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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope quickly hides her Mother’s Day gift for Brooke, but confesses she and R.J. are going to do the whole bit with breakfast in bed. She claims that she is just glad it is all over fighting with Steffy over Liam; waiting can be stressful but the divorce will be final soon. She wishes she had only taken the two pills prescribed by Dr. Barton and not the others. They turned her into something she is not and never wants to be again. Brooke is glad things worked out the way they did. They have been tested and are still together. Hope says the wedding will be here soon and there is nothing Steffy can do to change that. It doesn’t matter that she is so delusional. Hope believes in Liam and their love so Steffy won’t make any difference.

Stephanie is happy that Steffy has thrown herself back into her work at Forrester without the brace on her leg. She’s surprised to hear that Hope has moved out of Liam’s. She was hoping that it was because Liam tore up the annulment papers. Steffy admits she had to practically bite her tongue, but Hope senses that Steffy is more confident. So moving out was the right decision. If she had seen the look on Liam’s face when he tore up the annulment papers, then she’d know why Steffy is so sure that the marriage is not over. Liam interrupts Bill’s confession to Alison and Justin that he sicced the reporters on Hope in Aspen. Bill asks if he is all right since Hope moved out. He thinks Steffy is probably as lonely as he is. He can’t believe she stopped by to see him and actually left. He tries to give Liam a tutorial on how he should be living his life with one woman moving out and one wanting to move back in. He’s being stubborn and time is passing. And soon he will be standing before the minister with the beautiful, lovely, sweet Hope with those big blue medicated eyes. That will be a disaster. Brooke overhears Steffy talking to Stephanie about signing the annulment papers; she confronts Stephanie as soon as she is alone. She starts texting Hope immediately….until she finds out that Liam got the papers in Aspen and still has not told Hope. She refuses to believe the obvious conclusion. Stephanie reminds her that perhaps Liam is now seeing the real Hope. After all, she is a product of Brooke and Deacon, and Hope is just as messed up as Brooke was at that age.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the DiMera mansion, Agent Harmon told Stefano that things got out of hand with the bomb, but it took out their best people and crippled the ISA’s efforts to put Stefano away.  Agent Harmon said Shane told him that they were trying to figure out what to do next.  Stefano still wasn’t happy.  Harmon said as soon as he found the coin, he would give it to him.  Harmon said he couldn’t just walk in there and take the coin.  Harmon said it’s under lock and key until Shane’s team checked it out.  Stefano told Harmon he better get him the coin.  In the ISA office, Bo said that they had an advantage over Stefano since Stefano thought they were dead and that they trust Harmon.  Hope said they still didn’t have any proof that Stefano was guilty of anything.  Shane hoped Billie would get through to EJ.  Bo said if they could prove that Stefano was involved with the arms trafficking deal, they could nail him.  Hope thought that Stefano still wanted to get the coin.  Shane said his team checked out the coin, but the only thing they could find out were some numbers and the name Yvette.  Hope wanted to take another crack at it.  Shane said the people were experts.  Hope said she knew Stefano’s life story and she had more emotional investment with him.  Hope started working at the computer.  She noticed a mark in the upper right hand corner of the coin.  Shane said it looked like an engraving error.  Hope didn’t agree with that.  She asked if Shane had men working on this case.  He said he did.  She thought that the men may know cryptology, but she knew jewelry.  She said when she was Princess Gina, she was sure she had a necklace with an insignia pretty close to this one.  She said the coin was European.  Shane said he would get someone on it.  When Billie told EJ that Stefano betrayed him to help John, EJ said that he spoke to Stefano and he denied having anything to do with it.  Billie asked if EJ believed him.  EJ said John has been Stefano’s enemy for years so why would he help him.  Billie told him that he owed Alice a favor.  She told him that Bo and Hope found an IOU that Stefano gave to Alice.  She said they called in the favor and Stefano paid his debt.  She said Stefano has been undermining EJ for a while and she asked if he wondered why.  EJ realized that Billie was trying to drive a wedge between him and his father.  She didn’t care if the truth caused a rift between EJ and Stefano.  She thought EJ deserved to know the truth.  EJ didn’t believe Billie’s gesture because she hates him and his father.  She agreed that was true until Stefano killed six people.  She thought EJ was starting to look human next to him.  She said if Stefano was willing to kill six innocent people, there’s no telling what he could do to him.

Austin and Roman showed up at the safe house.  Rafe and Carrie were kissing when she heard Austin’s voice.  Rafe went to check and saw Austin and Roman.  When Austin went to see Carrie, Rafe and Roman talked about Rafe’s feelings for Carrie.  EJ confronted Stefano about helping John get exonerated.  Rafe told Roman that he and Carrie have been fighting their feelings for each other for a while.  Rafe said they realized that life was too short not to be with the people they loved.  Roman didn’t think it was a good idea for them to be together because other people would get hurt.  Austin told Carrie how happy he was to be with her.  She was uncomfortable around him.  While he was talking about their future together, she told him she wanted to tell him something.  Hope said if they tracked down the jeweler who made the coin, he might remember what the other half of the coin said.  Billie came back to the office.  Bo asked how it went with EJ.  She believed she got to him.  EJ wanted to know why Stefano helped John.  Stefano said he owed Alice.  EJ was upset that Stefano chose to honor a promise he made to Alice over his son.  Stefano said he made the promise because he loved EJ.  Stefano said he did what he did to protect his son.  EJ asked if Stefano let John go because of a debt for him.  Stefano said he did.  EJ realized that Stefano was upset that he let his enemy go for a child that wasn’t even his.  The two talked about EJ wanting Stefano to be his father.  Stefano still couldn’t claim EJ as his son.  When Stefano refused to accept EJ, EJ threatened him.  EJ threatened to use every bad trait that Stefano taught him against Stefano.  Roman reminded Rafe that Sami would resent him and Carrie if they got together.  Rafe wasn’t going to give up the woman he loved to protect Sami.  Roman told Rafe the right thing to do was to stick with Nicole and their baby.  When Carrie tried to talk to Austin, he showed her a scrapbook of their history.  When she was about to talk to him, Roman said Austin’s time was up.  Shane said that his people traced the coin back to a family jeweler in Perugia.  He said Stefano’s father used the jeweler.  Hope wanted to talk to the jeweler in person.  Bo was going with her.  Stefano warned EJ that he didn’t want him for an enemy.  Stefano wanted to declare peace.  EJ said it wasn’t that simple.  EJ said he spent years preparing to take over the DiMera empire and he wasn’t going to let it slip through his fingers.  Stefano said he didn’t have a choice.  EJ said Stefano wasn’t going to live forever.  Stefano said he wasn’t going anywhere for a while.  EJ asked who was going to take over when he’s gone.  EJ told him he would be in his own prison alone even if he avoided going to prison for killing six people.  Stefano threw EJ out of the mansion.  EJ told Stefano that it didn’t have to be this way.  EJ would have stood by him no matter what.  EJ reminded Stefano that Stefano pushed him away.  EJ said that he’s glad that he’s not his son because it’s going to make becoming his worst nightmare much easier.  Agent Harmon was at the ISA office and was trying to get in the room that Hope and Bo were in using the computer. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu has checked herself out of the hospital. Luke and Dante wonder where she went. Luke gives Dante the keys to the Haunted Star predicting that Lulu has returned to the scene of the crime. Dante and Luke find Lulu staring at Ronnie’s blood on the floor of the Haunted Star. She apologizes for disappearing and says she was assessing the damage before calling the insurance company. She asks Dante if he has told Sonny that Ronnie was the shooter in the garage. He hasn’t. She tells him that he should do so before a gang war starts because of it. Luke agrees and says he will stay with Lulu while he goes to take care of it. Once they are alone, Luke asks Lulu if she wants to tell him why she really is there. She insists that she is fine. He tells her not to let her ordeal change her. She says it already has. She reveals that she has never felt more alive than when Ronnie was holding his gun in her face. She asks him if he thinks she should have spent the night in ShadyBrook instead of General Hospital. He tells her that he knows that feeling. She says having a gun in her face was clarifying. She tells him that she understands now why he and Ethan are so enthralled with the thrill of the chase. She tells him that she finally realizes what she has been missing. She tells Luke that she has been trying to find her talent and she now knows that she can think under pressure and react in a crisis just like Luke. He asks her what she is going to do now. She tells him it isn’t too late to go to the police academy. He advises her to become an astronaut or join the circus instead. He tells her that as a Spencer, she doesn’t have to look for danger; it will find her.  Maggie is taken to General Hospital where Steve, Olivia, and Heather are awaiting her arrival. Steve frantically asks her what happened. She hyperventilates when she sees Heather. The ambulance driver tells Steve that Maggie took an overdose of the pills that he found with her. Steve and the other emergency room doctors unsuccessfully try to save Maggie.  Heather is relieved that Maggie didn’t make it. Steve says Maggie would not have confessed to a crime she didn’t commit and she most certainly would not have tried to take her own life. The toxicology report indicated that Maggie had a lethal dose of beta-blockers in her system. Steve observes that Maggie didn’t have Hypertension. The other doctor tells Steve that the prescription bottle matches a bottle that went missing from the Emergency Room on Monday.  Heather goes to the triage station, harasses a nurse, and then demands that the nurse bring her Steve’s mail. She slips her own envelope into the middle of the stack. When Steve sees the envelope, he recognizes Maggie’s handwriting. Olivia reads the letter aloud to Steve. Heather calls Luke. He wonders how she got his number. She says she has her ways and asks how Lulu is. He tells her Lulu is fine. She tells him that Steve is home. He asks her how she managed that. She tells him she has her ways. Alexis takes notes about Kate’s condition and legal case as told to her by Sonny. Sonny tells Alexis that he doesn’t believe Kate has D.I.D. and will never forgive her for sleeping with Johnny. Alexis wonders why he asked her to represent Kate. He tells her that he just wants this to go away because the publicity won’t be good for his family or his business. Alexis tells him to admit that he is still in love with Kate. She tells him that if Kate does have DID then she isn’t responsible for what happened when Connie was in control. He tells her that he doesn’t know how to come back from seeing Kate in bed with Johnny. He asks Alexis not to tell Kate that he sent her. Dante goes to Sonny’s house and tells him that it wasn’t the Zaccharas who shot him in the garage.  He tells him about Ronnie being the shooter, the dancer attacker, and Lulu’s kidnapper. Sonny advises Dante to bury his anger with Ronnie. He says the important thing is that Lulu is safe.

Johnny sees Kate at the police station and calling her Connie asks why she is there. She informs him that she is Kate. He asks her if she is there to press charges against him. She tells him that it was a consensual act on Connie’s part. He wonders why he was called there. Delores comes up with a gun in a plastic bag and says he was called there because of it. Another officer takes Kate to booking. Johnny asks what she is being booked for. She tells him that she assaulted Dr. Keenan. Delores tells Johnny that they searched his house for his gun because they had probable cause to believe it was there and that it is the gun that Starr Manning used on Sonny. Johnny corrects Delores that waving a gun is not attempted murder. He tells Delores that she can’t charge a kid who just lost her family for that. Delores believes Starr is old enough to understand the consequences of her actions.  Johnny says the gun never left his house.  He doesn’t believe Delores when she tells him that Michael identified the gun and if Starr’s fingerprints are on the trigger, they can convict her. Johnny suggests that Delores lose the gun. She says Johnny doesn’t scare her. He asks her how Dante will react when he discovers that Delores has been selling confidential police information.  Starr reveals to her lawyer, Téa Delgado, that she stole Johnny Zacchara’s gun to kill Sonny with. Téa wants to spin it to appear that Johnny took advantage of Starr’s grief and sent her after Sonny. Starr refuses to blame Johnny. On the way to her holding cell, Starr sees Kate and recognizes her as Sonny’s girlfriend.  Starr asks Kate why she was arrested. The police officer says Kate attacked her shrink. Téa tells him that she wants assurances that Starr won’t be sharing a cell with a violent offender. He tells her that her client is a violent offender; she pulled a gun on Sonny Corinthos. Kate asks if Sonny is all right. Starr says that he is, but Cole and Hope are not. Kate tells Starr that Sonny didn’t cause the accident. Starr asks her who did.  Alexis arrives and tells Kate not to answer that. Kate wonders why she is there. Alexis informs her that she will be representing her. Téa introduces herself as Starr’s attorney when Alexis asks Starr what she is doing there. Alexis recognizes Téa’s name and introduces herself. Téa tells her that her reputation as mouthpiece for the mob precedes her.  Starr and Téa run into Johnny and Delores in the hallway. Johnny asks if Starr is ok and says he will get her a lawyer. Téa informs him that Starr already has a lawyer and introduces herself. Téa and Delores have a brief conversation about Johnny in Spanish. After the officer leads Starr and Tea away, Delores tells Johnny that he seems to genuinely care about Starr. He says he does and that Delores should too. Delores says she won’t tamper with evidence. He tells her not to say he didn’t warn her. Kate wonders of Sonny sent Alexis. Kate tells her that she heard about the attack on the news and that she got the details about her DID from the doctor that examined her at the hospital by telling him that she was Kate’s lawyer. She tells her that she knows that Kate is unaware of the things that Connie does. Kate tells Alexis about her blackouts.  Alexis asks Kate if she is aware of any other crimes that Connie has committed.  

Todd Manning goes to Metro Court with flowers for Carly. She says she thought he left town to stand trial for murder. He tells her that he was acquitted. She asks him if he is back to take matters into his own hands because he heard that Sonny was acquitted.  He says yes, but that Starr beat him to it so he is there because Starr is being charged with attempted murder and he needs to stay close to ensure that she doesn’t do anything he would do, even though she doesn’t want his help. Carly says Starr will need him in her corner. He tells her that Starr has his other ex-wife, Téa Delgado in her corner. He explains that his ex-wife Blair hired his other ex-wife Téa, who is a lawyer and incidentally, also his brother’s widow, to represent Starr. Carly tells Todd that her boyfriend slept with Sonny’s girlfriend. Todd says Johnny is an idiot to cheat on a woman like her. She says he wasn’t thinking; he was so focused on hurting someone else. He tells her that everyone hurts the people they love the most. She wonders if he is suggesting that she take Johnny back. He tells her he was just making an observation based on his own experience. He books a room at the Metro Court and goes back to the police station where he overhears Kate telling Alexis that Connie may have shot out Anthony Zacchara’s tires.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Daniel gets Daisy so drunk that she passes out, and he doesn’t have to sleep with her again. Daniel heads to Jimmy’s to make out with Eden. Phyllis arrives at Daisy’s apartment looking for Daniel. Phyllis is upset when a drunk Daisy tell her that she and Daniel are already married. Phyllis then tells Daisy that Daniel only married her to be near Lucy. Daisy cries a bit when she realizes her marriage is a sham. Then Phyllis, Daisy, and Lucy get in the car and start looking for Daniel. Daisy is shocked and hurt when she finds Daniel at Jimmy’s kissing Eden. Kyle tries to make up with Eden, but two girls start flirting with Kyle. Eden tells Kyle to go to Crimson Lights with the girls and have a good time. Kyle has a terrible time with the girls because they are pretty but not smart at all.

Adam persuades Chelsea to turn down Victor’s offer of 10 million dollars to leave town. Then Chelsea and Adam go to Victor’s office to tell him that Chelsea is staying in town and doesn't want his money. Jack starts his workouts with Sarge again. Nikki stops by to tell him about Victor and Sharon’s new relationship. Nikki sees Sharon and accuses her of wanting her lifestyle, but Sharon accuses her of being a stripper who ended up an alcoholic, and she doesn’t want to end up like her. Sharon tells Victor they should stop their new relationship, because it could hurt too many people but changes her mind when she sees Adam with Chelsea. Victor and Nikki argue about his relationship with Sharon. Sharon and Victor have dinner and make sure that Nikki and Nick can see them having a good time.

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