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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Brooke that she doesn’t think Hope and Liam will be getting married in a few weeks and they all need to start accepting that. He ripped up the annulment papers so he is not walking away from Steffy. Brooke is making things worse by helping Hope plan this wedding that isn’t going to happen. Hope tells Liam that she saw Steffy last night so she knows Hope moved out, and it also gave Hope a chance to really apologize to Steffy. Rick tells Amber that Caroline is avoiding him and he doesn’t know why. He calls Amber sweetheart and that is all she can focus on. She gives him a big old red kiss on the lips. Caroline walks in, takes one look at Rick with lipstick and drops her papers in shock. He asks her out to dinner, but she gives him the brush off. He’s confused as he thought they were getting close. She says it is not another guy. So he’s left to think that she found something out about him and changed her mind about him. Amber is there to pick up the pieces as she kisses him again.

Stephanie warns Steffy that Brooke is probably heading to Liam since she now knows that he tore up the papers. Steffy calls and warns Liam. He’s not crazy about the idea, but maybe it’s for the best. He admits to Brooke that it is true….Steffy signed the papers and he tore them up. Brooke wants to know why. Those papers were the only thing standing in the way of his marrying Hope. Hope gave up all her morals and her beliefs to move in with him. That is how much she loved him. Those papers would have resolved a lot of things and they could be married already. She reminds him that Hope has been waiting for him for a long time. She deserves to know the truth if he is going to marry her or not.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Lucas and Sami talked about him taking the rap for Will shooting EJ and how EJ knew the whole time.  They also talked about EJ blackmailing Will.  When Lucas was yelling at EJ, Sami stopped him because she didnít want to talk about EJ.  She wanted to tell Lucas about the unselfish thing he did for Will.  Since he did a wonderful thing, she was willing to forgive him for not telling her the truth about shooting EJ.  He felt that one less person knowing was better.  She thanked him.  He said there was something else he didnít tell her.  At the safe house, Marlena and John talked about the situation their in having to keep the secret of them being alive.  Shane told them that Bo and Hope stayed at the ISA office to follow a lead on the coin.  Agent Harmon took his gun out and was ready to go in the office that Bo and Hope were hiding.  Harmon changed his mind and opened a safe on the floor.  Bo and Hope watched him with the coin.  He put the coin in his pocket and left.  Lucas told Sami that he knew that EJ was blackmailing Will when he came back to Salem.  Sami was upset that he knew for months that EJ was blackmailing Will.  He said if he told her about EJ blackmailing Will, she would have wanted to know why.  She said he was right.  He said it wasnít his secret to tell.  It was Willís secret.  She said she is Willís mother and Lucas and EJ knew before she did.  She felt she should have known from the beginning.  Lucas wished she didnít know because she was flying off the handle.  He was telling her that she should be thinking abut Will and not herself.  She said she was thinking about Will, but Lucas didnít believe her.  Lucas reminded Sami why Will shot EJ in the first place.  Lucas also reminded her how she cheated on Rafe with EJ.  Lucas said Will was furious with her and there was nothing he could have said that would have changed that.  She said that Lucas was saying that the lie was okay just because he had a good reason.  She said he should own up to his lie.  When he told her to do the same thing, Will walked in and agreed with Lucas. 

Agent Harmon walked in on Stefano while he was looking at paperwork.  The paperwork was about the arms and weapons.  Harmon wanted to know who the lucky buyer was, but Stefano refused to tell him.  Harmon gave him the coin.  Stefano asked if it was fake, but Harmon said no.  Harmon said he got it from ISA headquarters.  Stefano was thrilled.  Shane wasnít happy when Bo and Hope went back to the safe house and told him that Harmon got the coin.  They were sure that Stefano had it.  John wondered what was next if Stefano had what he was willing to kill to get.  Marlena thought Stefano might take the coin and leave town with it.  John said they couldnít let him disappear.  John wanted Stefano to be gone for good.  Hope said they should get to Stefano fast no matter what it took.  Shane found out that Stefano had the coin.  John said getting to Stefano was up to them.  Shane said there was an illegal arms dealer landing in Salem soon.  Marlena said if Stefano was there, they could arrest him.  Shane said they didnít have time to arrange the proper warrants.  He said if they got one shot, they didnít want to blow it.  John suggested that they donít catch Stefano with this deal.  He said they should make sure they are in the middle of the deal.  Will ripped into Sami for all of her constant lying since she was upset with Lucas for lying.  Sami said she had a right to know everything that is going on with Will.  Will for her to be careful what she wished for.  She wanted to know what that meant.  She apologized to him for sleeping with EJ and for hurting him.  Will told her that she hurt him by sleeping with EJ and lied to Rafe about it.  She tried to give him the excuse about thinking Johnny was dead, but Will didnít buy it.  She declared her love for him and told him how she was worried that he will turn out to be a person he doesnít want to be.  Shane found out the name of the guy selling arms.  The guy was born in Russia.  Shane said the guy will sell to anyone with the most money.  John said if Stefano thought there was competition he would be forced to show his hand.  Bo said Stefano wouldnít see it coming.  Shane was going to plant misinformation to Harmon.  Sami warned Will that he will regret working for EJ.  Will asked if that happened to her.  Did EJ hypnotize her into sleeping with him.  Lucas tried to stop Will from yelling at Sami.  Sami tried to justify her lying, but Will didnít understand.  Harmon told Stefano about the information Shane gave him.  Shane said that an arms dealer was on the move.  The agency was suffering over the loss of John.  Shane told him the guy was coming to Salem.  Harmon said they didnít usually get dealers in this country.  Shane told him to do what he had to do.  While Sami and Will were arguing, Will blurted out that he is gay. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick wonít answer the door when Anna rings the bell. He opens it for Epiphany when she threatens to break the door down. She tells him to get cleaned up and get to work. He tells her to give his cases to Dr. Morucci. She gives him Dr. Keenanís file and asks him if he is willing to pass that one to someone else. Patrick tells her to give it to Dr. Morucci. She tells him that he needs to step up. She tells him to take a good look in the mirror so that he can see what his daughter sees when she looks at him, and then he needs to decide if that is who he wants to be. Emma is cranky while Elizabeth is watching her at Kellyís and demands to see her mommy. Jason talks to Emma about Robin. Elizabeth asks about Sam. He tells her that he wasnít able to tell Sam that he would be able to love the baby because he is afraid he will always see Franco. Elizabeth tells him he will fall in love the instant he sees the baby when it is born. He says that by then, it might be too late for him and Sam. Elizabeth is surprised when Jason tells her that Sam is staying in a motel. Jason thinks Sam wants to stay close to John McBain. Luke wonít answer Heatherís calls and asks his phone company to change his number. Olivia hears Heather leaving a message for Luke in which she says she canít wait to tell him everything she did to help Steve. Olivia wants to know what she did. Heather says she prayed. Steve still doesnít believe Maggie confessed to a crime she didnít commit and then took her own life. Olivia doesnít believe it either. Steve blames himself. Heather thinks they should celebrate. Luke and Anna go to Kellyís and make a beeline to Emma and Aiden. Jason thanks Luke for setting up the charity in Jakeís name. Epiphany finds Elizabeth at Kellyís. She tells her that Patrick refuses to do Dr. Keenanís surgery. Elizabeth says he must be tied up with his consulting work at Mercy. Epiphany says she doesnít know what Patrick told Elizabeth, but he hasnít left his house in weeks and he is a mess.  Elizabeth asks Anna to look after the kids for a while. Elizabeth goes to Patrickís house. He admits that he hasnít been doing consultations at Mercy. She says he can make it up to her by operating on Ewen. Heather arrives at Kellyís and sees Anna and Luke looking after their grandchildren.

Todd listens at the interview room door when Kate tells Alexis that Connie may have shot out Anthonyís tires. Some officers see him there and throw him out of the station. Kate tells Alexis that she had two blackouts the night of the accident. Alexis tells her that only Connie knows for sure and says she might have to speak to her under hypnosis. Kate thinks she should confess. Alexis tells her to use her right to remain silent and advises her not to say another word to another living soul.  Tťa Delgado goes to Metro Court to book a room. A clerk tells Carly that Mr. Manningís room is ready. Tťa says she told Todd to go back to Llanview. Carly says Todd is worried about his daughter. Tťa tells Carly not to dare defend Todd to her after Todd killed her unborn childís father in cold blood. Carly apologizes. Todd returns to the Metro Court. He tries to tell Tťa what he discovered, but she doesnít want to hear anything he has to say. She decides not to stay at Metro Court and leaves. Carly tells Todd that she likes his other ex-wife better. He says he does too. He tells her that he overheard Kate Howard telling a lawyer that she knows who was responsible for the accident. Carly says she is sure that Kate said Johnny was responsible. Todd says she didnít say Johnny; she said Connie. Carly tells Todd that Connie is Kateís other personality.

Sam checks in on John McBain to make sure Jason didnít kill him. John tells her that Jason didnít come to see him about her; it was about the bug that Jason found in Sonnyís house. Sam asks John why he wants to take down Sonny. He tells her that Sonny hurt someone that he cared about. Her baby moves. She tells John that she should be sharing moments like that with Jason. John hears Sam on the phone mentioning to Molly that today is her birthday. He tells her that birthdays are good days for new starts. Tťa Delgado goes to Johnís motel room and asks him if he knows that Todd is in Port Charles. Sam leaves the two of them alone to talk. On her way back to her room, Jason comes up to her in the hallway and wishes her a happy birthday, but he declines to come into her room.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Eden is hurt and humiliated when Daisy, Phyllis, and Lucy walk in and find her and Daniel making out. Then Daisy tells Eden to stay away from her husband. Kyle thinks Daniel is a jerk for humiliating Eden, but that doesn’t help him get back in her good graces, because she insists that all men are jerks. Phyllis tries to persuade Daisy that her marriage to Daniel will never work because he doesn’t love her; he only loves Lucy. Phyllis tells Daisy that she tried to do the same thing to Danny, but he cheated on her, because he never loved her; he only loved Daniel. Daisy ignores the warnings from both Phyllis and Ricky, because she is sure she has enough love for both her and Daniel until he falls in love with her.

Tucker apologizes to Ashley who admits she still loves him, but he will never be able to stay faithful to her, and their marriage is over because he ruined it. Abby suggests to Ashley that she hit Tucker where it hurts him most, his money; because she never signed a prenuptial agreement. Jack feels his toe move inside his shoe and tells Billy who goes to get his doctor. The doctor does some things to test Jack’s ability to feel and concludes that he was only remembering what it felt like to move his toe, but he didnít move it at all. Jack feels like giving up, but Billy persuades him not to and prove that the doctors are wrong about his diagnosis.

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