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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Liam that the moving out was so good for her. She feels like the weight has been lifted. She hadn’t realized all the things she had buried inside, but she is going to see Dr. Barton again today. Bill tells Justin that he is not ready yet to pass out the cigars. Katie is pregnant, but there is no getting around that she has a heart issue. He changes the subject by saying Alison has been doing such a good job; it’s time for her to get a big fat raise. We see Alison in Dr. Barton’s office spilling that she is in love with her boss…..only when Dr. Barton takes a phone call she slips a bug underneath the doctor’s desk. Bill comments to Justin that little bug will help him know what Hope talks about that will help them in making sure that she never marries Liam. Brooke catches Steffy daydreaming, but informs her that the divorce will be soon and Hope and Liam will be married and there is nothing that can stop that. Steffy tells her that she is not wanting to play these games, and she is not planning anything now or trying to manipulate the situation. What Liam does is up to him, but you never know about Hope. Steffy still thinks that she will end up with Liam.

Alison tells Bill that mission accomplished and he can activate the bug with one phone call….just as Hope comes in for her session. Liam stops by Steffy’s office and they reminiscence about Aspen and his tearing up the papers. She says besides their marriage, it was the happiest day of her life. Brooke shares the upcoming wedding plans in Italy with Marcus and Dayzee. Hope seems exuberant with no anxieties at all. Dr. Barton feels there are things she has not talked about though – perhaps her father. Hope says she never knew him so there’s not much to tell. He doesn’t matter to her. Dr. Barton urges her to tell her how she feels when she does think about him. Hope isn’t sure what she feels or if she wants him in her life. Bill has Alison look up Deacon Sharpe….Hope’s daddy and the answer to their current problem.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the police station, Lexie wanted to know where Stefano was.  Hope said he left.  Hope said Stefano wanted to stay with her, but Roman thought it would be better if he left.  Marlena apologized for upsetting Lexie.  Lexie said it wasnít her fault.  Abe walked in and asked how Lexie was.  She said she was better.  Abe wanted to take her to the hospital.  At Nicoleís place, Rafe went to check on her.  Nicole didnít want him to worry about her.  She wanted him to be happy with Carrie.  He said she wasnít getting rid of him that easily.  She thought things were different now.  He said they would figure something out.  She wondered how Austin took the news.  Rafe said he would let her know.  Everyone at the police station talked about how Stefano got away with what he did.  Shane said he talked to his superiors and there was nothing they could do about Stefano being released.  Shane said they couldnít get Stefano for stealing the money from the pension funds.  Marlena told Shane how Stefano planted the bomb in the safe house and nearly killed them.  Shane said there was no evidence that Stefano planted the bomb.  Hope asked about Agent Harmon and how he was leaking information to Stefano.  Shane said his boss would rather not tip off that they are on to him.  Bo thought that there was no guarantee that Harmon would sell out Stefano even if they cornered him.  Marlena thought they went through all of that for nothing.  Abe took Lexie home, but he would rather her be at the hospital.  Lexie suggested they call Daniel over instead of her going to the hospital.  Daniel showed up at the house.  Abe and Celeste left to get Lexie some soup.  When they left, Daniel asked how Lexie was feeling.  She said her headaches were getting worse and her body ached.  She said she was feeling okay earlier and then suddenly she could barely make it even with Abeís help.  She felt that her time was running out. 

Nicole and Rafe continued to talk about him being with Carrie.  John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope talked about what Stefano has done to them over the years.  Hope thought that Stefano had to be stopped once and for all no matter what it took.  John was determined to do anything to Stefano out of their lives once and for all.  At the Brady Pub, Austin didnít have enough money to pay for his and Carrieís meal so he looked in Carrieís pocketbook.  He found the pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant.  Austin was thrilled and thought that was what she was trying to tell him.  Daniel told Lexie that her blood pressure was low.  She thought that her pressure should have been up after everything she went through so she knew time was running out.  She thought she only had a matter days left.  Daniel agreed with her.  She didnít want him to tell Abe.  She wanted to enjoy the time she had left.  They continued to talk about her illness.  Daniel said he would be there for her whenever she needed him.  When she broke down, he comforted her.  At the town square, Roman gave Abe a report that said the tunnel that Andre kept Lexie hidden had traces of toxic gases in it.  Abe blamed Stefano for why Lexie is dying.  Roman reminded Abe that Andre was the one who kept Lexie in the tunnel.  Abe blamed Stefano for bringing Andre to Salem.  Abe threatened to kill Stefano.  John suggested to Marlena, Bo, and Hope that they take care of Stefano themselves since they believed Stefano was planning to do something horrible.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Emma asks Patrick if Elizabeth is going to be her new mommy. He tells her no, Elizabeth was taking care of her while he was sick but he is all better now. Tťa tells McBain that Starr pled not guilty but was not granted bail. She tells him that Todd has a scheme in mind to sway the outcome of the trial. McBain warns her not to let Todd drag her down with him. Tťa asks him what the deal is with him and Sam. He tells her that there is no deal; Sam is staying down the hall. Tťa concludes that Sam must be a damsel in distress that John is going to rescue. He says he thinks he is making things worse for Sam. He tells her about Samís husband, Sonnyís enforcer. Tťa suggests that John stay away from Jason Morganís pregnant wife. John says he isnít going to be a problem for them. Molly and Sam go to GH for Samís Lamaze class and see Jason and Elizabeth hugging. Elizabeth tells them that she just got the news that Dr. Keenanís surgery was successful. Molly suggests that Jason go to the Lamaze class with Sam. Jason is glad that Sam is turning to her family. Sam tells him that the Quartermaines will have to know too, because it is still part of them. He suggests adoption. She says she loves and wants her baby.

Michael runs into Starr at the police station on his way to a meeting with the Assistant District Attorney. He tells her that he canít perjure himself just because her father wants him to. Starr tells him that she wants the chance to have her life back.  He says the judge might go easy on her. Carly and Todd banter about Michael testifying against Starr. He tells her that Michael wonít testify against Starr. She tells him that if he tries to do anything to her son, he will have to go through her.  He tells her that he proposed to sonny the idea that if Sonny gets Michael to withdraw his statement, then Todd wonít go to the police and tell them that Kate/Connie shot out Anthony Zaccharaís tires. Carly says sonny wonít care because he isnít with Kate anymore. Todd thinks Sonny will forgive Kate. Kate asks Sonny if it was Connie that tried to kill Anthony Zacchara. He wants to wait for the psychiatrist to arrive. He tells her that he came into the room because he thought she was in pain, but it wasnít her; it was Connie. He tells her that he knows now that she didnít sleep with Johnny. He apologizes to her for not realizing that she might have been sick. He tells her that they will do whatever they need to do for her to get better. She says she has to know if the gun was hers. He tells her that it was Connieís. Kate says she canít believe she really went after Anthony and shot out his tires. Sonny tells her that he is having a hard time believing it too. Sonny tells Alexis that Kate canít go back to her cell and be near Starr. Alexis wants to get Kate into a hospital. She says it is fortunate that only they know about it. Johnny and Anthony struggle over Anthonyís gun. The gun goes off and Anthony goes down, wounded in the side. Anthony asks Johnny to call Steve Webber. Johnny asks him why he should help him when he just tried to kill him. Anthony says he wonít tell anyone that Johnny shot out his tires. Johnny says Anthony wonít be alive to tell anyone and besides, he already has Connie taking the rap for it. He says he convinced Connie that Sonny is on the verge of taking Kate back, but that he wouldnít do it if he thought Kate framed him for murder so Connie agreed to tell Sonny that she shot Anthonyís tires. He says he hates himself for causing the death of that little girl and her father. Anthony says Johnny is a good man and thatís why he knows Johnny will get help for Anthonyís gunshot. Johnny says Anthony knows too much and shoots him three times in the chest.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick advises Sharon to think about how her relationship with Victor will affect Noah and Faith. Sharon tells Nick that she knows it will be tough for Noah and Faith to accept that she is having a relationship with Victor, but Sharon is convinced she can help her kids navigate through this rough time. Sharon is surprised when she arrives home and sees Noah there. It looks like she will have to start helping Noah deal with the news of her relationship with Victor a bit sooner then she had planned. Jack is thrilled when the judge rules that Adam’s sale of Beauty of Nature is legal which means that his lawsuit against Genevieve can proceed, and he stands a good chance of getting Beauty of Nature.

Genevieve asks Victor for help with the Department of Justice investigation against her, but he later changes his mind when he learns Jack stands a good chance of getting Beauty of Nature. Avery is happy that Victor took her advice to help Genevieve get out of her legal troubles, since it is his best chance to let Genevieve’s sale of Beauty of Nature to Newman Enterprises stand. Christine arrives to ask Cane to help the Department of Justice prove that his mother was just as involved in Colin’s dirty business deals and put her in jail. Cane decides not to help the Justice Department and warns his mother she is in for bad luck. Christine warns Cane that if he refuses to help, he faces deportation. Lily is worried that Genevieve’s legal troubles could bring Cane down with her. When Jack notices that Lily is looking at the justice department website he figures out that Genevieve is being investigated. Nikki sees Victor at the Athletic Club and wants to tell him that she is marrying Jack, but he already knows because he overheard Jack propose to her at the gym. Nikki thinks that Victor is with Sharon, because he overheard Jack propose to her.

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