi.  He said he would get rid of the gun.  He said this was one time she wasn’t going to stop him.  She said if he loved her, he would let it go and let someone else handle Stefano.  At the luncheon, Lexie made a speech about everyone trying to be a family for Theo.  They all agreed to do it.  Gabi was upset with Will for advising Melanie to be with Chad.  Will told her to stop trying to break up Melanie and Chad.  Gabi pulled out a tablet and wondered if “this” would make Chad care.  While Bo was sleep, Hope thought about what John said about taking care of Stefano themselves.  She promised Bo that Stefano would never come between them again.  John agreed that Marlena was right.  He couldn’t kill Stefano because of what it would do to their family.  She wanted him to get rid of the gun.  He said he would.  He stuck the gun in his pocket.  When she left, she said she would make sure that Stefano paid for his crimes. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie refuses to take the DA’s deal to release her if she testifies against Matt Hunter. Matt tells Spinelli that he s going to turn himself in. Spinelli reveals that he was forced to reveal Matt’s identity in court, but it wasn’t enough; Maxie will remain incarcerated with a violent inmate named Tiny if she doesn’t sign an agreement. Matt says he can try to convince Maxie to sign the document, but Maxie is so set on punishing herself that he doubts that he will be able to get through to her. Tiny and another inmate corner Maxie in an interview room and give her a “makeover.” They make her up to look like a clown and draw a teardrop at the side of her eye. They tell her that next time it will be a tattoo.  Matt goes to see Maxie and tells her that he wants her to sign the agreement. She tells him that she just did.

Dante tells Mac that Johnny Zacchara is still his prime suspect in shooting out Anthony Zacchara’s tires, but that he hasn’t ruled out Kate Howard either. He reports that Kate was transferred to Shady Brook after having a breakdown. Mac tells Dante to concentrate on Johnny. Carly tells Sonny that she knows Kate tried to kill Anthony and that Todd Manning offered him a deal to keep mum about it if Sonny gets Michael to withdraw his statement about Starr. She asks him if he is going to let Kate pay for killing Starr’s boyfriend and child. Sonny tells her that Kate didn’t do it. He tells her about his encounter with Connie. He tells her that it is his fault because Connie manifested to keep him away from Kate. Carly wonders what will happen to Kate. Sonny tells her that Kate will get treatment. He says he doesn’t know what he is going to do about Todd Manning’s threat to go public with the information. He tells her that Johnny told him that he was never with Kate and that he was only with Connie once. He says he believes Johnny and asks her what she is going to do about Johnny. She says she doesn’t know. The mayor comes to the police station and fires Mac based on the fiasco with Ronnie Dimestico and the lack of progress in the accident case. Dante returns to the station. Mac tells him that the mayor just fired him. He warns Dante that the mayor really wanted Sonny to go down for the accident and that she is gunning for any conviction against Sonny. The mayor goes to see Anna and asks her to be the police Commissioner.

Tracy Quartermaine hasn’t seen Anthony so she sends Luke a gift to thank him for getting rid of Anthony. Luke says he didn’t do anything yet. He says his plan is to have one of his associates transport Anthony to Uruguay where he will be arrested. Anna hears Luke telling Tracy that all she needs to do is get Anthony to the boathouse. Johnny Zacchara cries and asks himself what he has done after having shot Anthony. When he goes to move Anthony’s body, Anthony opens his eyes and gasps. It was just Johnny’s imagination. Johnny imagines Anthony saying that he will never get rid of him. Dante goes to Johnny’s penthouse to ask him some questions. Johnny says he won’t talk to him. Johnny imagines Anthony saying Johnny is about to go down for three murders. Johnny reads a text from Tracy on Anthony’s phone asking him to meet her at the boathouse. Johnny concludes that it is lucky that he isn’t the only person that wants Anthony dead. He stashes Anthony’s body and the gun in the boathouse for Tracy to find.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chloe and Abby continue to argue about the arrangements for the arts council gala but they both agree about hiring Carmine to be the bartender for the gala so that he and Angelina can see each other again. Abby and Chloe hope that Carmine and Angelina can rekindle the old spark and maybe Carmine will leave town. Chelsea gets a job as the bartender at Jimmy’s, and Adam gives her a kiss for luck before she leaves the Athletic Club. Sharon sees Adam and Chelsea kissing and looks jealous. Once Chelsea is gone, Adam tells Sharon that he hopes she will be happy because he has moved on with Chelsea. Noah tells Sharon and Victor that he isn’t happy that they are dating, but he won’t interfere in their lives.

Katherine asks Neil to make a decision about his marriage and stick to it this time, so he won’t hurt anyone. Devon tells Harmony that he is happy she is trying to make a fresh start but asks her not to do it for his sake, because he doesn’t know if he can forgive her yet. Katherine tells Harmony she is proud of her for not slipping back to drugs after she slept with Tucker. Katherine also asks Harmony to move back into the mansion because she has missed her. Harmony agrees to move back into the mansion and gives Katherine a hug. Sharon tells Victor that the family doesn’t like them being together, but they all seem to want them to live their own lives. Since she wants to be with him, there is nothing standing in their way anymore.

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