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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope insists that Steffy tell her why she doesn’t believe this divorce is going to happen. She’d hate for Liam to have said something that Steffy might misconstrue. Steffy hints that it isn’t what he said, but what he did in Aspen. Steffy states that she has made a lot of mistakes in her life and in this case, but she learned from them and she is not going to make them again. The divorce will be final in a few weeks and then they will know what Liam is going to do. Bill rants at Liam that Hope has moved out, so she has actually made it easy on him just to go back to Steffy. He needs to be honest with himself; that is what he really wants. Don’t let anyone push him through a divorce that he really doesn’t want. He needs to call Steffy and get her back in bed tonight, talk about Aspen, talk about their marriage. Instead of doing that, Liam changes the subject and says they need to eat.

Ridge tells Hope that it was baby steps but he was glad to see that she and Steffy made an effort to get along tonight. He doesn’t want to see her get hurt. He looks worried though when Hope hugs her mom and says soon she will be Liam’s wife. Hope says that Steffy can talk a good game and be confident, but she believes in Liam and their love for each other. Steffy leaves and shows up at Liam’s. He’s glad to see her. She comments that she knows Hope moved out. They just had dinner together and it’s obvious to Steffy that he did not tell Hope about tearing up the annulment papers. Hope will never hear it from her lips. She turns down his invitation to come in the house. She claims that she won’t come in until it means she really is home to stay. The next time she walks into this house, she will be his wife again. She gives him a kiss – cha-cha-cha. He stands transfixed.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

When Will went to Samiís apartment, he saw EJ there in his undershirt while she was wearing a robe.  Will was upset that she was with another man and wondered who was next.  Sami told Will that she and EJ didnít have sex, but Will said it looked like they did.  She said EJ was helping her get the kids ready for school.  EJ said they had a food fight.  She wanted to clean it up before she left.  EJ said it was none of his business, but he was about to leave to get a clean shirt.  When Sami left to get dressed, Will and EJ talked.  Will didnít like them living so close to each other.  EJ said he did it to be close to his children.  Will wondered what Lucas felt about him spending so much time with his daughter.  EJ told him to ask Lucas.  They continued to talk until EJ left.  Will apologized for the misunderstanding.  He told Sami that he was going to the safe house to talk to Marlena.  Sami told him that he could talk to her.  He said she was the last person he would talk to.  At the coffeehouse, Roman and Austin talked about Carrie.  Austin wanted Roman to pull some strings so he could go to the safe house and see her.  Roman agreed to help him.  Rafe and Carrie talked about being together when they got out of the safe house.  John and Marlena talked about putting Stefano behind bars or killing him.  Marlena wondered what would happen if Stefano laid low since he is being blamed for what happened to them.  John said they would have to revisit the last option.  If he had to, he would kill Stefano himself.  At the ISA Agency, Bo and Hope found out that Billie was working with the ISA.  Billie told Bo and Hope how she was investigating Stefano.  Shane said they were hoping to nail Stefano with the evidence Billie found out before he discovers that everyone is alive.  Bo and Hope wanted to know what Billie had on Stefano.  Billie told them about a bill of sale of firearms and weapons.  Shane was surprised because that wasnít on the agencyís radar.  Hope was surprised that Stefano left a paper trail.  Billie was surprised too and that was why she thought EJ was involved.  Billie said she didnít suspect EJ anymore after talking with him.  She said EJ seemed clueless about Stefano and his dealings.  Hope wanted to know about the dealings.  Billie said Stefano stole the money that EJ stole out of Johnís pension fund and he used part of it to buy the arms.  Hope asked if EJ was the one who set up John.  Billie said he was, but Stefano double crossed him. 

Carrie and Rafe talked about her not wanting to hurt Austin by ending their marriage.  Bo and Hope reacted to the news that Stefano and EJ set up John.  Bo noticed tension between EJ and Stefano.  Billie thought if they could get EJ from StefanoÖBo and Hope smiled.  Bo had a way to split them up.  Hope reminded Billie that Billie was dropping hints about Stefano helping get John out of prison.  Hope asked what if Billie just told EJ the truth that Stefano betrayed EJ to help John.  Sami tried to reach out to Will, but he didnít want to listen.  EJ came back to Samiís apartment.  Sami said she wanted a better relationship with Will.  He said he would think about it.  Sami and Will got on the subject of her working for Stefano and him working for EJ.  Will thought Sami could be doing something illegal and could go to prison.  Sami said Will could end up in prison working for EJ.  Will said EJ wouldnít put him in prison since he was keeping him out of it.  Roman told Austin that he would be able to see Carrie.  Will confessed to shooting EJ at the wedding.  Will and Sami talked about the shooting and why he did it.  Sami didnít understand why Will could work for EJ after shooting him.  Will said he wanted to get even with someone he hated even more.  Sami realized that Will went to EJ and confronted him with the fact that she and EJ slept together.  EJ said Will threatened to tell Nicole what happened.  Sami realized that EJ blackmailed Will.  When EJ had to leave, he said he would text Will with his orders.  Sami wanted him to leave Will alone.  When EJ left, Sami and Will got into an argument over him working for EJ.  He blamed her for why he did it.  She said she wanted him to quit, but he refused to do it.  He said he liked the job and everything that came with it.  Sami said he wouldnít need that stuff in prison.  He said it was his dream job and he liked the power that came with it.  She said he didnít sound like the son she knew.  He said he is who he is because of her.  He ended up leaving.  Billie met EJ at the town square to question him about Johnís pension fund.  She ended up telling him that Stefano was the reason why John was free.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Heather apologizes to Maggie for killing her to save Steve. She tells Olivia not to bother posting Steveís bail because he will be released. Olivia is shocked, but Heather is unsurprised when Steve walks into the apartment. Steve tells Olivia that all the charges were dropped because Maggie confessed to killing the patient.  Heather says she is glad that Maggie is out of the picture. Olivia wonders what she means. Heather says Maggie is probably being arrested as they speak. Olivia tells Steve that she is going to get Johnny back for reporting Steve to the Memphis police. Steve tells her to leave Johnny alone. He says he is going to find out why Maggie confessed to a murder she didnít commit. Steve makes a call and speaks to the superintendent of Maggieís building, who tells him that he found Maggie on the floor and is having her transported to General Hospital. Steve and Olivia rush off to the hospital. Heather leaves immediately after them.

Todd Manning promises Starr that he will get her out of her legal trouble. Toddís ex-wife, Tea Delgado, arrives and offers to represent Starr. Todd doesnít think Tea wants to help Starr, he thinks she wants to make Starr suffer for Todd getting away with killing her husband, Victor. She says she will see him in jail eventually without having to use Starr to make it happen. He tells her that he is glad he killed Victor and that the world is a better place without him. He tells her to get over it, then he tells Starr that she doesnít need tea; he can get her an attorney that isnít one of his bitter ex-wives. Starr wants Tea to represent her. Todd tells Tea that she will have to answer to him is she screws things up for Starr.  Tea apologizes to Starr for arguing with Todd in front of her. Carly receives flowers and an apology from Johnny. When she is about to throw the flowers away, he tells her that she isnít going to get rid of him. She refuses to accept his apology and tells him to give the flowers to Kate. She accuses him of getting together with her in the first place just to piss off Sonny. He denies it. He says he will do anything to get her back. She says that the only way that will happen is if he un-screws Kate.  He tells her that his feelings for her are stronger than ever and that sleeping with Kate was just a way to get back at Sonny. She asks him why he didnít just pretend to have sex with Kate instead of actually doing it.  It hadnít occurred to him. She tells him that Connie isnít real and that having sex with a woman who wasnít consciously there makes him a rapist. He says Kate said the same thing. She tells him that if she and Kate agree on something, then it must be true. He tells her that he is going to do anything it takes to get her back. She tells him not to waste his time. He says no time spent with the woman he loves is wasted. As Carly is cleaning up the mess from throwing the flowers in Johnnyís face, another bouquet appears in front of her. Without looking up she tells Johnny to stop sending her flowers. Todd Manning replies that it sucks to be Johnny. Kate asks Elizabeth for news about Dr. Keenanís condition. She reports that Dr. Keenan is still in the ICU and the doctors donít know if he will recover. Kate feels responsible for Connieís actions. She tells Elizabeth that Dr. Keenan diagnosed her Dissociative Identity Disorder and recommended inpatient treatment, but she waited too long and Connie got out of control. Kate thanks Elizabeth for being nice to her. Elizabeth says she now understands that it was Connie who was rude to her. Kate tells Elizabeth about Connieís agenda to break up Sonny and Kate and that she succeeded by sleeping with Johnny Zacchara. Elizabeth tells her about her affair with Luckyís brother Nikolas while she was engaged to Lucky. When Elizabeth returns to the hospital, she asks Ewenís doctor if there is any news. He tells her yes, but it isnít good. Johnny goes to the police station and asks the officer why he was called there. Kate is sitting on a bench glaring at him.

Matt tells Patrick about Maxieís sentence. He observes that Patrick is a mess and suggests that he get therapy. Patrick says Matt doesnít know anything about loss and tells him to leave him alone.  Matt doesnít think Patrick should be alone. Patrick throws him out and goes back to his mourning. Spinelli is conflicted about turning over the security footage that proves Matt killed Lisa Niles. Felicia tells him that they have to work together to save Maxie. Mac asks him to share whatever information he has uncovered. Spinelli shows him the footage. Mac and Felicia are thrilled to see that the person hitting Dr. Niles was a dark haired man, not a blonde woman, but they donít recognize who it is. Matt enters and wonders what everyone is excited about. They reveal that the security footage proves that Maxie is innocent. Matt takes the laptop from Spinelli so he can view the video.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Eden is unnerved by Ricky’s talk about bringing Phyllis down, so she makes up a story about a friend needing a place to stay and asks him to leave the apartment. Ricky is upset with Eden for throwing him out of the apartment. Eden later tells Michael and Lauren that Ricky was acting unstable and making threats against Phyllis. Eden also confirms that Daisy wasn’t lying about being engaged to Daniel. Michael heads to Phyllis’s place to make up with her and warn her about Ricky’s threats against her. Phyllis is more worried about Daniel marrying Daisy. Michael tells Phyllis that they will handle this together, and then Phyllis tells Michael about her pregnancy and engagement to Nick.

Avery tells Paul that shortly before Ricky began to work for her, his girlfriend committed suicide after Ricky broke off their relationship. Avery shows Paul an article about the suicide in Ricky’s college newspaper. After some more research, Paul and Avery discover that Ricky’s girlfriend had a FacePlace page, which has been turned into a memorial for her. On that page there are several postings from a close friend of Ricky’s girlfriend. Paul decides to track down the girl, hoping to gain more insight into Ricky and also discover what might have led his girlfriend to commit suicide. Ricky tells Daisy that Daniel is just marrying her, because Phyllis wants to get information to prove she is a bad mother in order to get custody of Lucy. Daisy doesn’t believe Ricky and tells him that he can’t stay at her apartment. Ricky reminds her that he helped her get custody of Lucy. Daisy is grateful to Ricky, but she doesn’t want anything to ruin her happiness with Daniel. Phyllis leaves a phone message for Danny telling him Daniel is going to marry Daisy and asks him to help her stop the wedding. Ricky is also researching Danny because he thinks that Danny can help him get information on Phyllis for his tell-all book. Daniel persuades Daisy to elope with him. Kevin arranges a wedding with the same justice of the peace who also married him and Angelina. Kevin also acts as a witness for the wedding and watches as Daniel and Daisy are pronounced husband and wife.

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