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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Amber whines that she thought she was losing Rick and she loves him so much, she did stupid things. She will never do something like that again. He screams that no one wanted her back in his life yet he defied them and now Amber pulls this. She pleads with him to please get past this. Hope tells her mom that after tonight Amber will be out of Rick’s life forever. Caroline talks to her mother first, who is not crazy about the idea, but Caroline tells Thomas that she’d like to go to the beach house for dinner and for him to meet her parents. Karen is put on the spot when Caroline and Thomas show up. He’s gushing about wanting to meet Caroline’s dad and knows he will be as cool as Karen is. Thomas is thrown for a loop when he wants to meet the father and Jarrett walks out….quickly announcing that no, he’s not the father, just an old friend of the family. He’s promptly followed by Danielle who Karen introduces as another friend of the family.

Amber continues to plead her case. She can see Rick being CEO of the company and her right there besides him if they can just get past this one little thing. He finally explodes; it is not just one little thing. It’s her way of life over and over and he can’t accept this any more. It’s one thing to hurt him, but a whole other thing to hurt his sister. She needs to stop blaming everyone else and take responsibility for her own actions. His mother saw Amber for what she is really is and finally he does too. He wants her to leave Rosey to Marcus and get out of L.A. and he never wants to lay eyes on her face again. The situation at the dinner table is awkward as Thomas keeps mentioning Caroline’s father. Karen calls Caroline aside and asks her to adhere to her wishes. This is a family matter and will not be discussed tonight.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami wanted to go after Will, but Lucas stopped her.  He wanted her to calm down or she would mess things up again.  She didnít want to mess up.  She just wanted to tell Will that she loved him.  She said when she heard Will say that he went to Marlena, it was too much for her.  Lucas thought it was a good thing that Will went to Marlena.  Sami was furious.  Lucas said Marlena didnít walk out on Will when he came out to her.  Lucas thought that was the worst thing Sami could have done.  Sami agreed that it was the worst thing she could have done.   She said he and EJ agreed on something.  Lucas wanted to know why she talked to EJ about Will in the first place.  She said she didnít mean to.  She just ran into him.  She said EJ did all of the talking.  Lucas asked if she knew what privacy meant.  Lucas tried to get her to see what it would have been like being in Willís position.  Lucas was upset that she talked to EJ about it.  Lucas said he would have understood if Will never spoke to her again.  Sami didnít want him to say that.  She wanted him to help her fix things with Will.  John, Bo, Hope, and Rafe were at the warehouse ready to take down Stefano.  John said to keep Stefano talking when he got there because Shane would be recording it.  When the phone rang, it was Stefano.  Bo used a fake Russian accent when he answered the phone.  Bo convinced Stefano to go to the warehouse to make the deal.  Lucas apologized for yelling at Sami.  Sami wasnít upset because he yelled.  She was upset because he was right.  She said she wanted to tell Will she loved him no matter what.  Then she messed up as usual.  She didnít want to mess up because he was their son.  She wondered if Lucas was right about Will never talking to her again.  Lucas wasnít sure if they were there yet, but if she lost it again, he didnít think Will would give her another chance. 

Sami wondered if she should be more like Marlena.  Sami said Marlena always thinks before she acts.  Sami wanted to work on that.  Sami said she knew that it looked like she walked out on Will because he was gay, but she didnít.  She was overwhelmed.  She felt like a failure.  Lucas asked if it was because her son was gay.  She said it was because she didnít know about it.  She said he felt he couldnít come to her.  Lucas believed that things would work out between Sami and Will because Will was like him.  He said he and Will get mad at her, but they forgive her because they love her.  She was afraid this was different.  She thought he might never talk to her again.  Lucas apologized for saying that.  She asked him to pray that she didnít lose her son.  She ended up leaving.  Stefano met the foursome at the warehouse.  The foursome were wearing hoodies and masks.  Stefano warned the ďdealerĒ not to double cross him and that he wanted what he paid for or else.  Bo told Stefano that they had a deal.  Stefano knew that already.  Stefano wanted the exact location of that ship so his men could put everything in place.  Bo said he bought samples if he wanted to see them.  Stefano didnít need to see them.   Bo told Stefano that some things were unobtainable.  Stefano said the payment was going to be reduced.  Bo understood.  Bo asked if Stefano had the original invoice, money transfer papersÖStefano gave him the envelope.  Bo said everything was there.  Stefano took the envelope back.  Stefano said as soon as his men have verified that everything was in order, the rest of the money would be sent overseas.  Stefano wondered if they were done.  Bo said they werenít.  Stefano wanted to know what that meant.  The foursome took off their masks and hoods.  Bo told him he made a couple of wrong moves.  John said it looks like checkmate.  Stefano said look whoís alive.  Bo read Stefano his rights while Hope handcuffed him. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy goes through tools in the shed to determine which one would be best to murder Anthony. She settles on a rope, but fails when she attempts to put it around his neck. Luke sees her making her second attempt with an oar and trips her. When Anthony leaves, he tells her that he canít let her risk death row. She tells Luke that she knows Anthony will never turn her in to the SEC and implicate himself in the process, but he wonít turn her loose either, so she has to kill him. He tells her if she needs to get rid of Anthony that badly, then he will arrange it for a price. Anthony overhears Luke saying that they will be rid of Anthony by this time tomorrow.

Maxie tells Matt that he killed Lisa Niles and that she saw him do it. He tells her that that doesnít make sense. She tells him the whole story and says he just wandered off as if nothing had happened. She recalls that after he was sober, he didnít remember any of it so she chose to protect him. He says she should have told him. He concludes that she went to Anthony Zacchara to help her cover it up. She says she had no idea Anthony would kill an innocent woman. She says she admitted to the first mateís murder because Anthony told her that she would regret it if she didnít cover for him. She tells him that Anthony thinks she killed Lisa and that the only other person that knows Matt did it is Spinelli, who gave his word that he wouldnít tell what he knows. Matt says he has to come forward and confess. She asks him to promise that he wonít. He canít make that promise. Spinelli reveals to the court that Matt Hunter killed Lisa Niles. The judge tells him that without corroborating evidence or an eyewitness, he canít use that information to vacate Maxieís sentence. Spinelli tells the judge that there is an eyewitness; Maxie saw it. He apologizes for taking so long to come forward, explaining that he had promised Maxie that he would keep the secret. At Alexisí insistence, he tells all the details of that evening. He explains that Matt has no idea that he killed Lisa because he was in a drunken blackout. The judge still says Spinelliís testimony isnít enough. He says he will give Maxie the opportunity to corroborate Spinelliís testimony, but in the meantime, she will remain in prison. The prosecutor agrees to vacate Maxieís sentence if she makes a formal statement about Matt Hunter. He says the deal is off if Maxie doesnít testify against Matt in court. Spinelli goes to Pentonville to tell Maxie that he betrayed her trust and that the prosecutor has offered a deal.

Starr asks Kate what she was about to say before Alexis came. Tťa tells Starr and Kate not to talk to each other. Tťa tells Kate that if she truly has compassion for Starr, then she will tell Sonny to back off. Kate tells her that she would talk to Sonny if it would help, but that Sonny isnít talking to her right now. Connie taunts Kate in the mirror. Kate demands to know if Kate caused the accident. Todd tells Sonny that if he gets Michael to recant his statement about Starr trying to kill Sonny, then he will make sure Kate doesnít answer for shooting out Anthonyís tires and causing the accident that killed Hope and Cole. Sonny says he understands that Todd isnít thinking straight so he is creating people blame. Todd admits that he was wrong about Sonny, but he isnít wrong about Kate because he heard it right from Kateís mouth that Connie shot out Anthonyís tires. He tells Sonny about his sister and niece who has DID and says Kate will need him and will need help that she wonít be able to get in prison. He offers to use his media empire to bolster Kateís reputation and discredit her doctor. Sonny tells him that the plan is meaningless because Kate means nothing to him. Todd says he never stops caring about the women he has loved, even after they are no longer together. He says he could learn a thing or two from Sonny. Sonny goes to the police station to talk to Alexis. He tells her that Todd heard her conversation with Kate about Connie shooting out Anthonyís tires. He tells her that he wants to be there when Kate is hypnotized because he wants to hear Connie say that she shot out Anthonyís tires. Todd goes to Starrís arraignment. Starr pleads not guilty. The judge denies bail.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Katherine asks Nikki what she plans on doing with Jack and his feelings for her. Nikki denies that Jack has feelings for her in that way. Nikki watches Jack inside of Crimson Lights. Victor meets with Kyle and shows him the ropes at Newman Industries. At the Athletic Club, Paul bumps into Ricky and apologizes to him for his recent actions toward him. Ricky leaves in a hurry. Paul sees Avery as she comes in the door and mentions to her that he has a meeting with Melissa to discuss what happened to Rachel. Lauren, Michael and Eden discuss Daniel marrying Daisy and that they live just across the hall from Michael and Lauren. Michael suggests to Lauren that they may get their own home far away from Daisy. Daniel comes back home from the grocery. Daisy thanks him for going. Daniel lets her know that she doesn’t have to keep thanking him for going to the store for her and their daughter. Daniel suggests to Daisy that they move. Paul tells Avery that Ricky’s ex-girlfriend killed herself. Ricky makes a call but gets aggravated when he doesn’t get an answer. Eden and Abby argue, once again, as to which one has the most guys after them. Nikki and Jack have a chat before they are interrupted by Katherine. After Jack leaves for his therapy, Katherine asks Nikki why she cannot see that Jack has feelings for her.

Daniel lets Michael and Lauren know that he and Daisy are moving into his place. Daisy and Eden meet in the hall between their apartments. Daisy gloats that she and Daniel are moving. Paul meets with Melissa about Rachel and is surprised by some of the answers. Jack has already begun his therapy when Sarge comes in and instructs Jack to get back into the wheelchair by himself. Nikki interrupts Victor and Kyle in the midst of their conversation. Michael and Lauren tell Avery that they are moving back home thanks to Daniel. Ricky visits Daisy and blackmails her into letting him stay in her apartment free of charge. Melissa tells Paul that Ricky may be responsible for Rachel’s death. Katherine visits Victor to discuss Nikki. Jack tells Nikki how he feels about her.

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