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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Thomas that his new dress is exquisite and that he is very proud. It will be added to the new couture line. Thomas was not expecting that, but is very pleased. Ridge states that the dress must have been inspired, he bets the name is Caroline Spenser. Thomas admits he wants to see more of Caroline and he’s taking her out tonight for a romantic dinner. Hope is stunned when Caroline tells her that Rick wears women’s clothing. Caroline says she is okay with that. There is not a one size fits all for all people, but she is not okay with the dishonesty about it. She detests secrets. Hope sees the pictures but she still can’t believe it; it looks so wrong. Caroline’s mother, Karen, calls her. She has rented a beach house there in L.A. and would like to have Caroline over for dinner and a movie. Caroline puts her off since she has a date with Thomas.

In his office, Amber comes on to Rick all hot and heavy and wants to go all the way. She begs him not to say no. She wants to show him how much she loves him. Hope interrupts and is glad Amber is there as it will save her a trip. Hope tells Rick that she tried to find out why Caroline was being so distant. Caroline is under the impression for some reason that Rick is a cross dresser. She looks to Amber for answers. She even shows Rick the pictures of him in dresses and he realizes they are good but photo shop fakes. He accuses Amber of setting him up. Hope agrees; Amber is still devious and manipulative. She fills him in on Amber giving her the pills. He gets the picture and says he can take it from here. Amber stutters that she was only trying to help his sister, and what they have is too special and they can’t let others tear them apart. She has always been there for him through thick and thin. Yes, she can do crazy things but they can salvage this. He looks at her in disgust.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ told Sami to go home and apologize to Will.  She said she knew.  He wanted to know what she was still doing there in the town square.  She said she needed a second to gather her thoughts.  He reminded her that she walked out on her son during the most vulnerable moment of his life.  She said she got that she messed up.  He asked why she wasnít doing anything about it.  She was afraid that she might make things worse.  Will wanted Lucas to answer whether or not he was okay with him being gay.  Lucas said did he even have to ask.  Guns were drawn on John, Bo, Hope, and Rafe.  The dealer said the game was over.  He said he knew everything.  John said maybe he did, but he should make sure he was right before he walked away from all of the money.  EJ told Sami that she couldnít make things worse after walking out on Will when he came out of the closet.  She asked if he met her.  He suggested she find Will and apologize.  She asked what if he didnít listen.  He said to make him listen because he needs a strong and supportive mother now.  Sami said if he had given her some warningÖyou couldnít drop a bomb like that on someone.  She thought she could have handled it better if she knew.  He reminded her that this was not about her.  Itís about Will and how heís feeling.  She said she got it so he could stop telling her that.  EJ wasnít sure that she understood because all he kept hearing was how she was feeling.  She said Will must have been feeling alone and abandoned.  He agreed with her.  She asked what should she do and say.  He said to tell Will she loved him.  Lucas assured Will that he loved him and that it didnít matter to him if he were gay.  Will was thrilled.  The dealer told John, Bo, Hope, and Rafe that when they arrived, their pictures were taken.  The pictures were sent to the database and their true identities were revealed.  He knew who they were.  He knew that John was John Black and that Bo and Hope were Salem police.  He also knew that Rafe was a former police officer and FBI agent.  The dealer didnít like liars and wanted them shot.  Rafe said the dealer knew who they were, but he didnít know why they were there.  Sami said she loved Will.  EJ said she walked out on her son.  She said she was hurt.  He asked if she was hurt that Will was gay.  She didnít care that he was gay.  She was hurt that he didnít tell her sooner.  She said she was distracted, but she would have listened to him if he gave her a chance.  He said she should be talking to Will and not him.  She believed she was a terrible parent for not knowing about Will.  EJ suggested offering her support and her understanding.  She thanked him for the advice and left.  Will thanked Lucas for taking the blame for shooting EJ.  Lucas said he wasnít going to let his son rot in prison.  Will said he should have.  Lucas said Will was young and he thought what he did was right.  Will said that he feels like confessing to what he did every day, but heís afraid.  Lucas said he didnít regret his decision. 

The dealer asked why shouldnít he kill John and company.  Bo said if he killed them, he wouldnít find out why they were there.  John said Stefanoís name.  John also told him how he was convicted of fraud and his pension fund money was stolen thanks to Stefano.  John said Stefano was using that money to buy the arms.  John said he would buy the arms and screw Stefano in the process.  The dealer wanted to know where they got the money if they were broke.  While Will was telling Lucas that he talked to Marlena about being gay, Sami walked in and was furious that Will went to Marlena instead of her.  John said he got an advance from one of his buyers and thatís where he got the money.  The dealer didnít believe it.  The dealer wanted to know what was in it for them.  Bo said money.  Hope said they were after Stefano for years.  She said now that EJ is the mayor, they were sure to lose their jobs.  Rafe said he was fired because he stuck his neck out for John.  He said Stefano ruined his life.  The dealer didnít trust them, but he believed them.  Bo asked if they had a deal.  The dealer agreed to the deal.  Bo wanted to see evidence of the bigger guns before they gave the money.  The dealer told his men to get them what they wanted.  He wanted the money.  Sami said she came back to apologize and heard Will say he went to Marlena before her.  Will told her that everything wasnít about her.  He told her to stop being the victim and to grow up.  She told him he didnít have the right to turn this around on her.  They got into an argument over it.  He reminded her that she walked out on his after he said he was gay.  She said she was shocked, but he thought she was embarrassed that she had a gay son.  John and company took the guns.  When the dealer left with the money, Rafe and Bo pulled out their guns on him.  John told the dealer that he was right about them all along.  Rafe called someone.  Sami said she wasnít ashamed of Will, but he didnít believe her.  When Sami wanted to make things right, it got worse.  Sami and Will got into an argument.  When Sami said she talked to EJ about it, Will and Lucas were upset.  John and company tied up the dealer and his gunmen.  John said they were after Stefano.  The dealer wanted to make a deal.  He would give names and contacts.  Bo didnít believe it.  Bo didnít want to make a deal because they were in the business of putting people like him away.  John wanted to get Stefano now.  The dealer and the gunmen were in custody.  Shane said there was no way Stefano would find out.  Hope said when Stefano made his move they would be ready. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick returns to work to operate on Ewen Keenan. Alexis tells Sonny that she believes Connie is real and that Kate is terrified of her. She tells him that she is going to have a psychiatrist hypnotize Kate to get Connie to emerge so she can question her. Maxie has a black eye when Matt visits her. Matt tells her that she should be out of there in a few days because Spinelli found that the real killer was a man. Maxie says she will never forgive Spinelli. Matt says he thinks the killer was Patrick. Maxie assures him that it wasnít Patrick. Matt observes that he and Patrick were the only dark haired men on the boat after Lisa had killed the captain. Judging from her reaction, Matt concludes that Maxie has always known who killed Lisa. She tearfully reveals that it was him. Mac, Felicia, and Spinelli show the prosecutor the photograph that shows a man wielding the wrench that killed Lisa. The prosecutor wants to know who the man in the picture is. Alexis asks the judge to vacate Maxieís sentence. The prosecutor protests, saying the photo could be a forgery. The judge asks Alexis if she has anything to support the photograph. She doesnít so the judge lets Maxieís confession stand. Spinelli tells the judge that he knows the identity of the man in the picture, but then he canít bring himself to reveal who it is. Felicia, Mac, and Alexis implore him to tell what he knows. He reluctantly reveals that it was Dr. Matt Hunter.

Tťa tells Starr that Todd and Carly seem to be friends. Starr doesnít want Tťa to discredit Michael. Tťa tells Starr to be contrite and sincere at her arraignment and to plead not guilty. Starr says she's guilty and that nothing will stop Michael from testifying. Todd overhears Michael telling Carly that he turned in Starr for threatening to kill Sonny. Todd says Michael is overreacting and that his testifying is not ok. Michael tells Todd to try to stop him. Todd tries to reason with Michael and evoke his sense of compassion for Starr, but Michael wonít back down. Carly agrees that Michael doesnít have to testify. She asks him if he is throwing Starr to the wolves because she disregarded his feelings. He tells her that his feelings about Starr using him donít change the fact that she is guilty. Todd goes to see Sonny at Pozzulo's and tells Sonny to drop the charges against Starr. Sonny tells him that he isnít going to wait for Starr to come after him again and besides, the DA has no choice but to prosecute. Todd tells Sonny that Michael needs to recant his statement or he will reveal to the district attorney that Connie caused the accident that killed Starrís family.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack is upset with himself because he just imagined that his toe moved. Tucker tries to explain to Ashley that he was only trying to comfort Harmony, but she doesn’t believe him. Nikki and Katherine meet up with Victoria, who gets some bills from Chelsea. Neil comes home and finds a babysitter with the baby. Katherine and Sofia have a chat about Tucker sleeping with Harmony. Sofia and Harmony have a confrontation over Neil. Sofia warns Harmony to stay away from Neil. Ashley refuses to believe Tucker and packs a suitcase to leave. Sarge comes up to join Jack and Billy and questions Jack about his toe. Victoria tells Billy that she wants Chelsea gone. Adam and Chelsea discuss her finding a job in Genoa City. Neil confronts Sofia about Tucker sleeping with Harmony. Katherine visits Tucker and lends him her support. Katherine asks Tucker if Devon knows what went down between him and Harmony. Harmony visits Ashley to explain things, but Ashley doesn’t want to hear anything that Harmony has to say.

Ashley and Harmony argue. Sofia and Neil discuss Tucker sleeping with Harmony. Billy and Victoria ask Chelsea what her plans are. Chelsea refuses to leave town. Adam asks Chelsea to move in with him. After a little conversation, Chelsea agrees. Jack and Nikki talk about their relationship and Jack not wanting things to end between them. Tucker brings Ashley two more suitcases of her things and tells her he loves her. Sarge witnesses Harmony being offered drugs, but she refuses.

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