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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge drags out a box of breaded butterfly coconut shrimp. Steffy quips she hopes it comes with instructions as she remembers Brooke’s Thanksgiving skills. Ridge answers that she is great preparing for two people but over that, they usually cater. Brooke brings home take-out and then realizes Steffy is there…..and then in walks Hope, all surprised to see the other there. Hope immediately goes to Steffy and hugs her and apologizes for hurting her and hopes she can forgive her. Steffy replies that she is okay and she knows Hope didn’t mean to hurt her. She spies Hope’s bags and surmises that she’s not there just for dinner. Hope admits that she is moving back home. Liam did not ask her to leave; it was her decision. Bill doesn’t think Liam is acting very grateful for all the trouble he went through to bring the appropriate wine over for their dinner. Truth is, Liam forgot he had invited them for dinner. Katie and Bill are surprised when Liam admits that he forgot because Hope moved out. Katie wants to go, but Bill insists he will not leave his son at a time like this. So they’ll get in the kitchen and rustle something up. Caroline arrives as she is part of the family now. Bill quizzes Liam if he told Hope that he tore up the annulment papers and kissed Steffy. Liam whispers no; it didn’t come up and there was no reason to mention it now. Caroline joins in and espouses her belief that Hope was experiencing being caught in the middle in a conflict of her values that she so publicly embraced and the actual life she was living. Liam reminds them that the wedding is still on. Bill adds…..not before the divorce is final. He gets in his digs one more time that Hope is a basket case and her future is unknown. That is not the sort of girl that Liam should commit to.

Steffy and Hope have a heart to heart in which Hope says she just could not continue to live with Liam when he was still married to Steffy. And that was not Steffy’s problem to fix, but Hope’s. Steffy says Hope seems so much better. There’s an undercurrent in the air when the subject turns to Hope’s wedding and just where it’s gonna be and if Liam knows and approves. Steffy implies that it’s not too good to make too many definite plans yet. She appreciates being invited, but it’s not written in stone just yet. Hope tells Brooke that they are being insensitive. They should not be discussing wedding plans in front of Steffy. She excuses herself to go have a word with Steffy. She maintains that Steffy must really not think there is going to be a wedding. She tries to get Steffy to say if Liam has said or done anything to make her think otherwise. Has he given her reason to believe that he will stay with her. Finally Steffy relents and asks Hope if she is ready for this. Yes, something has happened between her and Liam.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Outside the Brady Pub, Lucas asked Sami if she were okay.  She needed a second before she went back inside.  She wanted to know why her father wanted them to meet back there.  Lucas said they could leave if she wanted to.  She didnít want to go home because she would have to tell the kids that their grandmother as well as their family was gone.  She wondered if anyone believed her about her thoughts on Marlena.  She couldnít count up how many times she said she hated Marlena even though she didnít.  Sami said she loved Marlena and never got the chance to tell her.  Lucas comforted her.  John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Rafe, and Carrie were at a new safe house.  Marlena told John that she was thinking about how their families were mourning them even though they are alive.  John hated doing that, but they didnít have a choice.  He said they had to convince Stefano that they were dead so they could put him away.  John said when they put Stefano away, Stefano would never bother them again.  Roman and Shane showed up at the safe house.  Roman said that Stefano was spotted outside the pub during the memorial.  Shane said Stefano took the bait.  Bo asked if Stefano showed up at the memorial.  Roman said no.  Marlena said they put their families through this for nothing.  Roman said Stefano may not have been there, but his spies were.  Roman said they reached Shawn and Belle and they were quietly contacting the out of town families to let them know the truth. Hope was thankful that Caroline took Ciara away so they never had to believe they were dead.  Shane said by the time they got home, the people at the safe house would be home.  Shane said he and Roman told Abe and Lexie the truth.  Abe and Lexie werenít at the memorial or wake.  Marlena was glad because it might have been too much for Lexie.  Roman was ready to start phase 2 of the plan.  Rafe and Carrie talked about being together.  When John and Rafe went off to talk about phase 2 of the plan, Marlena and Carrie talked about Carrie and Rafe being together.  Marlena was surprised by Carrieís decision, but she didnít judge her.  Austin talked to Billie about Carrie and wondered why she was at the safe house with Rafe.  Sami tried to reach out to Will, but he wasnít interested.  When Will walked away, she told Lucas that she was going to be different.  She said she wasnít going to be selfish anymore.  She believed that Marlena would be proud of her. 

The people at the safe house wondered what they were going to do about Agent Harmon.  Hope thought they could use him to their advantage.  Bo suggested that they could have Shane feed Harmon information he would share with his boss.  Bo said they could have Harmon manipulate Stefano into doing what they want.  Roman went to the pub to talk to everyone.  He wanted to talk to Doug, Julie, and Kayla alone while the others had to go to a beer truck outside.  Sami wanted to know what was going on.  Roman wanted her to do what he said.  Shane met with Harmon and gave him false information.  He told Harmon that he didnít have enough information to take Stefano down.  Shane told Harmon that they had to start the investigation over and he wanted him to be the center of it.  Shane asked if he could count on Harmon.  Harmon said he could.  The people from the pub were at the safe house.  They were blindfolded.  When they took the blindfolds off, they saw that the people in the safe house were alive.  They were happy, but confused.  John said they had to let Stefano think they were dead so they could take Stefano down.  He said they all had to continue to grieve over them so they could operate underground.  Bo said everything they were doing hinged on the fact that they keep the secret.  Rafe let Nicole know that he told Carrie the truth about the baby.  Nicole understood, but she hoped Carrie would keep the secret.  Rafe said he would protect her and the baby from EJ.  Sami was upset with Marlena, Carrie, and Rafe for making her think they were dead.  She told them that she was about to tell the kids that they were dead.  She wanted to know how they could think they would be okay with this plan.  Marlena explained to her why they did it, but Sami wasnít okay with it.  Lucas tried to stop her, but she didnít listen.  After a while, the family had to leave the safe house.  When they were all back at the pub, Sami tried to warn Austin that Carrie was after Rafe.  The people at the safe house talked about getting the evidence needed to nail Stefano.  John was worried that they werenít going to find the evidence they needed to get Stefano.  It had been two days and they didnít find anything.  He said there was only one way to stop Stefano and it was to kill him. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Felicia visits Mac at the police station and asks him if they can put their differences aside for Maxieís sake. Matt wants to find Lisa Nileís real killer so Maxie can be released from prison. Spinelli, Matt, Alexis see the news report about Lulu and Samís abductions. Spinelli opines that Jason must be relieved that Sam is all right, even if he isnít thrilled by the fact that John McBain was her rescuer. The news reporter says footage of the abduction was caught on security tape. The mention of security tape makes Spinelli wonder if the Haunted Starís security camera caught any footage of the party boat since it was docked nearby. Matt wants to go look at the footage with Spinelli, but Spinelli tells him he would just be in the way. Matt has a flashback to being drunk on the party boat. Mac and Felicia go to Kellyís to see Spinelli and Matt. Matt tells them that Spinelli left to check out a clue. Spinelli prays to the gods of cyberspace to restore his skills. He is able to find the footage of drunken Matt accidentally hitting Lisa Niles.

Olivia visits Kate and tells her that she is skeptical about Kateís D.I.D. Kate tells Olivia that she would never intentionally hurt her. Olivia tells her that she refused to help her with Steveís bail. Kate has no recollection of it and says she would never do that. Olivia insists that she did. Kate regrets not admitting herself to Shady Brook before Connie did so much damage. John McBain listens remotely to everything his bug in Sonnyís house picks up. Sonny tells Jason about his ordeal with Starr Manning. Jason says he should have been there, but he was at the airport trying to prevent Kate from leaving town. Sonny reveals that Kate told him about Connie, but he doesnít believe it. Jason defends Kate and tells Sonny that he saw Connie change back into Kate right before his eyes. Sonny doesnít care; he canít get the image of Kate in bed with Johnny Zacchara, regardless of what she was calling herself at the time. Jason tells Sonny that he of all people should have compassion for someone with a mental illness since he has one too. He says bipolar isnít the same as D.I.D. Jason says Kateís life is a mess and she has no control over it. He asks Sonny to try to understand that Kate is sick. Jason finds the bug in Sonnyís house and drops it in a glass of water. They both know McBain is responsible for it. Jason sweeps the house for other bugs, finds none, and leaves to find McBain. Sam brings John McBain a coffee. He suggests that she should rest for a few days after her ordeal with Ronnie. She tells him that the ordeal made her realize that she does love her baby even though it is Francoís child. She is concerned that Jason will never be able to forget that the baby is the result of a rape. She says that if Jason canít accept her baby, she wonít be able to stay with him so she will be alone. McBain assures her that she is not alone.  Alexis calls Sam and tells her that she is coming by the apartment. Sam tells her that she isnít staying there; she is at the Rendezvous Motel. Alexis tells her to stay at her house, but Sam insists that she is fine at the motel. Alexis says Sam will work out whatever is going on with Jason. Sam says it is complicated. When McBain opens the door for Sam to leave, Jason is on the other side, about to knock. He says he needs to talk to McBain. Sam tells Jason that nothing is going on between her and McBain. He tells her that it isnít about her. McBain says it is all right. Sam leaves. Jason gives McBain his broken bug and tells him that he has to go through him to get to Sonny. Sonny hires Alexis to represent Kate. Olivia tells Kate that she will help her any way that she can. Kate tells Olivia to take the money in her bag to help Steve. 

Starr Manningís father, Todd visits her in jail. She asks him if he escaped or jumped bail. He reveals that he was acquitted of all the charges by reason of insanity. He says his lawyer argued that he was suffering from post-traumatic stress. He tells her that he is there to make her trouble with the law go away.  Todd asks her why she wanted to kill Sonny. She tells him that nothing else has made her feel better. He tells her that killing Sonny wouldnít have made her feel better. He tells her that her feelings wonít last forever, but that prison would seem like forever. He tells her that prison is not a place that she should go. She is afraid there is no way out because there was a witness. He says she didnít fire the gun, so it wasnít attempted murder. He tells her not to worry; he just needs to find her the right lawyer. His ex-wife, Tťa Delgado, says from behind them that that would be her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The DA wants to charge Lauren with assault with intent to do bodily harm, because he thinks the plea deal Michael made for her to take anger management classes is too lenient. Michael brings in Avery to help since he knows DA Walsh is taking out his anger on him, because he couldn’t close the case against Nikki and she went free. Avery is able to persuade the DA to give Lauren anger management classes and community service. Daniel returns to town and asks Daisy to marry him. She doesnít think he is sincere until he makes love to her. Daisy sees Lauren later and tells her that she doesn’t want any trouble. She needs her help to register at Fennimore’s for her wedding. Phyllis tells Avery and Daniel that she is engaged to Nick and expecting his baby. Phyllis is speechless when Daniel tells her that he is engaged to Daisy. She wonders why Daniel would make such a decision.

Jill says good-bye to Lauren. Later while waiting at the park to say goodbye to Billy, Delia, and baby John, she argues with Genevieve about which of them was a better mother to their sons. They end up throwing mud at each other until Billy and Cane arrive to break up the fight. Colin calls Genevieve and thanks her for helping him to get out of jail but doesn’t tell her where he is now. Ricky tells Paul that he wants to make up for his mistakes and shows him a card from his mother which made him realize he doesn’t want to blame other people for his mistakes. Ricky tells Paul he wants to talk to a psychiatrist to help him get over his anger issues. Paul believes Ricky at first until he starts trying to get information from him about Phyllis. Paul talks to Avery about what she thinks about Ricky’s character, and she tells him Ricky is amoral. Eden puts an end to her brief fling with Kyle when she overhears him telling Billy he doesn’t want a serious relationship with anyone right now. Ricky tells Eden that he wrote the card from his mother himself in order to trick Paul into having sympathy for him, but his plan didn’t work. Ricky also tells Eden he will do whatever it takes to bring down Phyllis.

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