Tuesday 5/15/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke insists to Liam that her daughter is committed to him and thinks he is going to marry her. Now Brooke needs to know if he is. It’s unheard of that he would tear up the annulment papers when he and Hope have been wanting that for so long. She reminds him how upset Hope is going to be when she finds out. She feels they both made mistakes, but they are past that now and it should be bringing them together and not pulling them apart. Rick still has Amber's lipstick on his lips when Hope sees him and as he wipes it off, he bemoans the fact that Caroline keeps brushing him off when he asks her out. He’d like to know why, but she shuts him down any time he gets close. Hope offers to help give Caroline the third degree for him. Caroline confides in Amber that she really likes Rick, but she just wishes he could tell her the truth about his cross-dressing. She realizes Amber thinks it is okay. Amber tells her that Thomas is a better catch for Caroline anyway.

In their conversation, Liam tells Brooke that he just wants a happy, healthy family free of drama and destruction……and drugs. He doesn’t want to have to question that like he did in Aspen. Brooke believes they are committed to each other, but she’d like to hear Liam say it. She questions whether Bill had anything to do with what happened in Aspen. She doesn’t question Liam’s love for Hope, but she does question just what happened in Aspen. She knows the divorce will be final in a couple of weeks and tells Liam that she will be so proud of him for being her son-in-law. Hope drops in on Caroline and slyly quizzes her about Rick. Caroline admits that she thinks he is charming, but she’s a little surprised at his lifestyle of liking to wear women’s clothing. Rick returns to his office to find Amber all curled up sexily on his couch and she puts the seductive moves on and asks him to please not make her wait.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ went to see Nicole.  He wanted to talk to her about the baby now that Rafe was gone.  She said Rafeís death didnít change anything.  He said they both knew that the baby was his and not Rafeís.  She screamed at him that it was Rafeís baby.  He said if it is Rafeís baby, Rafe wasnít around to help her raise it so he thought he would help.  She said she wanted nothing to do with him.  Rafe, John, Bo, and Hope talked about the plan about the arms dealer.  Bo said Stefano was using the money he stole from Johnís company to buy the arms.  They all decided to go undercover and bust Stefano in the act and put him in prison for illegal arms dealings.  Will said this wasnít the way he wanted to come out to Sami and Lucas.  Sami asked why would he say he was gay.  Will said because he is gay.  She said that he was not gay and that she would know if he were because sheís his mother.  Will said most of the guys he talked to about coming out said their mothers knew, but he didnít expect her to know since sheís only concerned about herself.  Sami told him that he didnít get to turn this around and blame her for having crazy thoughts in his head that he was gay.  Lucas wanted her to listen to Will.  She said he was going through things and was confused about what happened with Gabi.  Lucas said Will wasnít confused about what he was saying.  Bo got a call that the Russian didnít want to do business with them.  EJ wanted Nicole to think about what was best for the baby.  He said the child needs a father.  She said she was thinking about the baby.  She reminded him that she had a lousy father growing up.  She wanted him to leave.  He said she knew he was a good father, but that didnít matter to her.  He said they were close to finding out the paternity so this charade would be over soon.  She said it wasnít a charade and she couldnít wait to get the results so he could leave her alone.  He said he loved her.  She said he didnít.  She reminded him how she offered him a chance to have a future and move out of Salem, but he turned her down so she didnít want to hear how much he loved her.  Will said he wanted to tell Sami and Lucas the truth for a while, but he was afraid and didnít know how.  Lucas asked if he was sure.  Will said he was.  Lucas asked how long has he known.  Will said deep down heís always known.  It just took him a while to accept it.  Lucas asked if fathers are supposed to know because he didnít.  Will said it was okay since he was in China.  He said Sami was there but she mentally checked out for his whole life.  Lucas wanted him to give her a break.  Lucas wanted to talk about this as a family.  Will noticed that Sami was quiet.  She said she couldnít do this right now.  She ran out.

EJ tried to reach out to her, but she insisted that he leave.  John made a call to someone to see if they could get them a meeting with an arms dealer.  Bo got news that they could do whatever they want to bring down Stefano.  Sami ran into EJ, but she didnít want to talk to him.  She reminded him how he was blackmailing Will.  EJ said he has come to care for Will.  She said he had no right to blackmail Will after everything Will was going through.  EJ wanted to know what Will was going through.  He asked if Will came out to her.  Sami asked if Will told him.  He said no.  EJ didnít realize that Will admitted it to himself, but EJ knew he was wrestling with something for a while.  Sami said it was news to her.  EJ couldnít believe that it was news to her since sheís Willís mother.  Will was upset that Sami walked out on him.  Lucas told him that she needed time to digest the news.  Will asked if he was disappointed.  Lucas said that he was.  Lucas said he wasnít disappointed in Will, but disappointed for him.  Lucas thought it wasnít going to be easy for Will to be gay.  They continued to talk about Will being gay.  Sami and EJ talked about her being a terrible mother for not knowing that Will was gay.  She blamed herself for why Will is gay.  John, Bo, Hope, and Rafe met with the guy selling weapons.  John said he heard the guy had something to sell.  The arms seller said he was sure that he heard that he had a buyer.  John said he was offering something more substantial in the competition.  EJ tried to explain to Sami that Will being gay wasnít her fault.  EJ told her Will being gay wasnít the end of the world unless she was uncomfortable with Willís sexuality.  She said she loved her son and didnít care about his sexuality.  EJ asked why she was having a hard time and why did she walk out on Will.  She said she was shocked.  She said she should have known and she couldnít believe that she didnít.  She said she learned many things about her son.  She learned that he shot EJ.  She also learned that EJ blackmailed Will and that Lucas covered for him.  EJ advised her that this was not about herÖit was about Will.  The arms guy said he hadnít heard of any of them and heís been in the business for a long time.  Bo said they liked to keep a low profile.  The guy was willing to hear what they had to offer.  He said he didnít like games and if they were playing games, it wouldnít end well for them.  The arms dealer liked the offer, but his original buyer might be upset if he backs out of the deal.  John said there should be enough to compensate him.  The dealer said he wasnít one to pass up a good deal.  The dealer took the deal.  The dealer got a call.  His men pulled out their guns.  The dealer apologized and told them the game was over and he knew who they were and what they were doing there. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spinelli shows Jason the picture of Matt about to hit Lisa Niles with a wrench and asks him if he can identify the man in the picture. He is relieved when Jasonís sharp eyes cannot determine who it is, confident that he can exonerate Maxie without implicating Matt. Spinelli advises Jason not to give up hope on his relationship with Sam. Sam talks to Dr. Lee about Jasonís fear that her baby will be a constant reminder of Franco. Dr. Lee tells Sam that her low iron levels could be an indicator of an illness that the Cassadines side of the family has a genetic predisposition for. She says they will test for the illness when the baby is born.

Sonny asks Michael if he is ok with his decision to turn in Starr Manning. Michael thinks Starrís grief makes her dangerous. Alexis arrives. Michael offers to pick up Molly and take her to school. When he arrives, he finds Molly and TJ kissing in the living room. Molly admits that she and TJ are seeing each other. Michael reminds her that Alexis has banned her from seeing TJ. Molly protests that that is an unreasonable restriction. She asks him not to tell anyone. He agrees not to tell Alexis, but warns Molly that her mother will go ballistic if she finds out another way. Alexis tells Sonny that Kateís case is more complicated than she anticipated, but she canít tell him details because attorney-client privilege applies. The police will not allow Todd Manning to see Starr on her attorneyís orders. He tries to bribe the officer, who promptly throws him out.  Starr tells Kate about Cole and Hope. Alexis arrives just in time to stop Kate from telling Starr that she was responsible for the accident. Alexis tells Kate that she is only speculating about what Connie may have done. Kate wants to be hypnotized to find the truth.

Johnny gives Carly a Cinderella bracelet that she has wanted since she was a child and asks her to give him another chance. She refuses. Todd tells Johnny to leave Carly alone.  Carly tells Todd that it is none of his business. She introduces the two men. Johnny realizes that Todd is Starrís father. Todd wants to know how Johnny knows Starr. Johnny tells him he bought Starrís record contract and Starr stole his gun to shoot Sonny. Todd tells Johnny that neither Starr nor Carly need him anymore. Carly tries to return the bracelet to Johnny, but he tells her that she can do whatever she wants with it; it belongs to her now. She throws it away. Todd tells Carly that he was unable to see Starr this morning to warn her that the person that killed her family is in the next cell. Carly wonders if he really wanted to see Starr or if his reason for wanting to get to the holding cells was to get to Kate. He thinks he would be justified. Carly said he wouldnít be justified if Kate really has DID and it was another personality holding the gun. Todd reveals that DID runs in his family and that his sister, who has DID says that it is no excuse for bad behavior.  He says Connie doesnít get a free pass because Kate canít keep her disease under control. Johnny asks Sonny not to blame Kate for their sleeping together. He tries to explain that Kate wasnít there; it was Connie that was in bed with him. he tells him that Kate didnít choose to cheat on him and that he can get her back if he wants to, unlike his situation with Carly. Todd hears Michael telling Carly that he turned Starr in for trying to kill Sonny.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Ashley comes downstairs as she gets a call from Tucker. When Tucker begs her to come to his office because he has a few things to say to her, she reluctantly, agrees. Billy and Victoria come home with baby John. Billy lets Victoria know that he is going to pay Ashley a visit. At the Athletic Club, Katherine and Victor have coffee and small talk. Victor informs Katherine that he is dating Sharon. Katherine, finally finding her voice, asks him what he thinks he is doing. Nikki is upset and visits Victoria to tell her that Victor is once again dating Nikki to spite her. At the coffeehouse, Abby meets with Lily and Devon. Not really wanting to do so, Abby spills the beans and lets Devon and Lily know that Tucker slept with Harmony. Inside, Tucker sits at a table when Harmony comes in. Harmony starts to leave but Tucker asks her to stay. Turning around, Harmony sees Neil walk in the door. Neil lets Harmony know that he told Sofia that he has feelings for Harmony. Harmony is completely beside herself and orders him to tell Sofia that he didnít mean it and wants his marriage back. Billy visits Ashley, who tells him that she called Traci to let her know that her marriage to Tucker is over. Devon goes to Tucker Enterprises to confront Tucker about sleeping with his mother. Devon calls Tucker a ďa sleazeĒ. Tucker tries to explain that it was a one time thing, but Devon doesnít buy his explanation. Nikki had only been visiting with Victoria a few moments when Victor arrives. Harmony also arrives at Tuckerís office to meet with Tucker and Devon. They argue as usual.

Victor encourages Victoria to tell him what is on her mind. Victoria tries to explain her mixed feelings then asks him and Nikki when this will end. When little John begins to cry, Victor asks to hold him. Victoria and Nikki watch in amazement. Abby and Lily discuss the triangle between Ashley/Tucker/Harmony. Neil tells Katherine all about his feelings for Harmony. Katherine lets Neil know that she first thought that Harmony slept with Neil. Tucker defends Harmony when Devon puts her down for her actions. Devon insists that he will never forgive them. Billy lets Ashley know that Tucker still loves her no matter what. Katherine asks Nikki for help with Harmony. Billy comes home and tells Victoria about his feelings toward what did unaware that Victor is in the other room. Neil tells Devon and Lily that he told Sofia he had feelings for Harmony. Ashley walks in and sees Tucker consoling Harmony.

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