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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While Thomas awaits awkwardly, Karen pulls Caroline aside and says this is not open for debate. They are not going to discuss this, not now. Kate tells Donna that she hasn’t seen her yet, but Bill’s sister, Karen, has moved in just down the beach. She is sure they will all be one big happy family soon. As a matter of fact, without being invited, Bill just drops in with a bottle of wine to welcome his sister to the neighborhood. He meets Dani for the first time and warns Karen just what people might think with two young ladies sharing a home and traveling so much together. Karen looks to Dani and whispers this is the reason they aren’t going to say anymore tonight. However, Caroline pushes it more and begs her mother to not keep the secret any longer. She wants Thomas to meet her entire family. Put on the spot in front of Thomas, Karen slowly reveals there is no father involved but Caroline does have two parents. She states that she and Dani are both Caroline’s mom and they have been partners for years. Caroline is bubbling with happiness and says it is no big deal. However one look at Thomas’s face shows his confusion.

Thomas stutters but manages to apologize for constantly asking about a father….he just assumed and he shouldn’t have. Love is the bottom line and he thinks it is great that Karen found Dani. Karen reminds him that she is appreciative of how Thomas feels, but not everyone will feel that way. And especially her brother, Bill, so he must never know of this. He would not accept it. In a moment of intimacy, Katie tells Bill that they are as solid as they have ever been; they have handled all the challenges thrown at them. With her past medical history, she doesn’t even know how it is possible but she is pregnant. Adamantly he tells her no, she is not going to have this child. She will have an abortion, end of discussion.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Maggie was upset with Victor for not telling her the secret he was hiding.  He tried to cover up the secret, but she didn’t believe him.  When Carrie was sick, Marlena suspected that she could be pregnant.  Carrie didn’t believe it, but Marlena thought it could be possible.  Stefano was at the police station.  The police wanted to make sure Stefano wasn’t going to get off on a technicality.  Carrie said she would know if she were pregnant.  Marlena reminded her that she was late for a couple of months, but Carrie said that was normal for her.  They talked about what having a baby would do to Carrie, Austin, and Rafe.  Rafe called and told Carrie it was over.  He told her Stefano was at the police station and she and Marlena had to get down there.  Bo, Hope, Shane, and John taunted Stefano about him being arrested for his crimes.  When Marlena and Carrie showed up, Stefano was happy to see Marlena.  He apologized for the pain that he may or may not have caused.  Marlena wanted him to admit to trying to kill everyone.  Rafe and Carrie declared their love for each other.  She wanted to talk to Austin before they could be together.  Stefano was placed in his cell. 

Victor told Maggie how he helped Daniel’s mother steal Maggie’s eggs.  Victor explained to her why he helped Daniel’s parents.  Maggie was upset because Victor knew the truth once she found out about Daniel and didn’t say anything.  Lexie and EJ found out that Stefano was in jail.  Lexie wanted to help him, but EJ said he couldn’t.  She tried to convince him to help Stefano, but EJ refused.  Stefano wanted her to stop pressuring EJ for his help because he would refuse it even if EJ could help.  A man showed up at the police station.  He said he needed something from Roman.  The man wanted Stefano.  Victor tried apologizing to Maggie, but she wouldn’t hear it.  He wondered if she was really upset over something that happened over three decades ago or was she using the secret to lash out at him.  The guy looking for Stefano was Agent Neumann, CIA.  A cop brought Stefano up from his cell.  Agent Neumann said he gave the order.  Agent Neumann wanted him released immediately.  Roman wanted to know what was going on. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie thanks Spinelli for finding evidence that will clear her without getting Matt in trouble because she has been rethinking her prison idea. Spinelli confesses that he was forced to reveal Matt’s identity and that Maxie was a witness. Maxie is incensed that Spinelli broke his promised. He explains that the court required him to make a full disclosure. She asks if this means she will be released. He tells her that the only way the DA will release her is if she testifies. He gives her the agreement that the DA had draw up. She says she will sign it and then get amnesia. He tells her that if she does that, they will charge her with perjury and put her back in a cell.  Spinelli says he is sure that the revelation of guilt will be a shock to Matt. Maxie reveals that she told Matt about it and made him promise not to turn himself in. She tells Spinelli that everything is going to fall apart because of him. She tells him to stop meddling. Elizabeth wonders if Matt is ok when he is lost in thought about Maxie telling him that he killed Lisa Niles. Patrick reports that Ewen Keenan’s surgery went well and that he should recover. Patrick is thrilled to hear that Maxie will be released from prison. He thanks his brother for being there for him and tells him that he will be there if Matt ever needs him. Ewen asks for Elizabeth.

One of Johnny’s men reports to him that Starr pled not guilty but couldn’t get bail. He wonders why Johnny cares. Johnny says he cares because Starr used his gun. Anthony hears Luke telling Tracy that he will get rid of Anthony for her. Tracy asks Luke if he intends to kill Anthony. Luke tells her that killing Anthony will make things worse. He promises her that he will get Anthony out of her life without killing him. They kiss. Tracy makes Luke promise that if his plan doesn’t work, then Plan B will be murder. Anthony runs to Johnny and asks him to hide him from Tracy. Johnny refuses to let Anthony move back in. Anthony says Johnny will take him in and pulls a gun on him, says Johnny is a Soleito, and that he should have done this a long time ago. Johnny tells him to go ahead and shoot him; then they will be even. Anthony demands to know what he means. Johnny tells him to figure out for himself how taking a shot at him would make them even. Anthony tells him to just say what he did. Johnny says he was the one that tried to kill him that night.

Todd berates Téa for not being able to get bail for Starr. He tells her that he found out that Sonny’s girlfriend’s other personality, Connie, killed his granddaughter. Téa tells him that that information is irrelevant to the fact that Starr tried to kill Sonny Corinthos. He tells her about his plan to blackmail Sonny into getting Michael to withdraw his statement anymore. He reveals that the one small wrinkle is that Sonny doesn’t seem to care about Kate anymore. Téa concludes that Todd’s idea is useless. Todd believes that Sonny will never give up on Kate. Sonny insists on hanging around to see if Connie is real and if she shot out Anthony Zacchara’s tires. Alexis tells him that she will let the doctor explain about patient privacy. They watch Kate talking to herself in the two-way mirror. Alexis calls Dr. Schneider’s office and leaves a message that a patient is unraveling in lockup and that she needs to get there immediately. Sonny cries. Kate demands that Connie tell her if she caused the accident. Kate breaks down in tears. Sonny runs into the room where Kate is to console her only to be told that Kate has left the building and Connie is in control. Connie won’t allow Alexis into the room. She tells Sonny that she hates him and that since she couldn’t get Kate to turn her back on him, she got him to turn his back on Kate. She wonders why he is still there. He tells her that he isn’t there for her; he is there for Kate, and he knows that Kate didn’t sleep with Johnny. He asks her to tell him everything she has done that Kate is going to get in trouble for. She admits to bludgeoning Dr. Keenan. She tells him that the night he was shot, she took the opportunity to take things into her own hands. Sonny asks her what exactly she did that night.  She tells him that she went after Anthony Zacchara.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis visits Daniel and is surprised to see Daisy and Lucy there. Paul tells Christine about Ricky possibly being involved in Rachel’s death. Ricky surprises Eden by showing up at the apartment. Adam helps Chelsea move into his hotel room. Sharon joins Adam and Chelsea and finds out that they are living together. When Victor comes home, Nick surprises him with some paperwork that needs his attention. Jack asks Nikki to marry him. Adam lets Sharon know that they are exes. Victor informs Nick that he doesn’t care what Nikki is doing. Jack tells Nikki that Kyle wants him to be happy. Nikki stalls Jack in deciding whether or not she will marry him. Jack feels that Nikki not answering him means she doesn’t want to marry him. Adam tells Sharon good-bye. Daisy tells Phyllis that Daniel insisted that they move in with him. Phyllis and Daisy exchange a few choice words. Paul tells Christine about his meeting with Melissa and the things that she told him about Rachel and Ricky. Paul also tells Christine that Melissa saw something wrong with Ricky, and after all Ricky is part of Patty’s blood line. Ricky hands over to Eden the key to the apartment, and informs her that he will be living next door. Adam tells Sharon that Victor may be her soul mate. Nikki wonders how they got to this point. Victor watches as Nikki kisses Jack and tells him that she loves him too and always will.

Christine tells Paul that she is sorry that Ricky is involved in this with Rachel. Eden tells Ricky that they are definitely done. Ricky responds that he is not after Phyllis, but Eden doesn’t need to say anything about this to Michael. At Crimson Lights, Phyllis goes all ballistic about Daisy and her remarks. Daniel takes Lucy and her diaper bag and leaves the apartment without telling Daisy where he is going. Nick defends Daniel’s actions in his marrying Daisy. Daisy confronts Phyllis at Crimson Lights to see if Daniel took Lucy to see her. Sharon goes to Victor’s and straight into his arms. Paul calls Melissa but gets no answer. Sharon and Victor console each other. Victor gives Sharon a gift. Daniel visits Danny to let him see Lucy. Paul tells Eden to stay away from Ricky. Ricky watches Phyllis. Chelsea and Adam settle down to watch television with a bowl of popcorn. Nikki watches as Victor and Sharon kiss.

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