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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie wasn’t expecting that reaction out of Bill. Clearly his priorities are different. He says this is not romantic, but she is having an abortion this week. With her heart history, she’s too high risk and he’s not going through that again. He says she is not thinking straight and he doesn’t like the odds; he is not going to lose her. She doesn’t have to prove anything and they don’t need a baby to make them happy. That’s the end of it. She argues back that she does not want to feel cheated out of this. She wants this baby boy or girl for him. And if she has to leave him in a year or five or ten, at least she would not be leaving him alone. Thomas walks Caroline to her door and she apologizes for using him to get her family to be honest. He has to remember things were a lot different way back when……and her grandfather would accept Dani and Karen as a couple but no one else must know…..not even her brother Bill. There could be problems there with company power if he found out. Rick explains Amber’s motives to Brooke and that he doesn’t care now where she is or what she does. Brooke advises him to turn to Caroline now and work more closely with her.

Rick shows up late but goes by Caroline’s as she is getting ready for bed. He explains the photoshopping photos that Amber wanted her to see so that Caroline would not be interested in Rick. But he wants her. She agrees that she too has had to hide a secret and she knows it is hard to admit it. He kisses her and thanks her for not turning him away. Bill begs Katie not to ask him to do this, not to take this risk. He’d love to have children, but he is afraid it would kill her. He reminds her that he has never used that word “afraid” before. He doesn’t want to grow older and be taking it out on his own kid. He refuses to live without her. That big, bad, old Dollar Bill is gone. She says this is their child; it is here, not just some hypothetical. Love made it and love is what it needs; they just can’t say no. She won’t say no.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami came home and Lucas was making dinner for her.  He asked if she decided how she was going to approach Will.  She said she did, but she wasnít alone.  Agent Newman wanted Stefano released.  Roman said that Newman couldnít make demands like that.  Stefano said he could.  Bo told the agent that Stefano was caught red handed trying to buy illegal arms.  Agent Newman demanded again that they let Stefano go.  Roman said the agent didnít establish jurisdiction over this matter.  Lexie wanted to know what was going on.  Stefano said what was going on wasnít important.  It was important that he would be there for her.  John said that Stefano wasnít going anywhere.  John apologized to Lexie for causing her any added pain, but Stefano wasnít going to be free.  Agent Newman said that this matter wasnít a debate.  It was an order.  Bo told him that he didnít see the evidence.  Agent Newman said the evidence was immaterial.  He said as far as the government was concerned, Stefano was a good guy.  Lexie wanted to find out what was going on.  She introduced herself to Agent Newman and asked what was going on with Stefano.  Agent Newman told her that John, Bo, and Roman thought that they caught Stefano committing a crime.  Bo said they did and they had evidence to back it up. 

Agent Newman said the CIA asked Stefano to do everything he did.  John couldnít believe it.  Agent Newman said that Stefano was granted immunity for all of his recent activities.  Stefano said he has been buying arms from people like Nevsky to get them out of the way of people that would harm this country.  No one believed it.  Stefano said he was doing it for months.  Stefano said if the ISA would talk to the CIA more often, it wouldnít be a shock.  Everyone (including EJ) was furious.  When Lexie wanted to know if Stefano could leave, Roman said he couldnít until he got more answers.  Sami and Lucas talked about her situation with Will.  When she told him about EJ, he let her know that he saw them together.  She was upset that he knew and let her tell him for nothing.  After they talked about EJ, she let him know that she didnít want to mess up things with him and Will.  John and Roman found out that what Agent Newman said was right.  They were upset that the CIA would go to Stefano for help.  Stefano was ready to leave, but John and Roman said he wasnít going anywhere yet.  They wanted to check out the story.  Stefano wanted to leave so he could be there for Lexie.  Carrie took a pregnancy test that said positive.  While everyone (including Hope, Marlena, Abe, and Rafe) was upset with Stefano getting away with his crime, Lexie was in pain.  After she screamed for them to stop, she collapsed. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Shawn sees Carly at Kellyís and tells her that he heard she and Johnny broke up. She tells him that she caught Johnny in bed with Kate. He wonders why she is keeping the bracelet that Johnny gave her. She doesnít know and throws it away. She tells him that the bracelet was an apology for sleeping with Kate. He asks her what kind of person expects to be forgiven after cheating. She says she does. She tells him about the time that she cheated on Jax with Sonny when Michael was in a coma. She says she told Jax the same things that Johnny told her. It only happened once. It was a mistake. I didnít mean to hurt you. She says the main difference is that she broke her wedding vows to Jax, but she and Johnny never made each other any promises. She says Jax forgave her but she doesnít know if she can forgive Johnny. He asks her if she wants to forgive Johnny. She says she can only see Johnny in bed with another woman. She fishes the bracelet out if the trash.

Molly and TJís plan to sneak some time alone together is thwarted when Sam stops by to pick up Alexis for Lamaze class. Molly wonders why Jason isnít attending the Lamaze class with Sam. Sam discloses that she and Jason arenít together. After Molly persuades her that she is old enough to handle the truth, Sam confides to her that Jason isnít the babyís father, and tells her what Franco did. Molly says that wasnít her fault or the babyís. She says Jason loves Sam and will love the baby once he holds it. Sam says the baby is a constant reminder for Jason that he couldnít protect them from Franco. Sam gets a message from Alexis informing her that she canít make it to Lamaze tonight. Molly offers to go in Alexisís place. The Lamaze instructor spots Jason at the hospital talking to Elizabeth and drags him into the class. She apologizes when she sees Alexis named on the paperwork. Jason tells Elizabeth that he came to the hospital for a follow-up appointment with Dr. Morucci and that he is doing fine. Elizabeth tells him that Patrick operated on Ewen and that he will be fine too. Elizabeth encourages Jason to work things out with Sam. He tells her that Sam keeps putting McBain in the way. Elizabeth says it is sometimes easier to talk to strangers. She tells him that she told Ewen all kinds of things when she thought he was just another patient at Shady Brook. She asks him if it changes how he feels about Sam. He tells her that part of him just wants his life with Sam back, but his feelings about the baby havenít changed. Molly and Sam arrive at the hospital and see Jason and Elizabeth hugging.

Responding to a call from Security, Dante kicks in Kateís office door at Crimson and draws his gun. The intruder turns out to be Lulu. She says she came to approve a layout because the printer called her when he was unable to reach Kate or Maxie. Dante asks her if she thinks Kate is capable of shooting out Anthonyís tires. Lulu tells him that Kate doesnít have the skill to shoot out the tires on a moving vehicle on a winding road at night. Dante says Kate might have hidden skills that they donít know about, but Johnny Zacchara is the prime suspect. Lulu says she canít see Johnny trying to kill Anthony because he was always so loyal to him. She wonders is Dante is influenced a little by Sonny. She reminds him that Johnny couldnít have done it because he was in bed with Carly. Dante tells her that sometimes alibis are true and sometimes they arenít. Connie tells Sonny that after putting on Kateís bloody wedding dress wasnít enough to make Kate stay away from him so she shot out Anthonyís tires to make Kate think Sonny did the one thing she had asked him not to do. Sonny tells her that the blood of two innocent people is on her hands. Kate emerges and wonders why Sonny is there. She says the last thing she remembers is asking Connie in the mirror why the gun was found in her office. Sonny says Connie told him why. Anthony is holding a gun on Johnny. Johnny tells Anthony that he shot out his tires. He says Claudia came to him in a dream and told him not to let Sonny be the one to kill Anthony. Johnny tells Anthony to shoot him and get it over with. Anthony doesnít believe Johnnyís story and asks him how the gun ended up in Kateís office if it is true. Johnny says he planted it there to frame Sonny. Anthony finally believes Johnny and cocks his pistol to shoot. Anthony and Johnny struggle over the gun. A shot is fired.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Daniel takes Lucy to meet Danny and asks his advice on how to survive a loveless marriage. Danny advises Daniel to figure out what is most important to him and focus on that. When that happens, he will do what is best for him and for Lucy. When Daniel returns home, he assures a worried Daisy that they will always be a family. Paul goes to talk to Phyllis and asks her for her thoughts about Ricky. She tells him that Ricky is sneaky and a little off. Phyllis also tells Paul that she suspects Ricky helped Daisy look like an unfit father and that caused Daniel to lose custody of Lucy. Ricky talks to Christine to try and find out information about Phyllis, but Christine catches on to Ricky’s agenda and asks him about his many run ins with Phyllis. Ricky leaves quickly because he has an interview to do. Ricky interviews Danny and asks him way too many questions about Phyllis. Danny is suspicious and cuts the interview short and has Ricky escorted out by concert security. Danny calls Phyllis right away and tells her to watch her back, because Ricky has a grudge against her.

Christine tells Paul that her alarm bells went off when she spoke to Ricky, and she thinks he could be dangerous. Paul tells Christine that he is trying to contact some of Ricky’s friends from college. Paul is concentrating on a guy named Craig who was mentioned a lot in the newspaper article about the suicide of Ricky’s girlfriend. Craig calls Ricky to tell him someone has been asking questions about him and gives him the telephone number of the person that called him. Ricky thanks his friend for the information; and once he hangs up the phone, he wonders why Paul would be asking his friend questions about him. Nikki goes to the mansion to talk to Victor and watches from the hallway as Sharon thanks him for the dress he gave her. Nikki canít stand to watch Victor romancing Sharon and leaves the mansion crying a little bit. Nikki heads to Jackís house to tell him what she saw, and Jack tells her that a large part of her heart will always belong to Victor, but he thinks that Nikki has room in her heart for him too. Nikki accepts Jack’s marriage proposal, and they kiss.

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